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Oxygen sensors and Door safety

Discussion in 'General' started by ataaron, Mar 19, 2015.

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  1. ataaron Apprentice Engineer

    Oxygen was just added to the game and I thought about some potential problems.
    1. My suggestion is that sensors should also detect oxygen in direct contact.
    2. The default door should have a display showing the pressure level on its other side.
    3. Doors should also refuse to open if you have no helmet on, the other side is depressurized and you are pushing the open hotkey (so manual opening from menu should still work)
    4. Or instead of 3. let doors work a bit like sensors to automatically open if a friendly player is approaching and both sides of the door are pressurized
    We know that oxygen still needs a good reason to be used so this is just a side note.
  2. aRottenKomquat Apprentice Engineer

    I like the idea of pressure sensors. I'm not sure about the door stuff, but as an alternative I'd love to see a way to have a door operate a C# script when someone attempts to open or close it, then the script could check for pressurization or other things before allowing or disallowing the action.
  3. THE_VB Junior Engineer

    To my mind we simply need the particles of air coming out of the holes that flow constantly if one of the rooms is trying to be pressureised.
    Like in the wid, but more constant. And player movement to the unpressureised room to simulate the wind movement. Also we can actually get the wind sound.
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  4. Fragman Apprentice Engineer

    Need new block - airlock, with two doors, and when you open one door, the second door will close automaticaly.
  5. Martronix Trainee Engineer

    How about you just engineer one?... it's called space engineers afterall.....
  6. Keyalha Trainee Engineer

    Airlocks are easily doable right now. Just do what the game is about :) Engineer it.

    Edit: Pressure Sensors would be neat though so we can have warning monitors inside airlocks.
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  7. Sirhan Blixt Apprentice Engineer

    Unfortunately, you can't trigger anything with the door button. I suppose you can have a timer-driven PB check the door status once per second and close a door you've triggered to open if the other airlock door is not closed. Even so, you'd still have at least a second of depressurization. I think it'd be better to be able to configure a door to not open if there's a pressure difference (one side has oxygen, the other does not).

    Off to the "Suggestions" forum ...
  8. Volfram Senior Engineer

    I would like the ability to tie executions to other actions. For now, try using a Sensor that activates a timer which uses the "trigger now" feature to have a programmable block check whether a door is open or closed and react to that.

    Logic: If(Sensor.IsActive) loopblock->on, trigger now
    loopblock: triggers programmable block which checks the door open/closed state, then triggers loopblock.
    if(!Sensor.IsActive) loopbock->off
  9. Zourin Apprentice Engineer

    You'd need six timer blocks. Two sets of three. First closes the door, second allows for air to be pumped/vacated, third opens the other door. The other three simply do this in reverse.

    I'm not sure about the timing involved (the second block in particular), but this is the most straightforward mechanical way of doing this with timer blocks. Touching the door directly will probably get you killed.

    Time to have airlock doors (console-less doors)? I'm pretty sure programming blocks can read the pressure-state of vents? In which you'd probably only need two and two timers.
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  10. WereBottle Apprentice Engineer

    I already had a functional airlock set up before this.

    You need a sensor under each door, a couple of timer blocks and a vent (that bit was admittedly added with this update)

    On the internal side when it senses someone near the door it closes the external door and tells the vent to repressurise the airlock (it can also shut off the external door if you like)

    and vice versa for the external door.

    It's really effective and guarantees you'll never accidentally vent your ship.

