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"Relentless" Light Assault Fighter

Discussion in 'Community Creations' started by Orionzash, Jan 19, 2014.

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  1. Orionzash Trainee Engineer

    "Relentless" Assault Fighter

    a Small project which was actually used to test out something special on my main project;
    I present to you the "Relentless" Light Assault Fighter. This turned into a ship for testing to an actual polished ship.
    After seeing a lot of small craft appear on the forums (especially fighters) i thought i'd give it a shot,
    but i didn't expect for Relentless to come out so coincidentally.

    -General Information

    Right this moment i don't know what to say about her, but i'd like for you guys to test her out and see what role she'd fit into the best!
    I'd really love some feedback, it helps a bunch!

    But i did want to say one thing, about her body work, i reduced a bunch of weight by not keeping it a whole shape,
    rather, a more skeletal approach, i was wondering what you guys think about it as well.

    -Frontal View


    -Back View

    -Overhead View

    -Bottom View

    -Bird's Eye View

    Steam Workshop Link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=218434923&searchtext=

    I hope she fits along well with everyone else's great fighters! See you starside!
  2. Leon026 Apprentice Engineer

    holy crap she seems heavy. Nice and sleek lines on her though - will give her a test
  3. Stonewolf Junior Engineer

    I like it! Just curious, landing gear on top, are they for use or just detail. I'm asking cause I have this small mining drill ship that I used landing gear on top to land it under the belly of the main ship on a small hangar type thing for easy access. Really like this ship either way. The whole in front of cockpit makes it appear to have good visibility even tho its well protected. :thumb:
  4. Orionzash Trainee Engineer

    She does seem heavy from an external view, but attempting a more skeletal body helped reduce weight incredibly.

    and yes the overhead landing gears are for hanging! all of my small craft feature those, and will come to play when i release my current project, currently at 40M kg and i'm barely even done with the planning haha. thanks for the feedback!
  5. GalaxyMeridian Apprentice Engineer

    The ship looks great and the design is aesthetic.
    Nice job!

    The skeletal shape was well-conceived I think.

    As for the maneuvering, I think she will handle better with a few large thrusters, both sideways and up/down.
    If you wish to experiment, you could attempt to make her somewhat longer and add large reactors, to power the big thrusters.

    I realize that this may harm your design though.
    Still, great work so far!
  6. TheFurNinja Apprentice Engineer

    Whats its armament. Its seems pretty under armed for its weight. :/

    Its got the looks though. And seems maneuverable enough (11 Gyros)
  7. piddlefoot Senior Engineer

  8. Orionzash Trainee Engineer

    you bring up a good point about armament, where i've seen some small ships with unnecessary amounts of fire power.
    I understand for her weight she's rather underarmed, and i understand that she could use some more fire power,
    but one of the things i'm taking realistically is the armament itself, i'm not slapping on 10+ torpedo launchers
    and a wall of gattling guns scattered else-where on her, i don't want her to look like this:


    A bit dramatic of an example but i hope you get my point, ship's don't need a massive amount of fire power to be functional.
    some ships don't even have weapons at all! so i'm sticking to 2 Gatling guns front and center at the nose, and just four torpedo's on the side thrusts.

    All i'm saying is, even if she's 180K kg, doesn't mean she has to have an impressive amount of weapons.
  9. GDFKingTigerTank Apprentice Engineer

    I appreciate what you're trying to do with your ship - I really do, because I think design asthetics are very important.

    But take it from someone who has been dogfighting and testing against these sort of ships for almost a week now... and many of them terribly fugly and built around hidden subsystems and rediculous "wall o guns" concepts.

    There are plenty of threads out there discussiong what aspect of a fighter makes it king. We don't need to have that debate. Instead, lets step through at all the possibilities and see where your design might fit.

    - So take it as a given that the most important aspect of multiplayer in a fighter is going to be one of the three following things (or possibly even a combination):
    a. acceleration which is governed by a thrust to weight ratio (can't hurt what you can't hit)
    b. armor (getting hit doesn't hurt)
    c. firepower (dishes out hurt faster than the other guy)

    - All that "armor" you've added lowers your thrust to weight ratio. Also you have minimal lateral/vertical thrust placed for a ship that size, which means changing direction will be relatively slow. That rules out acceleration as the strong suit of this ship.

    - Current light armor resistances are simply not balanced to be able to take any sort of sustained punishment. That makes armor sort of like the ceramic ablative armor on an M1-Abrahms battle tank, it's designed to take a hit and fail, except there's no heavy plating underneath it on our ships. So try taking 4 gatlin guns to your ship in a single 104 m/s strafing pass and see what happens... It's not pretty. Therefore, we have to rule out armor as a strong suit, even though yes you may have more than the "other guy".

    - That means your only possible way at that point to make the ship really viable is to up gun it so that it delivers a crippling strike before your opponent can return the favor. In fighter combat, rockets can be dodged by manueverable fighters. Gatlin guns are much harder. You currently have 2 Gatlins and 4 rocket launchers for what you consider a "light" fighter at 180,000kg. But you'll be facing "heavy" fighters in the 35,000-65,000kg weight range with double or triple your firepower...

    In a nutshell, this craft doesn't give you a strength in combat. So you're simply going to be outclassed unless you make changes, or stash the design and hope the devs come along and make changes that suddenly turn it into a super awesome craft.
  10. Leonhardt Senior Engineer

    I don't think a pair of gatling guns on the nose would be too much.
  11. radam Senior Engineer

    If its at more than say 50 tons and moves slow, ONE rocket hit is all it takes...
  12. paswert Junior Engineer

    I'd say heavy fighter, other than a quick bit of advice for classification the ship is beautiful and anything I make look like a rusted pile of scrap in comparison.

    Also for weapons I'rd say as long as it's maneuverable in a dogfight and the pilot is good it's fine, If not then just use it for show.
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.