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NPC Pirates

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feedback' started by gfs999, Nov 3, 2013.

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  1. gfs999

    gfs999 Trainee Engineer

    I don't know how many of you have played eve online but this game would be awesome if you had NPC ships and characters. It would make single player more fun and would be like mobs in minecraft, a nuisance that you have to deal with in space. Just a thought
  2. Faeron

    Faeron Trainee Engineer

    It would be very hard to successfully implement an effective AI in this model. I support it though!
  3. Littlepip

    Littlepip Trainee Engineer

    Having pirates would give you something to do in single player also if there was pirate bases it would be a nice way to gather resources by looting
    Of course like the guy above me said making AI would be difficult but the AI does not have to be super smart something like the AI in star made would do
  4. MrFloppemz

    MrFloppemz Trainee Engineer

    Ignoring the difficulties of implementing NPC Pirate AI, I think this would be a great idea. I can imagine a Survival Hardcore mode where NPC Pirate raids are larger, more frequent, and more dangerous. Would really add a new dynamic to the game.
  5. bacondeity

    bacondeity Apprentice Engineer

    So long as there is some sort of enemy NPC I could fight, I'll be very happy. As much as I want to bring the Dominion to multi-player, sometimes I'd rather murder some NPC pirates rather than deal with potential griefers or players that will just make this game not fun. I'm sure they'll be able to implement AI. They have experience with it.
  6. zyphyer

    zyphyer Trainee Engineer

    Not trying to regurgitate what's already been said, AI would be nice even if it's friendly. Bacon is right they do have experience with AI so I'm positive we will see it in the distant future.
  7. Ovenmit

    Ovenmit Trainee Engineer

    AI shouldn't be a huge problem, even if they had to borrow from miner wars (but thats more of a swarm ai lol)
  8. Brazilian Joe

    Brazilian Joe Trainee Engineer

    It would be nice to have AI factions in general with diplomatic relations (peace, truce, war, trade, alliance, etc), as well as free traders, and having separate reputations with each faction. Each ship could have a badge which identifies its identity by radio signals. A silent ship is either unpowered or possibly a threat.
    According to the signal and ship reputation the AI would choose to behave as friend or foe, and foe does not immediately means 'open fire'.
  9. bacondeity

    bacondeity Apprentice Engineer

    *Cough* I love this game, I even liked Miner Wars... But if we keep talking like that, Joe, we'll have another Miner Wars on our hands... :I
  10. MrFloppemz

    MrFloppemz Trainee Engineer

    It would appear that the results of the poll are unanimous...
  11. Havreboll

    Havreboll Trainee Engineer

    I would love to see hostile npcs that you need to defend or attack. Randomly spawned, smaller fleets/ships roam around and harrass/raid and larger fleets/ships are focused on special points/locations.
  12. XvAngryMan

    XvAngryMan Trainee Engineer

  13. Soft

    Soft Trainee Engineer

    Yes! I'd love to have NPCs attack my Battlecruiser. :)
  14. Truth

    Truth Trainee Engineer

    At least the guns would make sense.
  15. Morthanios

    Morthanios Trainee Engineer

    i want NPC Pirates BUT that you can click at the beginning or in the game (easy middle hard) that not 10 min after start 10 pirate shipas are atacking me ^^
  16. SolCommand

    SolCommand Trainee Engineer

    The answer is a big YES. I do want NPC pirates because it add a lot of gameplay depth.
  17. Stonewolf

    Stonewolf Junior Engineer


    But also wanted to throw this in here. Not sure if its a good idea but its one anyway. Id like to see a NPC race that are only interested destroying blocks connected to power source. If they see any powered blocks in x amount of space they will attack it, destroy and then move on. Only way to avoid these guys would be to power down your creations until they move on or fight them. Maybe a race of robots that got bad coding or some mad engineer build them.
  18. nothingreal

    nothingreal Trainee Engineer

    I don't know if its pirates or not, but i kind of feel like they have to add in some sort of enemy.. i don't think a sandbox experience like this can survive only through multiplayer and building.

    In my mind they ought to have randomly generated stations and ships - with both friendly and enemy behaviors - which would encourage further exploration of the world.. in multiplayer, it could create interesting dynamics to raid large enemy NPC stations.

    It would be neat if the devs collected ship and station designs from the community and used them as the enemy vessels.

    I'm sure this is all being considered and we'll all need to be patient and simply enjoy building for now.
  19. MrMadman112

    MrMadman112 Trainee Engineer

    I think it would be really freaking cool to have battles with these npc pirates.

    The idea is kind of like the mobs from minecraft, even though this game is not anything like minecraft (well maybe on some points).

    Just think for a second, you have these randomly spawning pirates that have fleets that roam around and there are also random bases that contain resources that, when they implement the feature containing all the resources, you could raid. Also the fleets could attack you if they found you and steal your resources. This is what would make singleplayer really fun.

    Just imagine building a big battle cruiser and out of no where a pirate cruiser appears and the battle begins!!!

    missiles flying everywhere! bullets whizzing past you as you hurry to your battleship so you can defend your station from these theiveing pirates!

