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RP [RP] C2: Against the Coming Storm

Discussion in 'Roleplaying' started by FatalPapercut, Oct 17, 2015.

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  1. Xentor Junior Engineer

    Dalton Center, Auditorium

    Councilman Takeda, along with Reisier and Amilar, stayed quiet during the General's speech, merely nodding their agreement. The Institute was coming out of its shell a bit, but they weren't ready to go gung-ho quite yet. He had no intention of sending warships into battle, though supporting their allies was another story entirely.

    In the rear, Anastasia Veselova casually walked through the double-doors into the kitchen/staff area, listening intently to her earpiece. As the doors swung closed behind her, she whispered, "Trigger alpha." With a barely-audible click, the door locks engaged, along with nearly every door in the Dalton Center. Only the East Hall and the South-East exit doors remained usable, and her operative in DomeCon was ready to lock those at the appropriate time. The delegations were now trapped in the auditorium, but it was doubtful that any of them were even aware.

    Ignoring the clueless waitstaff, she ducked into a maintenance closet and slid down a ladder into the tunnels below street-level. Retrieving the sidearm she had secured behind a vertical water pipe, she started on her way to the rendezvous point.

    Fermi Dome 6 - Dome Control HQ

    "Sir, anomaly in the Dalton," one of the techs reported. "I just lost a camera. Second floor, north."

    The shift commander stepped over where he could see the man's console. "Send a maintenance crew over."

    "On it. Maintenance team 4-9-Echo, this is Fermi 6 D-Con. Respond...... 4-9-Echo, are you there?" The tech checked his headset, looking to the tech beside him and shaking his head. Without hesitation, that woman made the same call on her gear, again without response.

    "Comms dead over here too," another man called out. "I've lost outgoing." Others confirmed in turn. This was no mere glitch. Camera feeds all turned to static, and green lights over the doors turned red as the building went into security lock-down. Definitely no glitch, and no accident.

    Dalton Center, East Hall
    Commander Malaryk instinctively reached for his sidearm, but found it absent. Of course, he hadn't bothered to bring a weapon to the Dalton Center. None of his aides were armed either. The only ones there with weapons were... the enemy. He sized them up in an instant. Those were automatic weapons, and not the stun rifles wielded by the security forces. These were lethal. How did they get in here? How was the entire security force not laying siege to the building already? They must have inside help, he thought.

    "Security will never let you leave the dome," he said calmly, holding back his officers with a subtle shake of the head. He clasped his hands behind him, in an at-ease stance. "And even if you make it past them, you can't breach the asteroid field without our assistance. This is a futile effort. Surrender now, and I'll have you deported to your planet of origin. If you persist, I can't guarantee you'll live to see tomorrow."

    The first button press on his wrist communicator had met with static. DomeCon wasn't answering. The second, his direct line to the Nikola, met with a similar result. Fortunately, his second officer was aboard the station, and that connection succeeded.

    Dr. Wellington made no attempt to resist. Though technically a military officer, she was no fighter. "You should listen to him," she warned her abductors, hiding her fear.

    Fermi Dome 6, Jim's Tavern on Third

    Lt. Varra lined up her shot carefully, keeping her eye on the target. It all came down to this. Just like combat. In the end, it always came down to one shot. Contact. The cue ball ricocheted off the rail, slamming into the eight, and sending it careening across the table into.... Damn. Her cue ball sank into the corner pocket. "That's game," her opponent said. "You owe me--"

    She held up a finger as her comm beeped, cutting him off and answering the call. "Varra here. Sir?" The sound coming through her earpiece was the Commander's voice, but he wasn't talking into his communicator.

    "...effort. Surrender now, and I'll have you deported..."

    What was happening? Who was he talking to? Something was wrong. She dropped her cue stick, yelling to her fellow officer as he stood confused next to the pool table. "Call D-Con. Get security to the Dalton." Without giving him a chance to ask why, she ran outside and turned up third avenue toward the convention center. Where were the security patrols? There had been regular patrols down the avenues since the conference began, but she only saw civilians... What the hell was going on?

    • Takeda, Reiser, and Amilar listen to Roberts's speech
    • Anastasia Veselova (CSAR liaison) gives a mysterious order and heads into the maintenance tunnels
    • DomeCon (Surveillance and security for the dome) is knocked out of commission and locked down
    • Dr. Wellington, abducted!
    • Lt. Varra gets a call, but can she get there in time to help?
  2. Levits Senior Engineer

    There was a moment of pride during Robert's speech as the video showcased everyone's efforts. It was inspiring and certainly moved some of the delegates hearts. Kedra too felt this flush of energy as Roberts emphasized the strength they all could form together to oppose the Seshir. By all means, though she would never have admitted to it, she was captivated by the idea at least.

    "Stand and be counted, and we can strike back against the encroaching apocalypse."

    Following this call to action Kedra looked to Mond half expecting him to stand immediately. But when she did so, she was surprised to find him unmoved; in more ways that one. He showed nothing at all in his gaze as it swept over the others and even more so as he watched the Bronzedragon's be the first to stand.

    "The Dragons of the Bronzedragon Refuge Souverenity will Stand with Humanity." He declared loud enough for everyone in the Auditorium to be heared.
    "We followed the call of the Open Alliance of Free Ports here to make our Contact here with Humanity and to establish some, if not good relations. And I will be damned if the Dragons wouldn't do their best to Help Humanity to stand against that Storm."

    He looked to the Academy's ambassadors with equal ambiguity as they cast their vote to unite.

    "My name is Archon, current president of the Academy. After conferring with Chancellor Sauveterre-Miyazaki and the council on this matter, we have unanimously voted to agree to your proposal, and put the full scientific and military weight of the Academy behind you. The Legislature shall be taking a vote shortly, and then we can confirm whether or not we can support you militarily or simply scientifically."

    The Union, a group that the C-1 had narrowly obverted a catastrophe with just a few hours ago, stood and agreed to the call.

    "The Union was founded on the idea of multiple groups protectin' each other and workin' together. We'll provide any military, tech, or resources support we need to."

    Even the small group like the JSS threw their hat in.

    "I know my team and I will do everything that we can to protect what we can."

    All but their Viridian host seemed to immediately agree to Roberts request and even then it was not hard to notice the acceptance of the Viridian personnel.

    As the others called to unite, Mond remained silent and seated. His lack of action was the official stance of the C-1 as there would be no such comradery to be had from the C-1 with regards to this looming threat. Fore, despite everything that had happened, this "threat" had not yet officially directed its attention towards the C-1; nor was there any indication that the C-1 would come to conflict with this entity. As far as the C-1 was concerned on the matter, the Seshir was a non-issue... at least officially.

    In the end, it was Mond's inaction that enforced the C-1's position on the matter. In the end, it was Monds curiosity that had dragged him to the auditorium. Now that his curiosity had been sated there was no reason for the C-1 delegation to remain. But instead of standing to leave, they remained seated. Knowing that he represented the C-1, it would have been considered rude at the least to leave in the middle of this event and seeing as to how there was nothing pressing them for time, he felt that it would not hurt to see this meeting to the end.

    Order of Events:
    -C-1 Delegation listens to speech.
    -Inspiring, but the C-1 has no intentions of joining this fight.
    -A shadowy figure approaches... but he's not getting very far. :D
  3. SF-1 Raptor Junior Engineer

    Kight watched as the Viridians and C-1 wouldn't stand. While the fleet commander wasn't too shocked with the Institute's actions, he was somewhat shocked at the C-1 did nothing. and in all honesty wondered if Union actions earlier messed this up. He then turned to Clarkson.

    "Should we help the JSS? I could get Copperhead to take Orion to open her up." Clackson just gave a nod, as did Talon. Kight then walks over to the where the JSS are seated. "We might be able to help you."
    Outside, the Dark Gamma pilots had set up for there little game. Nightingale then began to speak.

    "Komoto. Be careful." Komodo laughed as he heard this.

    "Don't worry, honey." Ricochet then had to go and ruin the mood.

    "How sweet, now lets do this!" Copperhead then began to explain the rules.

    "Aw-k. Ya know the rules. Stay behind your target for a minute and ya win. Now go!" The two Astrocobras soon started the game with Komodo being tailed by Ricochet.

    Order of Events
    Kight offers the JSS help.
    Let the games begin.
  4. Tateo13TTV Junior Engineer

    "Thank you. Here are the details of how to get into the NightHawk and retrieve our team mate." Says Alex while handing Kight a tablet with information.

    Order of Events.
    -Alex says Thanks.
    -Tablet handed over to Kight.
  5. UnitedTerranFederation Apprentice Engineer

    Considering what had happened in the previous hours, this was a welcome respite.

    The UFSS Delegation listened patiently to the given addresses by each faction, evaluating the merit behind each and discussing quietly. The Union, Academy, the Dragons, even the small JSS gave a small speech. Everyone present appeared dedicated to the cause, and the energy in the room was exhilarating. The sacrifices these people had made to appear at the conference had become readily apparent, and each member of the delegation gained a newfound respect for those of the vast outside world. Finally, the Chairman rose to speak. The whole delegation remained dead silent, and Ford leaned back in his chair, observing what was to come.

    "Ladies and Gentlemen of this assembly, my name is Adam Marshall. I speak to you all today as the Chairman of the Unified Federation of Sovereign Systems. I oversee our parliament, am the ruling authority over all government departments and agencies, and I am the commander in chief of the armed forces. The Sovereignty has always dedicated itself, to protecting the people and borders of those we call allies. In this time of crisis, we must all do our part to stand together, as well as contribute to the defense of the human race as a whole. Tomorrow night, the Federation parliament will conclude it's voting on the creation of the 2nd Sovereign Systems Army, which would greatly extend the military capabilities of the Federation. Regardless of the outcome, although very likely to pass, I assure everyone here that the Federation stands with you in the face of this threat.
  6. SF-1 Raptor Junior Engineer

    Kight take the tablet and smiles.

    "Ok." Kight then plugged the tablet into his right arm. The replacement may have been his old arm, but it had its benefits (Like a built in Codex communications system.), and Kight quickly sent the message the to Maverick Unity before sitting down.
    In the asteroid belt, Ricochet was still tailing Komodo, and about to win the two's game.

    "Why not just give in, old man? You only have ten seconds to get away from me." No response came over the radio, but, with five seconds to go, Komodo quickly kick on his braking thruster, and turned his anti-grav systems at the same time (With some ship possibly pick up a warp signature.) causing the fighter to go up and over his opponent. "What the...! How'd you do that!" Ricochet began to frantically try to escape Komodo's sights, but was beginning to see what Thunder was talking about.

