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Piracy Storytime

Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by Patriarch, Oct 1, 2014.

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  1. goduranus Junior Engineer

    So I'm playing on this perma-death delete-spawnship server, where I had a hidden refinery platform that I more or less stopped using after finishing my carrier. After passing by it on a scouting trip, I found a modified Blue Starter ship(the one without the medbay) parked by the station, and a dude named Shande hacking, so I went there and told him to go away. From the looks of Shande's starter ship, he probably spent a couple of hours on it, as modifying the starter ship is always a tedious affair. But why he chose starter ship 2 is beyond me. So I hatched an evil plan!


    Suspecting Shande to come back to steal my station again, I set up a sensor and hid several warheads to cover the entire station in the blast radius, hid them under catwalks, and set them on 20 second delay to give any hacker the opportunity to enter the blast radius, but not nearly enough to disarm anything.

    When I flew by the next day the platform was blasted out full of big holes with all the refineries, cargos, and medbay destroyed. And while I didn't stand witness to Shande's demise, I imagine he must have been caught in the blast, because all the undamaged connectors weren't hacked. Had he survived, he probably would have grinded them for computers and motors. As for the starter ship that he spent several hours on? Well, the server deletes starter ships when someone dies without medbay!

    Muahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!! He got what he deserved!
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  2. Echillion Senior Engineer

    Remind me never to play on the same server as you goduranus! lol

    good story though :)
  3. CyberFerretHD Trainee Engineer

    ok, so ive got a story for you. Me and my faction returned to the server Tritonos only to discover that someone had grinded down part of our station. We learned that it was a guy called skyline who had attacked us and with righteous fury we climbed into our viper fighters and set off to punish him. Only we couldnt find him... So after a while we came across a base and immediately assumed it was Skylines base. So we grinded down some of his cargo containers as "compensation". feeling happy we explored his base a little. only to find out it wasnt skylines base! it was our allies. we had just stolen from the wrong people. not wanting to seem like jerks we raced to replace what we had taken but some of the components had despawned so we coudnt build the cargo containers! So here we are rushing around this half finished base welding as much as we can to give them back their stuff. to salt the wound on the way back two of our fighters collided. we set off to confront skyline and ended up taking losses without even engaging in combat!
  4. goduranus Junior Engineer

    I found Shander mining the other day, and for trying to grind my station again, I sent a dozen rockets into his tailpipe. Shame, should have waited and followed him back to his base.
  5. Echillion Senior Engineer

    Perhaps next time IF there is one?
  6. goduranus Junior Engineer

    He must have had a refinery to process all his ore.
  7. Echillion Senior Engineer

    yup makes sense.
  8. KiithSoban Trainee Engineer

    So I did the whole "be a friendly noob" thing for a while when playing SE but after a few builds, got bored of it. I had mastered the art of the banana boat (respawn ship 1) and all that. Time to go create my own content.

    So I join this random server. I look at the asteroids in the middle.... nope. Skrew that. I'm vow to never mine a single rock on this server. This was one of those beacon maps, and from the center, I head directly away from one. After five minutes I spot the telltale sparkle on the edge of my view range. I quickly build a med bay from my cargo and fly over in my suit.

    Hmm, looks like a base... *a minute later*.... hmm, no turrets, that's good. It appears that I had stumbled across someone's half-completed large mobile ship-base thingy. It even had a small miner ship with 12 head attached to it. Sweet! My first find!

    I proceed to grind and re-weld all the parts down to claim them as mine. Ecstatic about my new find, I pilot the fat station-ship over to where I parked my spawnship and med bay. Man this thing is fat. It has one measly thruster in all six directions. The previous owner must have thought the same thing because they had many large thrusters halfway completed.

    So I am finally getting closer to my med bay (which is really a med bay, 4 light armor blocks, and a reactor) and i notice it is getting closer a little faster than expected. Cool, I'll just slow down. One minute later, I'm not slowing down. Geez this thing is fat! Closer now... Closer now... no... no... No!! AHHHHH!!! BOOM!

    The next thing I know everything is flying in different directions. There goes the small driller ship... the reactor... a refinery attached to a few assemblers.... I sit there bewildered, spinning in space in my flight seat, which is in one peace somehow. The flight seat was however attached to two mangled blocks of light armor. After one simultaneous moment, everything I previously had owned either been blown up, or flung into space without a hope of slowing down.

