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RP [RP] C2: Against the Coming Storm

Discussion in 'Roleplaying' started by FatalPapercut, Oct 17, 2015.

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  1. SF-1 Raptor Junior Engineer

    Unity smiled before commenting.

    "The three of us will only need one seat unless their a handicap section. Me and Maverick's base isn't really suited for sitting." As she said this, Unity pointed to the segway-like base that she shared with her twin.

    Order of Events
    Unity responds to Rishika.
  2. UnitedTerranFederation Apprentice Engineer

    Ford and the few staff who had arrived on board with him, burst quickly onto the bridge of the Ark Royal, out of breath. His face was marked in a few spots with glistening red blood, slowly
    seeping from the few open wounds he had sustained. They had only enough time to put two or three shock rounds in the back of the team attempting to board the Ark Royal. Before the rest
    could even draw their pistols though, the remaining Ark Royal staff were upon them. As soon as they had stepped through the airlock, multiple squads of heavily armed security teams converged on the docks, popping off a few scattered shots before the door closed resoundingly in their faces. As Mr. Ford surveyed the hectic command bridge for a brief minute, First Officer Smith stepped towards him and began
    his report. "All moorings have been cleared off and we are beginning our departure. Initial scans are indicating that they've dispatched two cruisers to intercept us. They will arrive in two minutes, sir."

    The news wasn't good, but Ford had come to know quickly that in his line of work it very rarely was. Easing gently into the captains chair, he immediately sprang to work. "Begin rotation 45 degrees starboard.
    Prepare for full engine power on my mark." As the Ark Royal cleared the installation, a number of small patrol craft had already set upon the ship. In the distance, the shadows of the pursuant cruisers loomed into view, just detaching from the scattered maintenance docks around the base. "Comms, start talking with those CID ships, buy us some time. I need that Drive powered up and ready for transit ASAP." Despite the fact that what he was doing could be referred to as treason, with his career and free life on the line, Ford maintained a very calm disposure. Just a day earlier he had found himself nervous at the prospect of merely attending a foreign conference, but now he sat confident and collected. In that moment, he knew he was back in his element. Real danger at his heels, a ship at his disposal, and a crew to command into parts unknown. The main communications line crackled, before the transmission came through clear. "You are in violation of Central Intelligence Department airspace regulations. Surrender yourself and your vessel immediately or you will be fired upon." The bridge was steady yet nervous, Ford merely cracking a smile at the threat. He remarked passingly, "Well, at least they haven't identified us yet. We might have a problem then, eh Smith?" Ford laughed deeply, much to the amusement of the officers around him. "Repeat, Federation vessel UFSS Ark Royal, you are in violation of CID airspace. Surrender your vessel immediately!" The mood quickly darkened at this news, but Ford barely flinched at the idea. "You said we might have a problem, sir?" Jack uttered, partly in bemusement, partly in panic. The sensors officer began counting down the hundred meter units separating the distant cruisers and their weapons ranges. As soon as shrapnel and bullets littered the combat area in denser and denser amounts, the more difficult it would be to Tear out safely.

    The window out was closing by the second. "What's the ETA on that drive? I need that damned thing charged yesterday! Propulsion, gun it. Keep putting as much distance between them and us as possible." The aggravation in Ford's voice was growing noticeably, as was the restless excitement on the bridge. The pursuing ships had a lead however, and were closing fast. Second by second, the cruisers crossed the weapons threshold. The main turrets swivelled on their axis, targeting the engine bays and Tear Drive. A coordinated strike, meant to cripple those systems in the shortest amount of time as possible, to delay or prevent escape. But suddenly, without warning, seconds before firing, the ship known to the targeting sensors as the "UFSS Archangel" dropped off the map. For a handful of seconds following the blunder, both ships scrambled to assess the issue. Clearly, just out the window, directly in front of them, was the Ark Royal, accelerating to freedom. It only took a few seconds after identifying the problem for the gunners to change the target, but it was too little to late. The Ark Royal had made it away, on account of a split second ruse that gave them the extra few undeterred seconds they needed to escape. Carrying the IFF tags for the Archangel, the pursuant CID ships had clearly had their target and were quickly closing in. Merely a facade though, once cast away the Archangel dropped off the map, in it's place physically the Ark Royal. Digitally, empty space.

    Captain Ford eased up from his chair and moved to the front of the bridge. His address was short, sweet and to the point. "Gentlemen, Ladies. You've all done admirably. Up until this point you've only done what was your contractual duty to do. I cannot ask you to do anything further. We have clearly uncovered that our foe is not an outside actor, but is involved at the very roots of the Federation. Before continuing on to our next course, any of you who wish to depart can do so when we rendezvous with the UFSS Independence, under no shame for doing so." The bridge was dead silent, all attention focused on the captain. He stepped down slowly and approached his chair again, his final orders. "Best course to Io Sigma."


    The bridge of the UFSS Viceroy had become abuzz with activity since the arrival of the relief fleet. Most of the military might in the operation had been called off, however the UFSS Essex had reinforced the fleet taking the position of the Ark Royal, and the Federation Commandos held their post aboard the transport UFSS Reprisal. The fleet and delegation had both stayed deathly quiet through the ordeal, communication rarely and continuing repairs. All they could do was remain ever vigilant.
  3. Anoth Junior Engineer

    John Dalton Convention Centre, Auditorium.

    Wih the notification out, Chereza thanks the Viridian Delegates before walking back towards the Dragon Delegation.
    She slowly approached Alex and his Sister to seperate them quietly before she hugged Syra again. "Time to go home." She said softly before taking her and two of the Silent Fang to make their Way up to the Dragon Suit to grab some of Syras lugage.
    Meanwhile, Alex contacted Renee Castille.
    "Miss Castille?" He spoke over the Com-Channels of the Viridian System towards Renee. Sure they weren't using the Bracelets the Viridian's handed out to the Delegations since the Collars they were all wearing could be used in the same manor anyway.
    "I would like to book four Seats on the Aristotle. She has to transport the Shipmasters Syra Dars and Chereza over to the B.R.S. Drachenfeuer II. They will be acompanied by two members of the Silent Fang for their Trip." He let out the reason why they needed transportation. It was bad enough that some of the Delegates already knew why she was leaving the Conference already.
    With that said, he made its way over now to the Viridian Delegation, followed by Seth to keep watch over the Fleetmaster.
    "Dr.Takeda, The Fleet has begun their analysis of the Core Fragment we captured. If the Institute wants to accompany us in the effort to analyse and study the object, your scientists are invited to board the B.R.S. Wissensdurst wich is conducting the collection and analysis of samples at this very moment. We might have a lot of usefull and very advanced technologys but more minds can never hurt to unravel the misterys of the open cosmos and this incident in perticular. Just give me the word and I will set everything in motion to keep your People Safe and Sound during the Analysis."

    Order of Events:
    -Cheana leaves with Syra and 2 members of the Silent Fang the Auditorium.
    -Alex books a flight.
    -Alex offers Takeda to send some Scientists to the Dig-site.
  4. SF-1 Raptor Junior Engineer

    Within the Union's suite, Kight prepared to question the admiral about the Revenant's mysterious appearance and why he was never told about his home carrier, the Dark Night, was running backup escort. he soon tried to contact the Maverick Unity, but instead of a crew member of his ship, the fleet commander heard the voice of Cap. Langston.

