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RP [RP] C2: Against the Coming Storm

Discussion in 'Roleplaying' started by FatalPapercut, Oct 17, 2015.

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  1. SF-1 Raptor Junior Engineer

    Revenant looks at Jade as she moved the nose of the Jäger.


    "No. We'd have to take the entire turret system out, but we may be able to take some heat off of them." The pair then heard the C-1's message.
    Revenant understood why they were were asking, and he was quick to respond. His voice sounded somewhat cybernetic as he spoke.

    "Our business is drawing some of your ship's fire." He said this over an open channel so that everyone knew just what was about to happen. As soon as the pilot said this, Jade let the massive cannon fire, sending shells over the Halicrast and into an area of empty space. After firing, the black painted strike bomber quickly pulled its nose forward and began to avoid any rounds that were coming, with Jade making the large craft just that much more unpredictable by using the RCS systems.
    Inside Sanctuary, Kight was more then a little surprised at duo's actions, but Zenav said what was pretty much on every Union citizen's mind.

    "That pilot is a maniac! Does he have a death wish or something?" Kight turned to the ambassador.

    "He's a Dark Gamma pilot. He knows what he's doing." This also managed to get Bobcat away from Roy, though Becca was still trying to help.

    Order of Events
    Revenant explains himself.
    Jade gives the Halicrast a reason to shoot at her and Revenant.
    No one on Sanctuary believes what the two are trying to do.
  2. Anoth Junior Engineer

    John Dalton Convention Centre, Auditorium

    Tash was currently lazingly hanging around on his Chair next to the Projector as Connor went over to him. The JSS didn't made contact yet with the Dragons so he was a little bit suprised that one of them was comming over in a time like this.

    "Eh, nothing special realy. By the way, I'm Tash. I'm the leader of out Soldier Contingent aboard the Drachenherz." He said when Connor mentioned the Projector "But Sure, the Drachenfeuer II should be able to look for your Ship." He said before opening a channel to the Carriers A.I.
    "Hey Anthos." He said just into the Air before a holographic Window opened up before him.
    "Yes?" Came the Voice of the Drachenfeuer's A.I.
    "Could you make a quick sweep of the Save Zone and look for the JSS second Ship? They want to know if it's still up and running." He explained to the A.I.
    "Just a second." The A.I. responded before the holographic Window showed a picture of the JSS Ship. It didn't looked very good but the Sensors showed that it had still power left but it looked like the Cockpit lost it's pressuer. "Well... There she is." Tash said looking at the holographic Window. "Should we send over some Fighters to secure the Ship and keep it from drifting?" Tash asked Connor.

    Cheana was a little bit distracted when Roy came up to her. She had been monitoring his search patterns and analysis of the Object and it made her think. Something about this Human wasn't feeling right. Subconciously she heard Mond's Wisper to to Roy though. It was something that would come up to her later but for now she looked a little bit questioning to Roy as he mentioned that She would be acquainted to someone in that Necklace. She didn't knew what he was talking about until she felt the connection established and a smile was slowly coming on her Face.
    "Hello Kaig." She said with a mental voice just ment for her. "It's nice to meet you again even though the circumstances aren't the best. The Halicrast is currently targeting me and I am not fond of this Idea. I hope your people know what they are doing because the Fleetmaster is getting... Well... He is not fond of the Idea of inner Human conflict and I am afraid that he might take some very harsh decisions." She said. They had enough time to talk even though the Dragons communications System was able to transfer gratuitous ammounts of Data in no-time.
    "To whom should I connect you to Kaig? Ambassador Mond and the C-1 taktical analyst Roy didn't mention to who I should enable the connection.

    Viridian System, Safe Zone.
    As the Halicrast turned her Turrets towards the B.R.S. Ships nothing realy happened from the Dragons Side. They just floated there doing nothing but blocking the Path of the Halicrast's Shots towards the Cerberus Dreadnought. The Only Movement that was been detectable was that they slowly pulled small Rocks together to form a barrier of Debris between the B.R.S. Frigates and the Cerberus Dreadnought. As the Nebulanic Bomber fired it's shots the Guns of the two Frigates came to life turning towards the Shells fired from the Bomber. The Seraz and the Cheana just fired some loose shots but failed to intercept the Shells fired.
    "Nebulanic Union Bomber. Cease the friendly fire at once." Came a Message from the Seraz. "This Situation can be solved without any human bloodshed!"

    Order of Events:
    -Tash greets Connor.
    -Tash relais Connors request to the Drachenfeuer II and shows Connor the results of the scan.
    -Cheana greets Kaig and talks to her a little bit.
    -The Cheana and the Seraz buid a little Wall between them and the Dreadnought.
    -The B.R.S. Cheana and the B.R.S. Seraz try to intercept the Shots comming from the Nebulanic Union Bomber.
    -The Seraz contacts the Nebulanic Union Bomber.
  3. Levits Senior Engineer

    "Drawing its fire?..."

    A response was too little too late as the bomber opened fired.

    With this action, there was an immediate response as the Halicrast let loose with a sporadic burst of concentrated fire from 7 of its 30mm AF guns. The area where the fighter had been was peppered in a cone-shaped spray, shredding and riveting the rock and debris that had been there. And as the bomber took to evasive action, it was closely tailed by split second bursts, choreographed from each gun separately. Where one would fire for a brief moment, before another would take over to keep up the onslaught.

    With only 7 of its 16 guns aligned to engage it, the bomber hadn't needed to worry about the other larger-caliber guns as they remained unresponsive. But even so, despite the evasive capacity of the strikecraft, its field of evasive action was narrowing as the anti-fighter guns quickly and meticulously narrowed their shots ever closer; some coming so close as to impact the front of the fighter without immediate action. Each burst tracing a path nearer and near forcing a response from the strike crafts pilot... all the ship needed was time to determine the strikecrafts maximum maneuvering capability.

    The fighter was one thing as the Halicrast turned its smaller caliber guns upon it, but the moment the BRS vessels fired, the remaining multitude of the vessels 155mm AC guns, 205's AC guns, 250mm railguns, as well as the turrets that had adjusted when they first appeared out of hyperspace all began targeting the ships position. Any gun capable of angling themselves towards the two ships did so... but despite being poised to strike, none of them fired a shot.

    This occurrence drew every one of the C-1 delegates attention upon the station as Mond turned to Kight in an uncommon show of distain as he retorted.

