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*Official Poll* Balancing Survival - Your thoughts and suggestions

Discussion in 'Survival' started by CommanderHerpDerp, Jul 2, 2014.

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  1. KooKoo Trainee Engineer

    I'd like to see more powerfull thrusters. In my Opinion it would make buildining ships a lot easier and make them look a lot better. A ship with 100 Thrusters simply doesn't look as good as one with only 20 ... That's one of the main Problems for me. I'd also love to see some kind of researching mechanic. So that you could research for example the power of thrusters so that they become more powerfull or more economical. Or improve gatlings so that they might fire laser-rays instead and deal more punktual damage or instead you might let them fire explosive rounds so that they deal more area affecting damage. And of course developing completely new blocks that aren't available from the beginning.
    About survival itself:

    I would like to have more purpose. It's still a bit too sandbox-ish at the moment. There should be some kind of enemy or something like that. Not only some ships that cross your sector that you can attack if you like. Maybe some kind of enemy stations that are farther away or sth. like that.

    But anyways :D You're making a great job!
  2. Dekarian Trainee Engineer

    That would be why this genre of game is called "sandbox." It's the entire point.
  3. ykvr Trainee Engineer

    Faster welder would make the game SO unballenced becouse those simple hand tools would be able to cut a ship and the attacker would just skipp all the deffences in place. It would be SO OP that would make regular guns useless. Grinders and welders are slow becouse they are supposed to, if you whant to build faster you will need to improve one ship to do it with multiple tools.

    Improving griders would just make the game easyer.
  4. KooKoo Trainee Engineer

    Yeah, but there is a difference between a complete sandbox and a game. For example Mincecraft: Without monsters or archievable things that require fighting them, the survival mode would be pretty boring. I don't suggest to add a story or gameplay as you know it from other games but a little more purpose wouldn't harm the gameplay in my opinion. Because once you are finished building everything you need you're done... Or atleast done with usefull stuff. You could still build larger ships that you don't really require but that doesn't drives my eager to continue.
  5. gazeebo Apprentice Engineer

    I would definitely like them to be a little faster, but the main priority should be re-balancing the refining speed of certain ores. Yes I am looking at you mr. platinum.
    On the grinders/welders, even though I would like to see them a little faster, I think making their area of effect larger would be more helpful.

    This as well, it's infuriating that a man floating in space can deconstruct things at the same speed as my high tech ship. Even though player inventory is extremely smaller, the speed of a ships tools should not match hand tools.
  6. Cyber Cheese Apprentice Engineer

    Straight up making things cheaper or faster should be a game option, so I voted no, but I am strongly in favor of a 1x 3x 10x toggle for welding and grinding (separate, please!) and additional modifiers for refining so we have, e.g. 1x, 3x, 6x, 10x, 10x, instant. The main slowdown for me in survival as far as balance is concerned is refining, and that's only an issue because using large numbers of refineries has been lagging our server (which is 1x, and 10x solves the problem for single/non-persistent). A simple small ship welder with 8 or 9 welders makes even the slowest blocks in 10-14 seconds. I lose way more time by the lack of a blueprint system than by the weld speed. I generally believe that handwelding and grinding should be slow for any large ship building to give an incentive and reward for upgrading to the more difficult engineering challenges of using ship-based systems. Also, the current multiplayer game is plagued by the power of lone astronauts; as people have said above, making hand-grinders any more powerful will just exacerbate this issue.

    Some people are complaining widely about the expense of critical large ship systems that are supposed to be rare, but I think these prices are roughly proportionate to small ships, which nobody is complaining about. At best, there is a 10-20% disparity to some parts such as reactors and thrusters as between large and small, which is compensated for a reverse disparity for parts like armor. However, I think you can make both parties happy if you add a toggle option for increasing the "efficiency" of drills, so more casual players can build up to big ships faster by accumulating more raw materials faster, using higher assembler efficiency, and then using higher refinery speed.

    The bigger issue is balancing blocks to each other, but I disagree with some of the issues mentioned in this thread. For the sake of being comprehensive I will organize this by problems and not problems.

