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Question about Hyrdogen tanks

Discussion in 'Gameplay Help' started by DutchFox, Oct 25, 2016.

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  1. DutchFox Trainee Engineer

    Hello other space engineers,

    This question might've already been asked several times but my best google abilities did not result in a good answer. Recently in survival mode I've been playing around with Hydrogen thrusters. I got my whole system set up, my oxgen generator linked to my hydrogen tanks and if I put some ice in my generator I deliver a great amount of thrust! Now here is the problem I keep on encountering, whenever I have started my engines once, no matter the condition of the craft my tank keeps draining.

    I enter my craft for the first time, after filling it up with ice and I do have power so I see my Hydrogen tank filling up. I boost up my engines and as expected my hyrdogen keeps on decreasing. But the thing which I cannot understand is as follows, whenever I shut my engines off, and I keep the power on so that the hydrogen tanks fill up I keep losing hydrogen. The tanks only drain from this point on, no matter if there's ice in the oxgen generator or not. The only way for me to fix this currently is to reload my save file and they fill up again.

    I double checked, it's on a small ship and the hydrogen tank is only connected to my oxgen generator. I don't understand how I lose hydrogen whilst my engines aren't consuming it, and neither is something else in the system. Is there a way to resolve this without having to reload my save file? I might be doing something wrong, but it is filling up nicely before my engines turn themselves on so that's the part I don't get. I return to the exact same state the craft was in before I turned the engines on, whilst before it filled the tank, now it's draining. I hope you guys can help me out.

    Thanks in advance,
    Fellow space engineer
  2. odizzido Junior Engineer

    Try powering down the entire ship(default y). I have the same bug and turning the entire ship off/on stops the drain. It's annoying to have to constantly do that but it's much much faster than reloading.
  3. SilentShadow Apprentice Engineer

    Group your tanks and set a hotbar to turn them off when not in use. Tanks are a bit bugged atm. Hydro leaks and oxygen gains for no reason.
  4. tankmayvin Senior Engineer

    There is currently a bug that causes tanks to auto deplete in survival even when thrusters aren't firing.......that's your problem.
  5. FlakMagnet Senior Engineer

    I find a save and reload often cures it for me .... that and setting the tanks to stockpile 'on' seems to prevent loss of fuel. I first noticed when I parked up my atmospheric shuttle with 90% fuel in after a flight to space only to find I had 60% left when I wanted to go back to the planet.

    Not what I expected!
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.