    "What is the meaning of this?!" He nearly shouted when the craft opened fire. From the moment that it moved towards the position of the cruiser, everyone's eyes was fixed on it.

    "Does your pilot not understand the severity of the situation?" He had to force himself from losing control of his better judgment and for a few moments he gritting his teeth before responding with the same ire in his voice. "His actions may very well have given the system a reason to initialize additional failsafe's..."

    From the digital network, Kaig was able to connect to her awaiting fighter. Having remained on point near the asteroid field that surrounded the Sanctuary, it was the only surefire means to complete her task.

    "This is Viper 1, call-sign Kaig, assuming temporary control of Viper 5's systems." With the call, and tying the two fighters under her control, Kaig turned their headings toward the Halicrasts position and activated their FTL devices. Their emergence point brought them close enough to travel the reset of the way in an estimated matter of minutes but far enough to keep from suddenly appearing on top of the Halicrasts guns. It was only a short ways away, as far as space was concerned, but still a time-consuming process of weaving in and out of the debris field. And time was of the essence it as another life apparently hung in the balance. For despite the hot-blooded pilots intentions and skill, he was was dancing on the edge of a razor; as unbeknownst to him, a buildup of energy was beginning to rise within the Halicrasts armor.

    Order of Events:
    -The Halicrast Responds with Fire and brimstone.
    -Despite its aggressive response towards the fighter, the Halicrast holds its fire against the BRS ships.
    -Mond lashes out against the Union pilots actions.
    -Kaig shares a few words with Cheana before taking control of Vipers 1 and 5... almost seems like they knew this was going to happen.
    -Viper 1 and 5 appear just outside of the Halicrat's immediate area.
    -And there is a slow rise in temperature within the Halicrasts armor.
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  4. SF-1 Raptor Junior Engineer

    Jade popped up on one of the strike bomber's screens with a worried look on her face.

    "Revenant. Those guns seem to be learning! Any ideas?" Revenant looks at her, his flight helmet covering and facial expression.

    "Activate SSTO engines."


    "Just do it!" Has he said the, Jade ignited the powerful engines, strong enough to lift a fully loaded Jäger into orbit. The strike bomber pushed forward, and Revenant quickly activated spacial warp anti-grav system, taking whatever he could to make the the craft more nimble. He also began to pull maneuvers that should have been impossible for a human to handle.

    Kight sat down, placing his right and on his head as he did this. He then began to speak in a sober tone.

    "He's not my pilot. The Mav-U isn't designed to carry any strike craft, let alone a Jäger. You can tell your boys to scan her for you. Dark Gamma is a spec ops unit who answer to the Master Admiral." Unity was quick to support her CO.

    "Kight's right. That bomber out there isn't one for our ship." Kight's cybernetic fist clenched slightly as he continued.

    "I don't know why he's here, but I do know I'm going to have a talk with Master Admiral Garis when this is over, and that I'll let you have talk with him as well."

    Order of Events
    Jade and Revenant begin to really show what a Jäger can do.
    Kight tries to explain what's going on, and offers Mond a chance to join him in getting answers.
  5. paswert Junior Engineer

    A thermal flare begins to ignite on everyone's scanners, PasCO is online. And they're pissed.

    "Emergency venting protocol ending in three. Two. One. Internal temperature at minus two degrees Celsius, standard temperature will be resumed in two point three five hours." The crew almost cheered at the news. Well I say almost, but they were practically partying in that ship, they'd drunk close to a quarter of the rum ration before the captain decided to hatch a cunning plan™. "Attention C-1 fleet. This is captain Paul Freeman of the PasCO security fleet or whatever we're supposed to be called." Thanks to the cold the captain was literally steaming. "Please. Cease your hostilities or else I'll have to a more, aggressive approach. PasCO out." Armour piercing sabots begin loading into the vessel's turrets as they turn to track the Halicrast's own weapons. Missiles arm. Fighters launch. Wilhelm drinks some more. "Deactivate your cruiser in 30 seconds else I'll be forced to do it for you."

    "Huh. The cruiser's back online." Wilhelm said before grabbing yet another drink.
  6. TheAshenShadow Apprentice Engineer

    Whatever was going on outside wasn't good. From what she could tell, the C-1 had lost control of a heavily armed cruiser, and it was now, ah... Causing difficulties. Such as being shot at and shooting at people. The comms were up, at least. "Inspector Ashford-Sadeghi to Nebula Ascendant, over."
    "This is Pilot Hayley Kane. Yes, Inspector?" That was odd, she thought, she didn't remember any OIS Crows who were attached to the delegation.

    "You have full permission to mission-kill the C-1 cruiser Halicrast if they don't get their shit together and stop it from firing. Is that clear, over?"

    "Uh, solid copy, ma'am. Nebula Ascendant out."

    Well. That was just great. They had just as well as received orders to slag one of the C-1's ships if they didn't get their shit together. She really wished Captain Neumann would get back here and get the responsibility of deciding exactly when the excrement-fan confluence played itself out. That was up to the Espatiers now, she guessed.

    ((Immediately Plot-relevant stuff. Will have more later.))

    -The Nebula Ascendant gets the call to blow the Halicrast out of the sky if it comes to that.
  7. Anoth Junior Engineer

    John Dalton Convention Centre, Auditorium.
    Alex was still watching the Situation outside. It looked like the PasCo Ships were comming back online again. He was glad that the fleets were recovering from their knocked out state.
    "Fleetmaster, the PasCo Ships are going to open fire on the Halicrast in 27 Seconds." Cheana suddendly spoke. Alex turned around to her looking a little bit in shock before he gathered himself again. There was not much time left.
    "Activate Fleetcommand Interface." He ordered calmly before exhaling Air out of his lungs. He hated it when he had to work under such harsh circumstances. As Alex stood there, holographic Tables and controlls were generated around him. He had 20 Seconds left to get everything in Motion and so his Hands started to dance over the controlls in front and around of him.
    Meanwhile, his Actions were reflected on the Holographic Projection above them. Nearly every Combat Ship the Dragons had left in their formation suddendly vanished into subspace only to reapear seconds later on new locations. The Drachenfeuer II, now Broadcasting a warning that she had activated her GMU, reappeared near the Halicrast in the direct Line of Fire of the PasCo Ships. The Three Corvettes of the B.R.S. emerged between the Nebulanic Union Bomber and the Halicrast's firing AA Guns. Their heavily armored hulls just got scratched by the Halicrasts AA fire before the Corvettes announced that they were going to activated their GMU Fields as well wich would force the Nebulanic Union Ship to pull back.
    And with only several short seconds left, Alex sat down and took a deep breath while the holographic interfce vanished again. He was angry and exhausted. That Triggerhappines of the Humans would cause his death today he could feel it.
    "I could use something to drink." He said under his breath before looking up. Now it was up to the PasCo Captains to decide what to do. Shot on the Dragons or leave this be.

