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ore and barbarians?

Discussion in 'General' started by Vodostar, Mar 6, 2019.

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  1. Vodostar

    Vodostar Trainee Engineer

    (at low level)

    Is there a way to get ingots other finding ore on the ground? With no guidance to ore deposits, it's horribly grindy.

    Do I have any defense against barbarians? Can I hit them with my stone axe? One even killed me in the safe zone. Bug? That was after I escaped out the back door of my house while he was beating down the front door (successfully).
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    Oh, I just killed a deer with my stone axe, so that answers that question... it does do damage.
  2. ibisgrunk

    ibisgrunk Apprentice Engineer

    couple ideas to help, always imho:

    • get to wooden crossbow as fast as possible but any tool can be a weapon. i dont go after any barb without real weapons however. prioritize now your quest research to military weapons imho.
    • place your bed a little distance from your where you are building so if you get killed you can spawn not on top of the same barbarian that killed you
    • i have never seen a barbarian climb a diagonal timber, so when building that first doorway dont put stairs in front of it, instead put a diag timber that you can use
    • i have build Safe spots i can run to when a barbarian is near (or suddenly hits me while working). if you can set for example a block that is not flush with the surface, that rises maybe half way up and its something you can spacebar jump onto what will happen is the barb will walk as close to you as possible then stop when you are sitting on that block... then its a face off. back to the wooden crossbow, then as he cant melee range hit you, you just pound him with bolts...
    • if you have a weak door put a couple of timbers in front of it, sure thats a pain for you because you have to remove them to get in but the barbarian will work the timber before that precious door
    • if you have the patience and a wooden shovel you can build a moat, then place but dont build a causeway across it (place it but dont build it), once you get the full tech for drawbridge or portcullis you can finish off your entrance better. barbarians can hack any door btw but those first thin plank wall doors are too weak... a moat will cause the barb to rethink its pathfinding and allow you to channel these invaders!
    • it takes practice, and often a shield, to be able to get good fighting barbarians, that first block is key. watch your stamina it is usually the killer....
    • i remove, sorry Keen, the grass. in settings i select off for showing grass. with the new game chunking for loading i often can see in the distance any ore shimmering on the surface. this is a personal decision but i think it helps.
    • you can always go to a Creative mode and fly around the same world you are playing in survival and note where all the goodies and stuff are, then return to survival and dig! the location as far as i have found for any
    • there is usually ore above a deposit, some like in Umbril will be so large with so many ore on top you sometimes dont need to dig
    • biomes affect often what ore there is - if your world has Fast Travel then even better, so where there is usually copper there is tin nearby but never gold or silver. iron is in its own thing and super rare to have any other ore immediately near it. note mods can change this as for example the water mod has gold surrounding iron... if you build in the middle of a desert you may not find certain ores (but find silver!) and therefore travel to gather that. right now i am playing a server with full FT and its great for gathering
    • the Trading Post mod would allow you to purchase ore. if playing solo add that mod to your world, note it changes how you process gold and silver but you can always order what you need.
    • some ore requires a pickaxe, others can be shoveled so plan accordingly, copper you can shovel.
    • if you fear barbarians while digging, bring your bed and drop if 50yds from where you are digging so if you get killed, like above, you can spawn from your bed
    • its dark down in that pit! if you have a jack o lantern place one or drop it loose into the mine... you can hold a torch while pickaxe'n but not shoveling...
    hope some of this helps, fire back any questions. one thing i want to ask Keen is when is the FIRST trip to activating Barbarians? is it a quest we finish? is it once we place so many blocks? when do Barbarians start? i love the fear that barbarians are now and considering this is MEDIEVAL i welcome them! there may be an eventual need in a server setup settings to somehow address when the barbarians first boot into a game or maybe how aggressive they are... regardless its super welcome development to the game imho.

    i know the game is much prettier with the grass on but by removing it i have unobstructed views to the resources lying on the ground and like posted above it can be a little more grindy if i had to search the grass all the time...
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  3. Krougal