    "Commander. Sorry for the surprise, your crew's repairing the Tachyon array as we speak though. So what can the Silent Hunter do for you?" Kight sighted, knowing Frank wouldn't like what he was about to say.

    "I need to speak to Master Admiral Vince Garis. I want answers."

    "Same here kid. Setting up a channel with the Silent Song now." Langston's reaction wasn't what Kight expected, but he took it, and soon Admiral Garis appeared on the screen in front of Kight.

    "Fleet Commander Kight. To what do I owe the pleasure?" Kight was surprise at how comfortable Garis looked.

    "You owe it to the Dark Night sending Revenant in and then he fired on a C-1 vessel. He didn't even give a C-1 fighter time to talk him out of it. I know what he was thinking. The ship's auto gunnery systems had gone haywire, but...." Garis was stunned at the sound of this, and quickly began to speak to someone off screen.

    "Blink. Get me the Dark Night, now." Soon the screen split, and a not-so-agreeable looking man appeared. "Cap. Triana. What is the meaning of this? I sent you as backup and now I here that one of your pilots engaged a C-1 vessel!" Triana was calm, as he always was, and answered the Admiral.

    "I gave Revenant and Jade orders to keep any and all ship within the Viridian system safe. Revenant is the only Jager pilot who is a Dark Gamma now, so I believe, given the situation, he must have thought it was the right call." The Admiral seemed unsure with Triana's response.

    "I told you to show yourself if it was required to act, not hide in the shadows!" Kight then budded in.

    "Your not off the hook Master Admirable. Why was the Night even here? You gave me this mission and said I was in command of all ships involved. Why would you send a carrier behind my back?" The Admiral sighed.

    "This is the first major diplomatic mission the Union has taken in years. Forgive me for being sure our craft were safe." Kight responded before Garis could continue.

    "Then why not just put the Dark Night under my command for the mission, Admiral?" Garis looked at Kight before responding.

    "I wanted to surprise any attackers. Which is why Triana should have shown himself. Speaking of which, Triana! Your vessel to under the command of Fleet Commander Kight until the end of the mission. Do I make myself clear?" Triana wasn't happy about this. He never liked the fact that Kight was promoted to Fleet Commander. Always thought he was too young. But he trusted Garis enough to tolerate the command.

    "Aye sir. I will be waiting for your orders Fleet Commander. Oracle, cut transmission!" The Admiral then looked at Kight.

    "I'm sorry Kight. I fear my choice may have made things more difficult for you and the ambassadors." Kight sighed.

    "Everyone has been on edge. The Union just keeps taking hit after hit. We'll make it through though. We always do. See you soon Garis."

    "Goodbye Kight." As the discussion ended, Kight quickly contacted Sanctuary control.

    "Sanctuary control, this is Fleet Commander Kight. I just got command over the carrier that brought that mystery bomber in and would like to have it jump in formation with our other ships. Permission to give the order to jump?"

    Order of Events
    Long discussion about who's right and wrong.
    Kight given command of Dark Night.
    Kight ask Sanctuary control of the ship to jump into the system.
  5. Anoth Junior Engineer

    Unknown Location, Viridian System.

    The hidden Ship in the Viridian System had observed the whole ordeal. This whole incident left a bitter taste on the tongues of the Crew. The Fleetmaster knew that. During the great schism, he had seen enough Dragon Blood shed inside Ships and the Soil of the Dragons Home. He could understand how the Shipmaster of the B.R.S. Carrier must feel right now. They had still streamed and recorded everything what has happened during that time and he knew that the Dragons at Home were either shocked or confused. They didn't knew the context of this gathering but still they wanted to watch.
    "I hope the Bronze Scales know what they are doing there." The Fleetmaster said, watching the main screen of his bridge.

    Unknown Location, Unknown System.
    During the Time of Emerald 4's Death.

    Every Dragon felt Silent as they saw the death of the Bronzedragon's Pilot. The complete Chaos of the Incident was rather thrilling for everyone watching as well as the valiant efforts of the Dragon Pilots during the Debris Hail but as the Pilot died, everyone went silent. It was a depresing silence filling the lush fields of the Dyson Sphere where the main portion of the Dragon Race was residing. After a brief moment of Shock, some of the Children started to ask questions to their parents or care-takers. Faint cries came up here and there and on the great Stage where the first Dragon resided a loud sigh. He had hoped that this Meeting with the Humans would be something to cheer about but now? They had to mourn the unecessary Death of a Dragon by the Hands of Humans. The First Dragon hoped the Bronzedragon wouldn't seek for revenge. Later he would be suprised. The Bronzedragons were still eager to sacrifice themselfs or put themselfs in danger just to keep the Humans from shooting at eachother. The Death wouldn't be forgotten but after the Bronzedragon Fleet surrounded the Halicrast to prevent Human friendly fire, the mood inside the Dyson Sphere was rising. Those who had rebeled and had hurt so many feelings during the schism. Called Traitors and murderers. Now? They were growing to become heroes.
    The First Dragon could be proud of his Children.

    Order of Events:
    -Just some meaningless writting to pass time.
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  6. Tateo13TTV Junior Engineer

    Jason exits the JSS room walks over to the CSAR door and Knocks on it thrice.
    Order of Events.
  7. Anoth Junior Engineer

    Viridian System, Fermi-District Dome 6, Sanctuary

    Several Hours had past since the combines Fleets secured the Safe Zone inside the Viridian Nebula. The B.R.S. Corvettes joined the VI Nikola during her Shuttle Delivery Run to the mass of Ships outside and the B.R.S. Fleet had gathered herself around the larger Fragment of the Stellar Object wich had exploaded in their mids.

    Meanwhile, several of the Dragon Delegates that stayed on Sanctuary tried to pass the Time. Everyone needed to cool of and the Viridians had to manage the Damage on Sanctuary and their installations outside in the Nebula. Such an Event definetly stalled the current Gathering and everyone agreed that they would skip Today's presentations and continue tomorrow.

    Tash, Alex and Seth used the free time they've got now to wander around inside the Fermi-District. They've ennjoyed the holographic Sky and the overall Atmosphere of this place. After their Welcome it was a quite different experience for them since there were alot less people here then before. Sure they saw some People here and there but they could figure that the Viridians were occupied with repairing the Damage to their Home and helping their wounded.

    "So... We already missed Lunch." Said Tash after a while as they entered the large Park area inside the Fermi District.

    "And?" Alex asked while slowly walking around the central path leading towards the Centre of the Park.

    "Well... I'm getting Hungry you know?" Tash said rubbing his belly a bit with a broad smile.

    Alex rolled his Eyes. His brother was technicly an Adult Dragon but he still behaved sometimes like a Child.
    "Can't you just appreciate the View and the suprisingly clean Air for a change?" Alex asked wich made Seth chuckle.

    "I think Tash can only enjoy the smell of Oil and wielded Metal when it comes to that." Seth joked and earned a small punch on his shoulder before the Trio reached the Center of the Park. They made their way over to one of the Park Benches and sat down. Sure it was strange to Sit on something not made for their Anatomy but they managed to find a suitable and comfortable pose to sit in. Tash had less of a problem with that since his size allowed him to adapt better to the unnormal furniture.

