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Perfomances took a HUGE hit

Discussion in 'General' started by Edriel, Feb 16, 2019.

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  1. Edriel

    Edriel Trainee Engineer

    (This is a thread I posted also on the steam community discussions)

    Dear Devs,

    first off I want to thank you for this nice patch because it brings a breath of fresh air into our beloved medieval world.

    Unfortunately this update also brought a us a big issue on computer performances.

    I was eager for this patch so I could expand my castle in creative mode and share it with the community - here it is if you are interested:


    BUT when I loaded the map and I went inside the castle I found out that the character was moving soooo slow and the FPS were soooo low that made me really really sad about this update.

    As I understood, you introduced a new "loading system" that loads every block of a building at once and if so this is exactely why my map has such a problem.

    If what I say is correct then it's ridicolous... a sandbox game were I cannot build in big.

    I know this game is still in early access BUT you really need to come up with a solution for this performances problem or people like me who likes to create megabuildings will just stop playing.

    Please consider doing something to solve this problem.

    Thank you.
  2. Dan2D3D

    Dan2D3D Moderator

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  3. Tenzo

    Tenzo Apprentice Engineer

    The loading is not meant to increase objects in memory but to decrease load.

    The game now only loads blocks in memory that are in your nearby vicinity, so that means you can have any number of abandoned buildings that you no longer use, and it will not clutter your world save because those buildings will not be loaded unless you are playing there.

    The game only loads blocks in memory that you can see. Once you are so far away that you cannot interact or too far away to see something, the game also doesn't treat it as an object in space and removes it from memory.

    I think the slow down you are referring to is when you first load a world after an update. The slow down you feel is the game updating the structural integrity algorithms for the first time, not loading. And is actually calculating pieces that are falling. If you have a mega structure, that will account for this FPS drop.

    Do you continue to have a slow performance after say, an hour or so of playing? Because after that, the world should have finished updating to the new code. If anything, dynamic loading improves performance because the game will not be trying to load structures that are outside your immediate region. Which leaves more resources for your computer to work with locally. So that should be even more helpful if you have a big structure, because any other work areas you may have started are unloaded so you have more performance not less.
    --- Automerge ---
    By the way, cool castle!

    You have a Helm's Deep vibe going on especially near the top of the towers where they meet the cliffs. A lot of attention to detail, as well.

    How long did it take to make?
  4. CptTwinkie

    CptTwinkie Master Engineer

    I'm just going to guess that your problem here is not related to other building but mainly just this one huge building. In that case, chunking won't help while you're standing in it. The performance should be about the same except that you have a huge building with a lot of big beautiful blocks that all have to be rendered at the same time. Basically, you are pushing the limits of your hardware with this huge castle. On average the rendering of big castles is the same as 0.6.4. This is due to new performance improvements being used up by the more detailed new blocks. However, in your case, this HUGE BEAUTIFUL CASTLE is taking up more performance than average. I love it, but I can see how it must have an impact.

    I'm looking forward to taking a walk around it soon. I wish I had seen this when we were working on screenshots for the release.
  5. Edriel

    Edriel Trainee Engineer

    Thanks for the replies.

    In order:

    Yeah I realized that later, I posted this thread there as well.

    I don't know if I "played" for at least an hour (I was actually fixing some issues caused by the new update) but anyway the "slow" movement of my character was persistent during the whole playing session.

    I ran away far from the castle and my computer was fine.
    It was fine also in the arena part of the castle (which is up in the mountain).

    The performances are just bad in the "real" castle area.

    Thank you :)

    Mhm I don't know how long it took, at the time I was on holiday and I had some spare time so maybe I worked on it for like 10 days or so.
    Doing all the towers in different shapes with all the walkable "paths" inside them was a real pain in the back :D but the rest was quite straighforward and I really enjoyed doing it.

    So do I really have to give up and not continue this project?
    As I said earlier, this is a sandbox game and it's sad if I cannot build "what I want" because I have to watch out for performances.
    I know that maybe I'm one of just a few people who likes to build megastructures, but this is really a limitation for the game itself in my opinion.

    I hope you guys (the devs) can find a solution also for this "problem".

    Yeah let me know if you find something I can do better to improve performances if any.
  6. Tenzo

    Tenzo Apprentice Engineer

    Yeah, I know what you mean about trying to make blocks connect and have actual entrances. I always design this super thing and then I realize there is no way in. Or out.

    Ah, that's not good news. I was hoping maybe it might disappear after a while once the game "settled down" after all those physics calculations. But I guess all that height displacement on the new stone really must have hit performance hard.

    Here is one thing you can do. You can go to Options and Shading, you can choose Low. That will disable the height displacement on the blocks, so it might run at more or less the same speed you had with the old blocks.

    Not sure how appealing it will all look, but at least you won't be watching a slide show, hopefully.

    The other thing I would try for performance is to get rid of the light sources and edit your settings for your world. (Load game option, select your world name, hit Edit Settings before loading) Where it has "day duration", turn the slider all the way down until you get to Off. That will disable night time so you won't need to have lights setup everywhere, which for sure will hit performance. All those particles add up especially in complex scenes.

    And not having a dynamic skybox might help also. Less dynamic calculations with a lot of blocks in a scene.

    I agree that they should optimize the game to render those pretty new blocks well. It's a brand new grid system powering those fancy new blocks, so once they fiddle with it some more I'm sure it will get the Space Engineers treatment eventually and they will have to optimize the code a dozen times because people will complain if things don't run well.

    Which they will, because things ran pretty smoothly before and people will build big castles. That's really the dream with pretty stone blocks.
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.