    Krougal Senior Engineer

    People are being attacked by barbarians? *long sigh* I still can't seem to get barbarians to spawn for the last 2 major versions, this is with fresh starts...the game is very boring without them (not to mention I have to go mine my own iron instead of having it delivered to me)

    I wouldn't know how the combat overhaul has changed things (being as I can't find any barbs), but the combat was pretty easy before, you just had to get the timing of their swing and yours down, but a lone barb was easily beaten even with the wooden club.
    Being you can loot and smelt their weapons (or at least used to be able to) you'll look forward to them. I mean who has time to go mine iron to make steel when you've got to spend all your free time making linseed oil!

    I too turn off the performance killing grass (but mostly for the unobstructed view).
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  4. Vodostar

    Vodostar Trainee Engineer

    Thanks. A lot of good info there. I didn't see a wooden crossbow as an option, but I do have the wooden club now. I'll check again for the crossbow.

    Is the method of prospecting (for non-surface) deposits just to dig and see if you find any thing?
  5. MorshuArtsInc

    MorshuArtsInc Apprentice Engineer

    Well said Ibisgrunk.
    Another good tactic for killing (single) barbarians is getting close to them (yeah, sounds counterproductive), get as quick as possible to their left arm (or right from your position - you know, the one that doesn't hold a weapon) and start circling counterclockwise around them and hit them repeatedly. If you got the right angle, he won't be able to attack you or even defend. If you did not get the right angle at first, you might take one hit or two, but you still won't die. After five blows he should be a goner. If your health is too low, or if more barbies are approaching, run for it!
    I'm actually not a too big fan of using wooden crossbows in open field (at least not right now), since there is currently a bug that when your crossbow breaks, you get stuck in the reloading action and are unable to jump, which can be fatal when you want to hop on your safe spot! And it won't go away until you got yourself a new crossbow to finish the animation! (Could also be fixed by now, haven't played since Monday)
    Also keep in mind that crossbows need quite a while to reload, and that you can't run while reloading.
    They are still useful though for a first ambush (if you're good at estimating the curvature of the shot, that is).
    I also have build a pretty useful and cheap way of building your doorways which not only keeps the scoundrels out and allows for quick access for you, you won't even need a door if you do it right, just an entrance! It's a bit hard to describe though:
    1. You probably already have a foundation. It should be elevated a bit, high enough so a barbarian couldn't hit it.
    2. On top of the foundation, place a doorway [D] (with or without a door, it's up to you), and next to it, a wall [W].
    3. Place stairs [St] below the wall - but not facing the foundation, but perpendicular to it.
    4. Horizontally attach a pillar to the top step of your stairs. It should be parallel to the doorway. With a bit of skill, you can now jump from the pillar over to the doorway, a thing a barbie can't do.
      This is still not the best solution, but a good start.
    5. Now, perpendicular to that pillar, build another pillar. This should create an L-shaped path to your door, but still leaving a small gap so you still can't get through the door.
    6. Last but not least, attach a timber 4 to that last pillar, right underneath the doorway, but also one small block length down.
    It should now kind of look like this (top down view):

    So what's the deal?
    The barbarian will be able to walk on the pillars, but NOT on the timber that leads to your door, and probably fall into the gap, while you can quite easily go the whole way. If you have the resources, you can also place some braziers down the pit to roast some barbies (or yourself of you're clumsy enough)
    Note however that this only works for barbarians. If you're playing multiplayer, thieving players can enter just as easily as you.
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  6. Vodostar

    Vodostar Trainee Engineer

    Ah ha. I found a copper deposit. Now I see... the ore vein comes out to the surface and is a different texture from the rest of the ground. Got it. Thanks all.
    --- Automerge ---
    @MorshuArtsInc I'm digging a moat that's narrow enough to jump in some places but steep enough on the inside that walking through it isn't possible. I'm hoping that will stop the barbs.
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