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ore patches

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by mdram, Feb 6, 2018.

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  1. mdram Apprentice Engineer

    was the terrain coloring over ore patches removed on purpose?
    or is it a bug? new switch?

  2. Ondřej Nahálka QA Lead Staff


    it is a bug.

    Please wait for the minor update 1.186.1.
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  3. Dazeuh Trainee Engineer

    I kinda like the dark patches gone, makes planets seem more realistic and clean.

    I'd suggest buffing the ore detector ranges to compensate, or have other indicators of ore presence.
  4. CaD Apprentice Engineer

    Yeah I like the no black bits but ore is still there. I like the fact that the ore deposits are deeper but you will have to buff the small grid ore detector a bit to compensate.
  5. BitsNoKibbles Apprentice Engineer

    If it's that "easy" to remove the ore indicator color, it'd be nice to make it an option.

    It'd also be nice to have a 1x 2x 3x selector for ore detector range a la inventory size and weld/grind speed.
  6. Armada115 Trainee Engineer

    I kinda like the missing black marks where the ore is on the planets, when doing a Hardcore 1x1x1 with only a very small ship start, makes it more interesting!.
    Make it an Option so we can turn it on or off
  7. Sich Trainee Engineer

    The new "ore spot" is interesting, but we need better ore detector range for that...

    And we need less ore spot with more ressources on each spot... And maybe only 1 ore on each spot.
    I don't think that a lot of small ore spot hard to find are more intesting...
  8. connellklel Trainee Engineer

    i have the same problem makes the game a lot harder for me
  9. Sich Trainee Engineer

    I have just managed to go to Mars to find Platinium (I play with scarce ressources).
    But It's just impossible to find ore... There is just no difference between no ore or ore spot....

    I have to fly around randomly and hope to find something...
    I have to come back with more ressources to build a rover and drive randomly on the planet and hope to find something...

    ok to make ore much harder to find, but we should have some indications.... Or make that ore detector have at least 5km range...

  10. mdram Apprentice Engineer

    rover or ship.
    the large grid detector has 200m range
    the drill is 30m? maybe 50m, cant recall
  11. Sich Trainee Engineer

    200m.... That not the problem....
    We can't see anything on the ground... The only way to find ore is just to fly around randomly and hope to find something....
    Planet are really big... And this is the Mars pole, it's flat and easy to fly... But try the same thing on the moon....

    Oh and as I play in survival I don't have large grid flying around, this use too much ressources... Small grid are fine for this....
    But very short detection range...

    We need some indication on the ground, maybe not like before but a little thing :)
  12. TokMor Trainee Engineer

  13. Tralalakk Trainee Engineer

    get azimuth mod pack it has strong ore detector with way bigger range
  14. Sich Trainee Engineer

    I use ore detector+
    For 150m with small grid and 250m with large grid.
  15. Tralalakk Trainee Engineer

    the azimuth one have over 800m -+ on small grid and i have no idea how much on the big one
  16. mdram Apprentice Engineer

    i play survival.
    i use the spawn ship to locate first ore patch for nickel, iron, uranium at a minimum
    land, build small platform
    grind down ship, build survey ship
    works fine
  17. Sich Trainee Engineer

    Yeah, as I play with eem mod I don't have the default starting ship :)
    And as I play with scarce ressources I don't have gold, silver, platinium, uranium on Earth...

    The starting ship is just for... starting... :)
  18. mdram Apprentice Engineer

    you can still grind it down
  19. Tralalakk Trainee Engineer

    you wont find platinum on Earth just telling you :D
  20. Saquesh Trainee Engineer

    As of patch today this is still an issue, with shader settings on "High" you don't get the ore spots at all, I lowered them to medium and found an ore spot, it's nigh impossible to find them now and given that ore detectors don't have a very long range could you please revert this. Yes there are mods for longer range ore detectors but have any of you actually tried them? A 2x detector dropped my sim speed to half on my single player offline and our DS, you cannot use a longer range ore detector on planets because of the way they work. Until there's a better implementation of the ore detector that allows for longer ranges (like 500m+ for a large grid as an arbitrary figure) without a significant sim speed drop you have to change it back, how else are we going to find ores unless we spend hours flying a grid pattern at low altitude.

    Personally I want to play using the "Deep Ores" mod more which makes the veins for the ores much larger (because automining platforms are my thing now) but also much further down and the ore spots were the only way of finding them.

    I'm not any sort of geologist but there must be some way to tell irl whether an area has some specific material in it based on various factors. People don't just go around randomly drilling for stuff with no idea of whether they'll find it there or not.

    EDIT: After finding an ore spot on medium I changed my shader back to high and flew away and back to force a redraw of that terrain and the ore spot had gone, changed back to medium, fly away and back and it's there. That's how I know
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  21. suicideneil Apprentice Engineer

    Players: this thing is fine and doesn't need fixing.
    Keen: Let's change this thing for no reason, and not announce it either.
    Players: wtf, keen?
    Keen: ...
    Players: Hello? Can you fix this please?
    Keen: *mumbles* Sort of fixes it, but in a half-assed way & might as well have not bothered.
    Players: FFS.

    Just stop please Keen- communicate with your player base and respond when they highlight problematic changes. We need LARGER Ore patches- not giant swastikas, just something large enough that we can see it. We also need Ore detectors to have better range; the combination of invisible ore patches + tiny detector range = frustrating game play. Not good- you won't be getting any positive feedback or reviews on steam if you insist on being ignorant and belligerent with regards to making bad changes to gameplay.
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  22. gordon861 Apprentice Engineer

    OK we waited and ... ta da they are still buggered.

    But hey 1.186.2 is out today and ... Oh why do we even bother?

    Perhaps there are plans to resolve this issue in the fabled Survival Update, we'll see, but I'm kinda frightened that the Survival Update will break thrusters for a few weeks.
  23. Tralalakk Trainee Engineer

  24. Sich Trainee Engineer

    With scarce ressource Platinium can only be found on Mars.... I don't play vanilla game.
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.