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Phoenix Fleet Systems - Wyvern II Carrier

Discussion in 'Community Creations' started by Lord Commissar, Dec 14, 2013.

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  1. Lord Commissar Junior Engineer

  2. hrdrok Apprentice Engineer

    A lot of work put into those. I really like your style.
  3. Sims_doc Junior Engineer

    Great Work.
  4. Lord Commissar Junior Engineer

    just finished a new battlecruiser. this one was kind of based on the Amarr Prophecy from EVE, while looking less like a chicken:
    Raptor Class
    mass: 8m kg
    acceleration: 2.5 m/s^2
    weapons: 10 gatling guns, 10 missile launchers

    the file above has been updated to include this ship
    i also put together a little size overview of the ships
  5. Sims_doc Junior Engineer

    its looks very fast, and sorta like what people through rocket ships we're in the 50's.. a rocket with 4 stands.
  6. enkar Apprentice Engineer

    Love your work, really amazing design! and this battlecruser does looks a way better than the prophecy! (yeah not really an amaar ship fan, as a matar, in rust i trust!)
  7. freshmango55 Apprentice Engineer

    Nice work, really like the Raptor

    (In rust we trust) not and amarr fan either, giant cannons all the way.
  8. Lord Commissar Junior Engineer

    it was built to be a very fast and manueverable design for its size. i don't usually have large engines as manuevering jets, but i found multiple places for that in this ship, and it is effective in all directions because of that. at 2.5 m/s^2, it is also keeping up with my smaller ships easily.

    what 50s ships are you referring to btw? not sure if you refer to a saturn V type rocket or something else, but i would be interested in seeing what you have in mind

    and as for the other two comments, i have always enjoyed Amarr designs, even though i can admit some designs are less than amazing. always liked the idea of the Prophecy in its bird like appearance, but it was always way too fat and i think the nickname of space chicken by some players works very well there. still, even a space chicken can be used to burn enlightenment through your heretical Minmatar rust
  9. Vitaspy Trainee Engineer

    Wow, you have a very beautiful style :) any chance of a video? I would really like to see more of that osprey and how the flightdeck operates
  10. Lord Commissar Junior Engineer

    i dont have any video editing stuff or skills so no on that one. not sure if you noticed the link at the bottom of the first post, but you can try it there if you want to see what it is like. you are welcome to make a video as well (but i'm not asking you to)

    here are a few more screens of the carrier and gunship to give you a better idea
    lower deck
    gunship top
    gunship front

    of course, with the current workings of landing gear, the carrier is not at all as effective as i would like it to be. you can move the carrier very gently and get around, but the slightest aggressive turn and the gunships get damaged. im hoping they will change that soon enough.
  11. Reaver119 Trainee Engineer

    Fantastic designs. I'm particularly fond of the Raptor class; as other commenters have said, it looks very sleek and aggressive. You're doing great work translating Amarr designs into SE builds - any chance of getting a Workshop file for the Raptor, or indeed for any of these fine vessels?

    Was it something like this you had in mind?

  12. Lord Commissar Junior Engineer


    They are all here

    i also just completed a new ship, the Harrier Siege Cruiser
    Mass - 7.25m kg
    Acceleration - 2.5 m/s^2 (i don't do this speed on purpose, somehow all my ships do this it seems lol)
    Weapons - 10 Gatling guns

    this ship is designed for siege warfare, as it does best against stationary targets. it can carry any missile that is 5 blocks in diameter, and its missile bay is about 40 blocks long (though a longer missile could just simply stick out of it)

    the missile bay doors open for easy loading, and then close to protect the weapon inside
    here, the missile shown is my fragmentation missile design. if you are like me, you have been building your ships, put in a few gyroscopes, then cutaway a few blocks to put something else in, only to watch the gyroscope that is now floating by accident go insane and start destroying all your work. so i thought, why not harness the destructive capabilities of gyroscopes?
    as you can see from this cutaway, the fragmentation missile is loaded with gyroscopes around a central rod. there are 160 gyroscopes in all, giving the missile a weight of 3m kg. since gyroscopes only have one point of contact with the central rod, the rod is only attached at the front, and you will notice a gap at the back. basically, the missile works in that the nose is destroyed upon impact, causing the rest of the missile to become detached and the back and side shell to come off, while the rod of gyroscopes proceeds into the target to do its chaotic gyroscopic damage
    and just to show you what that damage looks like at 98 m/s, click here
  13. Lord Commissar Junior Engineer