    Piracy: Accomplished!
    Bringing home the spoils: *facepalm*

  9. High Ground Apprentice Engineer

    Later that same night I got off of work and logged on to the server. I was half expected to be forced into a respawn ship but to my surprise my base was intact and no one have attacked me. So I chatted up a few of my buddies and asked them what was going on the last couple of hours.

    Well my little attack on Red Faction went better than I expected. Seems Blue Fraction was getting all the blame for the attack. Blue denied it of course and but no one was buying it, several member of Red Fraction fought during the attack and there were several non aligned witness in the area (who surprisingly didn't know it was me) saw the the tail end of the attack and only saw the Blue Fraction ID Tag.

    My friend told me this went on for about an hour until the Red's Leader Logged on and decided to make a formal Declaration of War! Wars on out server require a 24 hour warning before hostilities can begin. The war was scheduled to begin at 4pm the next day.

    And now here is where the fun truly begins Muha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

    As both side rushed to make preparation for war, both Red and Blue were desperate to get as many of the non-aligned players to join their side. Blue was having a tough go of it as my little attacked had trashed their reputation and several of them were known to be assholes which didn't help their cause any. Red on the other had was was getting plenty of people to join them because most of them figured if Blue wasn't stopped they could be next.

    And here is where I come in again. When I joined this server I happened to find an asteroid way put in the middle of freakin nowhere. i'm not sure who made the asteroid field I call home but I turned it into a death trap. the Asteroids all tightly packed to a massive one in the center and the whole thing is encased by small asteroids that make it impossible to pass threw at any speed other than slow. And the only entrance thru this is a cave of one of the other large asteroids.

    I was lucky enough to be able to build a sprawling base and put up enough defenses that to date no one has survived long enough to see much more than a defense platform or a sensor mine as it take out a ship, Think impregnable fortress. So I've been able to build up a huge reserve of ship, and raw material. And I have one of the largest reserves of magnesium in know space.

    Now all this took place before they nerfed the nukes we used to make out of explosives and storage containers. And I just happened to have several kamikaze ships that were built around these nukes. And i decided to sell a few too both Red and Blue Fraction. But with every great plan timing is everything.

    So the at 4 pm the next day the War began. And Blue was out number about 2 to 1 by Red and their allies. In terms of Warships Red and Blue were evenly matched. Several frigates, each had a carrier, several corvettes, and patrol craft. Red's Allies consisted of mostly fighter, a couple of patrol ship and a corvette.

    The First engagement occurred took place in open space near a small asteroid cluster named that housed a Red Mining outpost, name Lagrange Point 3. So we referred to this battle as the Battle of L3. This was a fricken messy, battle Blue being outnumbered decided to take up defensive positions in the asteroid field in an attempt to limit Red's movement. The Frigates and corvettes of Red advanced on Blue's position. Both fleets begin hammering away at each other, both sided are talking a pounding. But strangely there is not a single blue fighter to be seen. Now Red's Allies move in and join the fray, but just as they get tied up in battle out of a cave in one of the asteroids comes at least a dozen Blue Fighter with a perfect shot at the back sides of most of Red's Fleet. They swoop in take out a ton of engines and sever red fighters who weren't paying attention and did massive damage. At this point the whole thing turns into one giant furball. But after about an hour and a half the battle is over.

    Blue retreats back to base having lost 20 fighter, 2 frigates 4 corvettes, 6 patrol craft. All they have left is 2 heavily damaged frigates, 2 corvettes, and 4 half finished patrol craft back at base, and one carrier that is barely holding together and maybe 4 fighter.

    Red regroups at L3, they came out slightly better than Blue did, but still took heavy losses. And their allies that joined them took a real beating, only a handful of fighter and a lone corvette remained. As for Red Fleet itself, 1 Frigate sunk, 1 Frigate heavily damaged, 6 corvettes heavily damaged, 4 patrol ship sunk, 4 damages but usable. And a Carrier undamaged with a full fighter complement.

