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Playing "The Game"

Discussion in 'Survival' started by Calaban, Jan 5, 2019.

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  1. Calaban Junior Engineer

    The game is a Corruption survival world... made into a simple "Game Mode" for a bit of challenge, with a clear long term objective to work towards.

    There is an Earth like world out there. Its just far away (straight ahead).

    Its Lone survivor, and with those who know the Corruption mod, this is gonna be rather rough when starting empty.

    Oh, and cataclysm space weather.

    Here is the world start, if anyone else wants to play

    The Game.

    --- Automerge ---

    Off to a shaky but reasonably do-able start.

    Almost immediately, I started drilling a cave to move my platform equipment inside (after placing some uranium ore in the refinery).

    After about 3 minutes of peace, a Tesla Drone arrived, and started zapping the very few things I had. YIKES! the reactor, and medbay were switched off... umm.. I better not die here, or this Game will end rather quickly...

    Lucky for me its approach made it belly flop into the far side of my asteroid, meaning I could immediately jump on it, grind down its remaining gatling turret (ctrl-z keepaway from the gun barrel while tier1 grinder slowly does its job), then play the twisty other mini game of "grind the remote control while the ship tries to reorient on you". After a bit of motion sickness while bobbing my head to Noodles' little jam, I was able to take control, strap a passenger seat to it, and fly it to my base.

    My first ship! H2 thrusters, ions, all sorts of resources to be had. first I had to move my stuff inside the rock tho.

    Nearly done with my move-in, a Horsefly mk.II started raining annoyances on me.... and.. HEY!! started blasting away the captured Tesla drone. This next minigame was "grind the ions and hydro thrusters from the knocked around ship, while simultaneously weaving and dodging 400m small grid gatling shots".

    After stripping all I could from the rapidly growing cloud of scrap metal that WAS my looted ship.. I had had enough!
    I ground down some grids and an H2 Bottle and made some tier 3 tools, and watched as the Horsefly made passes.
    In the meantime I closed off my original cave tunnel (too many shots were flying in), and dug another exit out under the base platform, which, by the way, had several holes in it from the meteors.

    When The Horsefly got close enough, I went for it. Relative dampeners and magnetic boots made for a rather fun Rambo assault on the gatling turrets, which thankfully track around slower than I could run around.

    disarmed it, hacked it, strapped the good ol passenger seat override, and flew it back and grinded it down for mats. you know- before I lost that opportunity too.

    I now have mats, and ammo, to make my own mini raider/defender ship to move out. There are 2 Raiding outposts in detection range (one 20km the other 30km) that I plan on "harvesting".

    But I need to plan the harvest action carefully. There is no guarantee whatever I lay claim to will remain for very long.

    Oops sniper drone showed up while typing, Game on!
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  2. Spaceman Spiff Senior Engineer

    Sweet!! I'm all over this like a cheap suit.
  3. Calaban Junior Engineer

    Where I stand and end of play for the evening:

    Things escalated quickly. While silencing the sniper drone (lost my chance to grab some 2km rockets in the grinder melee :( ) A fricking Assault drone showed up. I was in the superposition of sweating and drooling on that one (2 gat turrets, 1 rocket turret, 2 reloadable rocket launchers, and 6 gatlings.. and all dat ammo), and went for it, seeing as it was focusing on my cave base at the moment.

    Recycling the thruster components from the first two drones to make tier 3 tools was fortunate, as my elite grinder made short work of all the aforementioned weaponry. As I was hunting for that remote control on the thing, I started to admire the design of the Assault Drone. It was an ion/hydrogen ship, 2 med cargo containers, and 2 connectors that could be swapped out for grinders/welders on elbows... hmmm I think I'm gonna keep it, and find a place to put a cockpit.

    As I moved it under the base platform where my side tunnel emerges, and started re configuring the assault drone to be pilotable and usable as a workship/raider... A Hive ship showed up and semi politely informed me that I was not welcome in this area and should leave.

    I was NOT ready for a Hive ship. So, I took the warning, loaded up on o2 and h2 bottles, topped off my suit energy, and got the F out of dodge. I got about 20km away from the Hive ship, which was chasing me, and figured Id look around for some silicon while I was out and about. I got distracted and didnt notice the Hive Ship getting within 3km of me again, and didnt realize it until I had a Scattergun drone and TWO drill drones bearing down on little old me.