    i did some experimenting with the frag missile above and came up with the Mk II Design (gray one) it is twice the weight of the Mk I, with twice the gyroscopes (320),yet almost the same size. the overall structure of the missile is much weaker (cross section) so that the gyroscopes are allowed to break away and cause widespread damage. it showed less piercing than the Mk I against the Raptor, but still showed considerable knockback due to its weight. the Raptor, which is 8m kg, was forced to pitch down about 160 degrees from the impact. this particular test was done at about 80m/s, so 10m/s less than the Mk I test and in a thicker part of the Raptor's armor. therefore, the results may be more effective than the Mk I if the scenario was replicated perfectly, but it does not show enough improvement in this area for the Mk II to be worth it. the Mk I seems better suited for the armor piercing role. however, when it impacted directly against a more flat surface, the Mk II did much more widespread damage, and may show promise as a more AOE damage option over the Mk I missile
    here is the example of that on the cargo ship that you can see in my first post
  14. Skeloton Master Engineer

    About the projectile, try using a flat end instead of pointed. My Breach pods do better with a flat end than a pointed one, granted they also explode on impact.
  15. SpaceFox Trainee Engineer

    I like what you done with the Prophecy design, I never really like the beak-looking nose and i always thought it was to short for its width but your creation have good proportions in relation to height and width. I am curently "replicating" your creation but purely by looking at your image to gain inspiration of making my own creation. Thank you for sharing this creation and the inspiration it is giving me.
  16. Lord Commissar Junior Engineer

    i tried the same design with the flat but it proved less effective. i think it has to do with a flat surface impacting on the slanted top of the raptor, but i couldn't make it past about 5 layers. i think with the design of this missile, it needs a more focussed point of impact so that the fragmentation will spread in a more focussed way. however, i did notice that the fragmented pieces flew in chaotic directions, and a flat surface may hold promise for designs that desire a higher AoE, with less single target damage. overall, im finding the Mk I more effective regardless. i think it turned out to be a nice balance of fragmentation and stability in the missile itself. i'll probably move on to multi-stage torpedos from here, and keep the Mk I as the main design for frags

    still, i went and tested your pods myself and found them impressive in their effectiveness. i suppose they are more effective though because they are not hollow, where these missiles are. it's certainly something to consider when building piercing designs, though

    no problem, and thanks. in truth, the raptor started out with a design inspired by the harbinger (something more evident with the wings and rear of the ship), but i could never find myself satisfied with the nose. i looked up amarr ships, found the prophecy, and decided to put in its features in the parts where i was not satisfied (most of the front of the ship) in the end, it came out more prophecy looking, but i'm ok with that too.

    glad i could be of inspiration, and i'd love to see your ship when it is finished
  17. Lord Commissar Junior Engineer

    well, i am happy to present the obvious evolution to my missiles (given the recent warhead update), the Mk III missile:
    this is a cutaway...anyone who is curious about the outside of the missile can look here
    Weight: 4.7m kg
    Warheads: 45
    Gyroscopes: 200

    i ran several tests to come up with this design. i tried filling the entire shell with warheads, but all versions of this design meant that the missile would impact, and the front would do damage and cause a chain reaction destroying the rest of the missile, which would explode before reaching its target and do no damage.

    i then tried a combination of all my missile designs, which proved very effective. in the cutaway above, you can see how the missile works. armor protects the front to allow penetration of the missile. the warheads then explode to create a cavity in this target's armor. the explosion will also sever the bar holding the inner 84 gyroscopes, which then proceed into the target to cause chaotic shrapnel damage. at the same time, the outer shell of the missile is line with gyros, and it breaks apart to do similar damage.

    this was the result

    full warhead designs could not make it past the floor of the interior. as you can see, the gyros behind the explosion managed to do that quite well

    but this is what really impressed me

    i parked the cargo ship about 50m above the raptor, not expecting the raptor to get much damage. the mk III severed the cargo ship quite easily, and the missile continued to do heavy damage to the raptor. just a note: the warheads went off at the cargo ship, so all that damage to the raptor was done with gyros only
  18. Lord Commissar Junior Engineer