    After multiple fail escape attempts, the minute had passed and Ricochet had lost.

    "You were going easy on me for the first 55, weren't you?" Komodo let out a snicker.

    "You needed it, kid. Now lets get back to the formation." Exo's voice then came over the comms.

    "Copperhead. I need you to come pick up Orion and Saxon , and take them to the JSS vessel IDed as Nighthawk. Got it."

    "On my way Exo. T-2 minutes."

    "Good. Head into Cargo Dock 2."
    Outside of the dock, Orion had begun to get into his pressure suit while Saxon checked his datapad.

    "Orion. These steps.... I think we're getting an A.I.." The Cajun looked at the engineering sergeant.

    "Yeah, Ah know. Least da JSS care 'bout dem."

    "I guess your right. It's just...I worry about the A.I. the other factions use, except for the Dragons for some reason."

    "Ya scared that they'd be pre-programmed instead o' induvidual. It'll be fine, Saxon. Our ride's here." The pair then walked into the dock and boarded the Dragon, off to help the JSS.

    Order of Events
    Kight sends the data to the Mav-U.
    Lesson taught.
    Mission to the Nighthawk begins.
  7. Krovennan Apprentice Engineer

    Roberts was glad to see such a positive response so quickly, noting the individual statements of support in turn. Their gracious hosts weren't ready to stand up, but the looks from the members there told him there was support. C1 looked divided hoever, with some seemingly supporting him, while others seemed ambivalent on the idea. Disappointing, but Roberts hadn't expected the amount of support he already had. As even the small JSS team pledged their support. He looked up, and noticed a man standing outside the door, which was not opening. Curious, Roberts called over Direwolf 2 as he leaned in to whisper to her, the delegates starting to talk between themselves.

    "Go see who that is, and why the door won't open."

    Nodding, Direwolf 2 walked around the throng of delegates, approaching the elderly man as she inspected the door, checking a nearby display, acknowledging it was functioning, but was...locked? Roberts had no wish to lock the door, and everyone else had entered without issue, so why was it locked. Holding a finger up to the man outside as a request to wait, Direwolf 2 scanned the delegates as she found the VI delegation, but worryingly, also found someone missing. Walking swiftly to the VI group, Direwolf 2 addressed Councilman Takeda quietly, hoping to not create a panic if her suspicions were true.

    "Councilman Takeda, the only door in and out of your Auditorium has been locked and it cannot be opened from this side. No-one has left this room since we set up, with the exception of one person representing a faction that hasn't shown up today. Where is the liaison your faction assigned to CSAR?"


    In the East hall, the CSAR Leader rolled his eyes, putting his helmet back on as he walked to Commander Malaryk, the others keeping their guns trained on the other scientists as the leader made sure his gun was armed, pressing the barrel towards the Commander's heart.

    "When we need your opinion on an escape, we'll let you know. Now it'd break my heart if we had to drag you out of this station Miss Wellington, but not as much as it'd break the Commander's here. Now, one last time, get up and come with us."


    Back in the KAE room, Direwolf Leader gingerly stood up, extremely hungover from celebrating not dying last night. Groaning, Direwolf noticed he was in his armour and his pistol was holstered somehow. Did he do that while he was drunk? He couldn't remember as he figured the best thing to do would be to head outside and find somewhere that would serve him 14 cups of coffee. Direwolf Leader's slow walk to the door was suddenly stopped when his helmet impacted against the door. Shaking his head, Direwolf Leader entered the room code into a nearby keypad, no luck. Suddenly a lot more awake, Direwolf Leader tried to comm Direwolf 2, maybe she had locked him in out of some sort of embarrassment. Yet again, there was no answer, only static from the comm. Direwolf 2 never turned off her comm, so Direwolf Leader immediately knew something was wrong. Putting the comm away, Direwolf Leader banged hard on the door, trying to get some form of noise out for someone to notice.

    "Hey! Anyone out there? Open the door, quickly!"

    - Direwolf 2 is cottoning onto the treachery.

    - CSAR branching into open heart surgery in a minute.

    - Direwolf Leader is stuck and missing all the action. How will he get out? Find out next time on Dragonball Z!
  8. Xentor Junior Engineer

    Dalton Center, East Hall

    Maria Wellington stood, making no move to resist. She was a tech, not a fighter. Commander Malaryk just locked eyes with her, his gaze silently saying "I'll come for you".

    "Is that so?" He looked toward the nearest of the five doors, not about to insult his visitor by trying it himself. "DomeCon, this is Takeda," he spoke quietly into his wrist communicator. "DomeCon? Hmm... Hans, is there an active security alert?"
    "None that I know of," Councilman Reiser replied, keeping his voice equally low. The two of them exchanged a few glances, and Dr. Reiser got to his feet and calmly walked over to the panel beside the nearest door, starting to tap instructions into it.

    As he left, Takeda looked up at Direwolf 2. "I'm sure it's just a technical glitch. In the meantime, we're all quite safe here." He glanced around the room casually, noticing the absence of the CSAR for the first time, but casually ducking that part of the question. He brought out his datapad, quietly tapping through a few screens, to find the attache assignments. Anastasia Veselova. He didn't know her Perhaps she was in the East Hall helping out Malaryk.

    • Maria Wellington goes with the CSAR kidnappers
    • Takeda sends Reiser to check out the door panel
  9. TheAshenShadow Apprentice Engineer

    Clio watched as Direwolf 2 walked over and tried to open the door, with no success. Confused, she walked over to the door herself. Locked. Uh, shit? She attempted to comm the other espatiers, get them headed back towards the Dalton. No response, Just static. Something bad was going down, here, Clio just wasn't sure what. She looked around the room for who wasn't here. Well, the CSAR, but their VI liaison was - Clio stopped. Not here anymore. Definitely oh shit. She mentally kicked herself. Proper. Goddamn. Paranoia. She switched her commlink off of the VI's network, and returned to pacing. Hopefully the various espatiers were close enough that the interference wouldn't hurt too much. Hopefully enough of the message made it through that they would get the gist of it. Cyrus walked up to her. "Something wrong, Clio?"

    Clio nodded, and replied in a hushed voice, "Very."

    Cyrus frowned. "What?"

    "Doors are locked. CSAR VI liaison is gone. Was here before the doors locked. And the VI's comm system is down."

    Cyrus nodded slowly, piecing it together. "And you think the events are connected?"

    Clio nodded in agreement. "Yes."

    "Well, shit."


    There was a long pause before Cyrus spoke again. "Should we ask the Institute?"

    Clio shrugged. "What do you think they're going to say? 'Oh, yes, we know all about this. Security units are on their way as we speak?' No. They're just going to pass it off as a technical glitch resulting from the rock earlier."

    Cyrus gave a bemused smile. "You wouldn't?"

    Clio rolled her eyes. "Well, yes, that's exactly what I would do. To prevent panic. I'm just saying that they won't give a useful response." Clio watched as Reiser walked over to the door. The KAE delegate must've told the VI. Clio wracked her brain for what the CSAR would gain from this feat, aside from making enemies with the VI, and likely everyone else here. And assuming it was actually them and that wasn't just a coincidence. She highly doubted it. What she more doubted was that the CSAR liaison was working with the CSAR - and not just some revolutionaries in the VI. She nodded. Revolutionaries in the VI would make sense. Hold the delegates in the Dalton hostage while they did whatever they did. Of course, if the CSAR wanted to smuggle something out of Sanctuary, then holding the delegates in the Dalton hostage made even more sense. 'Don't shoot us, or all your delegates die' sort of thing. And, of course, she couldn't discount the idea that any of the parties who could be responsible were doing it because they were working for the Sheshir. She sighed. She wasn't an expert on the politics outside of the Academy. That wasn't her job, after all.
    Ashley's comm pinged. Academy encrypted point-to-point. From Lillian. That was odd, why wasn't it over the VI's network? That would've been more reliable and less interference-prone. Roland and DeVrijn were playing pool. DeVrijn was winning. Ashley played the message back. "... arses... Dalton... locked... suspect foul play... VI system down..." Ashe puzzled over the message for a moment. Get back to the Dalton, something was locked, and... someone suspected that was a bad thing. And the VI's comm system was down? She tried responding through the VI system. Nothing. Well, that answered that question. She called out to the other two espatiers, "Hey, guys, come take a look at this..."

    A short while later, the trio of espatiers were on their way back to the Dalton. Ashe looked around. Hadn't there been more security patrols than this, earlier? "Hey, weren't there more patrols on our way over?"

    DeVrijn stopped, and looked around, her expression revealing that she came to the same conclusion. "Yes, there were."

    Roland nodded in agreement, and frowned. "We should find a VI security officer, ask them."

    DeVrijn shook her head. "But if the delegates are in danger, we need to get back to the Dalton." Both turned and looked at Ashe.

    Ashe shrugged. "I don't know!"

    Hayley sighed. Captain Neumann was still out. And she had that feeling that something was about to go horribly, horribly wrong. Which meant dealing with whatever went horribly, horribly wrong would be her job.

    -Guess what? Clio is actually properly paranoid! And very good at her job!
    -The other espatiers headed back to the Dalton.
    -... Until Ashe notes the lack of VI patrols. And Roland suggests they find out what the VI has to say on the matter.
    -Espatiers now trying to figure out what to do.
    -Hayley gets the feeling that shit is about to go down. Because it probably is. For different reasons than you think!
  10. Levits Senior Engineer

    The man on the other side of the door smiled, almost complacently; as if it was little more than a joke to him. He seemed to not be in any hurry to or from and simply stood there as Direwolf 2 turned away to report back.

    The second time, when the Viridian woman approached, he simply waved with a hand still clutching his cane as he stood. He appeared patient but considering his appearance, he was likely wishing to have found a seat sooner rather than later.

    Meanwhile Mond, from where he sat, and the two security personnel by the door followed her movements suspicious from the moment she walked over. Her being unable to open the door brought about even more suspicion. Though non from the C-1 said anything, the cautious glances shared among them were hard to miss.

    The second attempt by the Academy woman to open the door merely confirmed their suspicions that the door was stuck shut. With the two guards by the door looking to one another anxiously, Mond issued an order with his hand, a signal to them to remain calm but ready to respond. From having their hands behind them, the two guards brought them to the front, it would allow for far swifter response to accessing their weapons should the need arise.

