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Realistic, x3 or x10 ?

Discussion in 'Survival' started by Lysanderize, Mar 21, 2014.

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  1. Zourin Apprentice Engineer

    Single player: 5x assembler, 10x refinery, 1x inventory, 2x weld/grind. I play the Asteroid start, and will not tolerate having to wait a week for the initial intake of ores to process before I can actually play the game. It already takes almost 12+ hours at 10x to process a starting inventory of ore types with that starting refinery.

    I could understand slower processing times on 'always active' servers, but I'm already running SE afk for days a time, chewing RL power and system resources, just waiting on 'numbers conversions'. If I could make it instant refining, I sure as hell would do so up until I'd gotten that initial starting spread of material to start my own construction.

    Maybe turn it down once I've gotten a base refinery set up, but sitting around waiting for permission to play is BS.
  2. Dreokor Senior Engineer

    Inventory x 3
    Refineries x 1
    Assemblers x 1
    Weld/Grind x 2

    I dont like to go back and forth too many times to weld/grind something at the begining, I think the rest is fine as it is.
  3. TidusKlein Apprentice Engineer

    I play X1 for everything, and have never even touched the other numbers, save for creative worlds where i set the grind speed higher.
    even the first world i ever played was 1x 1x 1x, I figured learn to play it hard, or not at all.

    heck i dont even touch an online world unless its 1x1x1x :D

    it normally takes me a good day or so to get everything up and running, here is the key to 1x1x1x.....refinerys refinerys refinerys, my currant base has 8 running, and about 8 more blast furnaces just for iron processing, which cuts the load on the refinerys
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  4. seb-eisdrache Trainee Engineer

    all to realistic, other settigns feels like cheating
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  5. mecra Apprentice Engineer

    10x inventory, 2x everything else. Still takes years to refine important materials and build heavy block.
  6. transistor77777 Apprentice Engineer

    1x for everything except for refineries, otherwise when I start a map I literally have to sit and wait over 6 hours just to refine enough ore to build more refineries. After my first base is up and running, i usually set it back to 1x
  7. Koder Apprentice Engineer

    I will add forced first person to my 1x1x1 preference.
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  8. Mosseman Apprentice Engineer

    I shall join the forced 1st person 1x preference clan.

    I like it as it encourages design through necessity. I don't build glorious behemoths like the ones you've seen from creative mode. I build smaller, more efficient ships, that excel at some specific role instead of say, an asteroid eater with on board refineries and medical facilities.

    Oh, and an assembler and some point defence turrets.

    Made entirely from heavy armour.

    And enough thrust to shunt Earth from its orbit.

    Add to the "essential design" philosophy requirements such as oxygen systems and a desire to be able to walk in stations, board ships and do things in the game all while never turning on jetpacks or removing your helmet and you've got a nice "realistic" challenge.

    That's a lot of problems to solve. Good thing I'm an engineer...in space.
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  9. OldGamer67 Apprentice Engineer

    I'm revisiting this to change my initial play style.

    Inventory x1
    Assembler and refinery speed x1
    Welding and grinding x2

    It feels more satisfying playing with more realistic settings though I'm simply too impatient to play with welding and grinding at x1. It definitely provides incentive to make a ship to do the job, as doing it yourself is a lesson in frustration. I tried to build a large ship antenna by hand and was amazed that I could only carry ONE radio component at a time. Back and forth ... back and forth ...

    I'll still pass on the forced 1st person perspective. Realistic it may very well be but I've run ships into things even with 3rd person.
  10. GotLag Senior Engineer

    1x everything, except I mod construction components to be 2 seconds instead of 10 and platinum to be 10x faster (but still produce the same ingot yield per kg of ore). Otherwise refining enough platinum to build large ship thrusters just takes too goddamn long.
  11. Sadjuuk Apprentice Engineer

    Exactly the same for me, I regret sometime the storage capacity of cargo containers aren't realistic even in 1X (27 000 L for a large cargo container on small ship for example, with its size it should be 8000L maybe..)
    But need a welder ship etc.. to do the work it's great, very nice gameplay, likewise to need to add more refinery in order to improve your industrial capacity etc..
  12. Geneticus Senior Engineer

    I use 40x inventory...
  13. McTraveller Apprentice Engineer

    I've got refining at 3x, everything else at 1x. But that's just a holdover from before the upgrade modules were introduced. I should probably change that back to 1x. Also, now that they changed construction components to 4 seconds from 10, build times aren't bad at all any more.
  14. Starfang42 Trainee Engineer

    1x assembler, 10x refinery with a mod that further increases platinum processing speed, welding and grinding at 2x, inventory at 3x.

    The assembler I left untouched because it also increases efficiency, and that seems like a bit too much. I've been tempted to increase it to 3x a couple times though. Especially with how slow construction components are.

    Welding and grinding at 2x seems like a nice reasonable speed, so that's where it went.

    During the "First Ship" tutorial, I found having to run back and forth every 5 seconds for more parts to be a bit too tedius, so I bumped inventory sizes up to the next level. So far, seems pretty reasonable.

    But the refinery. Oh, the refinery. I forget what I started this thing on, but I almost immediately bumped it up to 10x. Shortly after making my first small mining ship and getting some more platinum with it, I took a look at how slow it was processing it, tried slapping a couple speed modules on, and it was still crawling. After looking at how many thruster components I was going to need for any large-grid thruster, I decided I wasn't willing to sit around that long and got another mod that increases the speed of platinum another 5x. Between that and the speed modules, that seems to be fast enough for my tastes.