    "Thats better..." Alex said leaning himself a little bit back while he angled his Wings a little bit so they didn't get in the way while he sat on the Bench while he listened to the holographic Birds and the fake sound of Wind running through the Gras. They had cut themselfs from the Fleets communication Channels for now. Alex didn't want to deal with all the volunteer requests from Engineers around the Fleet to help the Viridians in their effort to fix up the damaged parts of Sanctuary. Alex had informed Miss Castille about the Volunteers and she could arange everything around that if the Viridians wanted the Help but for now, he was glad to relax a little bit. This Day was definetly something he didn't need so soon again.

    Order of Events:
    - Let's do the Time Warp Again *sing*
    - Alex, Tash and Seth wander around Sanctuary and Tash gets Hungry.
    - Alex thinks about the Volunteers that came up to help the Viridian People but decides to relax instead.
  8. FatalPapercut Senior Engineer

    [[Despite the chaotic events of the morning, the Freeport envoy fleet eventually reestablishes contact with the others present. The mysterious explosion and subsequent debris shower had not been kind to the FPN, especially the King's Castle, and significant repairs had to be undertaken to restore basic functionality. The fleet kindly refuses any offers of assistance, and reports no casualties, though does make mention of extensive injuries to several crew members.

    Inside the Viridian station, the Freeport delegation takes the fleet's report rather well, all things considered. Their presentation given to the others was shortened from its original runtime however, as most of the information they had to exposit could be analyzed by the other factions on their own time. Their main pieces of evidence against Sheshir subterfuge included a small portable hard drive; a common off the shelf model that was explained to be the same device given to Councillor Correl after the Styx Conflict, as well as the data it contained. Numerous spreadsheets and charts detailing the locations of CGL bases of operations and financial dealings in excruciating detail were only the first layer, what would intrigue the most was the sources of the information. Multiple civilian, government and military organizations were used as references, indicating that whoever had collected the sum of data had connections that went far beyond what any thought possible, even indicating that business partners of those present at the conference had been compromised.

    Shortly following the presentation, the Freeport delegation opted to withdraw from the rest of the conference, citing a previously overlooked issue with the King's Castle's repairs that would need to be looked at further at the FPN's shipyards. Vayne and his companions only stayed long enough to express their regrets over leaving so suddenly, and for Doctor Yuy to make a few personal visits outside the Fermi district to say final goodbyes to his former colleagues.


    Several weeks later, news headlines broke of a rampant virus outbreak within the Freeports. Though several antigens were employed in what was thought at first to only be a localized infection, they only offered temporary relief as the virus proved to be highly adaptable and extremely resilient to antibiotics. The cause was unknown, some believing it to be a biological weapon attack by the Sheshir, and others citing the unregulated traffic flow through the Ports being a catalyst to an epidemic that was bound to happen eventually. Whatever the source, the virus spread rapidly, common symptoms including immediate onset of nausea, fatigue, intense muscle pain, and in severe cases, up to and including death. The Council quickly established all Freeports as quarantine zones, prohibiting all traffic in or out, and reassigning the FPN to uphold the quarantine and protect the Freeports from anyone who would seek to take advantage of the crisis.

    The Freeport's future seemed uncertain, though many kept high hopes. Their independent nature meant that even under quarantine, there were little shortages of food and other consumables, and necessary supplies and personnel could still be brought in under FPN guard. It was indeed unfortunate, however, that the ones who had been hurt the most by the Sheshir with the loss of Freeport 7, had been effectively removed from any ability offer further resistance against them.]]
  9. Tateo13TTV Junior Engineer

    [No one answers the CSAR Door]
    Jason walks back into the jss suite and radios the rest of the team "I think when Alex wakes up from the sedatives we need to talk about a possible activation of Article 62.A.14 of our contracts."

    [a few hours later]

    "Oh look who finally woke up " says Kira sarcastically at Alex.
    "Now that everyone is here we need to discuss the situation. Connor Please give an updated status of what has happened since Alex has been asleep." states Jason.
    "Well We all know that The Janus and its fighter escort was lost with all hands. There is no response from the crew of the NightHawk and we have yet to get any more confirmation other than it will need external repairs since the bridge windows seem to have cracked from debris. Tech wise we have a few tablets here but without the jumpgate working or contact with NightHawk we have no external communication." finishes Connor.
    "Engineering wise I have nothing to report. " retorts Becka.
    "Nothing I have seen that I can hotwire to get us through that asteroid field. They did make this place hard to get to and that has some limitations on shipping so they end up being more self sufficient here." says Kira.
    "Medically the information that was in the ark would benifit a large organization like JSS but since we dont have access to it its not going to help us.
    I want to put forward the motion as a group to invoke article 62.a.15 since it does not look like we will be able to contact the main office." says Jason.
    "So based off the information you have given me you want me to take the NightHawk and go rogue from JSS. What about this situation do you think makes it benifitial to be freed from the rules and regulations of the company we all belong to?"

    Order Of Events.
    -Jason implies time to go merc.
    -Alex wakes up.
    -Status Report.
    -Alex questions the Article 62.a.15 idea.
  10. Levits Senior Engineer

    With this crisis narrowly diverted the C-1 delegation opted to remove itself from the publics eye as much as possible, seeking instead to follow through with its initial plan to learn more of the situation regarding the Seshir and establish a material supply line for future operations. This of course was easier said than done as the incident with the Halicrast had certainly ruffled more than a few feathers and it seemed that many more looked unfavorably towards the C-1's methods. There was no denying that among first impressions, theirs was little well received.

    Immediately following the events and presentations by the others, there was only the briefest of introductions presented by the C-1's top diplomat. Summed up, it was a repeat of things previously spoken of with a few of the others present. The C-1 were there to reestablish it's position with the rest of humanity and that their intentions with regards to the Seshir were only secondary. It was hinted also that they had come from afar and boasted some advancement in specific technological sciences, but little else was divulged about them or their capabilities.

    Though this was but a lackluster display and introduction, those members of the C-1 delegation knew that there was far more left unsaid. Their intentions, their motives, what they were truly hoping to accomplish by returning to the human collective; for now these things were better left for another time to discuss...

    After the convention, the C-1 vessels and representatives had remained just outside of the Viridian solar system for a time. Both the Halicrast and Rossetta had sustained structural damage and it took the better part of a week before they were capable of sustaining the journey back to Point Alpha.

    Order of Events: (bit of a revision)
    -The C-1 diplomatic delegation is collecting itself after the situation that occurred with the Halicrast...
    -The C-1 officially introduces itself to everyone present... cept' maybe the Freeports :(
    -The C-1 ships remained in system for a time while repairs were underway; long enough for some conversations to occur between those that remained.
    -Not sure what to do from here...?
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  11. Krovennan Apprentice Engineer

    The chaos had raged on for hours, the blood red ships of KAE diving and weaving through the treacherous asteroid field, but in doing so, had managed to survive with few casualties. The Warstalker floated serenely in the black abyss of space, the results of the explosion on it's side still apparent as a crater of twisted, blackened metal blemishing the hull of the vessel. All was quiet as the fleet regrouped and accepted what aid was offered. On the station, General Roberts was on one of the balconies, looking down on the streets as the people who lived here tried to regain their composure after such an experience. Away from his aides and from the Direwolves, General Roberts allowed himself to exhale in relief and exhaustion. Some were already leaving and this conference was in danger of falling apart if something wasn't done. Thinking, Roberts sat in one of the chairs, looking at the artificial sky as he began piecing together a plan. After a few hours, Roberts sent a message out to all delegates still in attendance, requesting for them to meet at the Auditorium later tonight. Roberts only hoped it wasn't too late, as he went to prepare as best he could.
  12. Levits Senior Engineer

    There was an awkward silence as the broadcast showcased the recent events. The damage done to the station and outlying space, the few "experts" attempting to detail how such a phenomenon could occur, the impact it could have on the current diplomatic mission and future space travel in the area, and what seemed most concerning to those watching in the room was the lack of mention of "why now"?...