    1. Large grid large cargo containers versus small cargo containers (and every other storage medium). Large cargo containers on large ships and stations hold only 125,000 L. By comparison, small cargo on large grids hold 12,500 L. This means you can fit 337,500 L into the same 3x3x3 block area using small containers--and you get the added bonus of more total health and more flexibility in your design. Of course, your inventory screen is a mess, but all ships seem to have that problem anyway. The only balance is that one large cargo container is significantly cheaper in materials (and thus lighter) than 27 small cargo containers. Large cargo containers should be more space efficient and lighter, both for realism and to compensate for the design challenge of using them.
    2. Large grid large reactors versus small reactors. Not nearly as obscene as cargo, but still an issue. A large ship large reactor gives 100 MW of power and uses 2000 reactor components. A small reactor gives 5 MW of power and uses 100 reactor components. This means that while power is proportionate to cost, you would only need 20 small reactors to equal the power of one large reactor, saving you 7 large blocks of space.
    3. Conveyors and conveyor tubes compared to small cargo containers. As has been said here and in other threads, conveyors take far more in parts than small cargo containers, but perform fewer functions. I recommend making conveyors and conveyor tubes cheaper and stronger than small cargo containers (as against damage). While conveyors are far more egregiously expensive, conveyor tubes also take more motors and contruction components than cargo, which in my experience tend to be more costly to produce than the additional parts required by cargo.
    4. Prevalence of cobalt, nickel, and silicon compared to usage; rarity of platinum compared to usage. I find that some ores are far too common compared to their need in default asteroids--although I admit I sue very few solar panels so my silicon usage is unusually low. As a player it is quite hard to judge this without a lot of independent research, so I recommend you compare the total cost of a random collection of workship and prefab ships to try and make sure it roughly corresponds to asteroid prevalence. (Except for Mg and U obviously.)
    5. Time refining platinum versus every other ore. I am not sure where these numbers came from originally, but Platinum is just far and away more expensive refinery time-wise than anything else in the game except Uranium and Magnesium, especially considering you need a decent amount to make large ships. Thruster components are the main platinum sink, and they cost 30 iron, 10 cobalt, 1 gold, and 0.4 platinum. The total time to refine these materials, with each number listed per required ore is 1.5 + 100 + 31.64 + 246.88 = 380.02 seconds. As you can see, the 0.4 platinum takes 6 minutes to refine, as compared to the total refinery time of less than 10 minutes. To make a single large ship small thruster, you would spend five and a half hours of refinery time just refining the platinum. Of course, everyone does (and should have to) make multiple refineries to build large ships, but the problem is just how disproportionate platinum is to other materials. I think the efficiency and cost in platinum is ok (and should only be reduced by game options along with other cost/efficiency metrics), but the refinery time is extreme.
    6. Small ship welding and grinding using ship-based welders as compared to welding of large blocks. By comparison to large ships, it actually takes a lot longer to weld the same volume of small blocks. I think this should be changed, at least for ship based welders and grinders, because the difference seems to extreme just to compensate for the efficiency of small blocks, and there should not be a penalty for using small ships once the player has developed ship-based welders.
    7. Weld time of solar panels as compared to other blocks. This has been said over and over again; large solar panels shouldn't take more than two minutes to weld by hand, making them comparable to heavy armor in tedium to make. If they must take so long to weld, make them stronger as against damage, e.g. 1.5x the strength of heavy armor (individually, so they have a lot less health than the aggregate of heavy armor taking the same space, but fair better than light armor).
    8. Damage done by drills as compared to damage done by missiles. Drills in "drill" mode should not do more damage than missiles (and missiles do enough damage). At the very least, change this behavior to require the "alternate" attack and have much less damage from the "main" attack.
    9. Strength of ship systems to damage propagation. The current damage mechanic means that you are better off building a ship with air in between layers of armor and systems. So a setup like this:
    [Armor] [Empty] [System]

    leaves you less vulnerable than:


    This seems unrealistic to me, since weapons like missiles are more likely to penetrate and expel hot/radioactive gases or fragments through a thin layer of armor, even if there is a block of space in between, than to do any damage through double the layer of armor. I am not sure if this is your department, but perhaps making some systems slightly more resistant to damage would be a good holdover measure until this damage mechanic is improved (especially interior walls, stairs, struts, and other structural blocks that really are intended to be in between armor and critical systems like reactors).