    See? this is why didnt want to dance with it at this time. I high tailed it out of there, picking a tangent away from the hive ship and also from my base gps, and ran for it. When I was around 55km from my base, I finally think the Hive ship gave up the chase.

    I returned to base with suit energy running low, and saw something a bit horrifying... my base platform... was gone! apparently the assault drone or unlucky meteor strikes severed the grid connection between the original base platform (the majority of my shielding), and the auto cleanup deleted it. Ouch, that was a LOT of padding and steel plate salvage down the drain. Luckily my mostly rebuilt Assault drone was still sitting there, as was my cave base. [may have to set the cleaning rules to be less aggressive, especially if its just "me"]

    Tomorrow I plan on hurriedly finishing my Assault Drone mod and going out to capture a raiding outpost as a new resource pool. I have yet to mine anything other than uranium and ice, and have nothing as far as a mining ship. But fortunately the drone population grants me a bit of a bounty of materials.. so long as I am QUICK to claim the parts and take them to safety.

    Once I strike out for Earth the safety will be much less certain... I think I'll have to race from [Grab Outpost] straight to [build jumpdrive], but I dont have the gold or superconductors anywhere near ready.

    Here's hoping for an Argentavis visit :p~
  4. Spaceman Spiff Senior Engineer

    {I wrote a reply giving my status late last night, but then managed to inadvertently delete it. Here's another summary...}

    Knowing that the CORRUPTION mod sends out swarms of those little beasties pretty quickly, I immediately punched a hole in the asteroid and began the process of moving components underground. First went the small cargo container so I would have a place to store components, then the components for the small reactor, assembler, O2/H2 generator, medical room, and...uh-oh...they're here! I dove back into my bolthole and waited for the mob to disperse around me. In the meantime, I rebuilt the small reactor, assembler, and medical station.

    The drones pretty much blasted the base to hell, but for some reason left alone the gravity generator and flight seat, so I grabbed those, too. I finally decided to take the fight to them and went after a lone drone (don't remember what kind) and cut away at it with my trusty, albeit slow, hand grinder. I made several trips back into my bolthole before amassing enough thruster components to allow me to build an elite grinder. After that, the process of dismantling the bugger went more quickly and I had a full set of elite tools in relatively short order.

    More drones appeared, and then bullets started zinging through the asteroid and damaging my stuff. (Personally, I just don't see how they can penetrate 20 meters of rock, but I went with it.) Deeper, I said, deeper. So I punched deeper into the asteroid with the idea I would render some of the ammunition I picked up into explosives for a warhead and create an instant underground cavern to give me some elbow room. I ended up blowing the back-end off the asteroid leaving my butt exposed to the rabble.

    I knew immediately I needed a new home, so I blasted into space Buzz Lightyear-style and found a nice-sized asteroid about 10 km away. After punching inward about 60 meters, I used the extra explosives I carried to build my insta-cave. Then began the slow, tedious process of moving everything from my original bolthole to my new bolthole.

    After slightly less than forever, I got the small reactor, assembler, medical room, and O2/H2 generator set up, but on my last trip in I was attacked by a SPRT Assailant drone. Where did you come from? Ah, a Raiding Outpost 14.85 km away. That explains it. I was within the 15-km spawning threshold. I quickly dismantled the Assailant for parts, only to be met by another...and another...and another. I must have collected about a dozen of those things...probably more...before the CORRUPTION drones started harassing the incoming SPRT drones. Unfortunately, they were disabling them further out so I was forced to dash out, quickly grab what I could to fill to capacity, then dash back into my hole. Sometimes they would wing me, and sometimes I limped back into my hole with less than 5% health, but I managed to avoid death.

    I figure I'll build an ion-only craft based on my testing that an ion-only vehicle can, if you use minimum components and large ion thrusters, ascend from and descend to planets. My test model even had the additional weight of a jump drive. So that will be my ticket home that I hope to work on later today. But all this brings me to one nagging question...

    Which way is Earth!?!
  5. mojomann71 Senior Engineer

    Wait when did Ion's give enough thrust in an atmosphere to allow you to escape a planet??
  6. Spaceman Spiff Senior Engineer

    If I remember correctly, ion thrusters are about 10% effective in atmospheres. Check out my vanilla “Ion Jumper”: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1512644544
  7. Calaban Junior Engineer

    woke up this morning with ideas for the survival, loaded The Game before even getting breakfast.