    Sitting there, lounging upon the sofa with the other security personnel doing much of the same, Kedra said nothing as the only sound to fill the room came from the screen. Roy had departed, his injury the day before during a 'friendly' game of arm wrestling giving him reason to return to the Bastone. Kaig too was away, unable or unwilling to return since she left to quell the Halicrast. She wondered why Kaig had not returned before pondering on what the others of Viper Squadron were doing at the moment. Flying sorties or, more likely, laughing amongst themselves at her own misfortune of being stuck there upon the station.

    Regardless of her thoughts on the matter, for now, it was just her and the guards; non of whom she had much reason to converse with. The diplomats themselves had pretty well barricaded themselves in one of the rooms to discuss "important matters"... She sighed as she leaned forward, "Whatever that means".

    "Ma'am?" one of the guards questioned from the other side of the couch.

    "Nothin'" she responded, waving him off. She stood after that, taking a few steps towards the door before turning back towards her room. She had been ordered to remain in the suite; Mond had specifically stated that there should be "No intercommunication with anyone for the time being until they could figure out what to do next.".

    By now she was pacing back and forth, going stir-crazy inside that lush extravagant room. The guards themselves following her pacing with concerned stares. Even though she had lived within the tube-like and confined spaces of starships and stations all of her life, she at least had had things to keep herself occupied. This was simply torture. Finally after perhaps a few seconds of this, she headed to her room and the door closed behind her... to the relief of the guards who seemed concerned that they might have had to intervene.. for whatever reason.

    Sitting back and staring the at the screen, the guards continued to do what they had been doing.

    An hour later, the door to Monds room opened as the three diplomatic figures emerged. Jumping up from their places the guards stood at attention as Mond, Kyle, and Rose approached the center of the room.

    "Collect your gear, we're leaving."

    With Mond's words, the security personnel looked to one another curiously before Kedra's room door opened.

    "We're leaving?" she said popping her head out and barely hiding her joy.

    "Yes, there is little else for us to do now." Mond responded before continuing "Our main objective is complete. We've introduced ourselves and made clear that we had returned. We've also collected enough details to know that this present situation with the Seshir is not connected to our current objectives... Though..." he paused to think on the matter some more. "I do believe we can benefit from it." He also added "Regardless, with the incident involving the Halicrast, it would be unwise to remain here longer than need be."

    Kedra needn't hear all of that, she'd been ready to leave the moment they had arrived; though there were some now that she'd at least like to have said goodbye to.

    Packing her things, what little she had, everyone within the room collected what they had brought. The "Ark" that was so generously donated to them was catalogued and packed as Mond requested a means to deliver it to the awaiting fleet. In all, they were ready to leave shortly. That was until...

    "Ambassador," Kyle called as Mond was busy with a final check of the items being prepped for departure "We've just received an invite from the KAE ambassador, "Roberts". It seems that he wishes to discuss something further later on this evening."

    "This evening?" Mond repeated in question.

    "Tonight." Kyle corrected. They were still unadjusted to the time variations of the Viridians and the C-1.

    Mond thought about the proposal, weighed the options and then decided.

    "Hold off on that for now." He said to one of the guards, bring pause to everyone else. "We're going to join the KAE and see what they have to say.".

    There was nothing to argue against. All Kedra could do was let out a sigh, roll her eyes, and drop the stuff she had been ready to carry out with a weighty "thump".

    Order of Events:
    -The C-1 delegation was just about to leave...
    -Then they changed the minds...
    -Kedra is not all too excited about the change in plans...
  13. TheAshenShadow Apprentice Engineer

    Cyrus watched as the debris cloud cleared up, eventually. The combined firepower of many of Humanity's foremost fleets, and these... Dragons. Decimated by a rock. Cyrus laughed at the absurdity of it all, at the sheer havoc relative velocity could wreak. The KAE delegation wanted a meeting later. He nodded, and sent a message that the Academy'd be there. Not like they had anywhere else to go, who knew what damage their ships had sustained. They'd figure out soon enough, he supposed. He sent a message up to Harding that he should get down here, the people at KAE wanted a meeting later. Harding arrived shortly thereafter and nodded to Cyrus. Now, they would wait.

    Thalia awoke - slowly - from unconsciousness. The pressure hull remained intact - that was good. She looked up at the room in front of her. A number of First Squad was dead. Avison was still breathing, but barely. Thalia looked up to see Nietzsche standing over her, tending to her wounds. She sat up, slowly. "What... happened?"

    Inspector Nietzsche looked down at her. "The terrorists detonated the targeting computer core. Just got a message from home that they hit the military complex outside Brighton."

    Thalia stared straight ahead. "How many dead?"

    Nietzsche looked her over a final time, deciding she'd survive until the medics arrived, and moved over to Sergeant Avison. "Six of the espatiers. Twenty terrorists. Hopefully that was all of them. Ten thousand, back on Titan. Phoenix."

    Thalia stared in shock. It wasn't real - couldn't be real. Phoenix had been wiped out back at Janus. They couldn't be back. No. This couldn't be happening. This was just a nightmare.

    Nietzsche looked back over at Thalia, her eyes flashing with concern. "Stay with me, Captain. Don't go into shock. The medics will be here shortly. Stay with me, Captain. Captain!"

    Thalia attempted to stand, slumping over against the wall. "This can't be real this can't be real this can't be real."

    Nietzsche looked up as the medics rushed into the room. She pointed at one of the medics. "You there. The captain's going into shock. Do something about it." The medic took a second to process what she said, then rushed over to Thalia.

    Thalia watched the medic come over, before blacking out.

    Hayley watched the medics and DC teams arrive at the scene of the explosion. A comm icon beeped in her peripheral vision. She mentally accepted the call. "Kane here. Go ahead."

    The Inspector's voice came over the line. "Nietzsche here. Captain Neumann is currently being treated for symptoms of shock. Six of Avison's espatiers dead. All of the terrorists that were in the room."

    Hayley frowned almost imperceptibly. "It's confirmed, they were terrorists?"

    Nietzsche nodded, Hayley noted on the cameras, which were back up and working, "Ex cineribus resurgimus. Phoenix, to be exact."

    Hayley's eyes went wide. "That... Phoenix? Janus station?"

    Nietzsche's voice hardened. "The one and the same. They took out the military complex outside Brighton, too. Estimated ten thousand dead."

    Hayley exhaled. "Shit."

    The medics were taking the captain to the medbay, now. Nietzsche was following them. "Indeed. Hopefully that was all of them, but I have a sneaking suspicion it wasn't. Be on your guard, Lieutenant-commander. Inspector Nietzsche out."

    Hayley would have slumped back in her chair if she could've. The implants and wires required for the DNI wouldn't allow that, though. The implications... Holy fuck, this was bad.

