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Qal'at Al-Hadara- Middle Eastern Themed Faction

Discussion in 'Groups & Dedicated Servers' started by Axlw, Feb 2, 2015.

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  1. Axlw Trainee Engineer


    (This is a faction based on the Middle East, around the time of the Crusades. Please note that this does not express any political opinion, and is only supposed to provide a cool RP experience)
    Qal’at Al-Hadara! It is a name which the peoples of lesser nations whisper in awe, their leaders with fear. Hadara’s people have conquered the desert and built towering cities, discovered wonders of science, and written great works of literature. The esteemed Isaac Newton himself spoke their language and studied their texts. His three laws, heavily influenced by the writing of Hadaran scholars, merely touched the surface of their advancement.
    Qal’at Al-Hadara! Its advancements decried by foreign priests as heresy, its people slaughtered by “holy” warriors. Before, it was merely a land of individual emirates, each vying for power. Now, it has been united under a single banner: a land capable of dominating the world.
    Trade Partners
    Sacred Order of the Pink Flamingo

    Sultan, Amir of Dashaq: Axlw​
    Amir of Halab: Pending
    Amir of Raha: Pending
    Amir of Iskandriyya: Pending
    Amir of Qahira: Pending
    Vizier of Military: Pending

    Vizier of Economy: Pending

    Vizier of Technology: Pending

    Various leaders will be added as needed.
    Supreme executive power of the realm is invested within the Great Sultan, and he is given control of Damashq. He has the power to declare war, sign treaties, among other edicts. He can call the Amirs to arms, leading them in battle, and will consult them on issues. He is expected to give fair treatment to all, and be just to his subjects, regardless of their race or religion.
    The four great Amirs are the most widely known in Hadara, each controlling their respective city. The four usually act as leaders alongside the Sultan, and are given equal say in decisions made by the government. Other Amirs are present, and while not possessing the renown of the four, can be just as dangerous, especially when they combine their efforts. While not given as much power, they are still a force to be reckoned with. All Amirs are expected to be loyal to Hadara, and each swear an oath to protect it.
    Note that if an Amir commits an act unbecoming of his position, he can be removed. These crimes include discrimination and disrespect, among others.
    “It is not titles that honor men, but men that honor titles.”​
    -Niccolo Machievelli
    Damashq, the most widely known of the five great cities, is known for its scientific advancement and rich concentration of philosophy and discussion. The city is often host to a gathering of powerful minds, and discussions on advanced topics are common, even among the poor. From here also comes the greatest steel in the world, unyielding, yet beautiful. This powerful city is known as the cradle of civilization, though it is but one among the many great cities.
    The other cities, be they among the four or not, are ever-changing. With new leaders, they are expected to become as they wish, be they a centre of learning and philosophy or a hub of great towering structures. More will be added to this as cities develop.​
    In Qal’at Al-Hadara, one principle is held sacred: no individual bows to another. Each are held equally in respect, regardless of opinion, and one would be seen as foolish to suggest otherwise. Although ranks in society are present, they do not denote supremacy over another, and each contributes to the glory of the nation.
    Amirs are the “nobility” of Hadaran society. They have the power to command troops in battle, and each governs his own city. It is the custom for them to fight alongside their men, and serve as soldiers if need be. They all possess a say in the Hadaran council, and are expected to voice their opinions respectfully. Amirs are held to a standard of honor and nobleness: none are allowed to blemish their title.
    Hadaran armies are usually composed of infantry, cavalry, archers, and engineers. They are all pledged to defend Hadara and their commander, and uphold honor in battle. Whether they do this or not is their choice, but soldiers are expected to be respectful to civilians, even of the enemy.
    Civilians comprise the majority of the Hadaran population, be they merchants, laborers, or theologians. Despite being born into lowly conditions, it is not uncommon to see great philosophers rising from such humble beginnings. While not all are quite noble or honorable, morals are well upheld by most of the population.

    The Assassins
    The Assassins are a dangerous cult of radicals, lead by the wicked Shar. While proclaiming to be defending the integrity of Hadara, their methods are despicable, which clearly shows that they are not what they think they are. However, many Amirs are careful not to aggravate them, as Shar is ruthless when dealing with opponents. Assassins dispatched by the cult will attempt to kill any who oppose them, and have held Hadara in the grip of fear for many years. However, times are changing. Their fortress, hidden among the mountains of central Hadara, is no longer secure. Rumors of an offensive against them by the Sultan are rife, though he has already suffered multiple attempts on his life from the Assassins…

    Law is an extremely serious matter in the realm of Hadara. Each city or town has a qadi, or judge, to determine cases of law, be they civil or criminal. Those who are found guilty of a minor crime receive only a warning, in serious cases, they can be stripped of their position.

    Open Positions

    Amir* of Halab​
    Amir* of Raha
    Amir* of Iskandriyya
    Amir* of Qahira

    Vizier of Military

    Vizier of Economy

    Vizier of Technology

    Amir*- 10

    Soldier**- Unlimited


    If one wants to assume these positions, they can send a message to Axlw on these forums or on Steam. A Steam group is present, and one will gain access once within the faction.

    *Once assuming this position, one will be given control of a city, and can name it, if possible. He will then be able to direct this city's specialization.
    **It is OK if there is a shortage of people for these ranks. In keeping with the Hadaran custom of equality, all will be expected to build and fight, as well as keeping their former positions.
    The world is dangerous. Ruthless bands of robbers kill those who cross their path. Bigotry and intolerance among the nobility of other nations spreads like disease. We must join together - join together in order to survive and conquer this world.
    Last edited: Jul 19, 2015
  2. Martinineter Senior Engineer

    Good day sir,

    The sacred order of the pink flamingo would like to remind you that relationships with other factions are important. This brings me to the next point: We would like to propose a peaceful (trading) alliance to let both our factions grow in wealth.

    - Martinineter, purger of heretics, bringer of justice
  3. Axlw Trainee Engineer

    I see no issue with solidifying trade between our great nations. I accept your offer with thanks.
  4. Schnitzel Trainee Engineer

    Tsardom of Russia would like to remind you that..
    This means WAR!
  5. Silen Apprentice Engineer

    // I'm sending this same message to a lot of RP faction, sorry if it's always the same, but it's useless to write always the same things with different words. ^^

    A messenger arrives on horse, claiming that he has to deliver a message to the Sultan.
    The letter brings the blue seal of King Alfredo Sìleni I, of the Kingdom of Sìlen.
    It's your decision if you want to open the letter or not, though this is its content:


    To your Majesty Sultan Axlw,
    I offer you my peacefull salutes as mutual benefit for our Kingdoms.
    I sent this letter to offer a trading partnership between our lands.
    By your consent we will only draw advantages, therefore I see no reasons for refusal.
    I expect to receive a letter soon with your answer.

    For the blue and white!
    King Alfredo Sìleni I
  6. Ingenio Ingens Apprentice Engineer

    That's surprisingly racist. There was no cause for violence other than cultural hatred. Wow.
  7. Schnitzel Trainee Engineer

    What can I say? My people are racist. :p
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.