    Now this is where I pop back into the picture. Blue is rough shape, given the number of ship lost and amount of damage their remaining ships have sustained the odds of them fight of an attack on their base are slim to none. So I contact Blue's Leader and offer him 20 fighters, 10 patrol ships and a Mobile F.O.B. (Forward Operating Base) that armed to the teeth with turrets up the wazoo. Hes more than happy for the help but has no idea he just accepted a "Trojan Horse".

    See in the bowls of this mobile F.O.B. There is a sealed room with ship that is on a timer that is attached to the station via landing gear so its undetectable. Its an interesting contraption that when it goes off set off a nuke. and not just any nuke the mack daddy of nukes, a large ship storage container filled to the brim with explosives on x10.

    The second battle, referred to as "The Battle of Armageddon" on the server. Red faction takes a few hours to make repairs and get as many ship as they can get back into the fight. After about 4 hours of repairs Red Fleet begins to move from L3, and head towards Blue's Home base. Now I was sitting near L3 playing lookout from Blue Fraction (aren't I a nice guy), but in reality I had and ulterior motive Muha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

    So Red Fleet is advancing on Blue Base, I make my move. Now when I gave the F.O.B. to blue I started a stopwatch on a countdown timer. This would tell me when the nuke would trigger. With timer block I set it for 6 hours, So I have more or less than 2 hours till there a was one hell of an explosion. I made a B-line for Red Base, where I found a cave during my earlier escapades (See the first part of this story) and set up another little nuke with a timer set to go off 30 minutes after the first one. And since nobody was home (because they were off laying siege to Blue Base) know one knows I placed it there Muha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

    After placing the package I headed back to L3 and left yet another package hidden somewhere near the Red mining outpost. This timer was set to go off 30 minutes after the second nuke. After making my delivery I went back to watch the Battle (Massacre).

    At Blue Base the battle was well underway. The defense platforms were doing a good job at keeping them back away from the base, but they were quickly getting decimated by concentrated fire from Red Fleet. My F.O.B. I gave Blue on the other hand was holding up better than expected. The weapons in it were doing a good deal of damage but it would not hold up for ever.

    After about and hour both sides and pretty much exhausted their forces. Before the battle Blue Fraction had made a contingency plan it fall back to a remote outpost if they lost their main base. Blue was beginning to run low on ammo and several of their ship began to run dry Blue Leader made the call to abandon the base. Red prepared for the finial assault on the Blue Base but stopped for a few minutes to resupply their ship with ammo. And they just happened to be resupplying their ship right next to the damage (but still had power and thrusters) of the F.O.B.

    And then LAG the server Lagged for 10 minutes. When the screen came back up Blue Base was GONE! Nothing but a huge crater and a little bit of base remained. All the Red Faction Ships that were with 100 blocks of the F.O.B. were nothing but scrap.

    Everyone was trying to figure out what the hell had happened. The whole Red Fleet and most of their allies were reloading their weapons at a supply ship Red Fleet brought in and had parked near the F.O.B. when the nuke when off. Only the that were outside the blast radius remained, and 3/4 of Red's Carrier was destroyed in the blast.

    Now in chat Red Fraction was pissed thinking Blue set off the nuke. And Blue on the other hand though Red had done it an were laughing at them for killing themselves. There is accusations back and forth for about 20 minutes then more lag. 10 minutes later then server responds and now RED is LIVID! The nuke I place at their bases removed just about the whole asteroid along with 90% of the Red Base. A platform was all that remained.

    Red was not in a panic because it was bad enough they lost their fleet but now their main base as well. They were no better off than Blue Fraction was at the moment. Can you imagine getting killed at Blue Base, then respawning at Red Base and then 20 minutes later not having a base? Its Funny and a bit sad.

    So what left of Red Fraction begins to move what left of themselves to L3 mining outpost. And then I see panic over chat. Seems one of them found (killed by the turret of) my third present.

    Except this one is special, it has several sensors and a interior turret. when you approach this nuke it activates sensor which turns on the turret. So Now Red know they are on borrowed time and this baby will go off. Red Leader decides they will attempt to disarm it. The get several guys together with assault rifles and destroy the turrets. And they move in to disarm the nuke. But me being an evil bastard had anticipated this possibility.

    A second sensor is tripped when player get with in 10 m of the nuke. This activates a beacon which says "I'd run if I were you." 2 second later another beacon that says "Too Late" and then 2 more seconds later LAG!