    Noticing the gesture, Kedra leaned over to whisper to him.

    "What do you suppose is going on?" She asked as Mond continued to focus his attention on the KAE diplomats and then to the Viridians.

    "Nothing," He said in an attempt to calm himself and everyone else around him "Most likely technical problems."

    There was a moments pause before Kedra spoke again. "...And you believe that?"

    Mond said nothing and gave nothing away as to how he felt. Not that it would matter now. If this was a trap or a hostage situation, the only question was how or in what way would they be threatened. Either they were already sitting on top of a bomb placed somewhere in the room, or they were simply being held there against their will. By all accounts, those two scenarios were the worst-case. Neither of those two scenarios would do anyone well to panic though and as such, he was really hoping that it was indeed an after effect of the previous damage done to the station.

    "Be prepared to move the moment the doors are opened." He said under his breath, surprising Kedra and the others. "We will be leaving the station immediately following this meeting."

    Too much drama for one visit. Too many strange circumstances for comfort. He was now cursing himself for letting his curiosity get the better of him.

    Order Of Events:
    -The man outside is in little rush and in good spirits but you know he can't be too happy about being locked out.
    -The C-1 security personnel are put on alert.
    -The C-1 group is a little on edge but remaining calm... for now.
  11. Anoth Junior Engineer

    Dalton Convention Centre, Auditorium.

    The Delegates listend to all the other Factions who pledged their support to the KAE General. Alex wasn't suprised that the Viridian Institute would not state any direct support to this Alliance. They still had an reputation as Pacifists to uphold and after this Day he wasn't suprised that the C-1 hasn't given their support also. They had to take a new approach to their Diplomatic Agenda after their display of recless use of ordanance this day.

    While the Delegates where distracted, Seth and the other Silent Fang members noticed the little wispering between the General and his Guard. As the Security Detail of this meeting for the Dragon delegation they had to keep their Eyes open and Ears sharp. Sha gave Seth a slight nod and he began changing his attention from the Gathering towards Direwolf Two. Something was up and the Silent Fang didn't want to fall behind in the means of Intel. From his position, Seth could easily slip from his chair and duck behind the other Dragons without being noticed so easily and while he did that, he activated his Helmet.
    "Alright Linago... Track Direwolf 2, calibrate the Helmets Audiosensors on her. I want to hear what she has to say." He said to his A.I. Buddy wich replied with an << o.ob >> while he followed Direwolf Two with his eyes walking over to Dr. Takeda.

    "Intriguing..." Seth said before he let Linago send a Text Message with the contents of Direwolf 2's words to his fellow Silent Fang's. He was glad that his Helmet silenced him from the outside world so nobody would hear his little conversation with his A.I.
    It had no use informing Alex and the other Shipmasters of what was going on. The Spec-Ops soldiers of the Silent Fang had them covered. Problem was that the VI's security measures had strongly interfered with their Security Plan. They couldn't rely on the Chairs the VI had made because the ones they wanted to take with them, were Bulletproof and could be collapsed to something like a Riot Shield. Now they just had the Mockups.
    Suddendly, he had an Idea. He opened a Channel to the only Dragon the Silent Fang wouldn't have to protect, who was on the Station as well and in the Same Building as them.

    "Tash... Hows it looking up there?" Seth asked while watching Direwolf 2 and Dr.Takeda. Linago gave him a little Text Window of what was whispered between the two.

    Meanwhile up in the Suite, Tash had devoured the remains of the Breakfast Kharun, Thela and the two Silent Fang Members had shared and sat on the couch where he only got static and stand by messages on the TV.

    "I'm bored as hell Seth... TV's down and i can't watch anything. Whats up?" He asked Seth while sighing.
    "Outside Doors locked, CSAR absent... Something is going down." Seth said to him.
    "Huh..." Tash said while standing up. "And thats why you call me?" Tash went over to the racks of Clothing and went over to the one the VI had made for him. It was fortunate for him that they made a mock up of their Pressure Suits to wear but he only put on the Undersuit.

    "Check if your locked in as well." Seth said.

    "Already on it." He said after he got dressed, now covered in the Black Suit. He wished he had the real thing but at least he would look like it was the real thing. He went over to the door and pressed the open button but the door wouldn't move.
    "Locked... Tell me when you need me and i break the door." He said cracking his knuckles. He was glad he kept his Gloves on since punching through Metal wasn't something he did all day and those Gloves were sturdy.
    "Make sure you can break it." Seth said before he deactivated his helmet and took his seat again.

    Viridian System, Safe Zone.
    While the Dragon Fleet was busy cleaning up the Safe Zone from Debris and analyzing the Core Fragment, One of the Drachenherz's Comm Officers picked up a Message coming from the Maverick Unity.

    The Officer scratched the back of his head, why would someone try to learn their language? He pondered over how he should respond to this.

    "Maverick Unity, this is the B.R.S. Drachenherz. If you want any study material please contact Fleetmaster Darion on board of the Sanctuary Station. We don't have any clearance for now to share any information. Besides... Your Crew Member realy wants to let her thoughts be haunted by aggressiv sounding hisses and other predatorial noises to figure out what we say?"
    Sure, he went out of his way and rank by asking that question but he was curious about why someone would do that.

    Order of Events:
    -Seth does what Seth does best, being sneaky and secretly.
    -Tash's hunger is sated for now...
    -Tash figures out that he was locked in and now trys to figure out if he could punch through the door.
    -The Drachenherz responds to Unity's request.
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  12. SF-1 Raptor Junior Engineer

    In the convention center, Daws had noticed everything going on with the Viridians and KAE checking the door, and though he was no Sig or Diez, but he could still tell when something was going on. He looked at Kight.

    "F.C.. Something's going on. Better stay ready." Kight gave the marine a nod.

    In the safe zone, Copperhead had made it to the Nighthawk. The spec ops pilot parked next to the airlock for the vessel as the pilot looked back at the two engineers.

    "Are ya sure ya don't need help?" Orion gave the pilot a hand signal, and quickly answered.

    "We'll be fine Copp'a'head. Saxon jus' 'ad ta bring 'is Stinger."

    "'K. I'll be here for pick up." The two left the shuttle and began to follow the steps that the JSS had given Kight. The pair finally made it to the bridge and Orion began to remove the small, black box, though Saxon seemed worried.

    "Hey, Sir. Is it just me, or is this running way to smoothly?" The head engineer just shook his head.

    "Can't ya jus' take a good t'ing when it comes?"
    Aboard the Maverick Unity, Unity wasn't surprised by the question, but, in all honesty, she could only guess.

    "Well, this crew member does have a photographic memory and perfect recall, which isn't something most of us A.I. in the Union can say. So my guess is it's two fold. She probably wants to learn it because she's getting bored and would rather not have her mind wander into the past, or at least she says it wanders in the past, so I guess the 'haunting' part is natural for her...but I don't know. And I think she wants to create some massive U.T. program with every language she can, which I guess having a backup can't hurt."

    Order of Event
    Daws notices somethings going on.
    Orion and Saxon get aboard the Nighthawk and get to work.
    Unity tries to explain something she doesn't really understand.
  13. Krovennan Apprentice Engineer

    The CSAR leader grinned under his helmet as Maria Wellington stood up, walking over to her as the group circled them, keeping their guns trained on the personnel.

    "Smart choice. Thank you for your hospitality Commander, but I'm afraid I can't have you following us."

    Immediately after saying this, the Commander fires a single shot, pointed at the Commander's leg, the other CSAR members following suit with disabling shots before huddling around Maria and pulling her out of the room, the barrel of the CSAR leader's rifle pressed into the small of her back to encourage her to move. The group moved close together, their rifles hidden from view so as not to alert anyone as they walked to the rendezvous point slowly, Maria and the CSAR leader lost in the middle of the crowd. Back in the KAE room, Direwolf Leader had given up noisily slamming his body into the door as he paced the room, trying to think of how he would get out of this room. Walking to the window, Direwolf Leader caught the sight of the CSAR crowd walking past his window. At first, he gave it no mind, until he noticed the shape of a rifle aimed at Maria's back, visible from his high-up position. The group stopped just beyond his window, seemingly waiting for something. Realising something was going on, Direwolf LEader started banging the door all the harder, the thick walls unable to stop all the sound from escaping as he called out again and again for someone to answer.
  14. Xentor Junior Engineer

    Dalton Center, East Hall

    Commander Malaryk went down, gritting his teeth in pain as the bullet shattered his knee. Similar shots took down the other military personnel, while the civilian attaches took cover, beneath notice. As soon as the CSAR squad and Dr. Wellington left the room, the doors to the East Hall slid shut and locked. They passed the northeast auditorium door, and the building exit opened for them as if by magic, closing and locking as they made it outside.

    Fermi Dome, SE of the Dalton

    Lt. Varra made it to the convention center, but found the southeast door locked. "Not good," she muttered. There were still no security officers on the streets, but a few civilians were looking to the north and pointing. What was happening? She ran east across the street to get a look, and saw a dense crowd heading toward sixth avenue with the precision of a military assault team. She put a hand to her sidearm, but then noticed the automatic weapons in their hands.

    She reopened the link to the Commander. "Sir, there's a group of armed men moving up sixth avenue. I think--"

    "It's the CSAR delegation," he answered, sounding like he was in pain. "They have Dr. Wellington. Lock down the dome."

    "I'll see what I can do, Sir. Varra out." She followed the CSAR group at a distance, keeping close to cover. Approaching would be suicide, but there was nowhere for them to go. The Institute had complete control over the station, so they were just prolonging the inevitable. She tapped another button on her comm unit. "DomeCon, Lieutenant Varra. DomeCon?" Comms were down... But the link to Malaryk worked... She had one other direct link set up. "Tiller, you there?"

    "Yes, Ma'am."

    "Get the word out. We've lost internal comms, and the CSAR delegation has kidnapped Maria Wellington. I'm tailing them......."

    VI Nikola Bridge

    "Understood, Ensign." The XO closed the link with the Aristotle. "Open a channel to the fleets."

    "Online, Sir."

    "Attention, all ships. This is Lt. Commander Mills of the Nikola. We're tracking a situation on the station. Internal communications have been disrupted, but as far as we're aware, your delegations remain unharmed. I repeat, your delegates are safe. Apparently, the CSAR delegation has abducted one of our scientists, and is likely attempting to escape the station. Our security personnel will deal with them appropriately. I'll inform you when I have more information. Mills out."