    Woa! I loaded my world to find a Raiding outpost somehow snuck to within 9km of me! ..? Things were gonna be hectic.

    Slapped some drills on my nearly ready Assault Drone Mod and quickly bored a tunnel into my home rock to make a fast and ready hangar. I had learned that ships left just floating in the wind tended to catch bullets before I could do anything about it, so having a good few meters of rock around everything would buy me that essential Time.

    The Assailants were coming in rapidly. By the time I had crippled 3 or 4 around my base, I salvaged one into a complete set, and glued some interior turrets on it, and positioned it like a sacrificial tower in front of my cave hangar. It was able to disarm/disable any more assailants that arrived.

    ... then a Trio of Scatter Gun Drones arrived (4-6 gatlings on each). Sacrificial Assailant melted away, but by this time THE ASSAULT DRONE WAS READY.

    I peeked out and opened its 6 Gats and 2 rockets on all of them, Then looked around for the Hive Ship... hmm none around. must have just been a squadron spawn of drones... that coulda been ugly.

    I then took my Assault drone out to the raiding outpost to silence its assailant spawner, as well as help myself to dat loot inside. I filled up the Assault drones 2 medium cargos and 2 connectors, and headed back to base. This small ship was full, and didnt even loot everything, so I deiced the Assault drone would be more of a fighter, cave digger, than a serious loot carrier.

    When I got home I needed an Assailant Eater, to gain some of those thrusters and reactors floating around my home base (oh, I adjusted cleanup to be less delete-ey) After making one pilot-able, my new Assailant became a bit more beefed up and filled out, connecting 2 grinders to the containers, slapping a flight seat on it, and went off trash collecting. I added parts to the Assailant so that by the time I returned home, I had a fully armed and operational battle sta... I mean a large grid ship that was a handy small size, lacking only a medbay.

    As a bonus it looks rather sexy, and brings back memories of The Dreadnaught.. from some old space game I used to play.

    When the large grid containers started to get full.. I found I needed a large cargo container afterall... and started eying that shell of an Outpost nearby.

    Emptying the home base, but leaving it running as a backup medbay, I headed towards the outpost to refit it. :) I have a history of taking those little acorns and turning them into plus sized work ships. jump drives and medbays and all. Theyre pretty much the perfect size to get all that in, and in my gaming time I have developed a..I guess the term is culture, on how to fill them up and fit in all the goodies.

    I think (hope i didnt jinx it) that Ive reached a point of relative security, gun turret wise. The outpost, and assailant have enough turrets now that I have effectivey ignore the hunter drones hounds, scout drones, scattergun drones, etc that have approached. They all got shredded.

    With that said I'm not so much stealing fuel and ammo now, and have to start mining and making fuel and ammo.

    when Im done fitting my outpost Ill publish my worlds update, so you can check out my 'culture' of modifying assailants and outposts. .. then maybe I'll go eat.
    --- Automerge ---
    Earth was right in front of you when you spawned. So.. the way the original control station was pointing.
  8. Spaceman Spiff Senior Engineer

    Well of course it was!
  9. Calaban Junior Engineer

    Found a new strategy when facing off against a swarm of 5 sniper drones earlier today:

    Something must be wrong, lately- as I have had meteor showers coming again before the last shower was done being shot at.

    My Assault drone ship was a casualty, but I gained a Salvage drone and a cute little Hound fighter conversion. my Outpost isnt half done yet, due to constant "relay drone reinforcements" And the wear and tear on my property and bullet reserves is getting rather extreme. Going to go find me a hollow asteroid shell so i can let my gun barrels cool down from the constant meteor shooting. World save coming soon (have to pretty things up)

    Current state of my world. Still havent left the starting rock, but about to head off towards Earth. Enjoy touring the Assailant turned large mining ship- slightly crinkled (due to constant incoming fire and occasional meteor hits- I think it adds "character"), the cute little Puppy Fighter in the hangar (hunter drones' Hound, given more gunz and far less warheads), and the irritatingly placed kamikaze shaped hole in the back of my outpost, luckily it didnt hit anything important... just the JUMP DRIVE :/

    what else... oh the little salvager drone lobotomized with a manual control passenger seat on the belly of the miner. I use it for cleanup of desirable ship chunks.
    Last edited: Jan 7, 2019
  10. Spaceman Spiff Senior Engineer

    After setting up 2 refineries for gold, platinum, silicon, and magnesium (for 200-mm, drone-stopping rockets), and an arc furnace for nickel and cobalt, I started the tedious and mind-numbing process of mining for gold. Fortunately, I found a gold deposit only 3.24 km from my new base, so that wasn't too bad. Back-and-forth, back-and-forth, back-and-forth...well, for slightly less than forever. I found platinum, nickel, and cobalt on the same asteroid, so that was helpful, too. Silicon I finally found 20+ km away. I set up a projector and then started the process of building my tried-and-true "Ion Jumper".