    I'm a relatively new player, by the way.
  15. McTraveller Apprentice Engineer

    This is basically why for my main (forward) thrusters, I use small ship large thrusters connected via rotor to the main ship and use increase/decrease thrust overrides for control. Even with the new more powerful large thrusters, this uses about a third the platinum cost*. A good tradeoff in my mind for the little bit of difficulty in having to manually control the torque from the separate-grid thrust.

    *Small grid large thrusters are 12kN/thruster component. Large grid large thrusters are 3.75kN/thruster component. You also get better thrust/mass from the small grid, and fairly similar thrust/block. (You can get 576kN (588 if you add a small thruster) in a large grid block, or 3,456kN (3,528kN w/smalls) in a 2x3 block array, with the small grid thrusters. This is awfully close to the 3600kN for a large thruster. Before the large grid changes, the small grid thrusters were far better than the large for thrust/block).
  16. Thales M. Senior Engineer

    My singleplayer setting:
    Inventory, Refinery, Assembler = Realistic
    Weld/Grind speed = 5x (Otherwise it is very time consuming.)
  17. Namdoolb Apprentice Engineer

    I found the x1 settings just a little too restrictive, so I run:
    - refinery x10 (I don't want to go afk and watch a film while my ore refines)
    - assembler x3 (I would have to check to be sure what I set it on. The assembler is quick enough, x1 settings wouldn't have hurt, I think I put it on x3 to keep it in line with cargo.)
    - inventory x3 (I think this gets a good balance between tedium and realism. Don't need any higher than x3, but I don't have sufficient patience for x1)
    - weld/grind speed x2 (balances out with the x3 settings on the other things, and feels like a nice compromise. I don't mind the slower welding and grinding too much.)

    I can see the appeal of x1 settings across the board, but I just haven't got sufficient spare time to invest in doing everything at x1.
  18. Sadjuuk Apprentice Engineer

    @Namdoolb Yes the time is a problem but with industrial devices, productivity modules, more arc furnaces, welder ships etc the time don't stay a real problem.

    I don't know if the weight is X3 too with inventory X3, but if it's the case I don't know how you do, even X1 it's very hard for me to drive a ship empty then full of ore..
  19. Koder Apprentice Engineer

    There is a mod I made a while back, to balance out each ore. I took the refine speed of each one and calculated a happy medium so all ore types refine at the same rate. For example, things like Plat would refine 20x faster, but Iron takes 4 times as long. The ingot output remains the same as in vanilla so there are no balance issues.

    I have not tested this with the modules, but based on how they work it should still be consistent.
  20. Namdoolb Apprentice Engineer

    Driving full/empty does require a little tweaking of the suspension system, but is pretty do-able. I don't have a massive amount of experience with ground vehicles, I suspect the difficulties I am able to overcome with control panel tweaking could be reduced or perhaps eliminated altogether with smarter construction on my part.

    On the weight thing: I could be wrong, but I was pretty sure they fixed it by reducing the weight of objects in higher inventory settings so that a full cargo container will weigh the same regardless of what you've got the inventory set on.
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  21. NT Norgandir Trainee Engineer

    I use 3x for inventory, 1x for everything else.
    The only thing that bothered me was the amount of trips I had to take to empty a container before conveyors where introduced.
  22. Devon_v Senior Engineer

    I'm on 3x inventories, all others realistic, first person only. It's great fun.

    I really want to get down to 1x inventory now that cockpit building is a thing and they divided mass for the higher settings.
  23. Aiadel Trainee Engineer

    All 1x for me. I think that it's the only setting where there is a sense of real progression. For example , it forces you to build small drones to help you , then small ships with a single drill/welder/grinders , and so on. Besides , if you build a design that work with those settings , you are sure that it's solid.
  24. Bos187 Trainee Engineer

    I prefer everything on realistic.
    It creates a need for those dedicated cargo ships.
    Or large refining/assembling facilities
    Also welder/grinder ships.

    In my first world i had x10 everything.
    Didn't feel the need to build any of those.

    Thus didn't feel like I had anything to accomplish.
    That got boring. Fast.

    Now, everything I build is an achievement.
    My creations are my children now.
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  25. dreatern Trainee Engineer

    3x Inventory, the rest realistic :tu:
  26. Neeneko Trainee Engineer

    I usually just play on x10.

    I do not find the smaller inventory sizes or slower speeds to be any more challenging, just more running back and forth, so less time doing things that are actually challenging or interesting.
  27. Krougal Senior Engineer

    Tried x1 all but found the refinery speed made it such a chore getting started. So x3 refinery now, but I feel like a wuss.
  28. Koder Apprentice Engineer

    I have a mod out on the workshop that makes all ore refine at a consistent speed, balanced for 1x. Might save you from needing to run 3x. Fast ores like Iron and whatnot will refine slower though (It's balanced that way too). Let me know what you think if you try it out.
  29. DartBoris Trainee Engineer

    Playing on x10 inventory (if there was a mod which only makes x10 player's inventory , not containers) , x1 everything else. Just cant make things at start running 20 times to containers.
    All other problems are solved by more boosters refineryes and progressing to bigger machinery from industrial mod.

    I tryed your mod , and it works just fine , makes distributing ores through multiple refinerys easier as they refine just at same rate. Too sad it's incompatible with Better Stone mod (new ores are not affected by speed changes).
  30. PsicoPato Senior Engineer

    I use al on realistic. =)
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.