    Fermi Dome, DomeCon HQ

    "Sir, I've found the problem. We've got a polymorphic remote access virus in the control systems. Can't kill it from here, but it looks to be station-wide."

    "Then central is probably working on it already. See if you can reestablish communications. We need to know what's going on out there."

    Fermi Dome, Sixth Avenue

    Like the rest of the dome, security officers were conspicuously absent along sixth. Civilians fled from the armed CSAR squad, giving them a wide berth. About halfway up the street was a narrow alley on the left, and a familiar face stood there, beckoning them over as she held open a door labeled "Maintenance Access". Anastasia Veselova.

    "This way! Quickly!"

    • People injured in the East Hall.
    • CSAR delegation passes the northeast auditorium door, and leaves the building on that side, heading up sixth
    • Lt. Varra tailing them, contacts Malaryk in the Dalton and her co-pilot in the Aristotle. Message relayed to Nikola.
    • Lt. Cmdr. Mills informs all ships
    • Central computers are infected, comms still down
    • Anastasia Veselova waiting to help the CSAR
  15. TheAshenShadow Apprentice Engineer

    The Espatier trio, eventually, had decided to get back to the Dalton. Their path, coincidentally, took them into view of Sixth. Well, into view of the gaggle of civilians pointing over there. And shortly thereafter into view thereof. And into line of sight of the CSAR delegation. Ashe stared at the retreating figures. "Are those... people in body armor?"

    Roland looked over where she was pointing. "... Yeah... Wh - oh, yeah. Fuck."

    DeVrjin glanced between Ashe and the CSAR delegation. "They look like they're escorting someone... by force, I'd guess." Ashe nodded in agreement. DeVrjin frowned. They had pistols. They'd probably - probably - puncture the body armor of the CSAR... but who knew what sort of weapons they had. "Indeed."

    Ashe looked around. Still no security personnel, but she did see someone in a Viridian uniform she recognized. The one from last night. Who'd been kicked out. Varra. Ashe motioned for the other two to follow, and moved over to Varra, whist trying to not catch the attention of the people in body armor.
    Clio was - at this point both metaphorically and literally - banging her head against a wall. Then she heard what sounded like faint gunshots. Could have been simply mechanical stresses from the rock. But given how things were going... Well. Assuming it was a gunshot, it sounded like high-velocity rounds. Probably a rifle of some sort? Probably to the east? That she was less sure of. The walls didn't help the identification and pinpointing in any way It did confirm one thing: The lockdown was not just a mechanical malfunction. She called Cyrus over. "Gunshots. From the east."

    Cyrus nodded. "I would concur. We need to figure out what's going on."

    Clio nodded. "The only people who would know more are the Viridians, and we've established why they're unlikely to tell us anything more than 'technical problems, please hold.'"

    Cyrus frowned. "However, a gunshot may provoke them into some sort of action. We should ask, at least."

    Clio sighed. "Let me guess, you want me to do it?"

    Cyrus nodded. "You heard them."

    Clio sighed again, and walked over to Takeda. She spoke quietly, as to not draw undue attention to the conversation. "Councilman, a moment of your time, if you would. I heard a noise which - I admit, could have been caused by mechanical stresses from damage from the rock, but - I do believe it was gunfire, sir. In my professional opinion as someone who's job includes a rather large amount of gunfire."
    Hayley hated being right. Fortunately the things going horribly, horribly wrong weren't happening on her ship. She swore at herself. Of course, now that she had expressed the thought, the things going horribly, horribly wrong would extend to include her ship. She sighed, and opened a channel to the gunnery control officer. "Do a systems check of weaponry, and make sure the fighter wings are ready to fly. We may need them sooner than we hoped." She sighed. All she asked for was for nothing to go wrong until Captain Neumann could take back over.

    -The Espatier Trio spots the CSAR delegation leaving the building, not that they actually know it's the CSAR delegation.
    -Ashe spots Varra, moves over to her.
    -Clio hears noises, (correctly) assumes they're gunshots. Proper Paranoia, people!
    -Clio and Cyrus converse!
    -Clio informs Takeda of what she thinks she heard, in hope of getting something.
    -Hayley hates being right. Orders a sweep of all weapons and fighters to ensure ship combat readiness.
  16. Anoth Junior Engineer

    John Dalton Convention Centre; Auditorium
    As the First Shot went down, all Dragons suddendly looked over to the East Hall. It was wierd to see them all budge for a second and then look all in the same direction but as the follow up Shots were fired the Dragons rose to Action. Their Helmets activated themselfs to cover the Dragons Heads while Alex and Kharun started to Cover Chereza and Thela beneath them. The Silent Fang on the other Hand grabed the Seats of the Dragon Delegation and built a small fort like structure around them .

    "Get down here!" Seth contacted Tash suddendly. "Shots Fired in East Hall, bring the Blankets." He said before looking over to Alex.

    The Fleetmaster was shocked. He had hoped that nothing further would happen during this gathering but the Shots from the East Hall shatered that Hope. A red holographic text box appeared before him with a Message from Nia. "You have to hear this" he read before the Audio from the Nikilas Message was played.

    "Shoot..." Alex cursed before opening a Channel to the Drachenherz.
    "Nia, Code 1. Grab the Fleet and leave the System immidiatly! Hide in Subspace for now. We will Contact you when we need you." Alex said with a growling Voice.
    "Understood Fleetmaster." Came Nias Sarcastic answer over the Channel before Alex looked over to Seth wich was already looking towards him.

    "Fang 1 and 2 go to the East Hall! Recon and First Aid Go Go Go!" Alex Ordered and Seth and Sha nodded towards him before the two of them leaped over their Chair Fort before Running at max Speed towards the East Hall.

    The Other Delegates knew know definetly that something was wrong with the Dragons suddendly doing different things and appearantly talking to one another without making a single noise and with two of the Armed Dragons jumping out of their little Encampment to Rush towards the East Hall.

    John Dalton Convention Center; Dragon Suite.

    "Get down here!" Seth contacted Tash suddendly. "Shots Fired in East Hall, bring the Blankets.
    Tash sighed. He had already grabed some of the Blankets the Dragons had brought to the Station and had tied them to tight rolls with some Belts he grabed from the rackets with clothes. "On my Way." He said before wandering over to the Door. He had already checked the Metal Door and knew that he could damage it quite easiely since the Metal wasn't to thick and the wooden look of the Door was just for Show anyway. He took a deep Breath before he made himself ready. He exhaled before driving his Fist straight through the Metal with a loud crashing sound before a second blow punched a second hole in the Door. Now he could bent the Metal Away so he could leave the Room. He took the Blanket Rolls beneath his Arms and made his Way towards the Elevators. It was unfortunate that the VI didn't use Stairs, especialy in such a tall building like the Dalton. Only relying on Elevators was a defined security flaw in Tash's opinion. He pressed the Call Button for the Elevator and he was glad that the Elevators still worked, otherwise he would have to jump straight through the Glass Windows down into the Auditorium and he didn't wanted that.

    After an rather uneventfull Elevator Ride, accompanied by some truly classical Elevator Music, he finaly arrive at the Auditorium's North West Entrance where he stood before another locked door. He sighed, he didn't had time for this. He looked through the Glas Windows in the Doors to get a look into the Auditorium before he pushed his 250kg Body against the middle of the Door before the lock just snapped because of the pressure the larger Dragon inflicted on it before he entered the Auditorium. There he stood, wearing a black, scale tight replica of the Suits the Dragons usualy wore with four rolls under his arms that looked like Blankets. He made his Way over to the Dragons and tossed the Blankets in there. "Looks like we still need them for their actual purpose." He joked towards Alex wich just growled at him. "Join up with Fang 1 and 2 in the East Hall and see what you can do!" Alex said and Tash nodded.
    The larger Dragon turned towards Kharun. "Old Man, mind if i lend me you sword?" He asked the Wingles Dragon who was helping to cover Thela with one of the Blankets. "Be sure to bring it back young one!" He said and tossed him the scabbard with the Sword.
    Tash Saluted the older Shipmaster before he made his Way towards the East Hall as well where Seth and Sha had already gathered around Commander Malaryk and the other wounded personal. "This is bad... Commander? Your with us?" Seth asked kneeling next to Malaryk while Fang 1 was looking after the other wounded People in the East Hall.

    Viridian System; Safe Zone.
    Without a Warning all Dragon Ships ceased their current activity before they all fired up their FTL Drives. The Waterfountain looking like Anomalys opened up before the Bows of the different Ships before their Engines fired up and the Ships Vanished inside the Anomalys. It only took them Seconds to vanish into those mystical fountains.
    The Silverdragon Research Fleet was all of the sudden all but gone.

    Oder of Events
    -Predatorial Hearing Sense tingled!
    -The Dragons Build a Wall.
    -Tash shows the Door whose boss!
    -The Dragons now make a Sleepover in the Auditorium?
    -Seth and Sha arrive in the East Hall and issue out first aid.
    -Tash makes his way over to the East Hall.
    -The Dragon Fleet Enters Subspace without a warning and vanishes.
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  17. UnitedTerranFederation Apprentice Engineer

    The conference so far had been a success, and this time, Ford was content enough to stand by and let it happen. It wasn't often in his line of work that people actually cooperated without a hitch, in most cases involving him diplomacy was usually only achieved after he'd been beaten, or kidnapped, or thrown out of an aircraft mid-flight. He was getting too old for that nonsense anyway. As the factions sounded off and Chairman Marshall spoke, he leaned back into his chair, arms folded, a smile barely visible on his face. His hope was that from then on out, the night would be uneventful. Until he heard it, faint yet sudden to his ears.

    A popping sound, unlike that of a gunshot.

