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Officially-Implemented Gears and Merge/Linkage Blocks

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feedback' started by ZeroCore, Sep 26, 2017.

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  1. ZeroCore Apprentice Engineer

    Admittedly building connections between axles at an angle is hard, as building gears in ME tends to be very finicky even when one's gear teeth are made of rounded timber.

    That said, I know gears exist as mods on the steam workshop, but seeing them officially implemented would be very much appreciated, especially if there were large and small gears of various teeth counts (so you could have torque/speed modification ratios).

    Another thing that I'd like to see implemented is the possibility of joining two or more dynamic objects/grids together in Medieval Engineers in the same way that the merge block allows us to do in Space Engineers. This could be useful for various things such as, say, minecart/train systems that have cars that can attach and detach from one another without having to spend rope every time to connect things together.

    In conjunction with gears, a merge block that could be separated and reattached at will could enable the construction of multi-gear transmissions, such as one finds in a modern automobile.

    The gears are simple enough; physics objects that have their collision boxes around each of their teeth with spiked ends on said boxes to ensure the gears will mesh smoothly (in short, they'd be more cogs than gears, like one finds on a bicycle where the chain is joined to the pedals).

    The merge block would be two ends that connect together when a lever is pulled on both of them when they are within range of one another (similar to the latch mechanism on the locking catch block). When two merge blocks are next to one another and both levers are pulled, the objects attached to either one merge into one grid. This would be very useful as currently I do not know of a way to merge dynamic grids together in survival or creative mode. Connections with a rope are decent for some linkages, but if you want to connect two grids to form one grid, I don't think there are any options currently other than, well, using rope.

    Another thought, whilst I'm on it, grips.

    These grips would be iron handles that could be placed onto objects allowing the players to create levers and the like. The grip, when activated and continuously held by holding down the left mouse key, would try to move in the direction the player looks as if there was an unbreakable rope of very short length attached to the point that the grip/handle is connected to the object it's attached to.

    This would allow one to make sliding levers, handlebars for carts that the player actually holds (instead of a roughly square or circular "yoke" of sorts that you stand inside and hope bounces off of you when you run into it instead of loosing The Clang), and control systems that can have multiple sliding settings, like the transmission example I mentioned above.
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  2. Merandix Junior Engineer

    An update on mechanics used to be in the works since roughly the end of last year. They have gone silent about it, so maybe something else is being prioritised above this, but there have been some teasers.

    I'm all for those grips / handlebars of yours too.
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  3. sonicthe Trainee Engineer

    It annoys me to no end that one of the opening screen "videos" has a block that as far as I can tell is only available as a mod. I haven't done much with Creative mode, however, so it may be there. The video and block I'm referring to is the one with a "water-wheel" that the blue guy inserts a block next to and it starts turning. I've seen a mod with a straight-line and a 90-degree angle rotating shaft box, but it's not available vanilla.

    Like I said, though, I haven't really done anything in Creative Mode. I get why some things aren't available in Survival (Voxel Hands would be a bit of a stretch, for example, although I think "Master Engineer Mode" should allow use of them), but I don't understand why all of the blocks aren't available. The rotor is the biggest example for me. Unless there are some "researches" that aren't in Survival yet, I suppose. Still, it seems to me that if it's a block that can be placed in Creative, it should be available in Survival. If it's going to belong to a more advanced research that hasn't been coded yet, fine, just make it available at the start.

    I'll stop my ... rant now. I'm sure there are multiple places that people have said, "Why is [whatever] in Creative and not Survival?!?"
  4. Pharap Apprentice Engineer


    Hrm, I see what you mean.

    It's technically possible to emulate the 90-degree rotating shaft box, but the water wheel would be more difficult. You could make a fake one but it wouldn't look as good.

    95% of the blocks available in creative are available in survival, I think it's just one or two of the projectiles that are creative only.

    As far as I'm aware that wheel is a mod block, not a creative-only block, unless it's one of the hidden blocks or it was a block and it got removed.
  5. sonicthe Trainee Engineer

    I'm not even worried about the water wheel. There's no water. ;) I was just referring to the block the guy places so that he can crank the shaft and start the whole thing turning.
  6. Pharap Apprentice Engineer

    Oh, technically that's actually doable with built in blocks.
    It's not perfect, but here's one I made earlier:


    This is one of the more stable varieties, only certain lengths of wood will work.
  7. Thermonuklear Junior Engineer

    The "water wheel" is a gearbox, it was in game during initial alpha release but it got removed after a few updates IIRC.

    Latest update video mentioned something big is in the works, so maybe we'll get some mechanical blocks at last.
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  8. Pharap Apprentice Engineer

    I hope so, I struggle to make lifts that aren't horribly clunky.
    Making minecarts is a bit easier, but they still have to be large.
    Vanilla gears would probably be top of my wishlist.

    That or maybe some tougher enemies or reasons to explore/expand your kingdom.
    I played survival in singleplayer up to making a wooden house and then realised I had no incentive to build a castle because I'd only ever been attacked by one dumb barbarian at a time and after I got hold of a sword they took a mere matter of seconds to slaughter.

    Maybe there's bandit camps with treasure that I'm blissfully unaware of or something.
  9. sonicthe Trainee Engineer

    I'm mostly building in Survival because I can and want to. I started with barbs turned off, so I don't even have them to worry about. :D
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.