    10 Minutes Later L3 mining Base is totally gone. Nothing not even a piece of the asteroid remains. Total Destruction! But luckily for Red they have another mining outpost way out in the middle of bumbfuck nowhere.

    So lets recap shall we, I Started a War, got Red and Blue Fraction plus Allies to annihilate each others Fleets. Grand total of 2 Carriers, 5 Frigates, 9 Corvettes, 17 Patrol Ship (33 Capital Ships) and 60+ fighters, DESTROYED! Blue Base, Red Base, L3 Mining Colony DESTROYED!

    So in less than 48 hours to start a war, and win a war while l personally was only out a Mobile F.O.B. and 20 fighter, and 3 nukes and now there are no major military power with in 100,000 km of my Base.

    MISSION ACCOMPLISHED ! ! ! Muha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ! ! !
  10. Echillion Senior Engineer

    OMG! *BOWS* "I'm Not Worthy"

    Holy Crap!
  11. goduranus Junior Engineer

    Sounds epic, but a bit too epic to be true? Even on weekends I dont't see servers with enough people to permits battles of that scale, at most it's 12 people? So at best maybe 5v5? Since there are always people just sitting in a corner minding their own business.
  12. SF-1 Raptor Junior Engineer

    Wow! I wish I could of got the game before nuke were removed.
  13. High Ground Apprentice Engineer

    This was several months ago and since that time the server has been reset so all my hard work was for nothing! I have to start all over again. So who's server shall I invade this time ? ! ?
  14. Tateo13TTV Junior Engineer

    Damn I wish I played on a server to have these kinds of shenanigans
  15. count23 Trainee Engineer

    What server was it? if they can have fleets that big, sounds like they could be one of the most populated servers in the game, High Ground.
  16. Wintersend Senior Engineer

    Granted this was in creative and not in survival so things functioned slightly differently than most of the other stories here. Especially in respect to how large the ships can effectively be, but here it is anyway.

    So my friend and I were doing an arena style death-match between our two best ships. He has played for much longer than I so his ship was much larger. Dozens of turrets, several layers of heavy armor, and grav drives, close to 20 million kg. My ship had around 24 turrets on it, a single layer of heavy, no grav drives, and was only around 7 million kg.

    We went out to about 1500 m to set up our ships before coming into weapons range of each other. We both came in fast and I had the worst of the first engagement, lost close to half of my turrets and only took out a few of his. Luckily my ship had fantastic turning and acceleration for a large ship so instead I started using it like a very large fighter. I charged him again, but at a more favorable angle this time, getting close to max before he could turn much, shut off inertial dampeners, turned so all my remaining guns could fire, and blasted away several of his turrets and took almost no damage because my ships odd shape coupled with its high speed made it a nightmare for his turrets to try to target unless they could get me in a crossfire. Did this a few more times and took out all of his turrets, along with a good chunk of his ship, with 5 of my turrets left left and most of my side and rear armor still intact, frontal armor was a mess though. At which point he surrendered because he couldn't outrun me without the grav drive and I messed up his ship's balance too badly for it to do anything but send him into a spin.

    Beat a well-designed ship close to 3 times as heavy as mine with reasonably low damage dealt to my ship due to the sheer, unexpected speed and maneuverability it had.
  17. Furynotfurry Trainee Engineer

    My story is nowhere close to as intense as all of yours, but this is my FIRST piracy interaction:

