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Oxygen/pressurized filled enviroment , Pro's and Con's

Discussion in 'Survival' started by Harry_Caray, Feb 22, 2015.

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  1. Cy83r Apprentice Engineer

    If the heavy builder is really a combination character skin, conveyor block, and small-ship cockpit that has several build points to attach reactors, welders, grinders, and small-ship weapons I'd love to get my stompy-dakka-choppa action on in the promenade of somebody's cruise liner. Building walkers is such a harsh task.

    a Light-armor and heavy-armor 'combat' engineer suit would be nice, if you want something more durable, then build some panels over the heavy suit, maybe include torqueless rotors to make fully protected joints

    maybe the mining suit could have something like a half or quarter-powered small-ship ore detector's functionality, stronger than just your hand drill, but not too strong, get a heavy suit and build an ore detector on it if you want a full-power version- a small cargo block on a drifting cable would be nice- actually, the ability to tether yourself to a ship block at all would be a nice perk

    I could see a pilot's suit having the best jetpack and some velocity sensors, self-and-objects, on their HUD (again, heavy suit can be built to exceed this performance boost)

    the smuggler getting a weaker jetpack and less suit durability than normal but also having a smaller hitbox and magboots that activate with "P" like landing gear, hopefully without the massive explosions of your space boots

    alternatively, outside of the heavy suit (which is really just a specially tailored small-ship block that probably requires several dedicated post-alpha patches to be well-implemented) all these unique suit features (and more) could be assigned to the base suit and min-maxed around with an "Equipment Point" aka "Perk Slot" system when you use the med bay to change your suit with a few cosmetic changes to the mesh at most as things are equipped or removed on the sliders and radio buttons.
  2. gimmilfactory Junior Engineer

    Drilling a hole through an asteroid, sealing up either side, and putting an air vent in it, should fill it up with oxygen; this is not the case sadly, however.
  3. Zourin Apprentice Engineer

    The air vent seems to only support a certain finite size before it deems the space too large to fill. This makes sense, because otherwise it wouldn't be able to detect open space at all within the time allocated to it by the engine heartbeat.

    The one thing I want out of Oxygen is to be able to not be in the cockpit of a ship and not have to worry about time-out dying as has been the case. If I've got assemblers and refineries cranking and putting operations on hold for a few hours, it'd be nice to know that I can walk away and make dinner without returning to my respawn options.
  4. aaagamer Trainee Engineer

    Here are my thoughts:

    First of all, I love the idea of oxygen and what it brings. But it should always remain an optional feature so that people can enjoy the game how they want.

    That being said, oxygen's increased implementation should be a blend of both necessity, additional functionality, and immersion.

    Players should be able to disable their suit's life support functions for when they're in a pressurized environment, preventing them from dying when running out of energy. This would make it so that energy is only drained by the use of the jet-pack or tools, which in turn would give you a reason to design ships that are accessible via stairs, elevators, and ladders rather than the jet pack. (to conserve energy) Another interesting implication of this is that players could commit suicide by disabling life support while in a vacuum, which would be a more immersive alternative to the suicide button.

    It would be a quite an undertaking but realistic sound could also be implemented with oxygen. When wearing the suit in a vacuum, the player would hear no sound other than HUD indicators and perhaps an optional breathing and life support sound. (which I would love as it would be highly immersive.) It is also a possibility that sound could be heard when using the hand grinder or drill, although the fidelity of this sound would be up for debate. When in a pressurized environment, but wearing the suit, sound would be rather muffled, due to the helmet. This would provide additional immersion and a slight incentive to remove your helmet or visor to hear the "real sound" in the room. (as a side note, an overlay while wearing the helmet would be very cool, I would do it myself if it were possible) I cannot stress how much I love the idea of realistic sound. This feature alone would be enough to keep me hooked to space engineers.

    When an environment is rapidly depressurized, components, physics objects and players should be forcibly pulled towards the direction of air flow. If a player is not wearing their helmet, rapid depressurization should kill them almost instantly. If the environment was depressurized using venting however, a person wearing not wearing their helmet could have a few seconds to take action before losing health and eventually dying. This would be a great time to port over those rag-doll physics from medieval engineers. Imagine jet-packing through a damaged ship, using your flashlight in the darkness, discovering bodies floating amongst the destroyed components. How eerie that would be!

    There are so many interesting things that could be done with oxygen. I could probably write a rather extensive paper covering all the neat stuff that could come as a result of its increased implementation. Air resistance for physics objects and players, fires, poisonous gas leaks, no-one being able to hear you scream, etc.

    This is really an exciting time to be playing the game, the possibilities aren't endless, but they're highly abundant.

    A bit of space claustrophobia is a good thing.
  5. Cy83r Apprentice Engineer

    All we need now is proper modeling of centripetal force so I can make accurate gravity blocks on my themed military ships
  6. Echillion Senior Engineer

    What makes me laugh about this Oxygen updates is those that screamed for it now that they have it are now complaining that not only do they have to redesign their ships/bases for oxygen systems but the small ship tanks/generators are too big and are making their ship designs even bigger? Well what do they think was gonna happen? A basic ship has a few blocks,a cockpit,a reactor,a gyro,and 6 thrusters ( 1 for each direction) then you want a beacon? it becomes bigger.Then you want a antenna it becomes bigger still?, Then because enough people were shouting for it the Devs give in and give you your Oxygen update which adds 1 or 2 blocks more So now a basic ship is even bigger before you even add things like Containers/Drills/Welders/Guns and the piping that goes with them?

    I suppose what I'm trying to say is "Don't demand something for the game and then moan when you get it? (personally I'm going to play SE without Oxygen and any other "realistic" updates for as long as possible)

    Sig: SpaceBalls for Everyone!
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.