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Poll 1: Major Features

Discussion in 'General' started by opethbtbam, Oct 26, 2016.


What major features would you most like to see in Space Engineers?

Poll closed Nov 2, 2016.
  1. A campaign/story

  2. Improved multiplayer

  3. Improved graphics

  4. General stabilization (bug fixing/optimizing)

  5. A playable female character

  6. NPCs

  7. Menu/HUD improvements

  8. Animated landing gear

  9. More enemies

  10. More planets

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Merandix Junior Engineer

    Also some more suggestions for major features that are more in line with what I would expect from a 'major' feature. (some are 'planets'-major or even almost impossible)

    - airtightness being maintained between two grids (aka docking).
    - flight and grid logic overhaul (making ships actually detect somewhat how they are laid out... Including across multigrid ships, for example, allowing cockpits, rotors and thrusters to work together to have functional rotatable nacelles)
    - farming and food and accompanying blocks and mechanics.
    - liquid water
    - survival rebalancing to create a progression, and a need to explore. Giving purpose to survival and exploration.
    - more mechanical blocks

    Note these are examples. Some even unreasonable. But for example.
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  2. midspace Senior Engineer

    When did " Improved multiplayer" and "General stabilization (bug fixing/optimizing)" become a Major feature?

    Features are optional considerations in software development.

    I certainly don't consider Improved multiplayer or stabilization an optional feature.
    They are a requirement.
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  3. Commander Rotal Master Engineer

    The only reason i didn't is that, while not officially confirmed in any way, she's basically a sure thing. They got the model now, even if they only swap out the face this is going to happen at some point. (Had ME not implemented her i would have voted for her and bugfixing.)

    I also think these polls are mostly about priorities. Some of this, like bugfixing, really doesn't strike me as something they'd nope out of if they don't get many polls; i imagine they want to find out what to focus on next. We got a Road Map for 2016 but 2016 is rapidly becoming old.
    speak of the devil:
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  4. midspace Senior Engineer

    Space Engiuneers NPC's circa 2014.
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  5. Draygo Senior Engineer

    I have the rather firm opinion that keen needs to focus on getting to release. The game already has enough mechanics in the sandbox, it just needs to flesh out those mechanics in an intuitive way.

    Biggest thing this game is missing is a scaling and dynamic threat to the player
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  6. FatalPapercut Senior Engineer

    Voted for female engineers, though i would have liked to have seen the category as "greater character customization", especially since the poll is for major features.

    Also put in for animated landing gear, though i was pondering if it would be possible to apply the inverse kinematics that engineer's feet have to them instead.
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  7. Spets Master Engineer

    1. A campaign/story - I would like to see one. But I will prefer like random events in space, like optional missions, capture a floating cargo container, build a ship to send to a trader (there was a mission like this in the game that doesn't work anymore) and so on

    2. Improved multiplayer - well, this is something you have to do

    3. Improved graphics - The game looks good, it just need more... decorative stuff and visual effects maybe

    4. General stabilization (bug fixing/optimizing) - Like everybody say, a must

    5. A playable female character - if you put one, please don't use the same as ME. Make it look like a "realistic" female astronaut

    6. NPCs - well, this idea or whatever it was, was announced like 2 years ago...

    7. Menu/HUD improvements - I chose this one. The inside of the cockpit should have some real time elements on it. Maybe speed o meter, vector speed and direction, maybe ammo count, fuel, oxygen, hydrogen meter, etc

    8. Animated landing gear - My second choose. After using the animated SEI Cockpit, and the animated Heavy Landing Gear and the Animated ship Ramp, I can say that this little fancy animations can add a TON of immersive aspects to the game by just adding this little details.

    9. More enemies - I agree with this, unless you start to add ridiculous fantasy creatures and overpopulate the planets, like that Empiryon game. What happened with the astronaut AI project?

    10. More planets - There is already 1000 planets on the workshop. I would choose this if this means more details and features for planets. Weather, Environment hazards, caves, etc
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  8. suicideneil Apprentice Engineer

    This is another "all of the above" polls. Multiplayer and optimisation MUST take priority, though I would like to see retractable landing gear, or less ridiculous looking ones at any rate- the ones they teased a few weeks back looked horrific.
  9. Mikemc Trainee Engineer

    I want to see item sorting in the control panel like Empyrion has. Every video I watch, the items are just thrown together like a toy box.
  10. Harrekin Master Engineer

    Is there even a single "major feature" in there?

    I thought we were getting most of that stuff anyway?

    Race to release is on, I've been saying it for months and this makes it all the more obvious.

    Space Engineers currently has the gameplay depth of No Man's Sky.
  11. Commander Rotal Master Engineer

    I'm firmly with you on all of that. However...