    -Cyrus and Harding wait in the auditorium for KAE's presentation
    -Subplot development!
  14. SF-1 Raptor Junior Engineer

    Over the course of the rest of the day, the Union citizens seemed to have it rough. Towns, Maverick, and Unity's ride back to the cruiser was a bumpy one, not to mention the thought of Sig's death. After the three arrived, the Union spec ops carrier Dark Night enters the system, still cloaked by its jammers and skin. Exo quick get the vessel on the open comms once he sees this.

    "Triana! Transponder! Now!" The captain didn't like that fact he was under the command of a scout fleet, and hated it even my that an XO could give him an order, but he had to comply, and the carrier formed up with the fleet as soon as it could, and some open comms chatter showed that the hatred towards the ship was most do to its captain, as Dark Unit pilots, troops, and agents seem to be treated better. Revenant and Jade also soon departed the Mav-U, but not without contacting the C-1 fleet.

    "C-1 vessels, C-1 vessels. This is Revenant, Dark Gamma pilot of the Neb-U Navy. I just wanted to apologize for what happened earlier. I've seen an entire squadron fall because I didn't act fast enough, and I guess it still haunts me and Jade. Just know, I don't care if you never forgive me, but just know that I won't leave any allies behind." And with that, the heavy fighter slipped into the Night's hanger bay.

    After Revenant returned to his home ship, Exo had what most would think was an odd idea, but seem appropriate to anyone born in the Union. Each of the three Union "balistic" warships pointed seven turrets away from Sanctuary and any of the fleets. A communication was then sent out to all ship and Sanctuary control

    "All ship, this is Executive Officer Johnathan Smith of the Union vessel Maverick Unity. Since half of our population live on space station, we've developed our own way of honoring those who we've lost in the line of duty. So, today, I want to extend this to all those who we lost, no matter what faction of species they were." At these last words, Maverick Unity, Aurora Borealis, and Silent Hunter each fired seven blanks through the turrets that were aimed away.

    In Sanctuary, the ambassadors, Kight, Diez(sort of), and Bobcat listened to the various lectures from different factions, then came the time for the Union's lecture. The event most focused on the Union military, culture, tech, and more details about the Human A.I.. After the lectures, they ate, and while the others when to the rest, Kight left the Dalton and walked around Sanctuary. He still couldn't believe he had lost Sig, or that he couldn't see what Iago was. All he really did for the rest of the day was walk around Sanctuary.

    Order or Events
    Dark Night gets a rude welcome.
    Revenant apologizes the the C-1 for his actions.
    The Union fleet honors the fallen.
    Kight walks around Sanctuary and thinks.
  15. Anoth Junior Engineer

    Viridian System, Sanctuary, Fermi District;

    As the Dragons in their Suits get the Message from General Roberts, Thela jumped of from the couch where she was eating a small Dinner to compensate missing the Lunch. With a piece of toast hanging from the edge of her snout she grabed quickly her coat and ran out of the Suit, leaving Kharun and the remaining Member of the Silent Fang behind wondering where she was running so fast.

    As she left the John Dalton Convention Centre she quickly jumped down the Stairs leading up to the Building and made her way towards the Park area where Fleetmaster Darion and his companions were still sitting around. The Fleetmaster and his companions had turned of their com-links to the other Dragons so they didn't know of the Message wich was why Thela was running now towards the Park. On her way, she passes Kight and probably startled him a little as the tiny Dragon rushed past him. She turned around and took the toasted piece of bread out of her Mouth. "Sorry!" She shouted before running futher ahead leaving some pedestrians behind gawking at her while she was sliding her arms and Wings into her Coat before biting down on her "dinner" again.

    Alex, Tash and Seth were just chatting to one another as suddendly Thela jumped through some of the Shrubbery behind them, landing on Tash's back with a startled expression on her face. Tash was suprised by the sudden contact with the small Shipmaster and blinked irritated while slowly falling over from the bench before both of them hit the ground.
    "Thela what the hell!" Tash grumbled loudly as he was getting up slowly, carefully taking into account that Thela was still clinging to his back.
    "Sorry!" She said again a little out of breath.
    "Alex, the KAE Representative Roberts sended a Message to all Delegates." She tried to say while Tash put her back onto the ground before snatching the Toast from Thela and dusting himself of.
    "Hey!" Thela protested and Alex sighed.
    "What did the Message say Thela?" He asked calmly while Tash was munching on the piece of Toast while holding Thela away from him within an Arms Lenght.
    "He want's to bring all the remaining Attendants together in the Main hall of the Convention Centre. I gues for some more coordination to get everything back on track." Thela answered the Fleetmaster after giving a little high pitched growl towards Tash.

    "Thank you." Alex said patting her on her head. He activated his comms again and pulled up the Message and made a quick glance over it before climbing off of the bench they were sitting on. "Looks like we have some time left, let's get some Ice Cream shall we?" He said with a smile before the four Dragons made their way out of the Park.

    Order of Events:
    -Jung Girl running with a pice of toast in her mouth trope: Check.
    -Thela tackling Tash to the ground in an excelent sneak attack manouver.
    -Conveying some Information.
    -Ice Cream!
  16. SF-1 Raptor Junior Engineer

    In the Convention Center, Bobcat, who had finally gotten his arm fix, was quick to tell the others about the KAE's message. Clarkson is happy to see something good after what happened in with the mystery asteroid, but quickly realizes Kight isn't back yet.

    "Hey, Diez. When did Kight say he'd be.... Sorry. Forgot you couldn't hear." The marine, to the old ambassadors surprise, responded.

    "Don't worry Ambassador. Black Hat programmed this for me before he and the twins left. Spells out what everyone's saying" Clarkson just stared at the datapad.

    "I'll never understand how that girl does it. Time to see if I can get in touch with 'im."

    Kight just so happened to be sitting in tree, listening to some old earth music the band his sister was in covered, and was surprised enough by the tone of Clarkson's class to end up with a face full of grass and dirt.

    "Kight. Is this a bad time." Kight gave an uncharacteristically sarcastic response.

    "No, I was just getting to know this guy named gravity. What's up?" Clarkson could help but let o snicker, having a good idea what just happened.

    "The KAE wants all the remaining delegates to meet tonight. I was hoping you could get back and get ready before then, if your up to it." Kight shook his head. He always hated being babied, especially when life gave him a kick in the tail.

    "I'll be ready Clarkson. Headed your way now." Kight finally got up and dusted himself off, and began to head back to the Dalton.

    Meanwhile, Diez got a call from the Maverick Unity.

    "This is Diez. Who is it."

    "This is Marine Capt. Grant. I need to tell you something Diez."

    "What is it sir?"

    "I need a new commander, since Iago turn traitor and Sig.... What I'm saying is I'm giving you a promotion." Diez was clearly shocked at the sound...I mean text of this.

    "Capt.! I...I don't know what to say. I just hate that it came from the loss of someone who was like a father to me."

    "I know Diez, but you're the most qualified on the ship. Grant out."

    Order of Events
    Everyone happy about the renewed conference.
    Kight, meet ground.
    Diez is promoted.
  17. Tateo13TTV Junior Engineer

    Within the JSS Suite. After receiving the message from KAE .
    "Well thats an interesting request I guess we can table this decision for now. Becka Go check on the CSAR delegation and then come down to the center of the hall. Lets go see what they have to say." Says Alex.