    It was in his chest first, always starting with this horrible squeezing sensation, like a giant fist had reached in and grabbed ahold of him from the inside and gripped as hard as it could. A trickle of sweat down his forehead, and as his hand shot up to wipe it up, he noticed them shaking. He was perfectly still, yet the room was spinning, the walls closing in on him. The room and the action around him became a blur, the movement of the other delegates just background noise. He felt a hand on his shoulder, Jericho, sitting next to him. "Ford, it's alright. It must have been something else." But the words were empty, hollow. He could see the anxiety in his eyes too, and it didn't help. Ford rose from his seat, and walked as steadily as he could towards the auditorium doors. He ran his hand along the side wall for balance, it felt like the floor could give way at any second. His shaky hands were slowly fumbling for the cigarettes in his left jacket pocket, until he finally came to the door. He tried the handle a few times, the door just shook uselessly, unable to budge. He just leaned against the door in vain, trying to find some balance and make as little a scene as he could. Jericho and one of the security members approached him from behind. "Ford, are you alright?" he whispered, the concern in his voice readily apparent. "I'm fine, I just need to step outside a minute." "You aren't fine, you never told me it got this bad Ford. I know it can't be easy to deal with, but you need to get some help god damn it." Ford continued to stare blankly at the ground, the world slowly coming back into focus. Sounds audible, the shuffle of the auditorium and the sudden uproar over the recent sound. The others had heard it too, apparently dealing better as well. That was when he heard it, just as faint, but still recognizable. Footsteps, puttering along at a uniform, almost tactical pace. Ford looked up through the small window on the door, through it spying an arrangement of figures moving collectively towards the auditorium exit, having just rounded the corner. The first thing that caught his eye was the body armor, an odd choice of attire for a conference, but then again he'd seen odder in the last twenty four hours. He looked down at their feet, noticing the precision with which they'd moved. This was something military, this was how you moved when you wanted to get somewhere, and intended on putting anyone down who got in the way. But even stranger was the outlier. Just barely visible in the center of the fast moving mass of feet, was an irregularity. A pair of legs moving out of sync with the group, falling out of step and being pushed back into it by some unseen upper force. It didn't take much of an imagination to come to the conclusion of what that may be.

    "You saw that, right?" Ford shot over to Jericho. "Damn right I did. Tell me you noticed what they were moving." Ford merely nodded in approval, before turning to the window again as the unknown assailants exited the building. "Looks like someone decided to grab and go with someone that doesn't belong to them." Jericho immediately interjected, moving closer to the door as Ford began moving for his sidearm. They both knew what was happening, easily, considering they'd been the abductee more times than they could remember, sometimes even the abductor. But that was rare. "Don't tell me you're going to something insane again, like going after them. You're going to get yourself killed!" By then Ford had already pulled the small battery pack out of the handle of his gun, getting ready to jam it into the lock. "Nothing out of the ordinary, old friend. You see the great thing about these new electro-static guns is they run on batteries. And batteries, at least these ones, tend to have quite a bit of energy tucked away in them.". Ford pulled from his breast pocket the standard utility knife, getting the sharp point ready to jab the pack. "You just need to give the damn thing a little persuasion. Then, it likes up like a christmas tree." Just as he was about to ignite the pack, the imposing figure of one of the dragon delegation burst through the door suddenly, causing them all to jump back a bit. "Well, thanks to our dragon pal here, I guess I don't get to blow things up after all. Well, take care Jericho. I'll be back in fifteen." And with that he moved toward the door, sliding past the sudden intruder through the door, remarking "Thanks for the door, mate" on his way out. Jericho turned to the security officer waiting, and spoke briefly. "Contact the fleet. Confirm we have shots fired, hostiles are onboard and have one detained with them. Ford is pursuing."

    By the time that he had made it down the convention center steps, it wasn't all that hard to see where they had gone. The crowd of civilians up and down the avenue had been very hastily parted, and Ford merely followed the trail, sprinting as fast as he could. He raced to reassemble his handgun, although in the back of his mind he knew he most likely wouldn't need it. The plan was less going to go in for a rambo style rescue mission, but more to hopefully back them into a corner. Whatever the kidnappers intentions were, they had an exit plan, and it wouldn't be through the loading docks. They'd need the VI for even the slightest chance to make it out intact, and even that was a longshot. The trail had run cold, and just visible ahead was the docking ring. Not far up the road, he spotted one of the VI officers, clearly dealing with the aftermath.

    "You were tailing them. They're in the underbelly of the dome by now. There's three places to go when you're trying to get out of a place like this. You go through the airport, you hunker down somewhere for the long haul, or you move through the underground. Considering the bumpy ride we had in here, taking the bus back probably isn't the safest bet. The fact that this is an isolated dome is going to keep them moving, so that only leaves one thing. Maintenance passages, access tunnels, maybe sewers, that's the labyrinth they've chosen to play the game in. James Ford by the way, Sovereign Systems Navy. I don't believe we've met before."


    "Captain, incoming reports from the VI. They have a situation on-board the dome, sir. Armed hostiles from CSAR have taken a hostage and are attempting to exfiltrate. They're saying they pose no threat to the delegation. We're also getting something from the delegation, shall I put it through?"

    "Go ahead"

    The audio feed was a bit garbled but still audible, the stream feeding through the entire command center. It appeared to be one of the delegation security staff.

    "Captain, this is the delegation. Confirming the VI reports, shots fired in the vicinity, CSAR have taken what we believe was a VI asset and are attempting to leave the station. No word yet on how. Captain Ford is in foot pursuit. No contact with him as of yet, it appears that the VI aren't able to contain the intrusion."

    The feed cut out suddenly, a product of the damaged communications and poor transmission quality in the first place. The officers on board turned to each other in silence. One of the fleet captains finally spoke up.

    "We need to deploy the Federation Commandos, before this gets out of hand."

    "Are you insane? That is a direct act of war, deploying Federation troops on neutral territory. We need to trust in them that they can handle the situation on their own."

    "And if the CSAR pose a direct threat to the chairman and the rest of the delegation?"

    The Viceroy captain finally chimed in

    "Then we deploy the Commandos, but not until it is absolutely necessary. I spoke to the unit commander, we may be able to piggyback off their asteroid control systems for a short while if we need to insert, but we'll only know if that's possible by trying. I'm not willing to start a war over sheer paranoia. Comms, alert me as to any changes in the situation. And contact the delegation. Tell them to get Ford, and get his ass back there, now. In the meantime, contact CAG Willis and deploy the 10th airwing. If CSAR intends on blazing a path through the asteroid field, they're going through us."

    Order of Events
    -Ford's mental issues become more apparent
    -Shots fired
    -Ford goes after the CSAR
    -Ford meets Varra, is a bit of a dick (he usually is)
    -Fleet paranoia ramps up, considers deploying commandos
    -10th airwing deployed to block any exfiltration attempts
  18. Levits Senior Engineer

    Inside of the Auditorium:
    The moments before the shots everything was calm, peaceful even; and aside from the doors failure to respond, nothing seemed out of the ordinary. But instantly following the dragons sudden and startling movements, the C-1 security personnel quickly moved to respond and to retrieve their weapons from their holsters. There was no time to question why the dragons had reacted so and aside from the two guards by the doors hesitating for a moment, there was one who wasn't giving it any second thought.

    The Dragons abrupt movements and having their helmets closing around their faces, Kedra's instant response was to take action. She had withheld her concerns regarding the issues with the sealed doors and was even willing to let that pass to the back of her mind, but she was far too paranoid. And as soon as the Drgaons stood, she was quick to follow as she reached for her weapon. She was trained to respond, not to hesitate. Though there was a brief question in her mind, she had but moments to come to the conclusion that they were a threat.

    Taking hold of her sidearm, she was halted from brandishing it towards the Dragons as Mond's hand grabbed her wrist tightly. She stopped, caught off guard by his own quick action as he turned to the two security personnel at the door.

    "Hold!" He shouted directly to them, having them too keep from retrieving their weapons.

    Kedra jerked her head from him as she turned, hostility brimming in her eyes before that resentful look turned to puzzlement as they build a barricade and others began to move about.

    "Sit commander." Mond ordered as he released his grip. "Remain calm."

    Mond wasn't fooling anyone, he was just as concerned and nervous as she, though he held his composure far more stalwartly.

    Doing as she was told, she released her grip of her weapon and sat, ever vigilant and scrutinizing everyone's movements. Had Kaig been with her, she'd have a far easier time processing things. But as it was, Kedra had to rely on her own skill and training... as well as intuition. Something that she herself wouldn't admit to questioning from time to time.

    Sitting there as the scene unfolded before them, they remained out of the mad scrabble. The two guards near the door appearing to question whether or not to draw their weapons as the others passed to and from. Even doubly so when Tash showed up so spectacularly.

    Outside the North-East Door of the Auditorium:
    Meanwhile outside the north west door of the Auditorium and just a few short minutes before Tash appeared, the man in red and black that had been standing there was oblivious to what was going on within the Auditorium as he had taken to leaning against the side of the wall near the door. With bracing against the wall and steadying himself with his arm upon the cane that he carried, he retrieved a silver, decorated flask out from within his overcoat. Patiently waiting there had made him thirsty and though the sharp bite of the beverage warmed his body, it was more a means to pass the time.

    Taking another sip, he could hear several footsteps to his right as something from the corner of his eye caught his attention. He craned his neck to see a group moving quickly before disappearing down the North East Hallway leading out. He paused with the flask pressed against his lips, his eyes staring at where they had been. There was no question what he saw, but there was neither a response nor recourse that he would take. "Wonder what they need her for?" He said gingerly as he leaned back and continued to sip his drink; all the while being completely undaunted by any of it.

    The only thing that drew his attention eventually was the sound of Tash entering the Auditorium and the noise coming from the east side of the convention center. Then and only then, did he tighten the cap on his container before casually hobbling over to see what was going on.

    C-1 Diplomatic Escort Fleet:
    "Attention, all ships. This is Lt. Commander Mills of the Nikola. We're tracking a situation on the station. Internal communications have been disrupted, but as far as we're aware, your delegations remain unharmed. I repeat, your delegates are safe. Apparently, the CSAR delegation has abducted one of our scientists, and is likely attempting to escape the station. Our security personnel will deal with them appropriately. I'll inform you when I have more information. Mills out."

    Venice nearly coughed up her tea as the broadcast from the Nikola reached the C-1 formation. Following the broadcast, there was a long moment of silence upon the bridge before around the whole ship the alarms went off.

    "Attention, combat status level 2. All personnel to their stations, prep for combat operations. I repeat combat status 2. All personnel to their stations..."

    Caught off guard by the alarm, no one really knew exactly what was going on. "The hell is going on?" Carlson asked one of the ships engineers as they hurried to their stations. The response was expected as the random crewmember had just as much an idea as he.

    "Quit asking dumb questions and hurry up!" Tulier shot back behind her to Carlson.

    "You think it's the Halicrast?... The dragons?" He questioned just a few paces behind her as they made their way to the changing rooms.

    "Who knows, doesn't matter!" she yelled back "Shut up and get suited up!"

    As the rest of the team were hurrying to their strike craft, Roy was being held up. Though he too attempted to head out, Dr. Sivian was having non of it.