    here are two new additions:
    Pelican Bomber
    Mass - 260k kg
    Acceleration - 2.8 m/s^2
    Weapons - 6 rocket launchers
    Payload - 3 bomb slots
    i designed one bomb to go with it, which you can see here on the left pelican. it holds 39 warheads. the front protects the bomb from enemy fire, but makes deployment a bit more complicated. the easiest method is to reach max velocity and deploy by pressing P to release and hitting the space bar to drift away. there are many up engines for this purpose. another method is to tilt the nose up quickly and deploy, then fly off in the new direction, but this takes skill to pull off
    the design was based on the UNSC sahara class heavy prowler
    Heron Class Artillery Cruiser
    Mass - 6m kg
    Acceleration - 1.8m/s^2
    Weapons - 6 gatling guns, 2 gravity cannons
    the gravity cannons are powered by 76 gravity generators. this frontal view reveals the cannons underneath the ship
    the wingtips are loaded with 22 gravity generators, which point left and right away from the ship, respectively. this makes it extremely hard to hit with other gravity weapons
    because of the gravity fields flowing throughout this ship, i have no down generators for walking. you must enter and fly through with jetpack. it is my hope that the devs will soon impliment either magnetic rail technology or (more likely) item grouping in the control panel. once that is accomplished, i will update the design to be more user friendly
    the design is heavily based on Romulan ships, more specifically the Raptor class

    the steam file in the OP has been updated with these ships and the previously mentioned Mk III missile
  19. Stonewolf Junior Engineer

    Some nice looking ships there :cool:
  20. Lord Commissar Junior Engineer

    due to the recent shipment of highly volatile rocket warheads to all space engineers, we are issuing a recall on several of our fighter designs, and offering free replacement designs to those who own our previous models. we apologize for any deaths that may have occured when trying to fire these standard issue rockets from our fighters. we are dedicated to the life and well-being of our customers, and certainly not their death. however, no one is able to predict what the ammunition companies have up their sleeves, so we must simply do our best to adjust to these chaotic times. had we been able to give you our own rockets, they would kill your enemy instead. and be blue.

    the following models have been edited to accomodate these changes:
    the Roc interceptor now has 2 gatling guns and 4 rockets (previously 6 rockets)
    the Eagle heavy fighter actually remains as is, but no longer fires backwards
    the Pelican bomber still has 6 rocket launchers, but in different locations
    the Osprey gunship now has 3 gatling guns and 6 rockets (previously 1 gatling, 10 rockets)

    in other news, we have recently launched a new Battleship class, the Kestrel:
    Kestrel Class Battleship
    Weight: 27m kg
    Acceleration: 2.1 m/s^2
    Weaponry: 16 gatling guns, 26 missile launchers
    Hangar capacity: about 2-3 fighters

    this design was heavily based on the new redesigned Apocalpyse battleship from EVE. i tried to get away from it as much as possible while keeping it the basis of my inspiration, but it was hard to do so without it looking bad. therefore, it looks more like its source than i usually like to keep things, but i am overall pleased with the finished product
    side view
    rear view
  21. Lord Commissar Junior Engineer

    and now, a design to capitalize on the new rockets update:
    Peregrin Strike Fighter
    Weight: 188k kg
    Acceleration: 4.5 m/s^2
    Weapons: 9 rocket launchers (screenshot)
    This craft was designed to be highly aggressive, which is reflected in its weapons, look, and speed. it is the fastest and heaviest hitting of all my fighters. although designed to take on large ships, it should perform well as an interceptor if rockets are traded for guns
    this particular look was based on the general style of Eldar fighters from 40k

    as usual, the link in the OP has been updated

    i'm pretty satisfied with my military at the moment, so i would like some feedback and suggestions. what kind of ship would you guys like to see next?
  22. Lord Commissar Junior Engineer

    i wanted to build a small large ship and call it a patrol craft where it would have a small ship gatling turret rotating on the back. however, the turret could never survive aggressive manuevers, so i came up with this ship to host the turret instead

    Merlin Gunship
    Weight: 178k kg
    Acceleration: 3 m/s^2
    Weapons: 8 rockets, 4 guns, 1 rotating turret with 4 guns
    here is a pic that reveals the turret. i tried to get one of it firing, but for some reason all the screens came out like this. oh well....

    as usual, the steam link the original post has been updated to include this ship. i also moved most of the big ships out of the center and into distant battle groups. this was to cut down on performance issues, but also make it more interesting by giving you something to fly towards. all ships are in visual range, so dont worry about losing them. i'm planning to eventually make a distant starbase to host some of my ships to and continue to help performance like this
  23. Lord Commissar Junior Engineer

