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Possible Storyline

Discussion in 'General' started by GingerX, Nov 8, 2013.

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  1. GingerX Trainee Engineer

    [FONT= &#39]In the edges of space human colonies thrive. After the signs of earth’s destruction people panicked and left into space to seek a new world for them. Many months after, Earth exploded creating a black hole in the galaxy sucking planets, space stations, ships and millions of people, this was called the redemption. The remaining survivors fled into space. [/FONT]
    [FONT= &#39]After 2 months of the redemption survivors regrouped on small planet called Sozo to start rebuilding again, some formed factions and cults far among the space new government’s formed and new beliefs and people started to blame each other of the redemption. Civil War broke on Sozo and Sozo transformed to a battle ground. Refugees escaped and looked into space looking for a new home once more. [/FONT]

    [FONT= &#39]You are 4 refugees looking for a new home….. A new earth only taking your pride and skills and hope to finally end the war and be together. You will create a new home for each other and others who seek a new shelter. Or crush anyone of those who try to stop you.

    I'm not the best story writing, but anyone has my permission to edit or contribute any of this as long as they give[/FONT]
    credit. I hope the storyline is easy to follow if anyone has any questions please pm me.

    Please note: My grammar and punctuation may not be the best as im pretty bad at both of them.

    I hope the storyline goes well with you all!
  2. Vermillion Senior Engineer

    I read this far, then stopped. Earth exploded into a black hole in the galaxy. I lol'd.
    So... the earth sponateously explodes into a black hole. Makes sense...
  3. GingerX Trainee Engineer

    I went too much over with that one. Ill fix it :c
  4. GeneralApathy Apprentice Engineer

    It's nice to see this type of community work going on, just keep in mind, the Devs said that a story will never be implemented.
  5. Kamoba Senior Engineer

    The Devs saying they will never implement a story is very good for Roleplay aspects as it means communities can use their own back story :)
  6. bacondeity Apprentice Engineer

    Someone tried to rope me into their faction's history, ie; things that didn't happen between us happened, and I never agreed to it either. I hope people make up some interesting stories for themselves, but the game is pretty limited in that aspect. I mean, we're all in a similar situation, we're all going to mine and make ships. We can only make our future, our personal premises, which is why I hope we can have large role play communities, the Dominion is up to 17 members and hopefully we'll continue to grow.

    Unfortunately, since this game will have such a heavy focus on multi, I mean, I'm sure we're all going to partake, we can't make a back story (as a general populace) for the game, that at the very least, can be agreed upon. Otherwise we'll always have conflicting role plays and rules and whatnot . It'll be a mess.

    Although the devs will never add a story (lest this turn into Miner Wars again), I hope they add an official premise, and the premise they had for Miner Wars was really neato. It explained the massive need for mining, the lack of planets, and the constant space living of humans.

    That's what I personally follow. As for the Dominion 's history... It's a PMC, not much history in a corporation. I just want to build political role play with other factions here on the forum and in game. :)

    Side note; The Earth doesn't have enough mass to be a black hole (if somehow it did turn into a black hole, it would be the size of a peanut). Black holes are actually formed by an implosion , the collapsing mass of the dying star. (It explodes AFTER the black hole is made because the black hole cannot swallow all of the star's mass all at once, thus making a super Nova.)
  7. solver Trainee Engineer

    Did you need Lego to give you a backstory when you emptyed the box of little colored building blocks on the floor?
    No, you just had fun building (and possibly destroying) things.

    That is the buety of sanboxes like this, start blank and create.
    I never even thought about story during my many hours of building in minecraft for example.

    But if you realy want a storyline, create one, make the world the way you want it.
  8. Kamoba Senior Engineer

    Well said :)
    Make the story...
    Why or how we're there is a good simple story, where we came from and what happened is not so important...
    As long as you know your goals and what you want to achieve ;)
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.