    "Sit down Roy." She said, determined and rigid as he was about to move from the examination room.

    "Dr..." Roy began to argue before the flash of concern washed over him as Sivian glared back at him. "... yes ma'am."

    Sitting back down, Sivian took to continue her examination and treatment of his fractured arm. "You'll leave when I say so and with your arm the way it is, you wont be going out there until I'm done fixing it."

    As the carriers crew readied the ship for combat, the rest of the fleet was moving to reposition themselves as well. From their formation surrounding the Halicrast, they began to orient themselves to where the two railgun frigates were position above and at the rear of the Bastone, while the Corvettes began to align to either side of them. The fighters that were already out patrolling near the fleet all returned to take up positions at the sides of the corvettes. This formation took a few minutes to form up, but once completed, they were ready to move out at a moments notice.

    ... All but one of their vessels that is...

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  19. SF-1 Raptor Junior Engineer

    Exo couldn't believe what he just heard, on top of watching the Dragon's fleet jump away to who knows where. He quickly went to the intercom.

    "Unity, relay that message to Kight, now!" The A.I. was quick to respond, the Exo remember something. "And tell Orion and Saxon to hear up and get off that boat."

    "Aye, Exo."
    Aboard the Nighthawk, Orion had just gotten the assumed A.I. core free when Unity contacted him and Saxon.

    "Guys. Exo wants you back here ASAP." Orion quickly responded.

    "Awright girly. We'll be dere soon." He then turned to his fellow engineer. "Whell ya heard 'er. Let's get." It didn't take too long for the pair to get back to the airlock and on Copperhead's gunship. As they began their return trip, Orion plugged the core into everything the instructions had told him to. Saxon was the first to speak though.

    "Hey. Is there an A.I. in there?"
    Aboard Sanctuary, the delegates heard the small pops, but didn't think anything of it until the Dragon's reacted and Kight received the message from Exo.

    "Daws, Bobcat, come with me. Clarkson, find someone from the VI and get some answers. Diez, stay here with Jany and Zanev." Clarkson nodded as he went off and asked the nearest Viridian what was going on. Kight, Bobcat, and Daws, on the other hand went over to the Dragons. Kight then began to speak, just hoping for an answer.

    "Anything we can do to help?"

    Order of Events
    Exo contacts the delegates and engineers.
    Orion and Saxon get the thing off of the Nighthawk and try to talk to it.
    Clarkson asks someone from the VI for some answers.
    Kight asks the Dragons if he, Daws, and Bobcat can help.
  20. Tateo13TTV Junior Engineer

    On the text screen on the communications package a single line of text scrolls across. below that is an english querty keyboard.
    "Hi Im Paragon, Can I inquire the status of JSS Assets within this system"

    Onboard the station.
    With the dragons hiding under their blanket fort and everyone else getting antsy.
    The other four members of the team stand on all sides of Alex.

    Order of Events.

    -Paragon says hi.
    -Alex yells and trys to keep everyone from trying to kill eachother.
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  21. Krovennan Apprentice Engineer

    The CSAR group advanced along Sixth Avenue in formation, keeping their hostage encircled on all sides. It seemed they'd be away home free when they suddenly heard the sound of glass shattering behind them, looking around, they saw Direwolf Leader's armoured form, having crashed through the large window of the KAE suite, rolling along the ground to reduce the impact as he stood up. Walking in plain sight towards the group, hand on his machine pistol holstered to his side. Walking past Varra and Ford, Direwolf leader unholstered his weapon as the CSAR forces began to open fire, the crowds dispersing in panic as shots rang out throughout the area. Ducking behind a potted plant, Direwolf Leader fired several bursts from his weapon, buzzing like an angry insect with each volley sent at the group. The group hurried forward, pushing their prize forward as they hurried into the maintenance tunnel, shots firing out in retaliation as Direwolf Leader finally got his comms working.

    "Direwolf Leader to General Roberts, come in already!"

    Roberts had been among the delegates as they slowly begun to become more panicked, Direwolf 2 covering the entrance as the gunshots rang out from Direwolf and the CSAR group. As the comm came in, Roberts turned to tune out some of the panic as he received the call.

    "Direwolf Leader, what is happening out there?"

    "The CSAR group the VI broadcast everywhere, they're retreating. Shall I help you calm the delegates?"

    "No Direwolf Leader. We'll be fine, head after them. They clearly want that scientist, ensure they don't leave with her, at any cost."

    "Understood. Direwolf Leader out."

    With a surprisingly serious attitude, Direwolf Leader stood up, looking to the two others outside as he reloaded his machine pistol with one swift motion. His suit's helmet was up, obscuring his face and modulating his voice as he addressed Varra and Ford in an impatient tone.

    "You two planning to bicker all day, or shall we go get that hostage back?"

    Not waiting to see if they had followed, Direwolf leader ran down Sixth Avenue, seeing the half-open door as he opened it slowly, descending into the darkened hallways. Back in the East Hall, Roberts took up position at the podium and tapped the mic. There was no use panicking, and keeping a cool head, Roberts spoke calmly into the microphone, his voice carrying over the clamour.

    "Everyone calm down. But a few minutes ago we were willing to join forces to face against a massive invading force, and we are panicking at a small armed group. There is no hope for this coalition if we are so easily frightened, so I ask you all to stand down and relax. If our hosts would be able to, perhaps we can get a feed from the station's cameras so as to see what is happening? With such a technologically advanced station as this, you must have a fix on your scientist's location, and could easily bring up a feed from the appropriate security systems to the screen behind me, if you would be so kind."
  22. Levits Senior Engineer

    Station Auditorium:
    "Should we-"

    "No." Mond responded abruptly to Kedra's inquiry. "This has nothing to do with us. As far as we're concerned, this is a internal affair and I doubt that our hosts would appreciate our meddling."

    "But sir!" Kedra began to protest before Mond cut her off.

    "Commander, you are to follow my orders and stand-down! Do you understand me?"

    Kedra bit back a response, knowing better than to push the issue further. There was little that she could do though; as it stood, she had no equipment to engage a team of well-trained and fully equipped soldiers. Politically... ah the hell with it, she could have cared less about the politics.

    "Good." Mond finally said after he let it sink in for her. "Commander, see to the security of the room. I've business to discuss." He said as he stood up. Adding to it as Lady Rose and Kiaser too attempted to follow "No, stay here with the security."

    Leaving the two diplomats situated with the security officers and Kedra going between the guards appearing to give them a pep talk on their duties, Mond made his way over to where Roberts and the other key figures were gathered.

    "General," Mond said as he approached and greeted Roberts.

    The Fleet Above:
    In the same timeframe, the commander of the Bastone was also holding a conversation of her own...

    "Lt. Commander Mills, this is Captain Venice Walhurst of the C-1's 801st strike carrier Bastone. I request full disclosure on the current situation and the status of C-1 personnel aboard the station." a moment later and she added "We also have assets ready to extract our personnel if it is required to do so.".

    Whether or not the last part was a offer or a threat could be left to Mills to decide, but considering the way the C-1 handles business, chances were leaning more towards the latter...

    She was briefly distracted however, as one of the console operators before her turned and informed her that the Halicrast was beginning to stir.

    "Captain, the Halicrast's primary AI has been reinstated and is preparing to regain control. It appears as though it's systems are reactivating and Viper 1 has finished running diagnostics... Receiving detailed report now."

    Venice simply let out a sigh as she said to herself "I do not have time to deal with this right now."

    Order of Events:
    -Mond Approaches Roberts to talk.
    -Kedra is telling people what to do...
    -Cpt. Venice is requesting information from Lt. Commander Mills... and having to deal with other things.
  23. TheAshenShadow Apprentice Engineer

    The espatiers watched as the KAE security officer crashed out through the window. Ashe and Roland looked to DeVrjin for orders. She looked between the retreating CSAR entering the maintenance tunnel and the Convention Center. "Sergeant DeWitt, follow them. Sergeant Lamontagne, you and I will head towards the docks. See if we can cut them off out there." Ashe and Roland nodded, and DeVrjin and Roland took off at a fast jog towards the docks, not knowing that they had inside help and likely wouldn't end up there.

    Ashe looked over to Varra and Ford. Hopefully they'd follow. She ran after Direwolf Leader, unholstering and flicking the safety off of her laser pistol.

    Clio looked up from her attempt to subtly call the VI's attention to the gunshot. Guess subtlety wasn't happening. The Dragons were doing... something, God knows what. The JSS and General Roberts were trying to calm the general clamour. There was a clear path outside, thanks to one of the Dragons and one of the UFPS delegates... She sighed. This was supposed to be a peace conference. The CSAR were using it to steal a Viridian scientist. Why. Why?


    Rin sighed. The CSAR was trying to abduct some Viridian bigwig. The Fleet ships were moving into a blockade position. The Nebula Ascendant was launching fighters. She flipped the yellow alert switch. It'd probably be red before the day was over. The astrogator spun her chair around. On a ship this small, they doubled as the sensor tech. "Captain Satō! The Dragon fleet, it warped out!"

    Rin sighed again. "What?"

    "They activated their FTL, ma'am. They're gone."

    Rin had an exasperated, weary look on her face. "Great... Today gets ever more lovely."


    - Ashe follows after Direwolf Leader
    - The other two espatiers head for the docks to hopefully cut the CSAR delegation off.
    - Clio observes what's happening, wonders what the CSAR have to gain from this whole endeavor.
    - Rin is very confused and annoyed by the Dragons suddenly leaving with absolutely no explanation.
  24. Xentor Junior Engineer

    Dalton Center, East Hall

    Commander Malaryk glanced toward the doors, hearing the commotion in the hallways and the auditorium. Good. Varra had gotten the word out, or perhaps they just heard the gunshots. He was losing blood, but this wasn't his first battle wound. Granted, he hadn't expected to receive one here, but at least there would be plenty of medical support nearby.

    "We should go after them," Leta Velasquez said coldly, eyeing the doors. Damn girl was going to get herself killed.

    "And do what? They're armed and armored. We've got nothing that'll slow them down. If you want to help, figure out what's wrong with the comm system."

    Dalton Center, Auditorium

    Takeda sat calmly, witnessing the chaos around him, and keeping his people in place. He tried to hide his disappointment, but a slight frown may have slipped through. These people were supposed to be diplomats and dignitaries, and they were acting like children. He simply nodded to the questions from the delegates, and listened patiently to Roberts' speech, then finally stood to address them.

