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Quick verification check on possible Bug

Discussion in 'General' started by Cryptic1293, Nov 13, 2018.

  1. Cryptic1293 Trainee Engineer

    Does anyone else feel like the view from the camera block is slightly off center? I have noticed that at long range, when viewing from the camera, that shots always seem to go off center. I usually have to aim down and to the left to hit the target. Does anyone else experience this? If others do, I will post this to the bug reports.
  2. Burstar Apprentice Engineer

    To be sure: If you're using a PMW with a camera block, the cameras view is never in line with the gun because the gun would necessarily be shooting through the camera. This might be causing the view skew you're experiencing.
    The view you get using a vanilla turret is different. That view will be centered because the camera is placed 'in the barrel'.
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  3. Dax23333 Junior Engineer

    In my experience the crosshair is not at infinity in front of your veiw point or just a blob on the centre of the screen, it is rather a cross rendered some distance in front of the chair you are sitting in. I seem to remember you can see this in 3rd person, with the crosshair appearing in front of the ship. What this does for PMWs is mean that unless you have the chair in line with the camera the crosshair will be slightly off, akin to aiming a rifle with sights not set up correctly. This is often a larger problem that what Burstar said which is usually only a few blocks if you put the camera above the barrel of the weapon. Unfortunatly compensating for multiple barrels with a camera for each one can make the first problem worse which likely outweighs any benifit.

    Not sure why it is done this way. For 3rd person flying maybe? But for first person you'd be better off with a blob of tape on your screen.
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  4. Spaceman Spiff Apprentice Engineer

    That's why I always mount my gun cameras to the side so I can feel like a real gangsta who holds his piece sideways. "I'm gonna pop a cap in yo a.......!"
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