    Not problems:
    1. Interior walls versus armor blocks. Interior walls take 25 interior plates (3.5 iron ea.) and 10 construction components (9 iron ea.). By comparison, light armor blocks are approximately as strong as interior walls, but take 25 steel plates (22 iron ea.). This means you spend longer assembling the components for interior walls, but need fewer materials, which makes sense (as they are nicer looking but not much better). Ramps and stairs are similar, although they also contain metal grids which are large and difficult to build with by hand. Again, I think some patience and tedium makes sense for these blocks which are more complicated and elegant than a solid block of steel.
    2. Construction components versus all other components. Construction components are similar; they take far less material than the other most commonly required component, steel plate, but less than half the resources are needed.
    3. Small thrusters versus large thrusters. It takes 80 thruster components to make a small thruster on a large grid, and 960 to make a large thruster. The small thruster gives 100,440 N of force on manual burn, whereas the large thruster gives 1,210,000 N. For the force, this makes large thrusters almost exactly equal in price by thruster components. A small thruster takes up 1x1x2 blocks, while a large takes 2x3x4. At first glance, this looks like the same issue as with other large/small cargo blocks for space efficiency, however, using small thrusters is usually more of a design challenge than using large thrusters, unlike cargo and reactors. The reason is that if thruster damage is on, your thrusters must have an enormous amount of space in front of them, and on most ships this means they are on the outside. You cannot just stack your small thrusters onto one another as you might small reactors or cargo. So instead of comparing volume, we have to compare surface area--and that puts large thrusters at an advantage, since they only need a 2x3 surface, whereas each small thruster takes 1x1. In other words, large thrusters are easier to make a design with (with thruster damage) and have force proportionate to their cost.
    4. Small grid large reactors versus small reactors. A small ship large reactor gives 3.5 MW of power and uses 50 reactor components. A small reactor gives 0.1 MW of power and uses 1 reactor component. This means you would need 35 small reactors to equal the power of one large reactor, but only 1/20th the components and 27/35ths of the space. This compensates for the design challenge of fitting a 3x3x3 solid block onto a ship, as comparing to 27 small 1x1x1 blocks which can be scattered around. One mistake I often see online is that people use large reactors when they could easily use far fewer than 20 small reactors, which may be why some are pointing to this issue.
    5. Large Ship Welding and grinding. See first paragraph.
  7. stu Trainee Engineer

    My opinion is that: Space engineers have more fun when they are flying, designing, fighting or hijacking. reducing welding/grinding times is taking the tedious part of building large ships down.

    I think small ships and large ships need a greater area of effect to reduce situations where collisions take place.

    And that structures have a somewhat uniform approach to speed in terms of resources. Structures like stairs ramps and interior blocks should have more armor due to their resource cost, or reduced cost and slightly improved armor
  8. Amanlu Trainee Engineer

    I fully agree with the friend above. We want pressurized rooms, these will add challenges for us. I'd like to add functionality to my ship, it is currently only flying chunk of metal, which i don't enjoy. I would like to see that there is allways to add something new, maybe dinning room, for astronauts to eat meals, recreational room to take a seat with coleagues from work and look at the beauty of space trough window, while taking a tequila drink ( without the suit ofc... ) To get someone tending the farm, and another fella to go mine ice for water and oxygen. Also i would like to see fluids in game ( They don't need to be volumetric right now ) These could be seen traveling trough conveyors or smaller pipes. Fluids which i propose to implement are : Water, Liquid Nitrogen, Liquid Oxygen, Uranium Hexafluoride ( This can be used instead of uranium ingots )

    I would like to see "tanks" in game, to hold liquids, level of the liquid could be seen on actual block, indicating how much liquid it holds.