    "knock knock anybody in there?" Asks Becka at the CSAR door.

    The rest of the team heads down the elevators and walks into the main convention hall.

    Order of Events.
    -Message Recieved.
    -Alex gives Orders.
    -Becka goes KNOCK KNOCK.
    -everyone goes downstairs.
  18. Anoth Junior Engineer

    Viridian System, Sanctuary, Fermi District.

    The Quest to fetch some Icecream was cut short as the Dragons made their way into the lively Neighborehood of the Fermi District as they were informed that the Aristotle was coming back from the Dragons Fleet, carrying Chereza back to the Station.
    Not wanting the let out Chereza on their quest, the Dragons made their way to the Docking Ring to await the arrival of Alexanders Wife.

    Tash loved his sister in law but his stomach was growling at him like an angry dog. A Dragon of his sice needed quite a lot to eat in one day and he was growing more and more impatient. "How long until they are finaly here?" He asked taping his bare calws on the metal floor.
    "They should be here any minute." Alex said with a sigh while looking towards his brother.
    Tash was an oddity when it came to the Dragons. Not only was he taller then any other Dragon in the B.R.S. but he was also one wich grew significantly faster then anyone else. The B.R.S. Biologists had no Idea what was driving this kind of gigantism in Tash nor where it came from. They cooked up some special medicine for him to keep Tash's growth to a minimum but that was just a temporary solution and they knew that once they had found a suitable planet they could finaly call home that they would have to let him grow. Alex just hoped that his Brother wouldn't take on the size of the first Dragon... The B.R.S. had no need for an immortal leader.

    After another 30 minutes of pointless nagging from his Brother, the Shuttle arrived with Chereza on board and shortly afterwards the Dragons welcomed her with friendly smiles.
    "Welcome back." Alex said before embracing his Wife lovingly. "How's Syra?" He asked after Chereza returned the hug.
    "She will over come it." Chereza said with a sigh. "She has thrown herself into work after she held a rather long ceremony for the Fallen Pilot." She said before taking Alex Hand.
    "Typical." Alex responded before leading the Dragons back into the Fermi District. "I hope you are in mood for some Icecream before we get to work as well." He said with a smile.
    Chereza looked back at him with a questioning expression. "What do you mean?" She asked.
    "General Robertson from KAE wants to bring the Delegates back together and I am willing to hear what he wants to say... Especialy after the FPN left all of the sudden..." He explained. It was just so concerning to him that this conference was falling under a bad star more and more.
    "I am not willing to give this up so easily." He said while the now five Dragons made their way down the 9th Avenue. They grabed some Icecream on their way back to the Dalton wich hightened the mood a little bit except for Tash wich was still complaining about his hunger.
    "We have room service remember?" Alex reminded him as they climbed the stairs up the Dalton again and Tash's face lit up a little. "Oh yeah! I forgott!" he said excited and rushed ahead to their suites.
    "Oh boy..." Seth said. "I think the cooks will have one hard evening before them." He said shaking his head.

    Order of Events:
    -The Dragons welcome Chereza back to Sanctuary.
    -Some Talking.
    -Finaly Ice Cream.
    -Tash unleashes his hunger on the unprepared cooks of the Dalton.
  19. SF-1 Raptor Junior Engineer

    Aboard the Maverick Unity, Becca had become curious about the Dragon's language, and was telling Exo and Unity about what the other's had told her.

    "I'm sure if I just had a translation I could learn it." Unity shook her head as she listened to the hacker.

    "Black Hat, how many languages do you speak already." Exo couldn't help letting out a chuckle, at least until Towns fired back.

    "Hey you try not being able to forget anything. It's one of the only ways I can keep my mind active." Exo smiled and looked at his shipmate.

    "How about you and Unity try to contact one of the Dragon ship. I think Orion said the comms unit is back online." The coder shook her head.

    "Do you think they'll even answer, Johnathan?"

    "We came here for diplomacy. I'm sure that they'll answer. Anyway, I have to check in with Orion for an update on our jumpdrives. Godspeed." As Exo continued to to aft of the cruiser, Becca moved closer to a screen to talk to Unity.

    "Can you contact one of their vessels and see if they'd be willing to talk?"

    "Sure." With that, the A.I. quickly opened a channel with the Dragon fleet. "BRS fleet. BRS fleet. This is Operating A.I. Unity from Maverick Unity. I have a crew member who was hoping to learn your language. If I'd like to talk to her about it, please respond."

    Back at the Dalton, Kight finally walked into the Union's sweet, still picking grass out of his cybernetic right arm. Zanev just stared at the fleet commander.

    "What happened to you?"

    "Call plus gravity. Talon, is your holobase recharging?"

    "It is Kight. You seem stressed." Kight disconnected his right arm as he answers the ambassador.

    "Lets just say I hope this goes well. Especially with the Dragons and C-1." Kight then noticed that Bobcat isn't in the suit. "Where's Bobcat?" Jany, who was researching various things about the Viridians, answer.

    "He when out into the hall to study those gravity things the Viridians gave everyone the blueprints for." Kight raises an eyebrow as he hears this.

    "Why is he...."

    "He said he wanted to stay out of the 'hurricane' of use getting ready," Jany said, cutting Kight off.

    "Ok," the fleet commander responded, plugging his arm into a charger as he responds. "Whatever floats his boat."

    While the others talk, Bobcat is standing in the hall with a datapad, trying to understand how the system worked.

    Order of Events
    Random talking.
    Unity asks about Black Hat talking to the Dragons about their language.
    Bobcat is being Bobcat.
  20. Tateo13TTV Junior Engineer

    "Alex doesnt look like csar is going to answer the door going to head down." says Becka.
    10 minutes later.
    "Well were here guess we might as well take a seat and see what happens" Says Alex.

    Order of Events.
    -nobody answers knock knock.
    -JSS sits in chairs.
    -Well now what?
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  21. SF-1 Raptor Junior Engineer

    The Union delegates soon make there way down stairs, including Diez, who still has some bandages over her ears, and Bobcat, though he's still focused on his datapad. Daw just watched, not that comfortable around those outside of the Union. Kight watched to see who would come in. While the others talked about whatever was on their minds.

    Order of Events
    Everyone's downstairs now.
  22. Levits Senior Engineer

    Arriving a short time later following the Union delegates, the C-1 personnel entered the room. For a moment, Mond gazed over those that had arrived and noticed that there were several groups missing. Of course he wasn't expecting the Freeport's personnel, they had had to cut their visit short, but the "Dragons" had also not arrived and he was wondering if or when any of the others were going to be joining them. With a slight gesture Mond had two of his guards take position just to the side of where they had entered. They stood with their backs against the wall with their hands behind them while keeping watch of the area. With the way that the recent events had unfolded, Mond was a little wary to say the least.

    Quietly, he led the C-1 delegation onward; keeping to the outer rim as they did. He was there out of curiosity and hopefully answers... whether or not he would get any would depend on what Roberts had to say.

    "Any other noise from the fleets below?" Venice questioned while walking through the halls of the Bastone, back towards the bridge. She had just woken from a powernap and was browsing through the recent events that she had missed via a data pad.

    "Non since the Union message came through." Bastion responded. "Aside from that, random chatter and communications from the various fleets. They still appear to be recovering from the incident."