    Seeing how @Calaban put my destination so far away that it nearly defies sighting with the naked eye, I decided to modify my jumper to have two jump drives...4,000 km at a pop! Oh, yeah. Additionally, I added a couple more small reactors to help with recharging the second jump drive, and also added two more forward thrusters to get me out of Dodge in a hurry because I knew as soon as I left my comfy nest the drones would try to spank me hard. Finally, I tossed on two rocket launchers and four internal turrets for good measure. Go ahead...make my day!

    While the assembler was building superconductors, gravity components, detector components, and everything else (except for thruster components; I got a zillion of those from all the Assailants that were dumb enough to tangle with me), I started mining rock out of the way opposite my planned exit point. I knew that I'd trash my ride with my breaching warhead if I didn't get it scooted back a bit more, so I chipped and chiseled with my drill until I was able to move it back another 15 meters or so.

    When everything was finally complete and built, and the jump drives fully charged, I set a breaching warhead on the outside of my asteroid's entry tunnel and lit it off. After that I had another 10 meters or so of stone left to make my exit hole. I build a six-block long skeleton on the outside, set up another warhead, crossed my fingers, yelled "Fire in the hole!", and punched through. Wouldn't you know it? I should have only gone five blocks. I had to chip away the periphery of the hole to make it large enough to allow my buggy to pass.

    Once I got it eased out (thankfully, the drones were mostly on the other side of the asteroid), I yelled "Punch it, Chewie!" and hit the gas. Unknown to me, another Assailant had made its way around to me and tagged my ride a few times, but the four internal turrets I mounted on the jumper rebuffed its advances and we were soon clear of the rabble.

    I made four long jumps...16k km total...and was finally within spitting distance of Earth. My final jump was about 1,080 km (17k km...really!?!). I lined up on one of the planet's ponds and made an uneventful descent. Here's what victory looks like...


    I never did get to use the two rocket launchers and about 500 rockets I built. Oh, well.

    Thanks for the fun and games.
  11. mojomann71 Senior Engineer

    @Spaceman Spiff why the interior turrets? They can't possibly be that much help, can they? :)
  12. Spaceman Spiff Senior Engineer

    I know, I know...I put "interior" turrets on the exterior. What was I thinking!?! I just didn't feeling like putting on the big boys. Besides, I managed to evade the beasties well enough where I didn't really even need them or the rocket launchers. Overkill, to say the least.
  13. Calaban Junior Engineer

    Great job, nice victory. but uh- with no medbay/homey cabin in the woods assembled, You're just a tourist. :)
    What neat about The Game, I think, is that its kinda Procedural- game #2 wont be anything like game #1.
  14. mojomann71 Senior Engineer

    This is really making me want to try it out, but I know as soon as I got blew up shot down I would be so salty I would just stop.. lol
  15. Spaceman Spiff Senior Engineer

    Oh, Gamemaster, sir. You never told me I needed to build a planet-side base; just get to the Earthlike planet. I had all the necessary components in my small cargo container and cockpit storage to build a medical room, a couple refineries (with yield modules), an assembler (with speed modules), and O2/H2 generator, and several small reactors. I could also strip my ride for parts. I could have made a really nice lakeside cabin.

    I wait expectantly for your next challenge, Gamemaster. So throw it down, homie!
  16. Calaban Junior Engineer

    GameMaster. That is an idea I had as soon as multiplayer update occurred, and after watching Captain Jack suffer at the LSG space master Admin powers shenanigans (remember the voxel hand of ice pouring in from "that hole in their wall they never fixed"?)
    oh.. you may have missed that? Its worth the watch. Here:

    -->I<-- Wanted to do this, if and when I ever got my own server. I would be the "script writer"-event antagonist- the unseen opponent behind the curtains, pasting in stuff and doing other not so deadly/Troll-ish things to the players in my World- a literal Dungeon Master

    I played around with it once, had a great time. My players would lose a ship in space, and say "well thats gone forever" Only to have it pasted 2km over their earth base with parachutes added to them-imagine their surprise as what was left of their lost ship landed nearby.