    "Whatever is happening outside, I assure you our security forces will deal with it. We are on a heavily-secured and automated station inside an asteroid field. The aggressor or aggressors will be located, captured, and deported. There's no need to escalate the situation with further violence. If you feel in danger, I suggest remaining in this room and monitoring the exits. When our communications systems are back online, I will contact the command center and this will all be cleared up. Please, remain calm, and--"

    Fermi Dome, Sixth Avenue

    Lt. Varra stepped out from behind the corner of the building as the gunfire stopped. The KAE soldier was rather imposing... She was glad he was on her side. "Right behind you," she nodded, readying her stun pistol. She wasn't sure how effective it would be against that armor, but it was better than nothing. She followed DL into the maintenance section, trying to keep her bearings in the dark, noisy tunnels. The walls were lined with pipes and wiring, with plenty exposed panels that were just asking for a stray bullet. "Watch your fire down here," she cautioned the others. "We're close to the outer hull, and you don't want to cause a breach... There's a reason we use stunners instead of live ammo."

    She tapped her comm bracelet, hoping to be heard over the noisy machinery. "Tiller, we're in the maintenance tunnels... Tiller?" Static. "No signal down here. Hope they can track us."

    Fermi Dome, Maintenance Tunnels

    Anastasia Veselova walked quickly ahead of the CSAR squad, turning left, then right, her route perfectly memorized. Everyone would expect them to head for the nearest shuttle bay, but no one would expect their actual destination. "Take care with your weapons in this area. The ammunition we supplied shouldn't pierce the hull, but I would prefer not to take chances. If there is a breach, we'll be sealed in until we asphyxiate."

    "Anastasia?" Maria Wellington could barely see the liaison through the mass of armored CSAR soldiers around her. "What are you doing?" She kept up with her captors, but if they wanted to keep her from talking, they would have to knock her out and carry her. "Why?"

    "Ask your questions to someone who cares, Doctor." She hit a button to open one of the side doors, then quickly turned the corner in the other direction, hoping to throw off the pursuit. "Come, quickly. It is a long way to our destination." Hopefully, the others would be waiting. She had no way to contact them.

    VI Nikola, Bridge

    Lt. Commander Mills watched the displays, waiting for word from the station.

    "Sir, the dragon fleet just jumped out," Ensign DeMarco called out. "They're gone. And I'm reading a message from the C-1 fleet. They want more information, and they say... Uh, they're not happy."

    "Stall them, and figure out what's wrong with the station comms. I don't like this." He sat down in the command chair, accessing the systems directly, and running diagnostic tests. There wasn't much he could really do. The Nikola couldn't safely enter the asteroid field without support from FieldCon, and all of his shuttles were away. All he could do was wait.

    "Bastone, this is the Nikola," Ens. DeMarco transmitted to the C-1 fleet. "We will advise you as soon as we have new information, but communications are limited. Your assistance is not required at this time."

    Sanctuary, Central Systems Control

    "Sector nine clear. Ten... still infected. It's persistent, I'll admit. Rick, jump on ten-bravo and see if you can isolate the pattern. Mitchell, take ten-echo and lock down the I/O pathways."

    The center was abuzz with activity, with two dozen techs trying to clean out the computer core and restore systems. This infection was far too focused to be some amateur prank. This was a sophisticated attack. It had taken down the entire communications network, but had left the tachyon links with the AMGReS network intact. It had taken down surveillance in Fermi Sector, but had left the rest of the station monitored. Fermi Sector. The conference.

    The shift commander turned to his communcations specialist. "James, can you bypass the lockout for a direct line?"

    "I think so, Sir. The virus is blocking the automated routing protocols. If I plot the relays manually, I think I can establish a connection. Where to?"

    "Councilman Takeda's wrist unit. This virus has something to do with the conference. I'm sure he'll know more."

    Dalton Center, Auditorium

    Takeda's speech was interrupted by a beep from his comm bracelet. "One moment, please." He tapped the bracelet to answer it. "Takeda here."

    An unfamiliar voice came through his earpiece, inaudible to the crowd. "Sir, this is the CSC. We have a sophisticated computer virus attacking several systems, and we believe it's related to the conference. Is everything alright over there?"

    That explained the communications failure. "No. We have a situation here. There is a hostile force aboard the station. Lock down the sector, and get medical and secutiry teams to the Dalton."

    "Understood, Sir..... Sir... I'm showing a security blackout in your dome. All security personnel have been withdrawn. Surveillance is down too, but it's localized to Fermi Sector. The rest of the station is doing fine, minus comms."

    "Well, fix it," Takeda replied coldly. "I have a number of concerned delegates here, who I'm sure would feel much more comfortable with a security presence. In the meantime, you seem to be able to open comm channels, so connect me to the fleets outside."

    "Yes, Sir. One moment."

    Takeda tapped his foot impatiently, until a beep came over the link. He raised his voice, making sure both the delegates inside and the ships outside would hear him clearly. The signal went out, relayed via the Nikola's comm systems. "Attention all ships. This is Councilman Taisei Takeda of the Viridian Institute. We are experiencing some technical issues with our computer systems, and there is an ongoing incident involving the CSAR delegation. I don't know how much information has reached you so far, but let me assure you that your delegates are safe, and in my presence. My people are working diligently to restore our communications network, and I will inform you as soon as I have more relevant information. I appreciate your patience in this matter. Takeda out."

    • Malaryk keeps the folks in the East Hall calm
    • Takeda addresses the delegates, trying to calm them
    • Varra pursues the CSAR squad with Direwolf Leader, Ford, and Ashe. Advises them not to shoot out the hull. Comms are completely blocked in the tunnels
    • Anastasia leads the CSAR along. Opens a side door as a diversion, and talks with Maria
    • Nikola replies to the C-1
    • VI works on fighting the computer virus, contacts Takeda
    • Takeda addresses both the delegates and the ships outside, again trying to calm everyone down.

    EDIT: Stealthily added Ashe... Very sneaky...
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  25. SF-1 Raptor Junior Engineer

    Clarkson looked at the man. He didn't like being in the dark, especially with what was going on. so the former miner started to speak to the councilman with a very calm tone in his voice.
    "Takeda. I get what your sayin', but some more information'd be nice. Anything."

    Diez, an the other hand, had taken some matters into her own hands and stood by the now open door. If the marine saw any of the CSAR she wouldn't kill him,if she could avoid it, but she'd make it hurt before taking him down.
    Exo just shook his head.

    "First diplomatic event in years and this happens. Unity, get me Dark Night. Hart, get in touch with the Nikola." As soon as the first officer finished, Unity informed him the Triana was on the line. "Triana, get your cream of the crop back aboard and reload them with Poppers. If CSAR get out here I want them knocked out cold, not dead. Got it?" Triana gave the simple response of "Aye, sir" before recalling the four fighters.

    As the fighters returned, Exo then addressed the Nikola.

    "Nikola this is the first officer of the Maverick Unity. I have the Dark Night's fighters returning and being rearmed with a missile we call a Popper. EMP missile that only damages the electronics. I want to put the four fighters in your command once they launch, just in case these guys get out and get past your other defenses."
    Orion smiled.

    "Well, 'e still works. Try ta rig sometin up Saxon." As Saxon got to work, Orion answered the A.I. "Hello Paragon. I'm Head Engineer Sev Orion Me and Engineer Max Saxon. The Janus was destroyed by a strange event, and the Nighthawk was heavily damaged so your JSS buddies on the station asked for help to get you off." As Orion explained this Saxon began to plug in some headsets from the gunship while Copperhead continued to head towards the Maverick Unity.

    Order of Events
    Clarkson tries to get more information.
    Diez guards the door, being cautious.
    Exo is shocked and begins to give orders.
    Dark Night recalls its fighters to be rearmed.
    Exo offers a short command of the fighters to the Nikola.
    Orion talks to Paragon.
  26. Anoth Junior Engineer

    Dalton Convention Centre, East Hall.

    As he entered the East Hall, Tash saw that there was no direct threat around here. Sha was providing First Aid to the injured VI Security Forces and Seth was near Commander Malaryk tending to his wounds. He knew the two of them had everything under controll so he went back to the Auditorium.

    Seth blinked confused as he saw Tash enter the Hall to just leave it again some moments later, leaving the Dragon puzzled and wondering behind.

    Dalton Convention Centre, Auditorium.

    As Tash returned to the Auditorium he attached the Sword he had lend himself onto his Hip and crossed his Arms. He heared Takedas Words and had gotten a glimps of what Roberts had said earlier and sighed. He walked over to the little Chair Fort the Dragons had build and picked up his Brother who was startled at first until Tash put him onto his feet.

    "I told you your security Plan was Garbage!" He said into the Face of the Fleetmaster for all to hear and See.

    The larger Dragon looked towards Dr. Takeda and General Roberts before bowing slightly. "I apologize for the behaviour of my fellow Dragons. I objected this silly Plan but my Brother thought it would be the right thing to do. The Commotion that was caused was completely uneccessary and out of tone. I also apologize for the Damage i have done to out Suite's Door and the one to the Auditorium." He said to the present Delegates still Ignoring his Brothers obvious angered Face. Alex was the highest ranking officer of the Dragons on this Station and technicly, Tash was his subordinate and the youngest of their Family but he knew what he was doing. If the Scientist's of the B.R.S. were right, Tash would be around far longer then any other Dragon the Humans would ever encounter and so he had the responsability to show that he was a capable leader when the Time was right.
    "For now, let's just calm down... the Kidnappers are followed already by several people and have already left the building. The situation in the east hall is under controll and two of our security detail are currently providing first aid to injured VI personel including Commander Malaryk wich is, despite his wounds, still alive and kicking and already shouting orders." He said with a stern expression.
    Alex was still pretty angry looking towards Tash but he couldn't do anything against it. Tash was right in all his points and the only thing that he could do was grabbing the next Chair to him and put it back onto his legs. The other Dragons followed him after that and they looked all like schooled children sitting on their chairs even with their helmets up.
    The larger Dragon crossed his Arms again in front of his Chest and flapped his wings shortly to relief some tension that had build up inside him while his tail was waving behind him. "For now we should just wait how everything unfolds since we are all safe here. And to proof my point," he unbuckled the Sword on his hip and laid it down in front of General Roberts and Dr. Takeda." I disarm myself again." He said before he deactivated his Helmet and smiled towards the two Humans.
    After a short silent pause he looked towards Dr. Takeda. "Soo... I owe you two doors... How do we solve this?" He asked with a sheepish smile but with a clear intention. Changing the Subject from this inconvinient Subject of a ongoing Kidnapping during a diplomatic meeting of several factions and an alien species of all things and highten the mood inside the Auditorium.