    "As are we." Venice said to herself before asking "Any update on the Halicrast's condition?"

    "Last transmission received was from Viper 1 when it made contact with the ship. We are still awaiting further response."

    "Tsk..." Looking out, though unable to see through the walls of the ship, Venice knew where the Halicrast lay among the formation and she could visualize it clearly in her minds eye. The rail-gun frigates positioned at its rear flanks, the fighters and corvettes keeping up with constant perimeter sweeps, and the Bastone hovering above; ready to release a flurry of kinetic torpedoes should the unresponsive cruiser attempt to threaten another with its guns.

    "Keep me informed on its progress and let me know when we receive word from Ambassador Mond."

    "As you say Captain."

    Order of Events:
    -C-1 delegation arrives.
    -Good morning 1001000 1000001 1001100 < binary
  23. Xentor Junior Engineer

    Viridian System, Sanctuary

    In the time since the asteroid explosion, the station maintenance crews had worked constantly. The lights in the furthest parts of the Sanctuary came back online, and one by one, the various systems started working again. The Nikola escorted a group of dropships to let the delegations visit their ships and return, and things began to calm down.

    In the Dalton Center, General Roberts's message was received, and when the time came, Dr. Takeda returned to the auditorium, accompanied by Dr. Reiser and Dr. Amilar. A few of the attaches hung out near the edges of the room, keeping an eye on their assigned delegations.

    Meanwhile, in the East Hall, Commander Malaryk stood over a computerized whiteboard with a few other officers, going over a map of the system and trying to figure out how to best arrange the visiting fleets around the remaining fragments of the asteroid. The central computers were busy with the repairs and stabilizing the asteroid belt, so Malaryk had decided to take over the operation. Leta Velasquez, her schedule rather clear now that the FPN had departed, lent her assistance and her expertise in Astrophysics.

    Maria Wellington, the Nikola's designer and chief engineer, sat off to the side, paying little attention to Malaryk's group. She was deep in thought, her fingers dancing over a datapad as she plotted out a new ship design. Necessity was the mother of invention, after all, and the situation outside had presented quite an interesting problem.
  24. paswert Junior Engineer

    The PasCO delegation, currently consisting of merely Wilhelm and his bodyguard, walked into the hall.

    "So then... when do we start?"
  25. Anoth Junior Engineer

    John Dalton Convention Centre, Auditorium.

    After the main Group of the Dragons split themselfs from Tash they met up with Kharun and the other Silent Fang Members and made their Way to the Auditorium where they gathered around their Holographic Projector to wait for General Roberts Speech to all the Factions wich remained in the Viridian System.
    There wasn't much to do else except ignoring Tash's live messaging them what he was going to eat to still his hunger.

    Order of Events:
    -Dragons gather around their equipment in the Auditorium.
  26. Krovennan Apprentice Engineer

    In the Auditorium, the chairs had been arranged in a standard speech format, placed in the middle, the speaker's podium before them. By that podium was General Roberts, holding a few small notes as he set them on the desk, Direwolf 2 standing at attention by his side, yet no sign of Direwolf Leader. As more filed in, including Anastasia Veselova, CSAR's liason, without anyone from CSAR itself, Roberts decided now was the time to speak.

    "I must admit, I was hoping for more of the delegate factions to attend, though I guess we cannot blame them. I won't dance around the issue, we took a blow, and some of us are now grieving for those we lost. Were you to turn away now, go back to your systems and try to last against the coming storm, I most certainly would not blame you, however, before you do so. I want you to consider what we did manage to accomplish. This station stands now because of the efforts of those licking their wounds on the edge of the asteroid field right now. Our combined fleets managed to avert certain disaster, and this is now twice we have done so. We know there are more threats coming, some we are already very familiar with, and some, we have no idea. What would we be allowing to occur if we all divided now? Let me show you something, I managed to procure some of the footage of the fleet, I think you should see this."

    With a tap of a button, Roberts activated a holo-screen behind him. On it, clips were shown from the Station's external systems, showing the fleets working almost unerringly in tandem with each other. KAE ships ducking and weaving through the field to obliterate rocks the Dragon's GMU missed, C1 escorting PasCo vessels. The clips were sporadic and short, but they showcased a level of instinctive co-operation that was nigh impossible to replicate, and as the clips became less and less cluttered with rocks, the effect of this newfound co-operation was complete. Roberts let the images sink in for a moment before shutting the screen off and returning to his podium.

    "Look at what our forces did together. We broke every expectation and came together when we needed each other. But look around at what has happened these last few months. Our worlds are under threat, are we going to let each other be picked off one-by-one, or are we going to do something about it? If we are to survive, I want to see the fire you all had when you thrived in this uncaring galaxy and established yourselves as the ones to respect. We can face any threat put against us, but we can't do it alone. I have called you here because I believe our best chance at survival is unity. A coalition of the great powers before me right now to create a force no invader can stand against. Do I have any takers right now? Stand and be counted, and we can strike back against the encroaching apocalypse."

    During Roberts' surprisingly animated speech, Anastasia got up from her chair at the back of the group, standing by the entrance as she pressed her finger to her earpiece, making sure to stay hidden from obvious sight, while trying to dissuade any suspicion she might garner upon herself by hiding too obviously. Everything was in place, she just hoped that the others would do their job properly.

    "Conditions optimal, begin the operation now."

    The East Hall's relative peace was disturbed as the door slid open and was entered through by a group of heavily armed and armoured individuals. The group quickly took up positions, aiming weapons at the occupants of the room as one walked up to Maria Wellington, reaching to take her by the arm and wrench her into a standing position. The voice was modulated by the helmet's they wore, but it was obvious, this was the missing CSAR delegation, and their intentions did not seem to be friendly.

    "Maria Wellington, you'll be coming with us. If you resist, everyone else in this room dies and we'll drag you back. Time is short, so I'd pick your answer quickly.

    Order of Events:
    -KAE begins the motivational speaking
    -Treachery! Betrayal! DUN DUN DUUUUUUNNNN!
  27. Anoth Junior Engineer

    John Dalton Convention Centre, Auditorium.

    The Dragons took their Seat as the "Main Event" was going to start. Alex was particular interested in what General Roberts had to say,m especialy after hearing his Speach the Day before. He got from that, that the General knew how to talk to masses but he wasn't so sure if the General had what it took to rally everyone behind him.
    Sure he had his Styx reputation behind him but still.
    During the Speach, Alex crossed his Arms befor his Chest. He regretted that he didn't hold the Presentation about the B.R.S. else, Roberts would have known that the Dragons wouldn't be much of a direct Help. They didn't had the Manpower to spare to Help Humanity during Combat situations and their current position prevented them from being more then a Technology supporter. But still, as Roberts finished his speech, Alex rose up from his Chair to Show the Dragons support for the Humans. He also thought that showing the other Factions that a Race with seemingly no Bonds to Humanity what so ever was ready and willing to risk themselfs for them would inspire others to join the cause.
    "The Dragons of the Bronzedragon Refuge Souverenity will Stand with Humanity." He declared loud enough for everyone in the Auditorium to be heared.
    "We followed the call of the Open Alliance of Free Ports here to make our Contact here with Humanity and to establish some, if not good relations. And I will be damned if the Dragons wouldn't do their best to Help Humanity to stand against that Storm." He declared while the Holo Projector in the corner of the Auditorium Streamed the whole thing to the Dragon Fleet and back towards Freedoms Hope where the other Dragons sat on the Edges of their Seats.

