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Phoenix Fleet Systems - Wyvern II Carrier

Discussion in 'Community Creations' started by Lord Commissar, Dec 14, 2013.

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  1. Lord Commissar Junior Engineer

    The problem though is that i want true practicality, then i should paint it gray or black instead of a gray-blue. my priority for aesthetics is what's messing me up here lol

    what exactly do you have in mind?
  2. iN5URG3NT Senior Engineer

    What about if it was a long range interdictor type ship? Sent behind enemy lines to hit war factories and other logistical targets hard. That might justify a stealth colour scheme. It would probably need to go relatively fast though, for the journey back to base. Is it vanilla or modded BTW?
  3. mhalpern Senior Engineer

    basically an LCD configurable 'timer/alert' system that would use an LCD that is visible to the pilot and a sound block to tell him what he needs to be doing and how much time he has before he needs to think about moving on to the next phase.

    Edit- pre-plotted waypoints would help with it as well.
  4. Lord Commissar Junior Engineer

    that's similar to one idea i had. in the end i suppose i could always release 2 or something. i'm just trying to justify it all lore-wise
    It's modded. No space for titan engines though, just industrials.

    that's a neat idea. I usually put clocks in my small ships too. The main issue is the practicality of actually putting that in a fighter then publishing it. Any mission parameters, and especially times, are going to change very quickly based on where people put and use the ship.
  5. mhalpern Senior Engineer

    that's why I would want the input system to be a hidden LCD panel, easier to configure- potential to have multiple phases, no need to change the fighter or the programming on mission parameters- just whats in the LCD/Text panel named something like "Mission Panel" would change
  6. Agnar Apprentice Engineer

    My two stage missiles have always been impact first, then explode, but using the explode first is actually a really neat concept worth looking into...
  7. Lord Commissar Junior Engineer

    the actual damage of the rocket is very negligible, the main purpose of it being there is it makes the missile immune to phasing.
  8. iN5URG3NT Senior Engineer

    @Lord Commissar Hi, once upon a time you guys had a stylized picture with all your ships viewed from the top. It was very cool. I can't find it now but I'm curious, how did you do that? I'd like to try something similar.
  9. Tristavius Senior Engineer


    The very, very, very long way! :p
    1. Take a screenshot of each ship from above... this involves putting it into the flat-green skybox world, working out the center point then flying directly upwards until I had a good clear view. Ensure turrets are turned off and in the default position.
    2. Also take the opportunity to measure the ship. 1 large block = 2.5m.
    3. Open the ship in GIMP/Photoshop and remove all colour saturation.
    4. Select around the edge of the ship - usually easy enough with the wand tool but on some ships it may need some areas done manually. Remove the surroundings and your left with just the ship. Some ships need other areas of attention, for example if there was a hole through the middle of it, you'd need to make that transparent too.
    5. Box select the whole ship from the top pixel to the bottom pixel. Use the scale tool and decide on a scale (for example if you use 1px per meter, a 250m ship would be 250px long). By using this system all your ships will be the correct scale to each other.
    6. Add a drop shadow around the ship to give it a glow.
    7. Position it, add text, draw boxes around groups etc.
    The chart as it stands is a monster! It's about 8,000 px 12,000 px, is over 1 GB, has hundreds of layers and frequently crashes GIMP. Of course it needn't be this big if you have less ships than Dark Lord :p
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  10. iN5URG3NT Senior Engineer

    @Tristavius That's the one. It's a work of art man. I have even more respect for it now I know how tricky it was to make! Might be a little too much work for me as I've only briefly dabbled in GIMP. I think I'll give it a go though. Thanks for your help.

    It's quite clear from this picture, and other fleets I've seen, that my class system is a bit messed up. Somehow I jumped from Corvette to Frigate and doubled in mass. I also think I started too big with my FAC. Oh well, nevermind, I can always invent more classes.

    TBH I am humbled by this picture and all the work done by the Phoenix Republic. o_O The sheer volume of beautiful, functional ships blows my mind. I doubt I could fill the top third. I have a hell of a lot of work to do before I can declare w... ahem... I mean, respectfully request admission into your universe. :D The phrase "We're gonna need a bigger boat" springs to mind!

