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Projector loading "his own blueprint"

Discussion in 'General' started by tobtobi, Dec 14, 2017.

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  1. tobtobi Trainee Engineer

    Hy there,

    currently iam Bulding a Space Elevator.
    I made a 102 Blocks high structure with projector at the end to load this blueprint again and again - so i can get up automatically.
    Sadly it loads the blueprint 1 or 2 times than stops
    Anyone has an idea?

  2. ShadedMJ Apprentice Engineer

    First, good luck on the Space Elevator.

    "1 or 2 times than stops" can you say more? You might have to tell the projector to move the projection up 1 or 2 blocks after the bottom set is welded.
  3. GrindyGears Senior Engineer

    I actually seem to recall an issue with the projector itself having trouble storing projection data of blueprints. Making self replication difficult.
  4. tobtobi Trainee Engineer

    This little example might describe it:
    I have a Blueprint B (that i currently build) and a Projection P (H is the builded Structure from current Bp)

    ......P B H
    ...P B H H
    P B H H H
    B H H H H than it stops

    What i also tried:
    instead of loading 1 blueprint again and again i made a Blueprint "Lift" and "Lift 1"
    Lift loads Lift 1 loads Lift loads Lift 1 and so on.

    Or is there maybe a problem with the load if the Bp itself?
    I created the structure than said load Bp "Lift" Ctrl+B and replace from Clipboard on Lift.
  5. halipatsui Senior Engineer

    I had similar issues with projevtions dissappearing.

    I got it to work by turning the projection off/back on every once in a while.
    You might want to try it out too but seems like you should make a bug report.
  6. J.R. Ewing Trainee Engineer

    I had made it with only one projector http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=930070872&searchtext=self+building . But I have abandonned the idea, because of 20km engine limitation. Over 20 km is not possible to weld enymore to original construction. When I try some tricks with connectors, welding continue back again, but included sensor stoped sensing the construction anymore. And stops to replenish material needed for next construction is crucial part of this idea of self-construction space lift.
  7. Timotei~ Apprentice Engineer

    The reason why it stops is simple. When you put a blueprint into the projector, it only save a copy of the blueprint (copy is the keyword here). So if you take the blueprint and put it in the projector for the first time, it will contain a blueprint of the ship that has no projection yet. The projector will not update itself automatically if you update the blueprint itself later on (and it shouldn't). If you want to make a long chain of projectors, I would recommend using the recursive aspect of that concept to your profit.

    In this exemple:
    P is a projector
    HH is any other blocks
    {} is the content of the projector.

    step 1.
    make a ship:
    note. The projector start empty.

    step 2. take a blueprint and put it in the projector:
    note. the projector now contains a copy of itself from step 1 (with the empty projector).

    step 3+. repeat step 2:
    note. the thing get longer each times. You can repeat this step to lengthen the thing at will.

    Keep in mind that each times you repeat step 3, the size of the blueprint file get a bit bigger. Each projectors contain a full copy of the blueprint from when you've set it. So the blueprint could get gigantic if you get carried away.

    Have fun with that ;).
  8. halipatsui Senior Engineer

    Can that be automated?
  9. Sinbad Senior Engineer

    nesting blueprints like that is a very bad idea. especialy if the projector in the blueprint is saved while switched on.
    projecting the top level will cause the game to try to load all the levels.
    the last I checked on this issue it ended up with keen disabling nested blueprints.
    if its been re-enabled (assuming it wasn't an accidental reversion, which ksh does often enough to mention here) the situation might be better.

    another solution is to put the projector on the elevator car. as the car moves upwards, the short section blueprint of the tower will fall in and out of alignment. but it only needs to align for an instant for the welders to place the blocks. if you are filling from a conveyor rail via connectors it might be worth setting up a grinder at the bottom of the car to remove the connectors after you are done with them.
  10. halipatsui Senior Engineer


    Im pretty sure the projector actually has to be part of the same subgrid in order to weld the projection. At some point it would need to lock to the grid using merge block.
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  11. Timotei~ Apprentice Engineer

    Hopefully, no feminist will see this message. Otherwise, I wish you good luck trying to survive :p.
  12. dispair Apprentice Engineer

    Historically ships are always referred to as feminine. So my light humor was not received well; I apologise to anyone I offended.
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.