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Petition to revert to old windows!!! (Space Engineers)

Discussion in 'General' started by terry369, Feb 20, 2016.


Revert to old windows?

  1. Yes revert them now!!!

  2. I don't care

  3. No I like scratches on my wondows

  4. No I like scratches on my windows

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  1. LFCavalcanti Senior Engineer

    Just saying...

    Come on people... you're discussing gameplay preferences and strategies on a thread about Window Textures.. wait, let me grab that Monty Python video someone posted here eariler:

  2. Imperator476 Trainee Engineer

    I frankly like the scratched windows, nothing is perfect let alone glass on ships that go hurdling through space colliding with dust, little space rocks, entering atmospheres, and getting shot at by all manner of weapons.
  3. Harrekin Master Engineer

    The problem is the texture doesn't stretch across other windows meaning they all have exactly the same scratches.

    This will be fixed in time I'm sure, perhaps with damage models for the windows but some people just get really offended by it...

    That's right, offended about a texture...of glass...in a game...that's clearly a placeholder.
  4. D3Seeker Trainee Engineer

    The scratches should be a damage state. Even for you nonsensiclaly hardcore realism nuts, they don't exactly build things like the space shuttles and such with haggled together piles of crap, hobbled together with duck-tape, using the old parts of grandpa's go mobile. They precision engineer and craft every piece from scratch, to order, and you better believe, dare they mess up a sigle piece, even a nik in some cases they make a replacement for their folly. Especially if it's a higly integral part to the construct.

    Why on earth wouldn't the glass be pristine to begin with. Makes no logical sense
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  5. Kokurokoki Apprentice Engineer

    Also makes no sense that BULLETPROOF GLASS can be easily scratched, especially the kind that shrugs off autocannon rounds. I find it hilarious that people who are arguing "realism" think that this glass can be casually scratched by dust when it can withstand multiple shots from gatling guns firing rounds that no "bulletproof glass" should ever have any business defeating ever. Over time? Yes I can see that happening. But we're talking something on the level of months to years before we're getting the level of scratches that we see in the game.
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  6. Devon_v Senior Engineer

    The energy level of space debris can be way higher than a bullet. Even a grain of sand can hit like a truck given enough velocity.

    I stopped caring about the windows when I realized that the new window blocks will have new textures anyway.

    Place a Beacon sometime and turn it off. Imagine something like that, but all over.
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Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.