    Viridian System, Safe Zone.
    With most of the Combat Ships gone to protect the Halicrast from Human Fire, The Drachental and the Wissensdurst were left behind. The Transport Ship flew closer to the Science Carrier wich was making his way slowly towards the large Core Piece of the Stellar Object wich was hold in Place by the Drachenherz. Since the Rock has stopped the Drachenherz appeared dormant. She was just floating there next to the giant Rock she stopped with her GMU field.
    Meanwhile, the several Fighter Craft of the B.R.S. wich were scattered throughout the Safe Zone to intercept debris wich was floating towards some of the still inactive Ships suddendly turned away from their task. They set course to their corresponding Ships. The Fighters of the Seraz and the Cheana took cover behind Rocks and their motherships before initiating docking procedures while the two Frigates rolled over to their sides to present the Halicrast their Topsides to protect their Fighters while they were docking. Emerald and Diamond Squadron had it a lot easier since the Drachenfeuer II just had to open one of her side Doors to let the Fighters enter the Hangar Bay of the Carrier.

    Order of Events:
    -Alex weaves some Dragon Magic.
    -The Halicrast is surrounded by Dragon Ships with active GMU Fields.
    -The Wissensdurst and the Drachental make their way over to the Core Piece.
    -The Drachenherz stays where she is.
    -The B.R.S. Fighters return to their Motherships
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  8. SF-1 Raptor Junior Engineer

    In the safe zone, Exo was getting sick of people firing at each other at a stinking diplomatic conference. And then came a call.
    Cut was shocked.

    "What! Those stupid idiots!" Exo quickly grabbed his comm using an open channel.

    "Freeman! The Halicrast crew is not in control of the guns. If you fire and I'll send an EMP torpedo your way! I repeat, the Halicrast crew have no control over the guns. Do not fire!" Cut then looked at Exo.

    "Ok. Now what do we do about Revenant?" Exo shook his head.

    "Remind me to punch Capt. Triane in the mouth when we get back." He then reactivated his comm, sending a message to the Dark Gamma pilot, again via an open channel. "Revenant! Get your rear back here and docked! I want a word with you and Jade."

    On the other side of the safe zone, Revenant was still avoiding fire when the dragon vessels jumped in, and was more then shocked as he tried to stabilize the bomber.

    "Jade! Cut the SSTO and Spacial warp systems." The gunner quickly responded and pointed out the message Exo had sent. Revenant quickly responded.

    "We thought the mid-sized guns would trace us instead of the other craft." Before he could continue, Jade noticed something as she looked back at the bomber's scanner data that she had used to examine the cruiser moments ago.

    "Dust! I think the guns each have an optical sensor pack. Even if we could have blinded the ship those thing would keep firing."
    In Sanctuary, the Dragon's actions finally got Becca to leave the data Roy was looking at to watch Alex command his fleet.

    "Wow." She then heard the exchanges between Exo and the PasCO captain and Exo and the Dark Gamma bomber. She then heard Jade mention the optical scanners, and ran over to Alex.

    "Can you set up a line to the Maverick Unity? Before you ask why I think your boys' safe yesterday may just stop the Halicrast."

    Order of Events
    Exo is tired of everyone seeming to want to kill each other!
    Jade notices the optics on the Halicrast's turrets.
    Bessa has an idea.
  9. Levits Senior Engineer

    Between the time that the bomber had ignited its SSTO boosters and began to take to more extreme maneuvers, the thermal buildup of the Halicrasts armor had increased dramatically. However, before anything could come of it, the BRS ships suddenly appeared between them and with their arrival this sign of life slowly ebbed away as the AA fire came to an abrupt halt. And even though the initial appearance of the BRS corvettes triggered a few of the 155's to angle towards them, there was no additional fire to come from the vessel...

    At the time that this was occurring, Kaig was almost nearly upon the ships position. She was only a thousand kilometers out before the PasCo captain opened up with his partially slurred threat.

    "Hold your fire. The situation is under control." Her response was clear and direct as she replied'; though she was far from being honest.

    She was quickly piecing things together and was feeling more and more assured of what she believed was truly going on. The first shots fired without a clear target, the Halicrast's guns targeting the BRS ships as they exited subspace, the buildup of energy. These things did not correspond to the backup automated system that controlled the turrets. Not impossible, but far from normal.

    Her arrival was unembellished as the two Corsairs appeared from behind an asteroid and made their way over. Nearing it she directed Viper 5 towards the BRS corvettes and turned its nose towards the Halicrast. If another shot were to be fired, it would have to clear the Corsair's particle cannon first. As Viper 5 moved into position, Viper 1 made a quick pass over the ship.

    The hull had been scarred from debris, three of its turrets were damaged as well as a single barrel of the top main gun. There was a deep gouge in the top forward armor plate as well but from the initial flyover, the ship appeared intact and only sustaining superficial damage. From the bow of the ship, she angled downwards and kited the sides heading towards the lower aft. Passing the sides, the missile bays had remained sealed as too did the shield vents. Nothing out of the ordinary there then.

    Finally, after taking just under a minute to examine the ship, she reached the lower aft section where the support fighters hangar was located. Flying up to it, the usual automated system would have the door open. But not this time, not with the ship shutdown. Casting an inward scowl at this, Kaig turned the fighter upside down and opened the lower bay arms that were used by the fighter to rearm and interact with equipment systems. There was an access panel, of course specifically designed for this exact purpose, that she reached forward to connect the fighters onboard system with the ship.

    It was in that moment that the connection was made, that the aft 30mm AA gun swiveled to take aim at the Corsair. Several seconds ticked by, and then there came a series of energy spikes all throughout the ship.

    A split second later, and a call range out from Viper 1 with Kaig saying stating through open comms channels.

    "Umm... Ok Everyone. Problem solved."