    So me and my cousin were making improvements on our small base and started a big ship project. Since he is the "veteran" out of the two of us, he does a lot of the work (but he still bosses me around). So I'm sitting there, waiting on our assemblers to assemble, when I notice somebody calling out 2 fellows at the center of the map. Since I had nothing better to do, I created a mini "scouting" ship (1 cockpit, 8 thrusters, 2 gyros, 1 small reactor, and like 3 light armor blocks) and head on over there.
    I scout around the asteroid there but seem to find nothing. I then see what looked like a small asteroid about 6km away, so I head over there. It looked a little blurry/fuzzy as I was heading over there and soon realized it was a monstrous mother ship. Lucky for me it was either not finished or recently raided so I grinded whatever valuables I could find. Me, being an amateur, mentioned this ship in chat. Thinking nothing of it, I go back to the asteroid to see if there was a base inside the asteroid itself. As I'm going back, I notice a small blip of what looked like a banana ship (respawn ship) coming out of the asteroid. Thinking I would be stealthy, I flew over to it and sat right on top of it... Little did I know that I forgot to turn my broadcasting on and they saw me coming (another amateur mistake). I was sitting there thinking I was "sneaky" until they turned towards me with their drill ship (it was 2 respawn ships merged together with ~6 drills) and start heading towards me. One of them got out of their cockpit and tried to chase me with a grinder. Knowing that their forward thrusters > my forward thrusters the only thing I could think of was keep flying around the asteroid and try to build up enough speed to "fling" myself forward. I managed to get away from them but my cousin insisted that I returned with my broadcasting OFF and get their ship.
    I came back up to them and it seemed that they crashed into an asteroid or something because they were both outside welding their ship. I grind their backs and make one of their cockpits mine. I then proceeded to head back home with this awesome first victory. Next thing I know, the ship is being blasted by several turrets. I forgot to turn my turrets off back at base and it blew my new ship to smithereens.

    TL:DR I went to the center, found 2 people, played cat and mouse with them after a failed sneak attack, killed them, took their ship back to base, and my base turrets destroyed the ship completely.
  18. Echillion Senior Engineer

    So last night I got my 1st heavy armoured small fighter going and went out looking for the cargo ships Great found the business shipment launched my rockets and sprayed it with bullets at <300m jumped out of my fighter managed to climb aboard which was a pain as I'd blown the grav gen away! hacked the chair,changed ownership to me slowed the ship down and took it in a slow arc back towards my fighter and my base but the max speed was 18m/s ( and 12k away from my base) so I decided to go get my fighter and haul the ship back got in my fighter and couldn't find the shipment ship? I'd thought I'd head back to base and await its arrival and jump back on it then?.Well I got back to base with my fighter and still no Business shipment I waited and waited but no ship,not even wreckage just disappeared! So the 1st ever cargo ship I pirated I never got to keep! :)
  19. Krutchen Apprentice Engineer

    I wonder, How's the whole Piracy and Warfare thing going, with the whole Exploration update and everything? I'd imagine it's a bit of a pain to find your targets.
  20. Zarovich Trainee Engineer

    My best battle.

    It was on an pvp server. My faction was star wars themed and had a bunch of TIEs based on my design. (Why does no one put cathedral wings on their tie fighters? Its like they were made for em!)

    So we planned to attack the enemy. We had a covette, a carrier with 6 TIEs and a yt-1300 (Millenium falcon). The enemy was not themed like us but had a brite force fleet of several gunships surrounding what resembled a base-star.

    The engagement had too many details to relay, with out carrier tanking gunfire as the Tie Fighters swarmed. The black of space lit up with tracer fire, missiles and bullets. At first we were pushing them back but then a vital explosion on our carrier and it quickly took irreparable damage. Our corvette pronounced on voice comms a suicide run and bashed into their basestar. They had few ships remaining but we only had Ties. Our adrift General sounded the retreat. We had 4 Ties at this point. Then 3. We took evasive maneuvers nosing backtoward our homebase. 2 Ties.

    The two remaining survivors of the battle flew in concert, he a few meters behind me, both reaching top speed. As the enemy cluster receded in our rearview mirrors a gunship. Speaker blocks with the Tie Fighter effect added do our mad dash.

    A pursuing enemy gunship dropped out of warp (used grav drive to quickly get inrange and keep pace) and let loose a mad amount of missiles.

    Swinging the camera around, I watched my comrade picked apart piece by piece until his cockpit ruptured and sent his corpse spinning into the void. The missiles then redirected aim to me, fired wildly and inaccurately, but it took my right S-foil, then a central hitr that robbed me of mostof my forward thrusters, another impact that took my weapons. 3 more de3cimated both propulsion and gyros.

    I dont know what happened next. I know my comrade had spun and fired back as he di9ed, maybe thats why the pursuer backed off, but he did.

    Me in my metal shell went hurtling in sparking flames in the direction I had last pointed, with no control. Luckily I had aimed just a few degrees off my base, and was able to hop out when I passed by, even notifying a recovered friend to catch the wreckage for salvage.