    The puddle outside my window has the gameplay depth of No Man's Sky, and it hasn't rained in days.
  12. Spets Master Engineer

    hmm... that is exaggeration. although I agree SE have much more features potential, but gameplay depends mostly on the player side
  13. Eternal Trainee Engineer

    I choose Improved multiplayer because DS play online is the bread and butter of sandbox-like games. So obligatory.

    Then I personally have a really dire need of many Menu/HUD improvements, not only improvement about logical grouping but an overhaul based on usability of the interface: usability it's all about the ease of use of an interface. A more usable interface means less time of recognizing the elements of it when searching for a function/feature, like using less sliders and checkboxes in favor of pictoric icons and more intuitive graphical controls over block properties, improving player quality of life and control precision when dealing with grids in general.

    1) I have a massive pain everytime that i have to open the terminal looking for that timer block buried under all the entries of the interior lights, maybe even custom named so i have to look at the entire list to recognize it. Why not labelling each entry with a recognizable icon at a glance?

    2) If groups are the alleged solution of (1), they are really not, because are just a pain to mantain, handmade by the player: why not including block type filters and, of course, GRID filters so we don't have to look at the connected ships components when opening our station's terminal? By my opinion, name filter boxes are just the tip of the iceberg in addressing the Menu improvements.

    3) Block controls. Yeah, SLIDERS and TEXT. I despise the world when i see an angular property like piston orientation represented by just text!! Arghhhhh! Maybe a suggestion would be a circle where the angle is visualized by a red/green/(visible color) range and angle rotation boundaries are arcs of the circle in another color, so we get at a glance what is the piston state as soon as we look at it! Then for other properties, the slider control il very crude and the interface doesn't let me control floating point properties with precision: for them i'd just bite the dust and add an editable text field to make it more immediate (because not everyone knows the CTRL-LMB trick for the text value, and the functionality is not really accessible). Don't make me started on the numerical values of the sliders, not immediatly representing what I'm really dealing with. Then for checkboxes I could introduce more icons (with obligatory tooltips saying what they represent) that could be togglable, with icon color change on the toggle, so it's easy to search and assess their state.

    4) General look and feel of the interface, still crude in my opinion. I know it's not an easy task to measure it, but the color/interaction sounds/shape of the interface items are not really pretty in my opinion. But of course I'd just focus on the first 3 over this one. Maybe it will be resolved when icons are introduced.

    About HUD improvements: @Digi 's https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=428842256 should be a good reference for that. Can be improved upon, but still a beatiful proof of concept about immersive HUDs in SE.

    tl;dr: Crank that usability slider up!

    Edits: Font dimension changing
    Last edited: Oct 27, 2016
  14. Harrekin Master Engineer

    No Man's Sky has planets arranged as systems, NPC structures, randomised creatures/enemies, etc.

    You can say it's badly done or badly linked together but at least it's something.

    It's not 6.6AU of absolute nothingness.
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  15. Commander Rotal Master Engineer

    Though shan't be judged on what you actually deliver - though shall be judged on what you deliver compared to what you showed and promised. NMS may have pretty planets but even without the PR debacle and the lies it looks damn boring. It might as well be 6.6AU of absolute nothingness if the planets look like they're just the same three or four copypasted around.
  16. Harrekin Master Engineer

    Its exploration, a mechanic SE simply doesn't have at present.

    We need:
    •Organised star systems; asteroid belts, planets further apart (theyre practically binary planets atm), NPC stations (friendly: trade and enemy: pirates).

    •NPC factions; this can be up to the player, ignore it completely and stay neutral or do stuff for the factions and alter the balance.

    •Currency; more a feature for multiplayer, allowing marketplaces, payment for services (escort the miners and get paid, etc)

    •More flora and fauna on planets. Better resource distribution (massive veins of single/a couple of materials further apart).

    •Food; controversial but there is a "survival mode". Plus, the definition of a colony includes producing ones own food. An offshoot of this could be "medical gel" as a resource for the medical bays. Would make planets more important as you'd need to retrieve items for initial food production.
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  17. Duckroll Trainee Engineer

    I voted campaign but I don't think we need some kind of linear experience like the tutorials, more like some very broad goals or progression, like find the missing ship at Y by setting up a sensor grid, defeat the pirate base at X, go to the planet to set up a base and explore the ancient ruins. Each of these could take 10-12 hours on their own and be done any way you like.
  18. The Churrosaur Junior Engineer

    I'm sorry, but things like 'female engineers' or 'animated landing gear' seem far more like minor features?
  19. Commander Rotal Master Engineer