    Also add some fancy mining tools, drills are low tech ones. Mining lasers could do the work, but would eat more electricity, also some kind of tractor unit could be added. Such tractor unit would project a beam, which will attract objects like ore chunks or parts, into the beam, and then into the unit.
  9. Alfalfa Apprentice Engineer

    Well, to me, Space Engineers is a game about building stuff to mine stuff to build stuff to capture stuff to grind down with stuff that you built and use that to build stuff to carry stuff to build stuff where there's more stuff to mine et cetera.

    The fact that your tools have limitations is exactly what pushes you to create things to do it harder better faster stronger, iteratively, with each creation being larger, more capable, better designed than the one before. When it's too easy to create stuff by hand, you focus more on designing, which is what Creative is for.

    I feel that planned improvements such as a better interface and programming will make it easier to create even better, more efficient and easier to use machines, that can be automated and allow you to move on to other projects.
  10. Chojun Apprentice Engineer

    I voted "No."

    I enjoy the challenge of realistic survival and that's the only way I play this game (constituting about 95% of play-time). Welding/grinding time isn't my chief complaint; indeed, it's not even highly ranked on my list of things-to-change. Those are as follows (not in any particular order):

    1) Construction time for solar panels is too high (should be about half what it is)
    2) Solar panel output is too low (should be boosted by about 200%)
    3) Number of components required to build certain large block systems (thrusters, reactors, solar panels) is too high (reduce by half)
    4) Weapon damage mechanics are unbalanced (missiles initial speed should be slowed with high acceleration, damage reduced about 300%, blast radius reduced by 200-300%, introduce pseudo-erratic flight path after about 500-600m as the rocket propellant burns out)
    5) Heavy armor strength should be increased by 200-300%
    6) Introduce slight variance to turrets - they are too accurate and pretty much make it impossible for small ships to attack large ones
    7) Magnesium refinery yield is WAY TOO LOW - increase by about 500%
    8) Gatling gun (small ships) recoil force is far too high - reduce by about 300%
    9) Turret targeting systems should be given an option to target weapons on other ship grids - turret combat now is ineffective as they just shoot the center-of-mass
    10) Reduce energy consumption for activities such as welding/grinding/drilling (hand tools) by about 250%
    11) All refinery speeds are acceptable on realistic BUT platinum and silicon yields need to be increased by about 200%
    12) Amount of silicon wafers required for glass construction is very high - reduce by about 200-300%

    These are the big things for me. Otherwise, I'm thoroughly enjoying this game, keep up the great work!
  11. Mothrajj Trainee Engineer

    It feels like I go through a lot more uranium than I should be. a 1kilo bar should last me a very long time, (energy from 1kg uranium is equivalent 3850 tons of coal)

    on topic suggestion - When my reactor uses all it's uranium, shouldn't there be a solid bar left behind, totally inert? It would be cool to use that sweet, dense, depleted uranium for large ship bullets. Use all the parts from the buffalo :)
  12. Hawthorn Apprentice Engineer

    Yes. ^
  13. hl2jim990 Trainee Engineer

    The balance of all of the process can be adjusted by adjusting the various parameters in the .sbc files. With that said if there was a way to make these adjustments in game we could more easily create harder survival changes and so on. All in all I love this game and look forward each week to see the new updates. Waiting for the coding blocks to show up so we can have triggers for doors, and to activate automated defenses when factions are implemented. Keep up the great work. This is but one man opinion. And thanks
  14. REDSHEILD Junior Engineer

    I voted for faster speeds, but mostly, I want them only on specific blocks. For example, interior walls, to me, seem like they're a lot of screws and bolts with the wiring thrown in. Should take less time to make those than steel blocks, I should think.

    Frankly, my biggest gripe with survival as it is now, is that grids and interior plates are huge. The in-game models of them are the same size as steel plates, and given how many fit in something like a catwalk, it makes by-hand finishing of interiors very aggravating.
  15. JayCo2013 Apprentice Engineer

    My Opinion is that the hand tools are ok, but the ship variants should be faster, Small ships should be Twice the speed of a hand tool, and large ships should be 4 times the speed (They are 3 times bigger than small ship) the premise should go, build a small welding ship to build large welding ship that build Large galaxy ships for cargo, collonisation, exploration etc.