    Over all I know its pixels in a game but nothing was more rewarding so far as being the sole survivor of that battle, tumbling home in a beat up box.
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  21. Aaron_Merric Trainee Engineer

    Not a super impressive story but still funny today. My faction just joined a new server we hoped to call home. After two other servers fell down around our ears we really hoped that we had found a new home. Our first server closed due to financial issues on the owners part. The second didn't backup the server and lost our hard work so it wasn't meant to be. As we log in and start meeting up we check the website. fohse.com Wow, what a list of rules. But hey we think we can still make it work. As we begin the construction of our new pirate base some total noob posts his gps coords in global chat. Time for a lesson in discretion. One of my faction members gets itchy and runs off for a peek. To early to risk our small supply of parts he flies off in just his space suit. We just got on an hour ago! Whatever, we are pirates :). As my buddy Freo glides up to the unsuspecting players base he remembers to toggle off his broadcasting. Glad we had a little training. He jets right into the guys base and starts poking around. The owner of this base sees our little pirate friend and starts calling him out in chat. "Hey you, what are you doing?! Who are you!!" Laughing in our voice chat Freo starts to cut into the guys medbay and captures it. The owner looks through the control panel to discover he has been attacked by Freo! Now he starts "screaming" in global. "GET OUT OF MY BASE! WHY ARE YOU HERE?!" etc. You get the picture, true rage. Then the unbelievable happens. The owner pulls his grinder and rushes our Freo, currently unarmed and unable to save himself due to his laughter. Well no matter, the obviously inexperienced owner slams into a wall as he jets towards Freo. Now dead he respawns 150k from his base and proceeds to scream in chat. Now we cant control ourselves and tears run from our eyes as we all pile through the medbay and collect the guys drill ships and uranium. Since we don't need the guys steel from his base and we do feel a little like we took candy from a baby I proceed to inform him that this base is still intact and he is free to retake it. 10 uranium in his reactor, a medbay, and his base untouched otherwise he should be cool right? Next day or so later I find myself banned. Turns out the guy reported me for attacking him while offline. After a short talk with the admin and a check through the chat logs I am reinstated. I am however warned not to pick on new players. Well we wont, but when we just joined two hours and attacked someone. How were we to know? :D Hope you enjoyed my story cant say that I am the best storyteller but that's what happened.
  22. Echillion Senior Engineer

    Cool story Arron :)
  23. blizzerd Apprentice Engineer

    Me and my friends were playing on our own server, one of them found a ship in deep space (but was stupid enough to power it up for a few seconds to reveal its position) and started to scuttle it for parts hauling over to his base etc.

    i fly over with my small ship cargo ship carrying 2 machine gun mines (basically some sensors and a machine gun so it starts shooting at enemies and enemy ships) i leave the drones close to the ship and take what i can from it

    i did not see him return already, he kills me and makes "certain remarks about my mother" for stealing parts from it.

    I fly back immediately with my large ship hoping he does not take my cargo ship yet or w/e

    he dies 3 times to my gatling mines (has to fly back from his base each time because his cargo ship is a small ship formfactor and therefore does not have a medbay lol) before i finally find the shipwreck again, i couple the wreck to my large ship, landing gear attach the small ship cargo ship to the "composition" of ships and fly off leaving his 3 "random tiny cargo ships" he used to come over every time he died (i was not going to test this luck any more then needed, also he probably built em from scratch each time too)
  24. goduranus Junior Engineer

    I would have attached some explosives to his ships if I were you.

    Anyhow, back when assemblers were bugged, I was flying around on Freeport 24/7 when I noticed a player called Spide grinding the turrets on one of my Medbay satellites, I chased him back to his carrier.

    Now, manufacturing was bugged, and we were all looking for parts to build a large antenna or beacon, and this guy's mothership had a beacon, so I assumed he must have stolen it from our station. So I threatened him for him to give up his beacon, but he started running away. I shot up random parts of his ships with rockets, in hope I would stop him, but little did I know his whole ship was powered by a single large reactor, and the rockets took it out.

    So the two of us just sat there, watching his bigass mothership and the server's only useable beacon float into the sun.
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  25. RA2lover Trainee Engineer

    I'm mostly a lone wolf, because i simply think i can't trust anyone(and i can't trust myself to trust others either!). This was several months ago, and i found a better design since then.