    On the one hand: that really depends on who you ask.
    On the other hand i don't particularly like to see female engineers on a poll of potential features with limited options in the first place.
    Animated Landing Gear is considered a major feature probably because it doesn't exist yet. FemBeard is an easy job, just copypaste the face onto the existing model if you don't have the time to adapt the bodytype as well. The animated Landing Gear might look like it's moving (in fact it looks specifically with that in mind) but they'd still have to do the animations from scratch.
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  20. FlakMagnet Senior Engineer

    I like the way I can answer these polls without having to think ..I already KNOW :)

    Moreplanets we don't need. We have an Octoganapus and a decent modding guide that even I can follow. A lot of the other stuff is fixing existing features rather than adding new ones, and a campaign/story is the whole idea behind the scripting tool....so that's already in place too I reckon. Sektan made a female character....
  21. ObjectZero Apprentice Engineer

    @Commander Rotal Ya that's what I don't get. I'm a graphics guy and it's a three minute good at best to get the model ready and maybe a couple hours to place in the code, make the button and do a quick test to have this done. As you've said no need to change the body just the head.
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  22. opethbtbam Apprentice Engineer

    Notification: Original post updated.
  23. Bruce LeedleLeedleLeedleLee Junior Engineer

    Improved Multiplayer and stabilization are not features
    --- Automerge ---
    We do need them, Keen just has to implement docs planets and figure out a spawning system
  24. opethbtbam Apprentice Engineer

    I'm not going to argue semantics. I think the intent of the poll is clear.
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  25. EctoSage Trainee Engineer

    Shocking lack of "Compound blocks" I know you guys are now saying Medieval Engineers & Space Engineers have become quite different, but wasn't one of the main ideas behind developing Medieval Engineers that the technology developed for it could be spun back into Space Engineers?
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  26. Vigo the Dudepathian Trainee Engineer

    I posted multi-player and bug fixes but npcs and more enemies are right behind them but I feel multi-player and bug fixing/optimization would make those better so should take priority. And I'm sure a sjw will lynch me but I think a female characters is not a "major feature", as it's more abformality. Sure there should be one, but at the moment there are a lot of more important issues.
  27. piratep2r Trainee Engineer

    I understand that this poll won't change, but it makes me pretty sad.

    First, female engineers as a "major feature?" They should already be in; a simple reskin of *just the head* of the male space engineer (using the female ME model) would be a better solution than the "nothing, we don't want female customers here at KSH" that we have. And yet, almost no one will vote for this on a list where doing so means that you would have to avoid voting for bugfixes and multiplayer fixes.

    A female model - while I think very important - simply does not belong on the list because fixing the lack of a female model *must* be overwhelmingly simple compared to "fixing multiplayer." Unless you were trying to create some sort of justification for *not* adding a female model because "no one wanted one when we put a poll up." Makes me a little angry and sad. Spend whatever time - weeks, months, years - you need fixing bugs/multiplayer, please. But also have a visual artist spend *a day* adding some simplified version of a female model FTLOG.

    Second, nothing about making planets more interesting or useful (weather, plants, animals, caves, wrecks, ruins, procedural buildings, water)? Nothing about upping the speed limit (which comes up on the reddit forum *all the time*)? Instead we get "animated landing gear" is a *major* feature? #baffled.

    All that being said (and I know I sound cranky) I do appreciate you soliciting feedback from the community, and I hope you learn something interesting from this poll, and the other you have posted. I suspect you would learning something far more interesting if you opened a poll with:

    "OK; our number one, two and three major priorities are bug fixes, multiplayer stability, and PBR rendering... what should the next one (or two) major feature(s) we work on be?"
    Last edited: Oct 27, 2016
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  28. Commander Rotal Master Engineer

    I... don't entirely know if i agree. I'm still fuzzy about whether this is asking for features that should get in period, asking for the next major focus without the losing options not getting in or just generally getting a feel for the community's wishes. Depending on what ends up on the list these can be three quite different questions.

    I agree the shit out of this. It's like having to choose between mutual exclusive talents in a talent tree; no matter how much you WANT another talent, there's almost always going to be one you need. I appreciate that they're asking us about what we want, i really do, but this poll makes me do the :/ face in real life.

    I'm reasonably sure she's comming in one of the next updates.
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  29. DDP-158 Master Engineer

    Some of you seem to be misinterpreting these polls. This isn't a either/or poll, this is a prioritizing poll.
    Multiple times I've read 'this shouldn't be an upgrade, it should be mandatory'. It is mandatory. Obviously they arent leaving bugs in or a mp broken; what's being asked is how important is it to you and where should we prioritize it.
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  30. piratep2r Trainee Engineer

    I hope so, but if so, why would a dev add that item as a "major feature" option on a "choose two" list of "major" features that includes "game breaking bug fixes" and "working multiplayer?"

    Anyway, it would certainly make sense if a female model appears in the near future! And I am actually sympathetic that any visual artists KSH has are probably pretty busy with PBR re-skinning at the moment.
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