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Question for the Dev's - Will we get to build on the 45

Discussion in 'General' started by Ubiqanon, Mar 18, 2015.

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  1. Ubiqanon Trainee Engineer

    Of course these 'question for the dev' threads typically go nowhere but I thought I would try... (learning to love futility).

    I want to know if we will be able to build (using all the standard castle components) on the diagonal or 45* angle.

    As of now the blocks rotate on a 90* angles, so for utilization all blocks (windows, doors, battlements, etc...) we have to basically build in squares or on the perpendicular, or use the predetermined round blocks (restricted to 4x4 circles.)

    But, we do have the slope block, which when flipped on its side does let us build thick walls at the 45 * angle. So what I am wondering is if we will ever be able to crenelate these blocks, or add windows and doors, etc...

    (There are quite a few castles that built towers in octagonal shape (Caernarfon, Ragland, Del Monte, Warwick, Alnwick, etc...)

    Just wonderin... (I want to build Caernarfon!)
  2. Skurkanas Trainee Engineer

    I think the limitation here is that the game is based on a block grid that is oriented in a certain way. And some shapes (like the basic stone block) would leave the confines of that grid if rotated 45°
  3. waterlimon Senior Engineer

    Im sure there will be a limited set of diagonal blocks including windows and doors etc.

    But these diagonal blocks will be 'second class citizens'. Diagonal building will never work as nice as regular building, because the building system is based on a grid.

    So when you build you can probably have diagonal stuff in it, but overall youll try to align stuff to the grid whenever you can because everything just works better that way.
  4. Ubiqanon Trainee Engineer

    Agreed. I am not asking for blocks to rotate on the 45, but for blocks to be built such that they rotate on a 90, but the structure in the block is built on a diagonal line, again within that block.

    If you draw an X inside a box, the box still rotates on a 90*, but the lines (in our case the walls, windows, doors, etc...) work on the diagonal.

    This is how the slope block works when you rotate it on its side, so we already have the design, no change in mechanics, we just need the blocks built.

    The trick with walls that are not 1/2 a block thick will be how do you join them and mantian a solid line... you would get triangular gaps... have to think how to solve that. Bit its not a deal breaker, as I would be happy if they were all 1/2 solids.

    There has to be a way to make this work. For SE restrictions to perpendicular seem less of an issue. In this world, walls / castles would be built to enhance natural or modified terrain. There are almost no castles in reality that work on a perpendicular grid, landscape dictates makes this impossible.
  5. Ghostickles Senior Engineer

    Hope I am understanding this correctly, changing an entire grid to 45 out not just placing blocks on a 45.?
    This was why I made the suggestion for 'Phasing', so we could place grids to whatever alignment we chose. This should be doable as SE's ships have full range of motion through all directions and we only need static blocks to 'create' a new grid direction. With the 'J' button the blocks fall and don't seem to settle into a foundation, rather stay a movable object, although they create a new grid direction. This also creates a problem with 'level' building, if the terrain voxels are not flat any structure built off a 'J' placed block would be out of plumb.
  6. Aspirine Trainee Engineer

    Hi fellas, I've got a problem which kinda fits with this discussion. I've managed to build on a different grid than the original while avoiding the problems mentioned by Ghostickles by building a timber platform before releasing my 'J' oriented block just over it (so it's perfectly horizontal). Then I just build off this block until I "stick" through the ground. Delete the timber and unwanted blocks and voilà! I can now build any stone building I want using this new grid (as long as I keep the stuff attached to my original "earthed" block"). My problem now is I can't attach any timber or timber-related elements (catch blocks etc) to this new-grid structure!!!

    In parallel I've managed to "earth" free rotated timber (using catch blocks) and build upon these new timber grids but I can't attach any stone element to them!!
  7. Ubiqanon Trainee Engineer

    Just wanted to say THANK YOU to the devs for the 45* building blocks.

Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.