    -Halicrast stops firing once the BRS ships intervene.
    -Kaig calls to Wilhelm to hold his fire....
    -Viper 1 and 5 arrive on scene.
    -Kaig connects Viper 1 to the Halicrast.
    -The most Anti-climatic ending to this particular situation I could think of. <sorry >_<
    (OK, just to help ease your pain, there's going to be something referenced back to this part later. Right now, this is all ya get.)
  10. Xentor Junior Engineer

    Dalton Center, Auditorium

    Takeda and his colleagues watched the holographic display with some concern. The Halicrast was far enough from Sanctuary to not be much of a threat to the Viridians, but it had still come dangerously close to causing conflict between the factions. With the situation handled, as it seemed to be, hopefully everything could get back to normal. Of course, that would be a lot simpler if--

    "Attention, Fermi District," came a female voice over the loudspeakers and every bracelet communicator in the district. It sounded human, but this was the VI, after all, so it could just as well have been a computer. "Please stand by for main systems restoration. Power will go offline briefly during initialization. Thank you."

    The message ended, and for a few seconds, nothing happened. Then everything went dark. The emergency lighting shut off, the communications system went silent, and the dome fell into blackness. Well, it would have been pitch black in the auditorium, if not for the BRS and their massive hologram on its own power source. The air went still, as the usually-unnoticed humming of the air circulation systems ceased.

    But it was just as brief as promised. Pinpoints of white light faded into view above, a starry sky becoming visible through the windowed ceiling of the auditorium. The first rays of morning sunlight appeared in the holographic sky, as the interior lights faded up. In the side halls, the monitors switched on, showing a news report already in progress, talking about the repairs to a few of the other domes, and showing images of relieved residents. Though none of the delegates were in a position to see, the exterior lights of Fermi District switched on like a metropolis waking up after a blackout.

    Clouds flew by up above, and the sun rose into the sky, the hologram fast-forwarding to catch up to the current time. It was a bit surreal for those in the suites with a good exterior view, perhaps less so for those in the auditorium who could only see straight up.

    "Systems restoration complete," came the voice on the loudspeaker again, "All services and networks are back online. Civilian lockdown is now lifted. Enjoy the rest of your day."

    The pressure seals at the dome interconnects opened in unison, and outside, people began to leave the buildings and enjoy a bright, sunny day. Takeda checked his data pad, looking over reports a bit more detailed than the announcement.

    "So," Lt. Varra broke the silence among the VI group, "That's one crisis over, right?" She looked around at the others, who seemed less optimistic. "Hey, whatever that thing was, we survived it. That's gotta count for something."

    "Not everyone survived," Malaryk reminded her with a stern expression.
    • Sanctuary, specifically Fermi District, is back online
  11. Anoth Junior Engineer

    John Dalton Convention Centre, Auditorium.

    Finally everything was setteling down. The Crisis surrounding the Halicrast had been solved without further shots being fired, power was restored in Sanctuary and the Fermi District.
    Alex had ignored the request of the Nebulanic Union to establish a connection to the outside since there wasn't enough time left on the timer anyway and also he didn't wanted to interrupt the C-1's Plans with their own ship. With this finally settled Alex looked over to Cheana. "Tell the other Ships to go back into formation around the Wissensdurst and the Drachenherz with the exception of the Drachenfeuer II. She should stay where she is until everything is cooled down. Also, order Infinity to come out of hiding and dock with the Carrier again. Looks like we wont need it." He ordered before standing up, going over to his Sister to take her into his Arms. He didn't had the time to comfort his older sister since he did his best to prevent further bloodshed outside.
    Chereza and Kharun deactivated their helmets after Alex ordered the Ships back into formation. They were reliefed that this situation had finally come to an end. With Alex keeping a look on Syra, Chereza took her chance to approach the Viridian Delegates. She stopped before them and making a little Bow.
    "Excuse me... I would like to ask when the Shuttles would be able to transfer Passangers again. We have to deliver Shipmaster Syra Dars back to her Ship to help with the mourning procedures of her Pilots and Crew..." She said a little bit shy. The Confidence she showed at the dinner the day before was somewhat gone after this rather rough morning.

    Viridian System, Safe Zone.
    With Kaig's broadcast and the shortly following order of their fleetmaster, the Dragon Ships made their way over to the large Debris that was cought by the Drachenherz. The Frigates and the Corvetes left their GMU Fields active while their moved through the Debris that were still moving like they were water, creating safe path's wherever they crossed the open Space.
    Meanwhile, the Wissensdurst rolled over to her side to align herself with the large piece of the stellar object. It closed the Distance between herself and the surface of the Object before the lower, rather huge Hangar Door opened up. A cold, emerald blue light was emitted out of the Ship before several Drones exited the Ship to start analyze the Object. Sensors alone wouldn't help to discover the cause of the destruction of the Stellar Object and so the Drones started digging to collect samples for the A.I. aboard the Wissensdurst to analyze.

    Order of Events:
    -Alex gives the Order to form up again.
    -Alex goes to comfort his Sister.
    -Chereza goes over to the Viridian Delegates to ask a Question.
    -The B.R.S. Fleet (except the Drachenfeuer II) make their way over to the Core Piece.
    -The Wissensdurst releases the Swarm of Bees onto the large Fragment.
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  12. SF-1 Raptor Junior Engineer

    Revenant didn't seem convinced by Kaig's words.

    "Are you sure?" Exo had once again had enough of the Dark Gamma pilot.

    "You should speak for yourself Rev. Now get your cybernetic butt docked to the Mav-U."

    "With all do respect, I should probably get back to the Dark Knight before...."

    "That wasn't a suggestion Revenant! I have some questions for you and Jade so you better be here." The pilot shook his head.

    "Aye, XO." At these words, the Jager turned to the Union cruiser and began the trip. Once it had arrived, the cruiser extended a small channel that the strike bomber attached to. Revenant then looked at Jade. "Time to face the fire. Jump in." Revenant place his left hand on some device inside the Jager, allowing her to jump into his massive life system. The pilot soon heard his gunner's voice in his own head.

    In the Dalton, Kight looked to Mond and walked over to speak to him. He seemed a bit more calm then before, but there was still some worry in his voice.

    "Mond, I was serious about you being able to speak with the admiral if you want, but I do have a question. Why would the Halicrast have shot at the Cerberus vessel? I can understand it shooting at the Jager, but wy would the computers not see that ship as a friendly, or at least a neutral?" Mean while, Jany had quickly motioned Maverick, Unity, and Becca over to the other delegates.