    (That being said a pressure sensor would be great for detecting hull breaches assuming the area closest to the hole loses pressure first and the whole ship doesn't lose it evenly.
  11. mhalpern Senior Engineer

    I hope pressure levels are in the detailed info of the vents, that way we can use that as a sensor.
  12. Arcturus Senior Engineer

    Since the no-helmet player is a seperate character model in the files, one can do a mod such that <JetpackAvailable> is set to false when you don't have a helmet. This would allow proper "airlocking" of other players in multiplayer games - just use a horizontal gravity field to throw them out the door!
  13. EvilDylan Apprentice Engineer

    Problem with idea 3. How would the game distinguish manual interaction with the door from control panel interaction? I don't want my ability to... eliminate... unwanted persons to be lost.
  14. ZexMaxwell001 Trainee Engineer

    can you show us a picture/video of this?
  15. WereBottle Apprentice Engineer

    Since the sensors and timers would be in the floor under the doors there really wouldn't be much point as all I'd be showing you is a pic/video of a corridor with 2 doors and a vent in the middle.

    (Might add one later once I finalize my oxygen compatible space station)
  16. UrbanLegend Apprentice Engineer

    Why not keep in simple? Have a check box option to prevent the door from opening if there is an air pressure differential between the two sides of the door. IOW, the door won't let you open it if it will vent into space.
  17. ObjectZero Apprentice Engineer

    Well I've already made a test airlock. Two doors and one vent. The vent between the doors is always set to decompress the area between the doors, saving the oxygen for being vented out in to space.

    The one problem I have now is the only way to put a helmet back on is my using a medbay. I'd like to see a locker, something that does not take power unless it outputs light. That I can use to put my helmet back on. Something cheap to build and takes up very little space. But also isn't used as a spawn location so I'm not risking my spawn location by now needing more medbays or wasting supplies just to put a helmet back on just in case something bad happens.
  18. Burillo Junior Engineer

    i think you're overcomplicating the airlock designs. i pulled it off with one timer and one sensor. sensor is set to start timer when on, trigger timer when off. timer has 1 second period and closes all airlock doors on trigger. that way, you open the door, enter the sensor range and it automatically closes behind you, and another door closes behind you when you're leaving the airlock (and thus, the sensor range). there's oxygen pressurizer in the airlock, set to depressurize.

    so, to enter - you open the outer door, enter the sensor range, door closes behind you. you open the inner door, air flows into the airlock. you leave the airlock, door closes, the air gets sucked out of airlock. to exit, you enter the airlock, the door closes behind you, the air gets sucked out of the airlock, you exit through the second door. no oxygen loss, minimal number of blocks.
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  19. Morbophobie Apprentice Engineer

    Why don't you just offline the doors? Put a panel there with action groups - one buttons onlines one door and closes+offlines the other. And another button turns things around. Since only one door can be online with these action groups you can only open one door. To open both doors you would need to go into the menu. Simple as that.
  20. tharkus Junior Engineer

    I agree with the pressure option in the sensors, or in a "pressure sensor"
    the other problems.. we are engineers, cmon, imagination :p ...
  21. KingdomBragg Junior Engineer

    I like the idea of adding detect atmosphere to the sensor. With just that addition, we have all the tools to engineer functioning airlocks ourselves.
  22. ObjectZero Apprentice Engineer

    Yup just seems like the sensor would be a perfect item to use for this. I'd like just so I can setup warning lights between rooms.
  23. Tajin Apprentice Engineer

    That sounds like a pretty solid solution.

    Personally though I think it would be great if the door-button was configurable like a regular button. So when you build a door, the button is automatically assigned with the default action (open/close) but you can replace it in order to achieve different effects.

    For example:
    - Remove the action, so the door can only be triggered from elsewhere
    - Change the action to run a PB instead (also useful for code-locks and stuff like that)
    - Create simple traps by replacing the door-action
    - Change the action to trigger a timer block and do all sorts of interesting things

    I think that would be a fairly simple feature to implement that adds a lot of functionality. :cool:

    (I'm pretty sure we'll get an oxygen-sensor anyway)
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  24. Spets Master Engineer

    maybe a new type of door? instead to put the door in the middle of the block, put it in the edge, so you can create a little room for depresurization?
  25. ben2150 Trainee Engineer

    I like the idea of a pressure sensor, or simply adding that functionality to one of the pre-existing blocks.
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.