    One guy said "Arghh I cant find ANY silver!" -the next unknown signal that landed near him miraculously was full of silver.

    A "totally not a platinum trap" antenna started transmitting between 2 player bases. While I watched them both race to it with great enjoyment, the first one to get to it got the promised Pt in the cargo hold, whereupon the warhead sensor was activated, for the second guy to come upon, thinking HE was the first.

    Little things like that, especially with a nonverbal/unknown admin doing it all, made for a great deal of fun.
    Last edited: Jan 9, 2019
  17. Spaceman Spiff Senior Engineer

    I’ve really got to take some time and start learning to write my own scripts. My survival challenges would be a lot more interesting.
  18. Calaban Junior Engineer

    Update to my playing of The Game.

    It wasnt pretty, but I did it. I landed on the Earthlike, setup a little homestead medbay, and faced off the doggies while it rained nearly constant meteorites. Now get me the hell outta this nightmare universe! The story since last update:

    Things were rough. I finally gained a Raiding station, for some much needed armored safekeeping of my gathered materials, and the original Outpost fitted with 4 refineries, 4 arc furnaces became a fond little Do-all ship- from grinding down drone wrecks, to welding and printing long range missile pod "torpedo" drones. I renamed it "][con", as it is an Icon of industry, indeed. So, ][Icon, a slightly dented Station.. the old assailant mining ships... what else was there?
    Oh. Ya. a Stalker Drone (crab like thing bottom of formation) This thing was stalking me for a looong time. followed me even after a jump (or maybe an unlucky clone more likely). I wasnt ready to fight it, not nearly ready, but one time when I was in my assailant miner, deep in a rock, it said "now I got ya!" and I winced in preparation to respawn... then it said "I know youre around here somewhere..." -?? and I realized it couldnt "see" me inside the asteroid (!!) creeping and peeking around in my suit to get a peek... YIKES! it was literally 90m away, point STRAIGHT at the mining ship inside that it couldnt see! It oddly hadnt fired through the rock like other drones have. interesting.

    I readied my elite rifle, and started to snipe its turrets, then the rocket turret, then the rocket pods. then the OMG 2 more rocket pods in the belly. This thing was NASTY. But then I say something that caught my eye: 9 h2 thrusters for UP. this.. thing.. may be landable! so I spent some time hacking and salvaging it, restoring it to its former glory (minus the belly rockets)

    Problem was, with this formation all linked together to the jump drive in the station and ][con, my jump range was now 250km. this.. was going to be a long one. I was already greatly annoyed by the meteor swarms, and constant attacks, and wanted to make a push to actually reach the planet.

    So, sadly, Leaving this fleet of bases behind, I filled up and kitted out my Stalker drone with a Jump Drive to make the "push" The screenshot above was the final moment before the stalker left.

    Oh, you may notice a fiery orange thing on the back end of the stalker, thats my "Calaban" multirole ship (a favorite space based all in one that Ive tinkered with and upgraded over timer). Its mah baby. I really cannot find any way to improve upon it, other than make it more collision proof. It will be in the attached world save at the bottom of this post, parked in the orbital station.

    Also parked on the roof of the Stalker, where the missile turret was, is my little miner ship "thorn" (its shaped kinda like a thorn/ cats claw). Ive grown attached to this little guy, as its been there as a last resort and a needy supplier/signal retriever. Its a rather fast minimalist h2 miner. (while it looks like theres no cargo, the drills themselves hold a medium cargo containers worth, so...) I suspect that this handy little ship may continue to be handy in the atmosphere, so Its coming along.

    So, striking off, making 2000km jumps and 10 minute recharges along the way, I learned a new joy of Space engineers- one with featured recently added that I never really appreciated until just now: my Stalker drone was moving at 90m/s while recharging, and I was flying around the ship in my workership doing repairs, and building a "landing home" on the nose of the ship for parachute dropping. The features I appreated now was the ability to seamlessly fly around a ship moving at high speed, floating my workership around the zooming ships effortlessly with Relative Inertial dampening (ctrl-z) It was a great new experience cruising along, working on my ship as if I was parked, only now asteroids were sweeping past in the background (some yelpingly close tho). honestly, I may never stand motionless to work on my ship again- why? when I could simultaneously be travelling somewhere? Thanks, KSH, for those "odd" feature updates that I now appreciate fully.