    Off topic
    Also the thruster powers need to be improved, those giant thrusters actually dont provide the giant thrust I expected considering how many components went into making the damn things, My spaceman should not be able to accelerate up to 114m/s so quickly, Realistically the space suit thrusters are just to move around, not really meant for sustained travel through space.
    Can someone tell me why bullets from the guns travel in a slight ark when your being shot at, in space there is not gravity or wind, they should just be firing straight, thats why they should be less effective at hitting moving targets than they are, the rockets however could be guided and would be more effective against targets, Also if its automated the turrets would go for weapons and engines first then the central mass of the object they are targetting. Rockets would be heat or power guided (Your spaceman is still a target as he's in a powered suit) so they would go for engines or if the ship is powered down they would look for the spacesuit.
    In this time 2077 ships would be modular, giant ships would have smaller ships which detach and go do mining welding etc, Which does my ship break apart when latched onto my large ship and flying, there is no gravity to effectively pull it off, no environmental force pushing in any way on my small ship as we're in space, I fail to understand why it breaks apart nothing hit it, There is no pressure in outer space.
    Also for those asking for pressurized ships here is a senario which I think eliminates the flying into space scenario the devs are trying to work out graphics for.... Your always in your space suit, or in the future a variant of the suit, Magnetic boots would be commonplace as we're rebuilding in outer space so in the eventof a hull breach our emergency space visors might envelope our heads giving us say a minute to reach a medical bay where we could get to our space suit (changes colour there why not store it there too) and to negate the floating off into space bit we would be wearing magnetic shoes/boots all the time for walking around etc (They'd be stylish and in fashion) and would activate holding us to the deck to prevent us being pulled off into outer space and allowing us to walk (in our emergency space helmet) for one minute to a medical bay to retreive our proper suit notice no jetpacking as we would be magnetised to the hull plating, and if you did die you would be regenerated at your medical bay as a new clone of yourself, (your original self being back on earth while you the clone try to make a better world out here for humanity, It explains away why you continually respawn at your medical bay after death)
  16. Disposadwarf Apprentice Engineer

    Im with most people here with the rebalancing of the ship tools. the welding/grinding of a ship based tool should be considerably faster then by hand. For small spaces it is not practical to make ships with more than 1 or 2 welders. However to balance this certain parts should have the base welding time increased, such as heavy armor and machines with lots of parts. However "filler" blocks such as internal walls and other aesthetics blocks should be left about where they are.
    One Other small change, increase the large ship grinder welding range to 3.75M. Reason is at the moment creating station bound construction yards are unable to Weld most small fighters due to limited range.
    I dont feel that welding time should be the main Limiting factor for building ships. It should always be about the resources you have available. oh and designing the ship. that always takes awhile.
    I see two ways to set resources as the rate limiting step. Make large ships cost more Parts, this leaves early game at the same pace, but slows down late game.
    Decrease mining speeds. This slows down everyone down not matter what stage they are in. More time mining less time building.
    Finally for balancing. reduce the health of the Meteors. Even with 4 Gatling guns covering the same area on normal. some still get through.
  17. Tiger313 Apprentice Engineer

    There are several components that are just too damn big, those need working on. Like the ones used in beacons and solar panels for instance, takes way too bloody long to put them together because of the size of the components. You can fly around with two radio components at a time, and you need to put what... hundred in large ship beacon? Those radio components have to be circuit boards, because they weld on with a minimal *bzt* tack weld. You can't tell me that two circuit boards take up 400l worth of space. Same for the solar panels: you can stuff six or seven of those solar cells in your backpack, so you have to fly back and forth constantly to get all sixty four installed. And there are more components that are rather excessive in size.

    Now I understand about different component sizes and why they are different sizes, and that is fine. But in my opinion it'd be better to give it a longer welding time instead of "open container, get stuff out, close container, fly to beacon, weld, etc" 50 times in a row. That gets really "tacky" at some point. (Pardon the pun, couldn't resist!)