    One of the servers i play on is great for piracy against newbies. it's pretty much lag-free at all times(and thus populated), but comes with grid restrictions which mean 2 things: Firstly, newbies won't play it too long, leading to a somewhat high rotativity. Secondly, they ensure players build sufficiently far away from the center.

    However, it suffers from slowdowns in assembler production at times, which led me to become a pirate/base janitor because i'm too lazy to wait for components.

    My MO is basically making the smallest possible ship with armament, cargo, and a grinder, then dismantling bases close to the center of the map(EVERY SINGLE TIME YOU FIND MORE OF THEM).

    My first design was extremely minimalistic in that aspect, featuring only 12 blocks: 6 thrusters, a cockpit, reactor, gyroscope, grinder, connector and gatling gun.

    First run with it, ground down several unattended starter bases worth of stuff.

    Second run? found a crewed started ship. as soon as i opened fire trying to take out its owner, it ran away. This is the point i realized i'd need better equipment.

    Not only i got the gatling gun destroyed after firing ~3 shots at speed(blame lag, never got around to find a workaround allowing me to still fire at speed), i got freaking out-accelerated by a starter ship. with an artificial mass on it no one ever uses and is there only as ballast really.

    Nevertheless, doing that is still profitable.


    Eventually, network lag made me join another server, and quickly realize janitorial duty is also profitable here due to high rotativity, but for other reasons.

    The server basically only has a respawn ship with a drill and just enough components to make a reactor, assembler, arc furnace and the remaining components to make a refinery/medical room you can't smelt by your own. what this means is people think you're supposed to make a refinery outright, but immediately notice there aren't enough materials for a refinery, and leave. this results in a graveyard of abandoned respawn ships, which are still there even with the server wiping them every few hours.

    Eventually, i make another grinding ship with a gatling gun to fend off griefers and players actively defending structures i deem as not deserving to be there.

    Ground down 2 abandoned respawn ships, then found someone moving a ship towards a blip in the distance. zooming in a camera, i realize it's a large ship construction site.... built *less than 5km* from the center of the map and only asteroid cluster of the server.

    The server has low assembly efficiency/refinery speed multipliers. I had to take whatever i could take.

    Eventually, i snipe an abandoned gatling turret under construction, then get close enough to take out the owner, and proceed to use the ship's grinder to disassemble what was left of the gatling gun(to prevent the owner from completing it and causing trouble later on) and then the completed thrusters.

    He respawns, broadcasting on, and i kill him AND his medical room. Threat seemingly clear(server has permadeath on, so he would either lose ownership of his base or have to respawn pretty far away), i get inside his ship with a spacesuit(even though the ship was small, it was still too big to dig a hole through the armor in a viable timeframe) and take several more thruster components from its cargo, filling the spacesuit's inventory. at this time, he's already raging over chat.

    Suddenly, another respawn ship's antenna signal pops in, and it's him. i quickly get back to my ship, and throttle away. Not only he failed his ramming attempt, he went through and CRASHED HIS RESPAWN SHIP INTO HIS OWN STATION, destroying his refinery. That ended up exposing a battery, leading me to notice it was solar-powered.(i was only removing components from the ship at this moment). I proceed to grind the battery down, only to notice my ship's inventory is full already.

    He then gets killed again. and my gatling guns' crates are now empty(to prevent the server from eating up ammo crates i only load one of them on my guns at a time). I try to reload them from ship inventory, but figure out that is going to take way too long and that he'll probably try crashing another respawn ship and get me while i'm reloading. by that time, i had loaded one gun already(out of 4 in a horribly managed inventory).

    Under normal circumstances i wouldn't fire them, but this guy needed to learn badly how important building bases away from the center is.

    I spend that crate to destroy his cargo containers and solar panels to delay him/convince him to move away(solar cells are essentially construction components, except they take silicon/platinum instead of iron, take up more inventory space, are insanely easy to destroy(having only 1 hp in a game where a gatling gun takes out 60hp per shot) and no one ever keeps replacement cells for them), then get out before he comes in another respawn ship.