    Mid travel towards earth, several jumps in.. I realized something... My stalker has NO medbay (!!) I'm at risk of clang or bad luck ruining everything!! I had brought medical components along, and was midway through building on in my lander house, but something else came along, and I went with that- A Raiding Outpost more or less in my flight path. :) The Calaban worker has gats and rocket (and room for a turret if needed), and after setting the stalker to a cruise of 30m/s or so, I raced off to the outpost, annihilated the assailants, claimed the outpost, quickly built a medbay and control station, and flew it back to the moving stalker signal for redezvous.

    After locking the stalkers landing gear tot he outpost and jumping on... An idea hit me:
    "I wonder if meteorites are affected by artificial gravity fields?"
    I wasnt sure, but the new outpost had all the parts to test it. I simply removed it grav generator, then placed a spherical grav gen in it place, set its field to -1G at max range (to "push away" anything within 400m) and waited for the next meteor shower.
    hmm. inconclusive. While i never saw a smoke trail get deflected away as it flew close, I did notice I wasnt being struck anymore. So not the new outpost/medbay on the belly of the stalker was the "prototype deflector shield pod".. or a good luck charm /stress reliever in any case.

    I finally got to Earth, and looked for my fav landing site: The Big Mesa (the mesa/desert/lake spot), with mini jumps I hovered over it, and wouldnt you know it, a Low Earth orbit Raiding Station in such a convenient place! Of course I had to have it as an armored shell safe house medbay thing if everything went horribly wrong here (it did, mostly) [/foreshadowing]

    Here we see the "Calaban" multirole ship proving that it can fit in a 2x3 airtight hangar door (one of its base requirements).. if only just barely. The orange is heavy armor bump rails, so no worries. As I was inching in to park before making landfall (the Calaban is a purely space based ship), I grinned and mumbled to myself "If I Fits, I Sits", even though it looks nothing at all like a kitten in a soup can. but for any wanting to check it out in the world save, its parked in here.

    Here we see the "Lander home" caught in the gravity well, and drifting down. It had no thrusters, no gyros, just parachutes, and blast door edge "impactor bumpers" on the base, and the solars act as crumple zones and self righting the slightly crooked reentry. Or so I hoped. I stayed on board the Stalker and enabled Spectator cam, to follow it down.

    Splat. The chutes never opened. I reloaded a save and verified there were canvases in the parachute hatches, and that the thing had power, and that the auto deploy was on... all sat, but nothing happened. (I suspect my suit needed to be within 3km for it to "function"?) I noted this Earthlike was a mini version of it, as the gravity well ended 17km above the surface instead of the standard 40km, so maybe that messed up the parachute deploy altitude sensor? oh well, glad I didnt ride that thing down.

    Plan B then, land the stalker with its 9 up h2 thrusters. I had plenty of ice on board, only weight 600,000kg, and had 4 parachutes on board as well. what could go wrong?

    [edit] oh, right, world save: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1636190893
    Last edited: Jan 26, 2019
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  19. Spaceman Spiff Senior Engineer

    Author! Author!
  20. Calaban Junior Engineer

    [reads previous post]

    [looks confused]

    [checks self]

    [asks roommate]

    [says slowly]

    But... I'm not Aquaman... ?
  21. Spaceman Spiff Senior Engineer

    It was a great story you told there. A true Space Opera. You had me on the edge of my falling-apart office chair as I read through your successes and failures, your triumphs and defeats, your ups and your downs. And through it all you never gave up. You didn’t let the fact that I made it back to the Earthlike planet so much faster and easier than you ever get you down. I applaude your intestinal fortitude...your guts...in overcoming a situation that you quickly made into the impossible. And that, sir, is why you are simply the best SE there ever was. Said most simply, I gravel at your feet.
  22. Calaban Junior Engineer

    Truth be told, I could have opted for the "squeeze my eyes shut, cover my ears, and run blindly for the exit, squeeking 'no, no! no!! NO!" all the way to the end- so I wouldnt have to see the horrors approaching, or hear the sudden pitter patter of bullets on my cryopod, or deal with any of it at all...

