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Race For Space Mode

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feedback' started by VenomBG, Mar 31, 2015.

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  1. VenomBG Trainee Engineer

    I know that you guys at KEEN might not be very keen :)D) on the idea that I'm about to suggest, but please bear with me.
    The idea is for this to perhaps be added as an option to survival mode once the Super Large (and awesome) Asteroids, a.k.a. the Planets have been implemented.
    In order for this to work, one key features must be created, to make the game more challenging and give it a new twist:

    Space Crafts and "Space Engineers" (Characters) within the atmosphere of a Planet have to to be affected by it's gravitational pull.This can perhaps be done by making vehicles entering the atmosphere of a planet act as though they have an artificial mass attached to their initial center of gravity point.
    This will create an opportunity for new purpose of design - Creating a specifically Atmosphere orientated vehicles and craft capable of bursting through the atmospheric bubble and escaping the gravitational pull of the large space body, thus beginning the space journey. It will also create the need for crafts specifically created for entering the atmosphere from space - like shuttles.
    Every character could be spawned on a single Large Planet or distributed across several, with limited tools and resources.

    if characters are spawned without their space suits, the newly added oxygen feature would make the game way more challenging and would allow the exploration of a whole new set of possibilities.
    Starter planets can all be made habitable, thus allowing players to start their journey to space from scratch, creating their own spacesuits along the way.
    Starter planets are hazardous and players are spawned in a specifically designated spawn point.These points could be a small hermetically-sealed outpost/hangar with basic survival gear and some machines to allow engineers to move outside in the hostile environment. This would encourage the use of vehicles and would make terraforming very useful until players build their space suits later on.

    As it was done with the exploration feature, the users can create many different variants for spawn-outposts and many other buildings that can be generated as the characters progress along the surface of the Planets.
    In my view, implementing such a feature would by no means deter the game from its original idea but rather expand it. In the end Space remains the ultimate goal but getting there presents a whole new set of engineering challenges which i, at least, would definitely want to explore :).
    Thanks again for being a great team KEEN, keep up the good work! :)
  2. Wintersend Senior Engineer

    I actually had an idea not dissimilar to this when planets were first confirmed. My idea was a mostly standard start a la asteroids except instead of starting in space you start of on a planet with a crash landed yellow sub which is mostly intact but incapable of independent exit and re-entry. Maybe it could be more damaged and have the requisite supplies in the small cargo container.

    Anyway, you then need to start converting it into an actual base, or leave it and deal with that latter if you'd like, and produce small rovers or sub orbital fliers, a.k.a. planes and helicopters, would be best if we got real aerodynamics, until you can escape or you can leave the whole game basically on the planet or even stay on even if there is more in space to gain control of the planetary surface which, while very expensive, would be an excellent defensive position due to limitations on attacking craft.
  3. aerosabe Apprentice Engineer

    Aerodynamics can be reduced to ship specific values and equations. Not accurate, but good enough for a game :) at least drag vs speed, lift may need to be limited to certain blocks as a value multiplied by speed (even ignore angle of inclination) and just have minimum speed for the block and have wing functions automatically adjusted (meaning ignored) above the minimum.
    It will still be tricky determining the 'equivalent flat plate drag area' for a ship since well designed aerodynamic shapes can have an 'equivalent flat plate drag area' significantly smaller than their 'cross sectional area'. This part would be good for flying in atmosphere anyway though. I would probably just assign different 'equivalent flat plate drag area' for each side of a block and add up the first ones facing the direction of travel. Still, a ship specific value, redetermined upon adding more blocks, would be good for performance. then interpolate between them. Aerodynamic drag would be cool.

    Wings. lol. would be an interesting and distant addition if at all.
  4. VenomBG Trainee Engineer

    YES! Adding aerodynamics to the game would just add so much!
    Players would have to design completely new ships for for traversing the planet and gathering its resources.
    I can imagine that this would make land moving vehicles much more useful then they currently are. Since players would be stuck on the planet for the first part of the scenario, it would be extremely difficult to dig for ore, for example, while piloting a helicopter that is affected by the laws of aerodynamics and has a couple of wildly shaking drills attached to its hull or ramming a drill-nosed plane into the mountain side :D.

    Anyway, adding proper aerodynamics would probably be difficult and might be a bit heavy for the game, I honestly don't know.
    I would be happy with a simpler version that would just put some limits on crafts and players within the atmosphere and gravitational pull of a planet.
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Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.