    "I'm going to speak for Kight here and say you may want to be on the next shuttle back to the Maverick Unity. Both Drace and Exo need you guys there." Becca was going to object, but she had tried it before. Maverick just gave a nod, but Unity seemed to remember something.

    "What about Diez?" Talon sighed.

    "I'll tell her about Sig. She can't really hurt me, but it will take time."

    Order of Events
    Revenant questions Kaig, but Exo puts him in his place.
    Kight asks Mond a question.
    Jany tell Black Hat and the twins to be ready to leave.
    Talon offers to tell Diez about Sig.
  13. Xentor Junior Engineer

    Dalton Center, Auditorium
    Takeda glanced up at the hologram, still showing rocks all over the system. "I'm afraid the system is a bit of a navigation hazard, Shipmaster. Our shuttles are too small to mount gravity turrets, so the debris--"

    "Sir, if I may?" Varra was being a bit more polite than usual. Maybe she had learned her lesson after being grounded yesterday. Takeda nodded for her to continue, sharing a brief glance with Commander Malaryk as the Lieutenant went on. "The warp drives should be able to handle the trip. It might be bumpy, but it's just a quick hop anyway. The rocks will only be a problem while we're sub-light, but I come out close enough to the BRS fleet, their gravity fields should be able to cover us."

    Though the others didn't always respect her, she knew damn well what that shuttle was capable of, and had a pretty healthy respect for what the BRS could do. She looked to the Commander first, waiting for that barely-noticeable nod.

    "Danielle, are you sure you can handle this?" Dr. Amilar seemed doubtful, eyeing the holographic projection. "Looks messy out there."

    "Yes, Doctor," she replied, putting an odd emphasis on the title. Though she was making an effort to be polite and diplomatic, her distaste for Dr. Amilar was incredibly obvious. He only sighed in response.

    Takeda ignored the squabbling and instead looked to Malaryk. "Thoughts?"

    The Commander nodded. "She can handle it." It wasn't quite clear whether 'She' referred to Lt. Varra or the Aristotle. "If there are concerns, my ship should be warp-capable in an hour or so. We could dock a few shuttles under AMGReS cover and make a circuit around the fleets for anyone needing transport."
    • Takeda is reluctant to let any shuttles out
    • Varra and Amilar clearly don't get along, but she thinks she can make the trip
    • Malaryk offers an alternative
  14. Anoth Junior Engineer

    John Dalton Convention Centre, Auditorium.

    Chereza cringed a bit as Lt. Varra mentioned the GMU fields. "I sadly have to object you there... It would be true that the GMU Fields would be able to protect the Shuttle but... Unfortunately the Passangers would be Dead if they would enter the Fields without the necessary equipment." She said with slightly hanging Wings.
    "I am confident that you would be able to get us to the Drachenfeuer II safely Lt. Varra, but entering the Fields without our S.S.P. Suits would be suicidal." It was a fact that was undeniable. The GMU Field was a incredible tool for defensive and offensive purposes but it was also a very dangerous system to use. "We could however let the Infinity protect the Shuttle all the Way to the Carrier while the Carrier shuts down his GMU Field." She said. It was the only option they had left at the moment since the Pilots had done enough already and she didn't want to get in between them and their Commanding Officer.

    As Malaryk offered an alternative, Chereza started to ponder. In an hour the Fleet could do a lot of work out there to clean up the field. "Excuse me Commander, do you mean by "my Ship" the VI Nikola?" She asked. "If so I might have an Idea regarding that... If you haven't made any major Hull Changes on her wich would change her dimensions we could Prepare some corridors for your ship until it is ready to set sail." She said. The B.R.S. Corvettes could do some work out there while everyone was waiting. They might be heavily armored but they were still faster then the other ships in the Silverdragon Research Fleet and could scoot around the Debrisfield outside to clear path's for Ships to fly through.

    Order of Events:
    -Chereza objects Varra for her Idea but thinks she could make the trip even without cover.
    -Chereza gives also some alternatives based on those from the VI
  15. Xentor Junior Engineer

    Dalton Center, Auditorium
    "That wouldn't be necessary, Shipmaster," came the reply from Dr. Maria Wellington, the Nikola's designer and chief engineer. "The Nikola has AMGReS turrets, just like the ones keeping Sanctuary safe in the asteroid field. She can handle herself." There was a hint of pride there. Despite Malaryk being in command, she considered the Nikola to be her ship. She designed it. It was her surrogate child, at least until inspiration struck again and she designed a better one...
  16. Anoth Junior Engineer

    John Dalton Convention Centre, Auditorium.
    Cheana giggled a little bit when she heared Dr. Wellington's words. "I never doubted that." She said with a smile. "I just wanted to make an offer to make her life a bit easier out there." Also she wanted to help the other Fleets out a little bit. Some of the Ships inside the safe zone would need the Jump Gate for FTL Travel and if the safe zone was filled with debris it could be hard to manouver through it.
    "Anyway... Please tell us when we can board a Shuttle... Shipmaster Syra Dars needs to be on her ship. It's a great shame for her to witness the demise of one of her Pilots when she wasn't present on her Ship at that moment... You have to know, Shipmaster of a designated Carrier Ship see their Pilots as their own Children and try their best to protect them during an operation. And not being able to be on the Bridge of her Ship when one of them finds it's end... She feels like she wasn't able to protect her Child..." She sighed. It was realy hard to discribe what Syra was going trough right now. Maybe because the Humans didn't understand what kind of unity the Dragons felt under each other or how close everyone was within the B.R.S.
    Maybe in the Future when everything was cooling down the humans could learn to understand what it ment to be one as a Race.
  17. Levits Senior Engineer

    Following Kaig's broadcast, Mond breathed a long-awaited sigh of relief. Turning to Roy, he held a simple smile as he nodded. Returning the curt gesture, Roy retrieved the necklace from the dragons projector as Mond thanked Cheana for the support.

    "Thank you." He said "I will have our pilot escort the Halicrast and remain nearby to ensure no further incidents occur. Your cooperation is most appreciated."

    Following this brief show of gratitude, he turned when his name was called. There was little animosity towards the man at his question and request despite his pilots actions. No... not his pilot, so he stated, but still a pilot of his organization nonetheless. Regardless, Mond was also feeling a bit better now that the situation had played out without any further incident. The countless ways that it could have ended had been on his mind from the beginning and at least for now he was a little more at ease.