  11. Lord Commissar Junior Engineer

    After enduring patches that forced me to stop using fragmentation missiles adapted from zeratul
    patches that forced me to stop using blast door missiles adapted from ravric
    spending hours trying to come up with a small ship missile and failing
    whiplash coming up with his spaceball missile and winning, then adapting it to this ship's arsenal
    enduring a patch that destroyed my ability to copy and paste, and ruined this ship's ability to work altogether
    then, having a patch to fix said pasting issue, thus allowing this ship to work again, as well as use the original large ship missile designs instead
    whiplash introducing an amazing rocket turret script
    said script eventually having ton of lag issues, requiring several more hours of headaches and workarounds
    then script and turrets finally working

    ...and finally, last week's patch allowing me to bring back the fragmentation missiles and restore this ship's functionality to its full original and intended glory

    the ship is finally ready!

    Since this ship has many moving parts and functional things, i'll be taking more time than usual to finalize and write up some guides that no one will read, but which will allow me to say "read the manual" when inevitable questions are asked"

    i'll try to get the ship out by tomorrow, but there's also a lot going on IRL right now so i can't guarantee exactly when. Should be Wednesday at the latest.
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  12. Howitz Junior Engineer

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  13. Howitz Junior Engineer

    Lol sorry for my stupidity
  14. Lord Commissar Junior Engineer




    Akula Heavy Artillery Cruiser

    Mass: 14,644,897 kg
    Acceleration: 2.23 m/s^2
    Max Jump Distance: 457 km (3 drives)
    Weapons: 20 Gemini Turrets, 4 Rocket Launchers, 2 Firestorm Rocket Turrets
    Payload: 2 KFT II Kinetic Fragmentation Torpedoes, 24 KAPT II Kinetic Armor Piercing Torpedoes
    Cargo: 82 Small Containers
    Assemblers: 8
    Refineries: 2
    Connectors: 3
    Airlocks: 2

    Crew: 26
    1 CO
    1 XO
    5 Bridge Crew - 1 Pilot, 1 Comms Officer, 1 Flight Engineer, 2 Turret Controllers
    8 Engineering Crew
    4 Torpedo Systems Crew
    3 Medical Crew
    2 Support Crew

    The Akula was developed as an experimental artillery cruiser, and was used as the platform for several prototype technologies. These technologies were highly devastating fragmentation torpedoes, precise but dumb fired armor piercing torpedoes, rapid rocket launching firestorm turrets, and jump drives.

    The ship was designed to be a stealthy killer, making up for its lack of speed with stealth technology and warping capability. In the way of stealth, it was designed to have low cross sections, jagged edges, and fully retractable parts. Offensively, the ship was built to warp in a few km from a target, deploy its payload, and warp away before the enemy can retaliate.

    The Akula quickly became a favorite among hunter killer squadrons, where its firepower and warp capabilities were used to soften up enemy targets for the rest of the fleet to kil

    ----------------------------- USER MANUAL --------------------------

    AKA the part you probably won't read ;)

    Missiles ----------------------------------------------------------------------

    KAPT II - Dumb fire, Kinetic Armor Piercing Torpedoes. There are 24 loaded into the primary torpedo bay. See below for instructions on deployment

    KFT II - Remote controlled, Kinetic Fragmentation Torpedoes. There are 2 loaded into the forward torpedo bay in the nose of the ship. The missile can be controlled via normal antenna and/or laser antenna

    1. Via the Comms Seat on the bridge, take control of the missile
    2. Ensure that engines, the battery, and the antenna are all activated before unlocking the missile's connector and separating it from the ship. DO NOT activate the sensor before leaving the torpedo bay, as this will result in detonation of the missile and a premature deployment of its contents within the torpedo bay.
    3. Fly the torpedo out the bay towards your target. The torpedo is most effective when used against any intruding (not protruding) parts of a ship's armor. For best results, aim for longer lines of destruction throughout the ship. In this way, the cargo will continue traveling through the interior of the ship and causing damage, rather than exiting out the other side to do no further harm.
    4. Activate the sensor as you approach the target and fly towards it. Detonation will commence shortly before impact.

    Bridge Crew -----------------------------------------------------------------

    Comms Seat


    1. Forward Torpedo Bay Doors - This opens/closes the doors to the torpedo bay in the nose of the ship. This bay houses the fragmentation torpedoes.
    2. Fragmentation Missile 1 Remote Control
    3. Fragmentation Missile 2 Remote Control
    4. Antenna 1 On/Off
    5. Antenna 2 On/Off
    6. Forward Laser Antenna On/Off - this is the laser antenna in the nose of the ship at the entrance to the torpedo bay.