    Adding a new Carrier to the fleet:
    Wyvern Carrier
    Mass: 17m kg
    Acceleration: 1.7m/s^2
    Weaponry: 20 missile launchers, 19 gatling guns
    Hangar Capacity: if using Osprey Gunships as a reference, about 28 (10 in each hangar, then 8 on the dorsal landing pads)
    additional screenshots:
    cutaway view
    comparison of the Wyvern with the Harbinger Light Carrier
    you can find other views here, for some reason steam doesnt want to be very cooperative right now

    this particular design originally came from the Amarr Ark (mainly the sleek top), but as it developed it turned into something that looks more like it came from Star Wars. but i'm ok with that too...

    as usual, the OP link has been updated. i think i may turn to a new industrial line of ships for a while, because i seem to have reached max performance with the phoenix shipyards fleet file (if i add anything else i get massive lag)

    i'm mainly thinking cargo ships, perhaps some mining (though there are some designs out there that are hard to beat for this so i may not bother), but i also want to explore yachts and shuttle craft

    what would you guys like to see the most?
  24. Zeke3000 Trainee Engineer

    Some really awesome looking ships. Well done.
  25. Lord Commissar Junior Engineer

    just finished a new interceptor
    Falcon Interceptor
    Weight: 141k kg
    Acceleration: 8.5 m/s^2
    Weapons: 4 guns, 2 launchers

    The falcon is the fastest of all my ships so far, and is designed to be highly manueverable. therefore, it serves a strong anti-fighter role.

    i designed this ship to compete with the many highly simplistic designs out there which have high accelerations due to their tiny size. i wanted a competitive fighter in this way, but did not want to sacrifice style either.

    reactors and gyroscopes are well distributed throughout the ship, meaning that it is harder to knock this fighter out with one hit than some of my previous designs. it is relatively intricate as well, as i tried to have very few parts serving a purely decoration purpose.

    because this Interceptor vastly outranks the Roc Interceptor, i am redesignating the Roc as a light fighter
  26. tcezar Trainee Engineer

    Great gallery

    You have the best design of fighters I have seen here
  27. Thalion Apprentice Engineer

    The Falcon is awesome. It's quite heavy but i like it, because you get more design with more armor blocks instead a lean skeleton and it even has a reasonable amount of weapons.
  28. Lord Commissar Junior Engineer


    thank you, fellow servant of teh emprah. though i must admit they arent all completely my designs (i usually cite my inspirations). but i do alot of google image searching before building anything. none of these are 100% from my head, but they are all mixtures of stuff

    PS - this one you can thank the russians for. the Su-47 is a beautiful creation


    thanks, and yeah i wanted something lighter but it just didn't look good if i shaved much more off. 8.5 m/s^2 though is something i am very satisfied with at a fighter this size. the whole design, like i said, was meant to have very few parts as only decoration. i reason that so many people design "pod" fighters because of their practicality. i wanted to try and show that practicality can be achieved without sacrificing a personal touch :cool:
  29. Lord Commissar Junior Engineer

    haven't been able to do as much recently due to some of the performance issues SE has been having, but i have completed two modified models for your enjoyment:

    first off, i made a new version of the Griffon Frigate, the very originally named Griffon II:
    The Griffon II makes improvements in every area (except losing weight) over the Griffon. as you can see here, the neck is more armored (an obvious weak point in the original design). there are also more engines for manuevering, as well as those for forward acceleration. It also features 6 guns and 4 launchers, where the Griffon I only had 4 guns and 2 launchers.

    the Griffon II was created to make up for some of the weaknesses of the first design. however, i wanted to keep the first version because it is slightly more economical, while also having a more striking presence. perhaps it can be used to serve a more diplomatic purpose...

    also, i created a new fighter based on the Merlin Chassis:
    Vulture Lateral Fighter

    151k kg, 3.8m/s (forward), 2.6m/s^2 (side), 4 guns, 2 rockets. the Vulture is meant to be a form of interceptor like the Falcon. while slower to accelerate forward, it features faster acceleration to the side (thus the combat designation) which gives it a more unique feature in dogfights and may be preferred by some pilots

    you can find the Vultures next the Falcons on the landing pads outside the main starbase

    i also made some modifications to the Fighter Base inside the asteroid. it now features a cargo port, and the cargo ship (seen in original post) has been moved to that spot
  30. KriegsMeister Apprentice Engineer

    love the new fighter although not to keen on the large side thrusters facing inwards, but everything else about it is quite cool
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