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[Noticed in 1.175] Copypasting (almost) unuseably broken (SP, Creative), + assorted recent bugs

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Commander Rotal, Feb 26, 2017.

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  1. Commander Rotal Master Engineer

    (featuring assorted bugs from that particular update at the end of the post!)

    So, last week didn't just bring us Lense Flares (which is worthy of it's own Bug Report), it also introduced a couple of really nasty glitches to Copypasting, Block Selection and, for good measure, someone removed the "New Station Grid"-button, which, while not gamebreaking, is pretty annoying. Well, i guess it's technically breaking Unsupported Stations in Natural Gravity because your spawned blocks just fall down, and that button was the only working way to get Small Grid Stations since those seem to be bugged too (we can't turn Small Grids into Stations anymore).

    1.) Copypaste-Ghost Rotation

    First things first: rotating and aligning Copypaste-ghost grids is completely and utterly kaputt. Rotating either keeps the ghost in it's current direction or skips a direction or two; seemingly at random the game will decide to let you align it to all directions, usually taking it's sweet time before letting me put down a grid the way i want it. It seems to "get stuck" on the global world grid or something, it's weird. Allow me to demonstrate via trying to paste a grid onto a grid (modded and vanilla; same result) and rotating one in open space (vanilla).
    (This issue seems to affect only Large grids.)

    I shall hereby provide a World For Reproduction for all of these, though all of these have been happening in other files too.
    Workshop Link For Reproduction: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=872606396

    o) Rotating Paste on a grid (Modded with Mexpex Weapons Collection)

    o) Rotating Paste on a grid (Vanilla for completeness sake)

    o) Rotating Paste in open space (Vanilla)

    2.) Copypaste-Ghost Visibility

    Next issue: whether or not the game actually DISPLAYS what you are trying to copy, paste or copypaste seems to depend on whether or not the grid contains any "special" blocks, which seems to pretty much include anything that "is not Armor".
    Because, when i try to copy something made purely from Armor, this happens:

    (This affects both Small and Large grids.)


    3.) Block Selection Broken

    No, no, we're not done just yet, we're going to talk about the way the toolbar has broken. Doubletapping the same key to switch between the grid sizes is a nice idea but it becomes quite annoying when one is using individual blocks instead of the groupings as i do. Why? Because with a newly introduced bug it now switches from large to small grid (or vice versa) despite the auto-recognition being supposed to take care of that. Let me demonstrate:


    4.) And one for the road: Someone removed the Spawn New Station Grid button.

    And knowing Keen's lack of using this one in internal playtesting i have to assume this was intentional.
    It was useless WITHOUT Unsupported Stations. It works VERY WELL WITH Unsupported Stations. Allow me to demonstrate just one use i randomly came across, which was, incidentally, how i realized this got removed:

  2. Commander Rotal Master Engineer

    Little bump, still an issue.
  3. I23I7 ME Tester Staff

    Yeah nice bullet points but STRs are better. Anyway : First point. So you are saying that it either snaps to a another vector or that it lets you rotate the grid as you wish? This can be toggled with the B button. If not STR and i can have a look at it like this im reading walls of text and guessing at certain points to reproduce.

    Second point your grid is on the edge of two vectors. We cannot do anything about that since thats not a bug. Its actually showing you where your vectors that help you place blocks so they can be in the same "plane". BUT there is indeed a bug where pressing B should disable them. This does not happen since rotating seems to activate them again and it bounce back between the two vectors.

    Ghost visibility. Nothing to add. This is a bug. Reported.

    Block selection currently i want to say thats the feature and thats the way it behaves so it would be more a suggestion or comfort thing for you. Perhaps describe it a bit better because as i understand it the size remains the same despite changing blocks?

    As for the Station block Xocliw said he will get back to you about it.
    --- Automerge ---
    PS: What about if ticking unsupported station in creative would make every block you place a station? Instead of the station block...
  4. Commander Rotal Master Engineer

    Hm, i - briefly - tested Copypasting after the update yesterday and i felt that the snapping and rotation issues were less severe than the week before, i assumed someone must be working on it already.

    I'm sorry but i don't know what STR stands for. :/ And while i'm at it: i don't know what exactly you mean by a "vector". Do you just mean the directional plane of the world grid?

    The first point is all about snapping to a vector(?) and getting "stuck" in it. And, sometimes, instead of "simply" getting stuck.

    To this day i have no idea what the B-button is SUPPOSED to do. I know it USED to let us choose between a Station to the World Grid or letting us rotate it freely but that hasn't worked since forever.

    Yeah, i was hoping the videos would help with that... it's a bit... hard to describe what exactly happens other than "i press a button and bugs happen".

    Again, i don't know what a "vector" is in this case but i believe i understand the problem of the underlined portion, and i think that's what's going on - rotation seems to activate - or block - SOMEthing..

    Block Selection: the selected blocks should stay the same grid size when selecting other blocks of the same group (i.e. you have one Heavy Armor Ramp part selected, you switch to the other one manually via the Toolbar instead of via Mousewheel - btw can we get an option to turn that off?).
    Reported Bug: manually selecting between group blocks (i.e. between the two Heavy Armor Ramp parts) now sometimes switches the grid size, presumably because you changed Grid Size Selection to be tied to doublepressing a Toolbar Slot. It seems like the game believes that you are pressing the same GROUPING twice despite pressing different keys on your keyboard, thus producing a double click, thus unwantedly switching the blocksize.
    Hope that's a little clearer. Again, i thought the video representation would help with that :/


    Hm, i see the appeal but then again, sometimes you want blocks moving under physics in Creative to test stuff by quickly spamming blocks - the one nice thing about being able to place blocks everywhere; i had a lot of fun testing a Conveyor Belt made from Airtight Hangar Doors like that. I just... i mean, yeah, i know, they want to clean up the G-Menu, streamline the game for the newbies, i get it, but... i don't see the benefit of removing perfectly working features like the Spawn Grid buttons. All three of them, preferably, plus a new one for Small Grid Stations, which are, btw, completely inaccessible now because the Spawn New Station button was the only workaround i found to enable them - "turn into Station" in the Control Panel still doesn't work.
  5. Sentinel-Ghost Trainee Engineer

    Sorry for bump but this rotation snapping issue is STILL present and its infuriating.
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  6. macgeifer Apprentice Engineer

    i can confirm this. changing the build mode cant be reversed atm inside a large grid building sphere.
    aligning blue prints with the field of gravity is also still broken, sometimes working, sometimes not.
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.