    As for the rest, I am quite pleased with drilling, welding and grinding times as is now. Refining times can be a pain in the bum, but it's not a problem when you drill for iron ore in the mean time. And in one of the last few patches, it's made possible to drag and drop inventory to prioritise refining jobs and assembly jobs, so that helps loads. (See, you don't always need rebalancing for something to become more bearable). Now if only we could lock inventory in containers, and specify which refinery can take which type of ores, then I'd be very pleased.

    On the issue of heavy armor blocks: it does take a lot of iron/steel plates to make them. That to me is okay, however, I think they should not only use steel plates but also steel girders, as the blocks are clearly hollow inside, and a couple of small steel tubes for the power conduits that are clearly hidden inside. And the devs should consider adding trusses made of steel girders. Less cost in steel, less armor than light armor blocks, but great looking. And they're another good use for steel girders and a few tubes.

    My two cents... :)
  18. florek Trainee Engineer

    that is why you should build yourself welding ship with large inventory. take all radio components from assembler into your welder ship (using connector ofc) and make ONE trip to beacon to weld it up. voilla :)

    ontopic: I`m with ppl who want faster times for ship version of welder/grinder. handheld speeds are ok, they should be annoying enough to make you build that welder ship. ore refining speeds are also ok, considering it just takes an array of rafineries to speed things up. but yea, there should be easier way of equal distribution of ores other then to shoot them out of array of collectors.
  19. N3WT0N Trainee Engineer

    My problem with the ship grinders are not even the speed but the size. I would like to have some small ship welders/grinders so that I have better control what I am doing.
  20. dzikakulka Trainee Engineer

    I vote yes, but I think they should be rebalanced, not just all increased. Ship welders are painfully slow, my suggestion is to increase their speed A LOT while welding simple blocks (armor, walls, containers etc.) and leave current one for more complicated blocks like reactors, gyros, thrusters etc so building big ship is leaving mass welding armor for ship and doing important stuff yourself. Handheld speed is mostly fine for me.

    After all I still count on some extra feature about welding/grinding/drilling in future, maybe research or railed tools or a speeding up but not cheap component?

    Have a nice day guys!
  21. Blackthunder Trainee Engineer

    Well i voted yes, because since im busy, anything "faster" is good.
    But the welding/grinding is yet not a big problem to me, with friends its even faster.
    I really wish a bigger inventory. 1 large pipe= fill it up? really? I grinded a MedBay took me like 50times to store the med components.
    Singleplayer i could use the multiplier, but mulitplayer its not always my choice that counts, and thats in my point just annoying.

    Yeah and the refinery of some ores, takes just forever. Almost using up more Uran to produce new uran o.o.
  22. Mikeyhun Trainee Engineer

    I voted yes but I think only the hand tools should be a little bit faster, the ship variants are ok.
    But what I think would be best is that someone mentioned a research system/tech tree where you could research "upgrades" for your tools and suit.
    So maybe leave the tools speed as it is for now and in the future implement a research system where you could increase the speed, decrease energy consumption etc.

    Also I would really like to see "grenades" or some other throw able thing that would cause a little destruction mainly for destroying interior turrets (and covers) because if you are invading or just trying to salvage a spawned ship you can't really destroy the interior turret and will kill you in an instant and your only option is to go back to your ship and rocket launch the whole thing.
    That's why I think "grenades" or some equivalent would be good. It should not destroy any blocks only damage it so turrets would only malfunction. (and if it were affected by gravity that would be really cool and would open up some interesting results)

    P.S.: If you want to be techy, instead the usual grenade implement an "emp" version of it that would disable it for x seconds.
  23. Stanley Trainee Engineer

    Dear developers, I like your game really much, and as I'm gamedev too, I understand that bugs sometimes are appear because it's normal process. And I found some bugs disturbing the normal gameplay more than others:

    1. Can't switch the typing language. Used some ways to do that, but it didn't help. For example, if I typing cyrillic, I can't switch on latin.

    2. The groups of objects in objects can be saved for current game session only. If I close the game and re-enter, the groups are disappear. I know this bug is not my only, because my friends, who play this game too have the same bug.

    3. When I want to connect to my lovely server I must to wait when the game find it and it will appear in the list. I can't add that to favorites, because this option is not available, can't find that in history, because this option is not available too. Couldn't you add this options: favorite, history, and maybe the field of entering IP-address or server name?