    Order of Events:
    -The Dragons are In.
  28. TheAshenShadow Apprentice Engineer

    Cyrus nodded at Robert's speech. Here was a man he could respect. The dragons, though... They were still a mystery. Why did they help humanity? How did they know so much about us? To many unanswered questions. He and Harding exchanged a glance. Harding shrugged, and motioned for Cyrus to stand. Cyrus shook his head, and stood. He clasped his hands behind his back, and cleared his throat. Before he could speak, Archon, until now quiet and in a corner, somewhere, activated his drone's holoprojector and loudspeaker. A hologram of a middle-aged man with greying hair and a neatly-trimmed beard in a business suit appeared a foot or so in front of the drone. Cyrus and Harding both turned to look at him. "My name is Archon, current president of the Academy. After conferring with Chancellor Sauveterre-Miyazaki and the council on this matter, we have unanimously voted to agree to your proposal, and put the full scientific and military weight of the Academy behind you. The Legislature shall be taking a vote shortly, and then we can confirm whether or not we can support you militarily or simply scientifically." Archon's holoprojection turned to Cyrus. "Additionally, Fleet Master Sadeghi, lux in tenebris lucens. That is all." Cyrus nodded.

    Clio shook her head, pacing around the back of the convention center. Ashe was... god knows where, probably looking for the Knight she'd hooked up with last night, the other espatiers were out for a walk... And she was here. She shook her head. She needed fresh air. But she also needed to be in here. Bodyguarding duties and all. She sighed, watched as Anastasia stepped off to the side, and shrugged. Probably some important call she needed to take, being a diplomatic attache and all. Or something darker. But she doubted that. She was paranoid - but not that paranoid.

    Hayley watched as Inspector Nietzche and Captain Neumann arrived in medical. She couldn't see the screens, medical privacy and all, but the doctors didn't look to concerned. It was rare, anymore, that people died from shock, but it happened. DC had finally fixed the engines - they could move again. That was a relief. They were working on bringing up a replacement targeting computer. Hayley sighed. They'd need it before the day was up, she suspected. Hoped against, but suspected. The DC on the ship were good people. They did good work. Important work.

    She sent a ping out to all of the ships of the various fleets that she was about to test the newly-repaired engines, to make sure nothing had been fucked up too badly, so nobody was surprised. With the rock earlier... Well, better safe than sorry. The next thing she checked was the status of the strike craft squadrons. They had all returned to the ship, and were undergoing repairs. Fortunately, they still had enough spares that they could send them out at full strength. A couple of the pilots had minor burns from biofeedback-related injuries, but nothing major. So that was good.

    A few minutes later, the engines were confirmed to, indeed, be working. Hayley breathed a sigh of relief. Hopefully, Captain Neumann would wake up, and she could dump the important decisions she'd been putting off into her lap. Another half-hour, and the targeting computers would be functional again. For now, they still had the backups up and running, but those ran on less-powerful hardware. Why that was had always mystified her. A green cog appeared in the corner of her vision, and she subconciously accepted the contact. The resulting conversation happened at the speed of thought. Her thoughts, mind you, not the AI's, but still. "Hello, Daedalus."

    "Pilot Kane."

    "There something you needed?"

    "Only for you to inform Acting Captain Neumann that I am, indeed, still alive, and apologies for having to cut that last conversation short, and that I wish to speak to her at her earliest convenience."

    Hayley nodded, mentally. "Noted."

    She sent the information Daedalus wanted to relay to Inspector Nietzche, then turned her thoughts back to the scanners. Still boring and uneventful, outside, with the rock dealt with. Thankfully.

    -Archon speaks, for the first time. Confirms the Academy's executive branch's support for Roberts, implies that the legislative branch will feel similar, but they can't commit until the legislature actually votes. Thanks, democracy.
    -Things happen on the Nebula Ascendant. Its engines work again, for one.
  29. SF-1 Raptor Junior Engineer

    The Union delegates listen to Robert's words, which even managed to take Bobcat's attention way from his work. Diez looked uninterested, though this was mostly because she had to keep her eyes on her datapad to even know what the KAE man was saying. As the speech ended, it didn't take long for the members of the Union to agree to stand. And after listening to the BRS and Academy speak, Clarkson began to speak.

    "In the Union we have a sayin'. 'Kämpft zusammen oder sterbt allein.' It means 'Fight together, or die alone' in German. The Union was founded on the idea of multiple groups protectin' each other and workin' together. We'll provide any military, tech, or resources support we need to."
    Out in the asteroid belt, the Dark Night had launched four, black painted Astrocobras and a black painted Dragon gunship, which Smith told to stay on an open channel so everyone could watch them. Each of the fighters had their own nose are, a komodo dragon with "Komodo" in bold text; and nightingale with "Nightingale" in cursive; a bullet bouncing off a wall with "Ricochet" written in the bullets trail; and a lightning bolt with "Thunder" written at the tip of the bolt ; as did the gunship, which had a coiled copperhead snake painted on its side. Soon, the youngest member of the pilots, Ricochet, began to let his mouth get the better of him.

    "So, Komodo, why is it that your still the leader of the Gammas anyway." The voice of a Japanese woman was soon heard, followed by a man with a rough British voice.

    "Oh no."

    "Kid. You think that age makes a bad pilot?"

    "Well I didn't want to say anything...." The A.I. pilot Thunder quickly jumped in.

    "Ricochet, his call sign isn't komodo for no reason." The gunship pilot, known as Copperhead, soon joined in, speaking with a thick draw.

    "Ya bet'a listen boy. Nawone 'ere plays easy with greenies like ya." Ricochet, as arrogant as ever, ignores the ace and former smuggler.

    "Tell me you haven't thought it once!" Komodo finally decided it was time to shut the rookie up the only way he new how.

    "Ok kid. How about you prove your a better pilot with a little game of Chase?" An angry Triana's voice was soon heard over the comms.

    "Gamma Leader, 2, 8, 9, and 15, this is not the place or the time." Exo, actually liking the idea of a light-hearted, teach-the-new-guy-a-lesson game, quickly dismissed the spec ops captain.

    "Triana, after what's happened today, I could use something to take my mind off the bad. Plus, everyone in the Mav-U CnC has already made bets." Triana, irritated by Exo, just managed not to explode over the open comms.

    "Fine, Smith. Gamma, your free to have your little contest."

    Order of Events
    The Union agrees.
    Some pilots stretch their wings.
    That one loud mouth.
    The challenge.
  30. Tateo13TTV Junior Engineer

    Alex Stands up.

    "I know my team and I will do everything that we can to protect what we can. Sadly it has cost us the lives of the entire crew of the JSS Janus and its fighter escort. I hope it will not cost the one remaining crew member that is on the NightHawk... If someone who has a shuttle can overide the airlock through the emergency handle please come talk to me so we can check on their condition. Thank You ... " Says Alex.

    Sitting back down in a low voice on the comlink "I hope Paragons ok cause without him were screwed."

    Order of Events.
    -Alex Stands up.
    -The "tiger team" pledges support.
    -Asks for help checking on final crew member.
    -Hope that Paragon is ok.
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