    Flight Engineer Seat


    1. Port Solar Panel Control - Activate the timer to deploy/undeploy the solar panel. DO NOT trigger again before the sequence has completed.
    2. Starboard Solar Panel Control
    3. Laser Antenna Piston Control - Extends/Retracts the Ventral Laser Antennae
    4. Connector Piston Control - Extends/Retracts the Dorsal Connector
    5. Connector Camera - View the Dorsal Connector to line up for docking
    6. Gemini Turrets On/Off
    7. Port Bay Door - Actvate the timer to open/close the main torpedo bay doors. DO NOT trigger again before the sequence has completed (the light color will change)
    8. Starboard Bay Door

    Pilot Seat


    1. Rocket Launcher Control - fire the 4 forward facing rocket launchers
    2. Forward Dorsal Camera
    3. Forward Ventral Camera
    4. Rear Camera
    5. Port Camera
    6. Starboard Camera
    7. Connector Camera - View the Dorsal Connector to line up for docking

    Firestorm Turret Control


    1. Turret Camera - View the targeting camera for the turret
    2. Run Turret Program - ensure that the program is running before firing
    4. Timer On/Off - enable turret fire sequencing
    5. Timer Start - begin turret sequencing
    7. Increase Rotor Braking Torque - Use this to lock down the turret when not in use
    8. Decrease Rotor Braking Torque - Use this to unlock the turret for use

    To fire the turret, ensure that the program is running (2) and the timer block is on (4). To fire, press 5, then press 4 to stop firing. 7 and 8 can also be used to increase or decrease the sensitivity of the turret.

    Torpedo Bay Controls -----------------------------------------------------------------


    1. View Torpedo Rack Camera - this camera allows you to line up the torpedoes for transfer from the rack to the launcher
    2-4. Rotation Controls for the Torpedo Rack - use these rotor controls to line up the torpedoes for transfer to the launcher
    5. Open Bay Doors - Actvate the timer to open/close the main torpedo bay doors. DO NOT trigger again before the sequence has completed (the light color will change)
    6. Extend/Retract Launching Mechanism
    7. Rotate Launching Mechanism
    8. View Targeting Camera - This camera is attached the launching mechanism, allowing for an easy view for targeting when the arm is extended out the bay.
    9. Lock/Unlock Launching Mechanism Maglocks - these lock onto torpedoes for transfer from the rack, and unlock for release of the torpedoes out the bay.

    Launching Sequence Guide -----------------------------------------------------

    1. View the camera (1) and rotate the rack (2-4) to line up the desired rack to the launching mechanism.
    2. Once lined up, lock down the launcher's maglocks (9) onto the torpedoes, and unlock the proper rack section's maglocks to complete the transfer. The rack's sections are all labelled 1-4 on LCD screens, and can be viewed via the camera. You can find the maglock controls in slots 1-4 of the tab 2 of the torpedo control console (see above)
    3. Once transfer is secure, open the bay doors (if you haven't done so already) and wait for the green light
    4. Activate the piston and rotate the launcher (6 and 7) to place the torpedoes in firing position
    5. The torpedoes will automatically begin their thrust when they have a clear line of fire. Use the targeting camera (8) to line up your shot
    6. Release the launcher's maglocks (9) to fire the torpedoes.

    Loading Torpedoes ------------------------------------------------------------------

    The easiest way to load torpedoes is to simply copy and paste them onto the missile racks. Switches can be found to engage autolock on the rack next to the LCD screen labels. Be sure that you turn autolock off after the torpedoes are attached.

    Because the torpedoes will automatically fire their engines when there is nothing 50m in front of them, it is recommended that you only try loading inside the bay, and load from front to back. You can place 3 torpedoes on each of the 4 sides of the racks.

    ----------------------------- CREDITS --------------------------

    Whiplash - for his rocket turret script
    Zeratul - for the fragmentation missile design, which i made my own version of for the Akula
    Ravric - for the blast door missile design, which i tweaked for this ship.
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  15. Howitz Junior Engineer

    Nice :-D im planning to build my own stealth missile cruiser eventually, solely relying on laser guided kinetic frag missiles, speed, and its ability to stay away from the ennemy, using its longe range (30km) missiles to hit by surprise while remaining concealed in the distance, will be equipped with a minning drone to get ores for missiles payload and a couple fighters used as scouts and to defend the ship just in case.
  16. Street Deacon Apprentice Engineer

    I Always love seeing what float out of the shipyard next for Phoenix Fleet Systems as well as the other federation factions.