    4. Can't use the weapons on rotors. I wrote about this bug lots of times on Twitter.

    Other bugs are not so annoying as this four. Thanks. Wish you good luck in your development, thanks for amazing game.
  24. Atheos Trainee Engineer

    I'd like to be able to change welder/grinder efficency, with a seperate slider for hand tools and ship tools. Currently I go into the game files and decrease weld/grind times by 50%, as me and my fellow server buddies feel like that's more balanced. I'd also like for the ship-welder to do somewelding on the depth.
    Also, the refining time for platinum and the ratio? Get that balanced, I used 17 refineries for more than 10h without getting all of my platinum refined.

    Off topic:
    You somehow need to make the game hard to survive. Seeing as AI is, at best, really far off I think you'll have to implement something like nutritional needs as well as oxygen. Making some kind of basic ecosystem would suffice, with a few plants as a good foundation to be built upon in later patches.
  25. TazSan Trainee Engineer

    Make things upgradable and delete that x3 and x10 options.

    Like that:
    Start with grinder Mk1 what means x1
    Mk2 needs an Mk1 tool and x20 or the same T2 resource for the x3 speed
    Mk3 needs an Mk2 tool and x100 or the same T3 resource for the x10 speed
    Mk4 needs an Mk3 tool and x1000 or the same T4 resource for the x50 speed

    Maybe the same with the materials:
    Mk1 refinery can make Tier1 silver with normal speed
    Mk2 refinery can make Tier1 silver with x3 speed or Tier2 silver from T1 silver with x1 speed
    and so on...
  26. cpy Trainee Engineer

    Grinder/Welder speed should be configurable. There should be some sort of better refinery that work much faster and eat much more power (i'm tired of building 30 refineries :)
    Like having refinery and advanced big refinery, that would be nice.
  27. TazSan Trainee Engineer

    I agree but with the possibility of "hack".
    We need a lock block that can lock the full ship with a code and looks like a normal light armor block, if someone find and destroy that block the ship goes unlocked again.
  28. Monsumie Trainee Engineer

    when it comes to the poll,. i belive that ship weilders and grinders should have increased speede and hand weild versions should either stay as they are or be a little bit slower, for a more realistic gameplay.

    Some other issues i have found, is that its possible to Eject materials such as Steelpla
    tes etc directly from a ship weilder or grinder connected to aejector. but if they are connected to a storage container its not possible do eject that material.
    it gets stuck in that container. if i select gather all and connect the ejector to the storage container, it still wont dump it all.. wich means i have to move all items manually from that container and that sure takes alot of time as its over 80K in volume of materials i have to move..

    A rework of current items that would be able to eject from containers woul be great in this nsituation as your able to eject Ore's, but other materials needs to be able to eject aswell. my opinion for this is that it takes such a long time to grind down a whole AI ship by hand and weild a large ship by hand aswell..
  29. Vgr Trainee Engineer

    I believe they should be slightly increased. I've been looking for realistic too (oxygen, nitrogen, water, pressurized airlock, etc) as well as a motion detector (opens all nearby doors, enable beacon if too far, etc) and a Detach/Disable button for merge blocks. You hit disable and the blocks are disabled, and when you get far enough they get automatically re-enabled (so that you don't have to get back in the menu to do it). Also, configurable hotkeys for anything (from equipping tools or blocks to changing parameters when in a cockpit, etc) and they should differ whether you're in a cockpit/accessing a terminal (maybe just being in front of a terminal and hitting a hotkey would work, just like T opens a door). Also, multi-key controls for anything (like Shift+W for something or Ctrl+O for something else, that you can program). I have a keyboard with macro-able keys so that would be a big plus for me (and probably many others too).
  30. Patsearch1 Trainee Engineer

    Leave the speeds as they are BUT...

    ... Include bonuses to the speeds the more block surface area that the player touches with the grinding saw or welding torch (consider the torch or saw as a paintbrush, the more of the block you 'paint,' the faster the grinding or welding goes)

    This rewards the player for a more active role in the grinding or welding, and would be more realistic.
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