    He proceeds to enter a fit of rage, cussed everyone, and said he'd make sure one of us would get banned. While on the way to the hideout, i reload the guns once again, make sure i'm not followed, and proceed to piss him off even further by listing my cargo on chat.
    lessons learned: i really need to learn to manage inventories programmatically.
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  26. cha0tic Trainee Engineer

    alright, so i join a server. standard 1-1-1 infinite survival. just to fiddle with, right? see, the thing is, i haven't really done much multiplayer before this, so this was to really just get my feet wet. i wanted some pvp, but i also wanted to be able to hide far far away from everyone else.

    everything's going great. got my base up, got some stuff refining, got a mining ship. i've logged over 400 hours in single player so i have an idea of what i'm doing. over chat someone says they need cobalt, so i offer to trade 3k of my cobalt for 3k of his nickel (i'm out of nickel, so it's a good deal for me). and so, we meet at a "neutral" asteroid that belongs to neither of us, and trade! everything continues to go great. i continue building, he goes on building, we're all just happy folks.

    then the free weekend came out, and i convinced my buddy to play with me. a session or two of playing around in creative and then survival to give him a feel for the ropes, and we log onto the server and i create a faction. we build, we mine, we... well, mostly we build and mine. then we come across an abandoned base. it has no power, no medbay, just really a reactor, refinery, assembler. i feel kind of bad, because it looks like whoever built it didn't know you need a medbay to respawn in multiplayer, but.. there it is. so we grind it down.

    i realize quickly how much my buddy there liked this idea. so, to keep this interesting, we decide to become dedicated pirates. i'm not opposed to the idea, so long as we don't start griefing people, or harass new players. i just want everyone to have fun, and the threat of piracy makes base defenses more useful.

    so, we fly around dead center, grinding away any base that doesn't have a medbay and power. we loot and pillage, we plunder a little bit. we mark other people's bases on our GPS to check on them later, but nobody that we see is really very established.

    so i go to thinking about that guy i traded with. i know he has a base somewhere, and from talking to him, i figure he's somewhere near that asteroid he wanted to trade at. so i look around. about 5 minutes of searching, i come across a fully functional base with a mining ship. Jackpot!

    so, we raid it. i tell my buddy to leave most of the stuff for the owner (turns out, this was the guy i thought it was), but he ends up taking everything as i fly away in his miner and an exploration pod docked to it. we're not really talking about what we took, so no big deal. i don't know how much we screwed this guy over until he logs on.

    his reaction was priceless. he had no idea we did this (yet. i decided later that i was going to be completely open about my piracy, since it's a small server). but he logged off shortly afterwards. i kind of felt bad, really, having taken all his stuff and~ his miner, so i came up with a plan.

    i hacked his miner, and changed the names of all the components in his control panel to:

    Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate's life for me.
    We pillage, we plunder, we rifle and loot.
    Drink up me 'earties, yo ho.
    We kidnap and ravage and don't give a hoot.
    Drink up me 'earties, yo ho.
    Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate's life for me.
    We extort and pilfer, we filch and sack.
    Drink up me 'earties, yo ho.
    Maraud and embezzle and even highjack.
    Drink up me 'earties, yo ho.
    Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate's life for me.
    We kindle and char and enflame and ignite.
    Drink up me 'earties, yo ho.
    We burn up the city, we're really a fright.
    Drink up me 'earties, yo ho.
    We're rascals and scoundrels, we're villains and knaves.
    Drink up me 'earties, yo ho.
    We're devils and black sheep, we're really bad eggs.
    Drink up me 'earties, yo ho.

    set the ownership to "nobody" and put it back.

    we're now known as a faction of jerks. but nice jerks who wont' completely screw you over.
  27. CyberFerretHD Trainee Engineer

    Haha some of these stories are unbelievable! :woot:
  28. Zvephra Trainee Engineer

    This server still in existence? I don't know why but I want to join it purely because of the dynamic chaos that seems to occur within it from time to time...
  29. KissSh0t Master Engineer

    I was minding my own business while flying past an asteroid, and then I started getting shot at.. there was a Gatling gun down there and someones base... the Gatling gun It damaged my ship..

    So I took my ship and parked it at a nearby asteroid, then headed over to this base with nothing more than a drill.

    I then proceeded to sneak up on the Gatling gun from a blind spot, then hacked it, then made it mine.... the gatling gun then proceeded to destroy everything on the persons base.

    I regret nothing.
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