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Problems with a autonomous static deepdrilling rig

Discussion in 'General' started by eXitus537, Aug 15, 2018.

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  1. eXitus537 Trainee Engineer

    Hi Guys,

    i encounter a strange behavior in Space Engineers.

    I am trying to build a static deep ore mining station. Therefore I build a Station which "pushes" a drillhead into the ground. The connection between the drillhead and station is made by a conveyor system. The conveyorpipe is connected to the station via a merge block and then a few new parts of conveyortube is welded to it via a blueprint and welders.
    At the top of the new welded pipes is an advanced rotor part which connects to an advanced rotor on the top of an piston, the mergeblock releases and the piston pushes the drillhead and pipe into the ground. At the maximum end of the piston the conveyorsystem connects to the station again via a mergeblock, the advanced rotor detaches and the piston reverse. Then the whole thing starts again.

    I build this and startet all the different steps manually and it worked fine for at least an kilometer deep hole.

    Then I build a new version, which uses fewer parts and is automated with timer blocks.

    The station is a "station" and everything works fine for a few iterations. But then (not everytime at the same depth) the Station starts to move and in the Infoscreen I can see, that the Station has converted to a ship. I can press the "Convert to station" button, but nothing happens. The station moves through the voxels, behaives strange and sometimes explodes, sometimes tips over and rolls over the floor.

    I startet building this station by placing light armor blocks in the voxels of the planet I am on.

    Has anyone encounted similar behavior and maybe has a fix? With this problem the whole deep drilling rig is useless.

    I tried different settings, drilling very slow, lower the maximum forces of the pistons, activated and deactivated the "Share inertia tensor" box, but nothing helped.

    If you need more information just let me know.

    Thanks guys and sorry for the bad englisch.

    I am a little bit in a hurry.


    [A second strange behavior I encounted with this idea was as followed:
    I wanted to place a camera to the drilling head pointing upwards, so I can view its image and see the distance to the station to know how deep i am. This works for exactly one iteration. The piston pushes the drillhead into the ground, retracts. This is it, after disconnecting the mergeblock to drill the next step nothing happens. The drillhead is stationary and wont move and cant be converted into a ship. When I remove the camera before stating the drilling process everything works fine and I can drill much deeper, but finally encounter the above mentioned problem.]
  2. GrindyGears Senior Engineer

    If I had to make a guess, it might be something to do with the relative masses of the grids, obviously as the drill goes deeper, the grid becomes larger and heavier, there may be some distinction being made as what is the "ship" and what is the "station" if those two masses become similar it may mistake which is which and cause this failure
  3. Ronin1973 Master Engineer

    Attaching a kilometer long piston grid to rotor... in a confined space... what could possibly go wrong?

    I think you've exceeded the bounds of the game's collision detection system. Just because it's possible doesn't mean it's a good idea.
  4. Stardriver907 Master Engineer

    You are on a planet. Why do you need to push the drill with a piston. I'm sure it would go in the right direction all on its own.

    Also, all this merging and un-merging has to be driving the game crazy. When grids merge the game gives the largest grid's identity to the added grid. If the smaller grid gets larger every time it re-merges, at some point it may become the main grid and your base grid now assumes the identity of the drill grid, which is probably not a station. If the base grid assumes the identity of the drill grid and becomes a ship that is already hip deep in voxels, the game will initiate the "your ship has crashed into the planet and must now spin, rotate, and head towards the center faster than Havok can figure out how to make it come apart" system.

    In the second case it appears merging the "ship" drill to the "station" base made the drill a "station".

    I may be technically full of shit, but merge blocks were designed to make permanent merges. Those of us that use them for temporary merges know full well what happens to the identities of ships that detach from other ships, and all the trouble we have to go through to things to work properly again.

    Try using connectors or landing gear instead of merge blocks

    It would be nice to have a block that is designed to make an unbreakable connection that will allow the two grids to act as one without changing the identity either grid, or at least give grids that merge a way to remember who they were.
  5. eXitus537 Trainee Engineer

    Hey, sorry for the late answer, @GrindyGears is probably right. I attached the whole contraption to another large station and everything works just fine. Except the game is getting laggy, but it does its job. Drilled to 1.7km without any problems.
    I want to start a survival game with the DeepOres Mod. With his mod some of the ores are at depth around 1.5km. So i was playing around in creativ to check if my idea was even possible. It is, but it is not very performant. I am not sure if I continue with my idea, i might, i might not and think about a different solution. I need the merge block for the projection. Or is there any other way to project to an subgrid attached by rotor or simillar?
    Maybe I will try and get rid of the merge block and add an projector to every piece of drilling pipe which projects the next part. But to make it cheap I will grind it down while the pipe is beeing lowered into the ground.

    Thank you for your help! I am fearly new to the game.
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.