    "That can be arranged," He responded "I believe we both have many things to explain on the matter."

    "That is something that I am not at liberty to discuss at this moment. The technology involved is classified by my organization... that is all I am at liberty to say on the matter."

    As Mond talked with Kight, Roy walked over to Kedra and handed the necklace back to her. Kedra looked at it for a moment longer before placing around her neck. It was nothing more than a piece of jewelry now; a very unadorned piece at that. The slight glow of the gem that was present before, now left black and hollow.

    "Well, at least one of us got out of here." She said with a halfhearted smile as she snapped the chain together behind her neck.

    With the Halicrast now back under control, Vipers 1 and 5 slowly escorted the warship through the debris field. The guns, had swiveled back into their default "neutral" position and no other shots were being fired even though a few pieces of the remaining debris passed nearby. Their destination was apparent; up and away from the system, to regroup with the support fleet above.

    The Rossetta and escort units were just now clearing the most congested areas of debris and warming up their FTL drives in preparation for the short jump.

    Order of Events:
    -Mond thanks Cheana for the support.
    -Roy retrieves the necklace and hands it back to Kedra.
    -Mond responds to Kight.
    -The Halicrast and Rossetta are moving to regroup with the ships positioned above the solar system. (too friggin risky to stay grouped up near you madmen) :woot:
  18. SF-1 Raptor Junior Engineer

    Kight gave Mond a nod.

    "I understand. Some things need to be kept a secret. Anyway, what time would you like to speak with Admiral Garis?"

    Meanwhile, Jany couldn't help but look at the Dragon shipmaster. She walked up to Syra, followed by Zanev, Maverick, and Unity. Surprisingly, Zanev was the first to speak.

    "Um... Syra is it? I hope that you will be ok. I cannot imagine what your going through." Jany then responded and surprised the rest of the Union that came with her.

    "I hope the pilot will be ok a well." The twins both looked at each other, or as best they could in their joined utility hull.

    "What does she mean by that," Unity asked in a hushed voice, starting to question whether Jany needed to get back to see a doctor. Her brother quickly responded in the same hushed tone.

    "I don't know, but I think she knows something that we don't." Zanev wasn't a surprised as the twins. He had already been told about the conversation Jany, Talon, and Kight had had last night, but he was still trying to wrap his head around it.

    While this was going on, Talon was making his way upstairs to the room Diez was in. He didn't really know how he would tell her, but he knew she had to be told.

    Order of Events
    Kight asks Mond when he wants to meet the admiral.
    Jany and co. try to comfort Syra.
    Talon continues to Diez.
  19. Levits Senior Engineer

    Mond looked around the room momentarily with nothing in particular to focus on as he turned his attention back to Kight.

    "Following this convention, I will set aside some time to speak with your Admiral directly." Folding his arms together in a calm state he added, "At this moment however I doubt we will be allowed to leave regardless due to security reasons." He paused to look over towards the Viridian officials and Takeda while adding back to Kight, "With the travel lanes constricted by the debris, it would be unsafe to navigate them until a proper pathway can be secured. I would surmise, with their technological prowess, we should have the opportunity to speak by the end of this gathering."

    Mond was of course referring to the Viridians gravitational manipulation devices. Even with the disarray that had occurred from the objects explosion, once the Viridians got their equipment up and running again, travel to and from the station would, or should, be possible once more in short order. The greater question now was what to do with their time.

    Being that he was not overly fond of video communications for such important discussions, he was willing to pass on any immediate talks. But with the situation starting to calm down, the question as to how to proceed was one that he had no answer to.

    Order of Events:
    -Mond will wait until after the delegation to speak with the Admiral personally.
    -He's now wondering how to proceed...
  20. SF-1 Raptor Junior Engineer

    Kight looked at Mond, figuring that he was thinking the admiral was present in the system.

    "Mond. He isn't here. That's what gets me the most about this. Garis stayed behind to keep an eye on the Guard fleets, and to prepare for any attacks from that... I really don't want to say church, but that's what they call themselves."
    Aboard the Maverick Unity, Revenant finally made his way to Exo. The commander looked at the elite pilot and quickly motioned to a room off the CIC. Once the two entered the room, Exo began to speak to him.

    "Take that helmet off Vince. I know you." The pilot removed his fight helmet to reveal a scared face. If one looked closely at the mans neck, they could see a small portion of the cybernetics at covered his body. Revenant looked at his old friend.

    "Johny. I thought I was...."

    "You realize what you did, right?"

    "Johny. I thought those guns would train on me instead of that other craft." Exo shook his head and sighed.

    "I know. Look, I don't want to be going to another funeral ok. We already lost Sig, I don't want to see your wife the way she looked three years ago, or how your kid would look today. Vince, what you did nearly got you killed. Why do you out of anyone keep trying to impress those fighter jockies?" Jade then spoke up.

    "It may be that he's trying to prove that we belong in their group." Exo looked at the pilot.

    "Sorry Jade. Forgot you were here. Look, just rain it in you two."

    Order of Events
    Kight tells Mond that the Admiral isn't at Viridia.
    Exo has a talk with Revenant and Jade.
  21. Anoth Junior Engineer

    John Dalton Convention Centre, Auditorium.
    As the Nebulanic Union representatives closed in on Syra and Alex, the Silent Fang tightened their Perimiter around the two with Seth stepping in between them.
    "Your Regards about the matter are aknowladged, but we have to ask you to keep your distance." He said professionaly, looking up with his burn marked face. "This is an internal matter and it would be best if you leave Shipmaster Dars with the Fleetmaster." There was enough on Syras mind already and Seth didn't want the Humans to trigger an outrage by her about inapropriate behaviour.
    "As for the incident, we hope that you could not longer mention it." He looked over his Shoulder. Syra was still sobbing but she wasn't a wreck as before. "Shipmaster Dars has to go trough a lot now and for her safety We wish you to go back to your places." It wasn't the politest way to put it but for now, Syra needs to rest and most of all no reminders what has happened outside. She had to confront it again when she was back at her ship and then she wouldn't have time to calm down or anything.
    The four Spec-Ops Soldiers crossed their Arms before their chests and spread their wings to make definetly clear that Syra and the Fleetmaster were of limits at the moment.