    My Prowler Corps should be up and running for public view once I have a sizable amount of ships to Showcase.
  17. Lord Commissar Junior Engineer

    i had too many people asking me why my logo was a "nose", so i thought i'd try making it more obvious that it was supposed to be wings.

    which logo do you guys think is better?
  18. Tyriosh Apprentice Engineer

    Right one, more simple
  19. iN5URG3NT Senior Engineer

    I prefer the left one. Definitely looks more like wings and I like that it's shinier. TBH, I hadn't noticed the other one looking like a nose, but now you've said it, I can't unsee it! :D
  20. Dwarf-Lord Pangolin Senior Engineer

    I would have to say the left one as well.
  21. Tateo13TTV Junior Engineer

    I also Vote LEFT ONE
  22. Lord Commissar Junior Engineer

    left one it is then. thanks for the feedback guys. (sorry Tyriosh)

    i'm also quite satisfied with the black and white version of this one:
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  23. Howitz Junior Engineer

    I say bomb from orbit those who says its a nose
  24. Howitz Junior Engineer

    All considered it pretty much looks like a nose tho :-D
  25. Lord Commissar Junior Engineer

    just remember, you asked for this...

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  26. Howitz Junior Engineer

  27. Howitz Junior Engineer

    this topic is going way too far in the forum page list, i had to do something about it.
  28. Lord Commissar Junior Engineer

    i've lost alot of motivation to build in SE. After i released the Akula, one of its armaments was broken almost immediately by an update (not that i hate the update, the change made sense). But it served as a reminder of how quickly stuff goes bad in this game. I've come to a point where i have so many ships that to make something that simply looks different is rather pointless. It has to WORK differently, and that requires engineering, and that means stuff will get broken by updates....

    this issue is epitomized by the invention of natural gravity and the upcoming planets. if i build anything right now, it may suck when gravity becomes a consideration, so i don't bother. and i don't want to try natural gravity mod or whatever it is out there, because i don't know how accurate it is to what the final product will be. i'd rather wait for the official release.

    that being said, i have my ideas for releases after planets appear, and i will definitely be building when that time comes. until then, however, probably not much at all.
  29. Tateo13TTV Junior Engineer

    In the wise words of DORY "Just keep swimming just keep swimming" do whatever is fun. Cant wait for planets to come out to see these designs you have in your head.
  30. Lord Commissar Junior Engineer


    Muninn Jump Freighter

    Mass: 11,765,606 kg
    Acceleration: 6.8 m/s^2
    Max Jump Distance: 2119 km (10 drives - empty weight)
    Assemblers: 7
    Refineries: 3
    Hangar: 1

    Cargo Systems & Color Codes
    White - General - 5 Large Containers, 38 Small
    Gray - Ores - 3 Large Containers
    Black - Ingots - 6 Large Containers, 34 Small
    - Refineries will feed ingots directly into these containers, as well as their intake from the general line
    - This system contains an outtake sorter to allow intakes back into the general feed for assembler processing
    Green - Ammunition - 6 Large Containers, 18 Small
    Red - Uranium - 2 Large Containers
    Yellow - Components - 4 Large Containers, 23 Small
    Blue - Oxygen - 1 Large Container (Ice), 48 Tanks, 18 Farms (black, exterior), 12 Generators

    Crew: 12
    1 Medical
    2 Support
    3 Bridge
    7 Engineering

    The Muninn was created as an all-purpose Industrial Freighter capable of not only transporting cargo, but refining and processing it into raw materials for construction at shipyards across Phoenix space.

    It was the first freighter to make full use of the new jump drive technology, allowing it to carry precious cargo to these locations within very short amounts of time.

    ----------------------------- USER MANUAL --------------------------

    Operation is fairly simple, simply pay attention to the color code as you place and extract cargo. White should always be used for intake (this is general cargo), unless you are loading only one cargo type. Sorting will commence automatically.

    The fuel line contains a cut-off sorter that can be found in the groups list. You can use this if you have sufficient fuel in your reactors, and want your uranium to remain in the cargo containers.

    The Ingot system contains an outtake sorter that can be found in the groups list. You can use this to feed ingots back into the general cargo line for processing through assemblers. Some assemblers are directly linked to the refineries and should receive fresh ingots from them as well.

    Most exterior connectors are attached to pistons, these are all labelled in the interface. Note that 'upper' and 'lower' refer strictly to pistons on the side and not below the ship. Pistons and connectors on the bottom will be marked as 'ventral'.
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