    .. but then I wanted to still look at myself in the mirror the next day, so... ;)

    also I wouldnt be able to get the blueprint (those mini torpedo drones tucked in the side of the Stalker) for those sweeet Corruption Long range rocket pods s (2km range) that came in handy for destroying scout drones quickly, or blowing away those nagging critic/merchant/challenger drones
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  23. Spaceman Spiff Senior Engineer

    Just what are you implying!?! I could've handled them if I had wanted to...I just didn't want to (I'm giving you a smug look right now). So there!!
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  24. Calaban Junior Engineer

    Indeed. Each of us can play The Game in whatever manner they choose. Songs should be sung in praise for such individuality.

    ..oops. I just sort of fell on this video link. What has it even doing right there under the mouse button??
    Last edited: Jan 29, 2019
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  25. Spaceman Spiff Senior Engineer

    You are absolutely right! And we both did it in our own unique way. (By the way, wasn't my creation the most kick-ass ship you've ever seen!?! Snort! Yeah, it's ugly as sin.)
    --- Automerge ---
    I'm giving it another go. I'll use a different approach to succeed..................................................................................or die trying!
  26. Spaceman Spiff Senior Engineer

    I played wa-a-a-a-a-ay too long on this last night/this morning. Here's the skinny...

    After a new start, I immediately dug a hole in the asteroid, unloaded and dismantled the small cargo container, reassembled it in "the hole", then began the process of dismantling and dumping everything into the cargo container. I managed to get everything stowed before being harassed by the Corruption drones, so score one for the home team. I loaded up with enough material to build another small cargo container.

    Next I scouted for a better location that was intentionally within the 15-km sphere of influence for a SPRT Raiding Outpost because, hey, as my daddy always used to say, "Son, there's nothing cheaper than free." Soon after I punched into a newer, bigger asteroid and assembled the small cargo container within, I was visited by an Assailant drone. Quickly dispatched, I focused on grabbing the small reactor and uranium fuel, thrusters, and everything else I could get before the Corruption drones could start their harassment. Hmmm, the Corruption drones were massing on the opposite side of the asteroid. He-he...too bad. Soon, another Assailant drone came along so I ambled out and shouted, "Yoo-hoo...over here!" Pretty soon I was flush with parts because of a non-stop supply of stupid drones, but realized that I was heading down the same path as the first time I played. Still, before doing anything else, I needed better tools, so I tossed together an assembler, rendered some thruster components, metal grids, and bulletproof glass (from the control station), and used the ingots to build a full set of elite tools. Capturing drones was suddenly much, much easier.

    Back on track, I spied two SPRT Raiding Outposts, so I loaded up with all my uranium ingots and "important" components, and went for the closer one. Dodge left, dodge right, and...I'm there. Hug the structure and hack each gatling turret for protection, then into the top under the arch, grinding out the block supporting the interior turret. You are mine! I assembled a flight seat and took off for the stars.

    Wait...what's this? A SPRT Raiding Station. Now that's what I'm talking about! Leaving everything behind, I made a high-speed, curving run-in and nearly bug-splatted on the airtight hangar doors while dodging those gatling turrets. I ground out three blocks just to the right of the doors and above the ring, dropping in right behind the reactors and battery. Grind-grind, they're mine. I quickly buzzed back outside and hacked the four gatling turrets, then back inside and hacked the interior turrets. Power back on and this battle station is now the ultimate power in the universe!

    Wow! Nearly unlimited rockets and 25mm ammo. I'd forgotten about that. Time to up the game. I punched through the top and bottom decks just to the inside of the four ion thruster junctions on each deck, built some conveyor junctions in the holes and up one level, and stuck gatling turrets on top of the four locations on both the top and bottom. The original gatling turrets were removed and replaced with missile turrets. Now I had four gatling turrets and two missile turrets on both the top and bottom deck. Finally, I patched everything together inside with conveyor tubes. Sweet! Now we're cooking with gas. I feel so...so...protected.

    I added a bunch more ion thrusters in all directions so the pig would move slightly faster than dead slow, and correspondingly added a couple more gyros and several more small reactors. I headed back over to the Raiding Outpost and plundered it, then back to my cave and plundered it. More Corruption drones, easily spanked by the overabundance of my gatling and missile turrets, but I needed to be moving. So off I went toward that tiny blue spot in space...