    Thats what would be really cool if it were added but this is just what i imagine it would be.
  20. Fodder09

    Fodder09 Trainee Engineer

    Personally, the idea of NPC 'pirates' specifically doesn't appeal much to me. Considering the proposed background to the game (i.e. some sort of space project undertaken by NASA a few decades in the future) I think space-faring nations/groups like Russia, the EU and the US ought to be represented instead, with perhaps some sort of back-story that could decide their relationships, rather than pirates that, in accordance with the developers' own vision and back-story, shouldn't really exist in the game since space technology would almost certainly not be available to your average criminals and thieves that would play the part of space 'pirates' - I think an idea like this would keep the semi-simulator/realistic feel to the game whilst adding more gameplay in the form of trade, diplomacy, alliance and more than anything having a group of friendly players on your side (you definitely wouldn't end up in space alone, without a team of astronauts with you, surely?), than would be offered by simply adding murderous looters that would constantly be trying to destroy your things and potentially ruin the experience. After all, the game is called Space Engineers, not Space Action Movie (the emphasis being on Engineering, not combat).

    Anyone else in agreement?
  21. ryudragon27

    ryudragon27 Trainee Engineer

    npc's are a must have for single player and multiplayer alike. if a player wants to do something fun besides gather resources, then it takes a military approach,
    how else would we use those fine weapons the devs have promised?
  22. Nosto7

    Nosto7 Trainee Engineer


    Pirates are an npc faction. You cannot ally with them in any fashion. They will attack you, and are hostile for all players no matter what.

    Pirates should also come in different forms.
    1. Pirate Bases - These are 'Hidden' bases, hard to find, tough to conquer, rewarding to do so.
    2. Pirate Raiders - Small groups of ships, attacking targets of opportunity, or landing boarding teams to loot. Looting takes place by them salvaging important things from players, or attacking player creations
    3. Pirate Strip Miners - These ships hold valuables that can be looted! They also leave behind some signs that they mined recently. (so you know to search nearby for them!)
    4. Pirate Battle Groups - Larger capitol ships, supported by smaller strike craft, Probably going to see some carrier action here.
    5. Pirate Mine Layers - These ships are seen in all of the above groups, but only sometimes, they lay mines that become active and explode when other ships get to close.
    6. Toxic/Radiation/ Modified-Pirate-Engines etc... - Pirates build and run their ships differently then players might consider building their ships. For example, pirates might run thier generators to over capacity, meaning when a play destroys the ship, the reactor explodes leaving a radiation cloud in the area. These clouds add environmental hazards that will be critical to the survival gameplay. Imagine floating in one to hide from scanners, or have it eating your hull away slowly. Repairs hurry!

    All of these ideas can be implemented in very simple ways to start.
    • Bases can be idle with no NPCs
    • Pirate raiders can be 1-3 small ships, yes we might easily over come them once we have some defense/offense but to start, thats ok!
    • Pirate miners can hover above an asteroid and "mine it" with no visible damage to the asteroid to start. Just an animation of mining or something to that effect. But we can blow them up and take their cargo!
    • Mines can be scattered/deployed and left by raiders at first. They will look like small debris anyways until they go boom! Safely salvaging them can give you things too! (fly up to them in your space suit, and try to disarm them!)
  23. artistx

    artistx Trainee Engineer

    I wouldn't mind donating my Pirate ship design to use for NPCs https://forums.keenswh.com/post/the-jolly-roger-pirate-carrier-6603883 (maybe a boss or something)

    But yeah Pirate NPCs are a must... and a extra game mode like Station(Fort) Defense would be cool too.
  24. Gabost8

    Gabost8 Trainee Engineer

    Well there already are some .vox files with pirate names in the game. For example "Small_Pirate_Base_3_1.vox" or something. That doesn't mean there aren't any nations around, for example there's the names "ChineseRefinery_Second_128x128x128.vox" and "Russian_Transmitter_2.vox".

    I remember a thread where someone mentioned these VoxelMaps and it seems they are simply premade structures.
  25. FishBrains

    FishBrains Apprentice Engineer

    Pirates or something that could act as a different way to gain resources would be cool. As well as something to attack our bases so we have to repair it and re-arm
  26. finfan7

    finfan7 Trainee Engineer

    There is no way you could call this game complete without some form of natural threat.
    For this to rest purely on multiplayer it would have to essentially become a 3d planetside 2 with resource gathering elements. NPC pirates would be a great way to start the process of making this a playable game as opposed to an explorable environment. Later, I could see something in which you can ally yourself with some factions against others, or simply use them for trade to get the resources that aren't present in your little section of space.
    It's clearly too important to leave out but it's also not the highest priority. We'll see.
  27. Vermillion

    Vermillion Senior Engineer

    There is incomplete object data in the game somewhere for Pirate_Base. Someone posted a list of object data files a few weeks back that also included Prison Colony, Chinese_Refinery and Arabian Border Patrol (Abandoned ship?). There were some others, but the Pirate Base was the main one.
  28. st904413

    st904413 Trainee Engineer

    Yes, i totally support this !!! buld ships and fight with pirate.
  29. DrVagax

    DrVagax Administrator

    Removed poll. Please read the rules before posting. :)
  30. kukuc96

    kukuc96 Trainee Engineer

    I think that pirates are a great idea but there could be even more than that.
    Traders for example. You can trade with them or rob them if you want. I think that there is an infinite amount of possible new factions(both neutral agressive and friendly). These could add a lot to survival gameplay when it is released.
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