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"Revenge" Assault Frigate

Discussion in 'Community Creations' started by Brenner, Sep 13, 2014.

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  1. Brenner Junior Engineer

    Greetings, potential customer!

    We from DynaCorp are glad you are interested in our latest product, the "Revenge" Assault Frigate.
    We are sure it will be a great addition to your fleet.

    Please allow us to demonstrate its many qualitys in this short video:

    You might also enjoy this virtual tour, where you can test our ship to your hearts content before you buy
    Steam workshop link


    Cantina & Crew Quarter


    The front part of our ship is dedicated to the crews well being, offering food and beds for all 4 crew members.
    It has a secondary use as a damage buffer in extreme combat situations.
    Our systematic analysis of countless battle log have shown that the front of any capital ship is the most endangered side in capital vs. capital combats, therfor we have
    specifically designed the Revenge class to be able to lose its entire front half without losing too much of its firepower or manouverabilty.
    While losing the Cantina & Crew quarter is a major annoyance for the crew, it is not immediately vital to the ship.



    Featuring an extra layer of heavy armor inside the ship, the bridge is the most protected room of the Revenge.
    Its state of art controls allow all 4 crew members (captain, pilot, weapon officer and chief engineer) to work together during combat or normal operation.

    War Room


    The war room is the perfect place for the crew to plan battles or mundane tasks required to keep
    It can also act as a backup bridge in the unlikely event of bridge destruction.

    Engineering Bay

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    The underbelly of the ship houses most of the backup reactors and gyroscopes.
    It also contains the engineering bay, the main workplace for the chief engineer outside of combat.

    Secure Airlock


    The only airlock of the ship is positioned on the back of the ship, where it is least likely to receive damage during combat.
    The airlock contains a alarm system which also activates the 2 interior automatic turrets.



    - 2 main reactors and countless backup reactors for extended survivabilty
    - Serious firepower and good armor
    - Good manouverabilty
    - Full gatling coverage on all sides, no blind spots vs. fighter attacks
    - Thruster damage compatible
    - Full conveyor network
    - Lots of awesome mods used as decorations. No balance destroying nonsense like a 1 block big 100 GW reactor or something like that however.
    - Automatic doors
    - Grav drive (for forward and left and right movement)
    - 5g Grav shields (offering protection vs. rock based or less sophisticated grav cannons)
    - Heavily armored bridge

    Steam workshop link
  2. Howitz Junior Engineer

    What? no replies yet? okay then guys look at this! its the best use of decorative mods i've seen yet!!! and the ship, the ship itself is awesome!
  3. Alfalfa Apprentice Engineer

    Looks like a well-thought-out ship, packed with nifty features!
  4. Zephram Apprentice Engineer

    Until Bitcoin economy is integrated into Space Engineers there are no "customers" ;)
  5. PyreStarite Junior Engineer

    Very Impressive! The Exterior is fashionable and the Interior makes very good use of aesthetic mods
  6. Brenner Junior Engineer

    Eh? I just played the "pretend to be a ship building company" roleplay game that is popular around here. Ok, I maybe didn't play it well or give the company a good background lore but that was the intention ...

    Thx! I'm really happy we have proper furniture and other interior decorations now.
    No more placing a half cover wall and pretending "thats a bed, dude!"

    I recommend the mods I used to everyone, they are awesome.

    For example Kolts Command Console Pack. Aside from the spectacular consoles I used for the bridge and engineering bay, it also has something that is really missing in the vanilla game: simple wall mounted buttons. Vanilla button panels are great for steering complex machinery, but using them as simple light switches looks ridiculous and uses up way too much space.

    Or "Ripptide's CW & EE Continued" containing the desks in the war room, a new reactor type I didn't use and most importantly, the wall panels. They are awesome, because you can mount them on top of normal heavy armor without wasting any space. Which is really cool, I'm not a fan of seeing huge areas of heavy armor inside the ship because that makes the ship look .. like a cave or something. It even has a curved panel - very cool considering there aren't many round things in SE, not even in mods.

    Or darth biomechs docking ring. While I didn't find a real use for the docking ring itself in my designs, the normal sized airlock door is fantastic. It even has a beware of vacuum sign on one side.
  7. propagandawar Apprentice Engineer

    Oh is that what I had to do to get replies, on my beast. Art is rarely commented on here. HAHAHA. Good ship. though. Now go find the StormCrow on here and post about it. It's 3 times as large. lol
  8. Ravric Apprentice Engineer

    Lots of thought and effort went into this vessel that makes mods components tempting but I'll just wait till I get bored with the "vanilla". Only area that did not feel right was the war room with just a crew of 4 but everything else fit quite well. The orientation on the stairs should be flipped because how they are now you can't walk up them.

    Quite a heavy frigate, I don't think there is a single light armor block anywhere.

Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.