    I needed gold, and lots of it, to build superconductor components for the jump drive. While my stock of extra thruster components were being rendered in the two assemblers, I cleared out the ceiling just in front of the airtight hangar doors and parked a jump drive frame there. The Raiding Station (now called "Spaceman Spiff's Ride"), had everything I needed to build a jump drive except the superconductor components. Rendering the thruster components was taking too long, so I added four speed modules to each assembler. Much better. Eventually, I got everything rendered and started the process of building superconductor components.

    Eventually the jump drive was completed with all the materials I had on hand, charged, and ready to go. Hmmmm...just a bit less than 500 km per jump. Getting to the Earthlike planet was going to take too long. I needed a second jump drive, and I could stick it up right behind the door to the crew quarters. Uh-oh, I really needed more thruster components.

    But wait! What's that flying by only 4 km away? Yes, a Mining Carriage; it's quite possibly the easiest SPRT ship to capture, and it has two large ion thrusters just chalk-full of thruster components. I captured it, got jumped by two Assailant drones which were also quickly dispatched and stuffed into the Mining Carriage's small cargo container, took full ownership of the ship, disabled the gatling turret so it wouldn't shoot up my ship, and headed back to Spiff's Ride. Soon its contents and parted structure were stored in one of the Spiff's Ride's large cargo containers, thruster components rendered, and a second jump drive built and charged.

    I jumped for awhile, getting harassed by Corruption drones several times while waiting for the jump drives to be recharged (I had to add even more small reactors!), and started thinking about how I was going to land this pig on the Earthlike planet. I remember you telling me you landed a Raiding Station using atmospheric thrusters, and I had lots and lots of everything I needed to build them.......except motors. I needed motors, and a lot of them. This need was going to force me to actually mine something. Oh, the humanity!

    The hunt to find nickel was arduous and time-consuming, and I got harassed by Corruption drones all the way. I finally found a deposit, parked right over the top of it, and proceeded to hand-mine about 100K of it. Fortunately, I got snuggled in really close, so it didn't take as long as it could have, and the asteroid provided a good source of cover protection for Spiff's Ride. I built 8 Arc Furnaces to quickly refine the nickel and, while the process moved along, rendered a bunch of steel plate for the massive amount of the iron ingots I would need. I calculated I would need more than a dozen large atmospheric thrusters to land, so I rounded up to 20 for a comfortable margin. I clustered five lift thrusters to a "corner". I also added a bunch of small atmospheric thrusters in the two lateral directions for control. Yeah, I was going to need more nickel, so I grabbed another 100K or so. (In the end I should have invested time into assembling a drill extension and mined the nickel that way, but that's 20/20 hindsight vision for you.)

    While the assemblers cranked out motors, I built atmospheric thrusters with everything but the motors. Eventually, enough motors were produced and everything was finished. I was ready to make the final jump and subsequent descent "home". The aftermarket add-ons considerably messed with the aesthetics of Spiff's Ride, but I was willing to let it go to make this a successful journey.

    My first trip to Neverland ended......poorly. The 8 small reactors did not have nearly enough of the necessary power to support 20 large atmospheric thrusters, and I should have known that. I knew I was in trouble when the power indicator redlined at about 2,000 meters above the ground. Spiff's Ride didn't even slow down as it unceremoniously pancaked on a frozen lake at 100 m/s, but I survived as a testimony to the superior engineering that went into the station's design. Still, bummer. I call mulligan!


    Not to be completely defeated, although I'm looking pretty dejected in the picture, I reloaded the map to just before the descent and replaced the eight small reactors with a single large reactor. There you go, doubting Mustapha!! While all this went on, I got dive-bombed by three kamakazi drones and had to pause to repair their damage caused by one drone that made it through my defenses. Punks!

    My second and final trip to Neverland completed flawlessly, although I wasn't sure it was going to slow down in time; the ship achieved equilibrium at about 600 meters. Well, of course it did.


    Sweet success! Again.
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  27. Thermonuklear Junior Engineer

    I just revisited this after the survival update and - oh, the irony- surviving is way easier now. I had to tell myself not to mine stone for resources(and failed miserably) to keep some challenge up.

    Had my first Stalker drone to harass me about two minutes AFTER I had relocated everything inside the asteroid. It just parked itself about 150m from my base exit... That 150m being solid rock. At least it still had working turrets. For some reason the Stalker opened fire on a little salvager drone that spawned a little later. I thought they were on the same team!
  28. Spaceman Spiff Senior Engineer

    I think the NPCs will fight each other now.
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