    Meanwhile, Askor wandered around the Auditorium, watching the different delegates gathered here, soaking in the atmosphere around and he felt that, even though the Halicrast Crisis was resolved, everyone was still tense. He could understand it. This was no easy matter to digest. And the political implications could be devastating for the converence.
    For the matter of that, Askor went throughsome of the Informations he had access to in the Viridian Network and saw that the Freeport Delegation actualy had setup their Presentation for this Morning. He checked the clock and sighed a little bit before he slowly approached the Freeport delegation, still present in the Auditorium.
    The A.I. stopped in a reasonable distance from the Humans to speak normaly to them even though it wouldn't be necessary since the Holo-Projector basicly turned the Auditorium into one giant Holodeck at the moment. "Counsilor Vayne, I know this isn't the right Time but I think that the Situation outside in open Space is comming to a conclusion now and I would ask if you still plan on holding your Presentation wich is," He closed his Eyes for a second "already over the estimated Time. But I think it would be good for everyone to focus more on the longterm situation then this Interruption. I know there might be a bigger Picture we are still missing but still. This Conference will decide if Humanity will be able to defend itself against the Threat of the Sheshir and if this little... Incident is already enough to shake everyone present into a state where guns getting point onto eachother then I think this Conference is much more needed then before." He said calmly. His Holographic form also showing a very calm position. Askor wasn't realy the best Diplomat when it came to it but he did at least his best to keep the integrity of this Conference intact.

    Order of Events:
    -The Silent Fang hinders the NU Delegation to get near Syra.
    -Askor wanders around in the Auditorium.
    -Askor approaches the FPN Delegation and asks Councilor Vayne to proceed with the Conference. Not that anyone could stop him.
  22. SF-1 Raptor Junior Engineer

    Jany simply nodded. The lack of politeness wasn't a problem for her or the others. Most had seen at least once that it was better to be honest then kind at times.

    "We understand. I'll tell the others to keep their mouths shut about it. Come on. Let her be." While Jany and Zanev left, Unity stayed for a moment longer, in turn forcing her twin to stay. Maverick turned as much as he could.

    "Unity? What are you doing?" Unity finally let go of her control of their base's wheels and Maverick began to pull them away. Unity finally spoke.

    "I just hope she'll be ok. That's all." Maverick would have smiled if he didn't have a face plate instead of mouth.

    "We don't know how Dragon's think. Heck, we don't even know how humans and A.I. think sometimes. This could just be how they cope. And I wouldn't be surprised if Dars would blame all humans at the moment. Kight's told us before how he reacted to Exo at first." Unity just sort of nodded at her brothers words.

    "I guess your right."

    Elsewhere in Sanctuary, Talon had finally made his way to Diez's room. He began to speak to himself as he rolled in.

    "I hope this code Silence uses works A.I. who can speak with out it." The ambassador finally saw the lieutenant sitting up, and looking like she was ready to get up and leave. Talon then began to talk to her. As he did, subtitles appeared under his head. "Diez. Can you hear me?"

    "Just muffles at the moment, but they said I'll be able to hear with some time. So what is it ambassador? You look worried." Talon sighed before he spoke.

    "It's Sig. Diez. He's...he's...." Deiz didn't need him to finish to know what came next. She then began, in vein, to punch the hologram that stood before her.

    "No. No! Your lying! He... he can't be... he can't be gone." She finally calmed down, giving Talon time to speak.

    "Diez. We both know Sig wouldn't want you to do this in the middle of a mission. On the other hand, what else can you do? He was closer to you then your family." Diez sighed.

    "He was my family."

    Order of Events
    The delegation understand Seth's request, mostly.
    Bother sister bonding, A.I. edition.
    Diez finally learns about Sig.
  23. Tateo13TTV Junior Engineer

    "Thank you Tash, I think were going to wait for the VI to shuttle us out there." Responds Connor.

    "Is everything alright in there ?" Jason asks while knocking on the CSAR door.

    Order of Events
    -Connor answers the dragons.
    -Jason Checks on the CSAR delegation.
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  24. Anoth Junior Engineer

    John Dalton Convention Centre, Auditorium

    Tash smiled a little bit towards Connor. "Alright. If you go out and need the coordinates just ask the Viridian Pilots to Ask the Cheana or the Seras for them." He said befor closing the holographic Window.
    "If you excuse me, i have to do something." He said before walking over towards Roy.
    After he arrived at Roy's Side he took the word. "Say, when the VI can deploy shuttles again would you mind coming with me on board of our Science Carrier?" He asked looking up towards the Holographic Projection where anyone could watch the Dragon Fleet gathering around the large Fragment of the Stellar Object.
    "There we can work on your Price and Build it on the Spot, I think Askor can gather some material's from the Fragment as he analyze it anyway so we should have enough ressources to get your Variable Fighter Build right here." He said. Tash didn't want to drag Roy all the Way to Freedoms Hope since the Dragons were still keeping it's location a Secret. Also it was easier to get Roy's biometrics and other questions out of the way to tailor the Fighter directly onto his liking.

    Order of Events:
    -Tash says to Connor that when they need the Coordinates that they should just call the Fleet.
    -Tash goes over to Roy and asks if he has some time later to design his price.
  25. Xentor Junior Engineer

    Dalton Center, Auditorium
    "Of course, Shipmaster," Takeda replied. He turned to the Commander. "Make the arrangements. I'm sure many of our guests will want to visit their ships."

    Malaryk nodded. Rather than heading off to make the call, he just glanced to Lt. Varra and nodded off to the side.

    Varra walked off toward the southwest exit for some relative privacy, tapping her comm bracelet. "Nikola bridge... Varra here... Yes, Sir... Orders from the Commander, Sir..." Her voice trailed off as she left the room.

    Dalton Center, a few minutes later

    "Attention, delegates and guests,"
    came a voice over the loudspeaker, broadcasting throughout the conference center. Some might recognize it as the voice of Renee Castille, but she didn't identify herself. The attache had quietly made her way to the West Hall with Varra. "Some of you have expressed interest in visiting your ships. Since our shuttles are not equipped to handle the current situation, the Nikola will be escorting them. The Aristotle, Boltzmann, Machiavelli, and Kissinger are now being moved to ports A through D in the docking ring. They will depart in one hour, and hook up with the Nikola to visit your fleets. Please contact your assigned liaison if you require transport. Thank you."

    • Takeda replies to Cheana, passes the buck to Malaryk, who passes it to Varra
    • Varra heads off to make the call
    • Renee Castille broadcasts to the entire building. The Nikola will be making a transport run to the fleets
  26. Tateo13TTV Junior Engineer

    "Miss Veselova we came in on the VI Albright how soon can we get out to the NightHawk?" Asks Kira Again.

