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Planetary Jet Pack Time

Discussion in 'Balancing' started by Sibz, Nov 16, 2015.

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  1. Sibz Apprentice Engineer

    Hi There,

    Love the planets update. I understand the jetpack works differently on planets, however I think the 7 seconds of jet pack time isn't quite enough. I would like to see it adjusted closer to 14 seconds or perhaps even more. I say this thinking of current real world examples of jets packs, and some of the more compact designs (not quite as compact as ours) give about 30seconds to 1min.

    Having said that I would be happy if hydrogen refuelled from bottles mid-flight, therefore you could extend flight time by sacrificing inventory space.

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  2. Dakroth Apprentice Engineer

    I would like to see energy-powered fan-propelled jetpacks for use in atmospheres, similar to how the jet engines work. I would concede to making them behave differently, say, perhaps being a bit slower in upwards and horizontal flight than hydrogen-powered packs. I just find the 7-second limit to jetpacks to be very irritating when in gravity fields. I've had to suffice by the fact that all of the alternate skins I use still use traditional jetpacks, but the problem with those now is that they have NO lifting power in full gravity, so you really have to fight to get them to gain altitude, and then the slightest movement at the slightest downward angle makes you lose severas meters. Irritating in its own right, but at least it doesn't reduce my very limited inventory space.

    On a related note, speaking of inventory space, I would like to see the value for character inventory space made separate from vehicles. Having two or three times the capacity to carry stuff on my person is great, but it really messes with my ships' ability to function, so it's a choice between spending 85% of my time running between project and supplies, or having to add even more power and thrusters to my ships.... :(

  3. Arcturus Senior Engineer

    As of 1.110 people can now just jetpack into space from a planet's surface, which is a horrible over-correction.
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  4. roothorick Trainee Engineer

    Here's another idea.

    Jetpack has the same runtime as in vacuum BUT, it can't keep you in the air in 1G. It gets close, so you can use it to "high jump", steer your jump, and more-or-less hover momentarily in mid-air, but outright flight isn't happening. So it can compensate for the lack of ladders, and we've eliminated the inconvenience of constant hydrogen refills. But, it isn't taking you to space or even high altitudes, and requires a little bit of planning to not eat dirt at harmful speeds. Likewise, reentry outside of a ship is invariably fatal, as it should be.

    This could be accomplished by going back to it being ion / energy powered, and correspondingly being weak in atmosphere.
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.