    Order Of Events.
    -Calling for a RIDE (AGAIN).
  27. Levits Senior Engineer

    "You should go." Kedra said to Roy after listening to the announcement. "Have Sivian take a look at your arm."

    Roy didn't respond immediately, he took a moment to give it some thought.

    "I must return to the room first." He said.

    Kedra puzzled over his reply until she realized what he must have meant by it. The spoon... It took her a second to consider the possibility that the Vi would scan for foreign objects leaving the station just as much as they would objects coming aboard. That would be a rather curious situation to explain if caught.

    "Yeah... you might want to first."

    Turning from her, he said as he began to walk away "You may contact Mr. Gianni and establish clearance for me to return to the Bastone. I will not be long."

    Kedra said nothing but held an annoyed visage momentarily. She wasn't fond of being told what to do, especially from someone under her command; especially from Roy when she was fully aware and already prepared to do so. But, she didn't dwell on it long. After their exchange, she walked over to Mond who was still standing near the Cerberus delegate.

    "Excuse me gentlemen," she said politely as she interrupted them, "Ambassador, I would like to request your permission for my subordinate to leave the station aboard the next available transport. He was injured during the recent incident and I would like for our ships doctor to see to him."

    Turning from his conversation with Kight, Mond didn't betray anything in front of the man. Kedra knew of course, as Mond responded, just how much he disliked the thought of sending Roy off; but not nearly as much as being left in the dark with whatever it was that she and Roy were up to.

    "Very well," He responded, "See to it."

    "Yes sir."

    Turning from them Kedra headed off to contact their liaison, leaving Mond to continue speaking with Kight.

    "The Church..." Mond paused to think "They do not strike me as the type to be capable of deploying such a weapon as what we've seen here..." It was a bit of outwardly expressing his thoughts. But he quickly added. "If your admiral is away, then I'm afraid I will be unable to meet with him any time soon. Following this convention, I will have to return to the Fleet. It may be several months before I will be back this way."

    Order of Events:
    -Roy goes back tot he C- 1 Rooms.
    -Kedra Contacts the C-1 liaison to request a transport for Roy.
    -Mond responds to Kight.
  28. SF-1 Raptor Junior Engineer

    Maverick and Unity quickly rolled their shared hull around to find Rishika. Once they found her, Unity quickly began to speak. "Miss Mehta. Ambassador Jany wanted us and Becca Towns to get back to the Mav-U. How long will it be before we can get back? Kight'll want all hands he can get back on the cruiser."

    Kight gave Mond a strange look as he commented on the Church, fiddling with the cross around his neck at the same time. The look turned to a slight smile when Mond said that he couldn't meet with him.

    "Don't video comms do you? Alright. I'll still be talking to him shortly." As Kight prepared to return to the Union suit, he added one more comment. "And Mond. When over half your population live on stations that hold 500,000 people max, and you hear that a stations holding almost a million was just turned to a pile of scrap, you tend to be worried for those you swore to protect." Kight then left to return to the Union suit.
  29. Xentor Junior Engineer

    Sanctuary, Unknown Maintenance Area
    "One moment," she replied. A few taps on her data pad... "I've reserved five seats for you on the Boltzmann. It will be waiting at gate B. The Nikola can only carry four shuttles at a time, so the Albright and most of the others will be staying behind. There will be another announcement closer to departure. Is there anything else I can help you with?"

    She muted her microphone for a moment to yell at one of the maintenance workers, getting a bit frustrated at their incompetence. She supposed real expertise was too much to ask for, when it came to a job like this.

    Dalton Center, Auditorium
    Quentin Gianni looked up as Kedra approached, and despite him looking a bit tired (Clearly not a morning person), he quickly reserved a seat for Roy on the Kissinger, at gate C.

    Rishika smiled. "All four shuttles will be leaving together, in just under an hour. I'll make sure there's room for you on the Machiavelli.


    Meanwhile, Renee Castille and Lt. Varra made their way back into the auditorium, their preparations underway, speaking quietly to each other. "Renee, I still say we send all the shuttles out together. They can warp alongside the Nikola, and just stay within AMGReS range. She should be able to cover at least five if they stay close enough. That gets us nine shuttles in one trip, and no one has to share."

    "And what if they miscalculate? If their coordinates are even slightly off, they'll be out of cover and could be hit by one of those rocks. I'm not going to risk a diplomatic incident, Lieutenant."

    "Then just add another shuttle to the Nikola, and I'll go alone. I can handle the trip, and the BRS fleet can just cover me when I drop out of warp."

    "Lieutenant..... Danielle, we can't take chances like that. I know you're a good pilot. That's why the Aristotle was the first shuttle I picked for this run. But we have to keep the delegates safe, even if that means they have to share."

    "Think they'll be alright letting others aboard their ships? I wouldn't want them running around on the Nikola with sidearms." Varra was, after all, the Nikola's head of security, among her other responsibilities.

    "Good point," Renee admitted. She started tapping a message into her pad, relaying it to the other liaisons. "We'll have to modify the weapons policy for any factions that are sharing. I really wish we had more ships to work with..."

    "Can't bring out the Guardians, can't fit AMGReS turrets on a dropship." Varra shrugged. "Maybe it's time to make a new ship. I bet Maria's already designing one in her head."

    "Is she really that good?"

    "Well, she designed the Nikola, didn't she?"

    "I've seen the reference data, Danielle. There were dozens of engineers involved in designing--" She stopped when she saw Varra shaking her head. "What?"

    Lt. Varra smiled, lowering her voice a bit. "Most of them were just research aides. The few that actually contributed, well, she gave them just enough so they could pad out their credentials. It was all politics."

    "Politics, huh? Same reason your father--"

    "Don't," Varra quickly interrupted. "Just don't."

    "Fair enough."

    • The liaisons reserve spots for the JSS, C-1, and Neb-U.
    • Renee and Lt. Varra chat on the way back to the group
  30. Tateo13TTV Junior Engineer

    "Thanks Miss Veselova we only need 2 seats and can we borrow 2 space suits ... our ship had an atmospheric breach so we will have to use suits till we verify the integrity of the main cabin. " Answers Kira as she and becka head from the JSS suite to ground floor and out one of the streets to the docking ports.

    Order of Events.
    -Answer 2 seats needed.
    -Head to get on board.
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