    Meanwhile, Alex, despite his rage about Tash's behaviour, realized something. With Tash down here and saying he owed the VI two doors he figured out that the Door to the Main Suite of the Dragons was now wide open. He looked over to Silent Fang 3 and 4 wich were still with them. "Secure out Suit... Not that someone is going to steal our Gift for everyone here..." He said. He had to supress the rage and anger in his voice but it wasn't realy effective because there was a low growl under his words. Chereza sighend and rubbed her husbands back. "Calm down already..." She whispered into his ear. "Everything will be fine..."

    Order of Events:
    -Tash enters the East Hall just to leave it again.
    -Tash brakes up the Fort and denounces the Dragons Fleetmaster in front of everyone.
    -Tash apologizes for the Dragons behaviour and elevates on what is happening right now.
    -Tash symbolicly lays down his weapon in front of Takeda and Roberts before, cunning as he is, tries to let the minds of everyone go into another direction and de-escalate the situation even further.
    - Alex sends Silent Fang 3 and 4 up to the Dragons Suite to protect the Device the Dragons kept there.
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  27. UnitedTerranFederation Apprentice Engineer

    "Somehow, I don't think that's going to be a problem for me." Ford replied quickly, gesturing to his side-arm, specifically the large empty space where a battery pack should have been. "I suppose I should've thought about that before I used it to burn a hole through your door. I brought my knife though, so I suppose if we get ambushed by a loaf of bread, I've got us covered."

    "I wouldn't place your bets that they can, I think we're on our own down here. Reminds me of a mission way back, we were tracking a group of slavers through the sewage system on Io, damned place was a labyrinth. Chased those bastards through there for almost an hour before we got smart. Went to the docking port with the most crooked inspector we could find, not to mention the only freighter on the platform that had holding cells on it. Half hour later they came strutting into the bay thinking they'd just outwitted a team of Federation Officers. We nailed every single one of those fuckers that day."

    Ford looked down the passage stretching before him a second, then turned back to Varra and Direwolf Leader.

    "If we've got any chance of stopping them taking off with your buddy, we're going to have to cut them off. Lieutenant, what ways could they get off this station? Civilian or commercial docking areas? Could they be looking to get into another dome?"


    "This is Captain Aaron Conrad of the UFSS Viceroy to Viridian Institute Vessel Nikola. We acknowledge the situation and we'll lend a hand if needed. Federation Commando teams are on standby in-case the situation escalates and can deploy on your request. Hopefully it doesn't come to that."

    Order of Events

    -Ford comments on the situation, urging they move to cut the CSAR team off at their destination
    -UFSS Fleet ready to deploy commando teams, offers assistance to VI if situation escalates.
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  28. Krovennan Apprentice Engineer

    Roberts nodded in acknowledgement to Mond and watched the near-coup from Tash as he admonished the BRS Fleetmaster and laid his sword in front of him. Roberts found the Dragon impressive, and clearly the more proactive of the BRS' prominent figures. With the delegates starting to calm down and take action, Roberts saw now was a good time to ensure the coalition went smoothly. Letting everyone make their own orders, Roberts stood by the podium, ready to speak again.

    "Since we have no way to aid the others beyond simply staying here, I would like to bring our attention to the matter of how to structure this Coalition of ours. KAE has amassed an enormous stockpile of resources over the years, and our strategic location in the Bloodfire Nebula gives us a hub with which to distribute those resources. Beyond our own military might, we can easily set up supply routes to each faction's central systems for both military and relief supplies. Since the Battle of Styx we've also been researching on more advanced designs, I am ashamed to admit the relative peace of our sectors may have made our designers slightly complacent. Rest assured, KAE will pull their weight greater than ever in future. The floor is open, if you have anything to bring forward or ask, now would be the best time."

    In the maintenance tunnels, Direwolf Leader's helmet slid into place over his head, first the two halves nestled over his shoulders rotated into place, then the mouthplate closed over, forming an airtight seal as the suit used oxygen it had gathered during it's time in the Station to provide oxygen, drawing in small amounts as they walked through the maintenance tunnels to keep itself topped up. Rounding the myriad corners, Direwolf followed the major path, as a group that size would be unable to effectively move through the tighter passages. Sure enough, Direwolf managed to hear the faint sound of footsteps just ahead, pressing himself against the wall in front of a corner as he held up his hand to signal for quiet to the other two. Peeking around the corner, Direwolf suddenly jerked his head back as a myriad of shots rang out, pinging off the outer hull, but managing to avoid penetrating it.

    "Thought they might try that, that means we're on the right track. Stand back, I'll handle this one."

    Readying his machine pistol, Direwolf Leader combat rolled over to take cover behind a maintenance locker on the far wall, seeing what he was aiming for as he shot at one of the myriad pipes along the corridor walls. In doing so, a jet of superheated steam hissed out, obscuring the CSAR gunman's vision as Direwolf Leader's visor provided him with the heat signatures of other pipes, eve3n through the torrent of flesh-melting heat in front of him. Taking careful aim, Direwolf managed to pierce the pipes in short bursts of fire, filling the tunnel with obscuring smoke as the gunman fired wildly into the opaque mist. Direwolf Leader readied himself as he started to hear the faint noise of a low magazine under the gunfire, and sure enough, the firing stopped seconds after. Acting immediately, Direwolf Leader charged through the mist, his suit providing protection as he burst through the steam and clotheslined the gunman to the ground. A quick burst of ultra-rapid-fire and the gunman was no longer a threat. Seeing a camera next to him, Direwolf Leader waved to it and gestured to the steam-filled corridor, figuring the VI would not waste the time obscuring a camera behind them as he made a gesture of a valve turning, indicating to the VI to turn off the pipes to allow the others through.
  29. Levits Senior Engineer

    Aboard the Bastone:

    "The logs from the Halicrast show no deviations to commands nor notable errors in the systems coding." Bastion stated from the detailed analysis Viper 1 had sent. "All systems appear to be fully operational and the vessel is ready for service."

    "Thank you Bastion." Alice responded before turning to the comms to speak to Hal directly. "How are you doing?" She questioned before the AI responded.

    "Structural integrity is optimal and minor damage to exterior devices detected. Overall assessment: Condition Optimal."

    "Good." was her callous response. "Return to formation and standby."

    "Understood Captain."

    Following this exchange, the Halicrast lit main thrusters to power its way to the front of the aligned vessels. For the foreseeable future, there was little more to be done than to stand poised for action. Whether or not they would be needed to aid or engage someone, they were at least prepared to respond.

    Meanwhile back within the Auditorium:

    Mond waited for his time to speak, though Roberts opened the floor to anyone wishing to do so, his was more of a personal matter. After Roberts spoke, Mond stepped forward with what he assumed to be a simple question. He didn't whisper, nor did he try to hide the question as he was sure others wanted to know the same thing.

    "Excuse me Commander, but I am curious to know what this CSAR delegation would want from this Veridian Scientist. It seems to me that their decision to act now, knowing that such a prestigious event was unfolding, had to have been weighed heavily considering the potential damage their actions would entail." More to the point, "Might I ask of you or the Institute, what was this scientists field of study?"

    Order of Events:
    -The Halicrast is back in service.
    -Mond asks about the scientist and why the CSAR delegation would want to kidnap her now of all times?
  30. Xentor Junior Engineer

    Dalton Center, Auditorium
    Takeda couldn't help but smile a bit. Despite the chaos, this was rather enlightening. He was learning more about their new friends than he had anticipated, and a bit of cosmetic damage was a small price to pay. "Think nothing of it. My primary concern at this point is--"

    He was interrupted suddenly by a tone in his earpiece. "Councilman Takeda, this is Fermi District Control. Are you receiving?"

    "Ah, some good news," he said, touching the earpiece to indicate to Tash who he was talking to. "Yes, this is Takeda. Status?"

    "Central says there's a virus in the system core. It's disrupting the security and comms networks, but not touching essential systems. We've locked it out of the direct comm lines, but automatic routing is still down."

    "Understood. We have a situation here. Connect with Commander Malaryk in the East Hall of the Dalton. He'll coordinate the operation. I want status updates sent to the Auditorium loudspeakers every five minutes." A brief pause, as he listened to the reply. "Yes, once you have information. Just get it done. Takeda out."
    Takeda shared a silent glance with Dr. Reiser beside him, then sighed. "I cannot speak to their motives concerning the timing, but... Doctor Maria Wellington is one of our top engineers. She was the lead designer of the Nikola, among her many other accomplishments."

    Dalton Center, East Hall

    Malaryk nodded his appreciation to Seth. He had been wounded before, but this was damned inconvenient. After what felt like hours, but was probably mere minutes, the room's speakers came to life.

    "Commander Malaryk, this is Fermi District Control. Are you receiving?"

    The gathered liaisons instinctively looked up, leaving the Commander to reply. "This is Malaryk. Report."

    "We've restored limited communications. Manual routing only until we can get the central computer behaving. There's a virus in the--"

    "Good, I'm sure people are working on that," Malaryk interrupted. He didn't sound angry, just focused and in a hurry. "Do you have security feeds?"

    "Negative. Cameras are all down, and--"

    "Citizen alerts? Door alarms? Anything out of the ordinary?"

    "Negative. Nothing raising any red flags."

    "Forget red flags. This was no amateur job. Any tripped sensors. Airlock activity. Anything." The CSAR squad was well-trained, but whoever was manning the control center... Sigh...

    "Nothing serious. Some minor hull damage from the EMP. A few injury reports. A ruptured steam line in your district. Electrical failures in--"

    "Stop." Leta Velasquez spoke up unexpectedly, drawing the Commander's eyes. "Did any of your alerts begin in the last ten minutes?"

    The voice over the speakers hesitated just a moment. "The steam line just ruptured a minute ago. Maintenance tunnel 98-45-Bravo."

    Leta waited only for Malaryk's slight smile before stepping over to the table. "Map." One of the other officers brought up a dome map on his data pad. "Where is 98-45-Bravo?" The officer marked it. Leta traced a line with her finger from the Dalton to that point. "Any maintenance access along that line?" Another officer checked his pad and nodded, tapping a location just up the avenue. "Control, lock down the maintenance tunnels between 98-44 and 105-31."

    Maintenance Tunnel 98-45-Bravo

    The hot steam began to fill up the tunnel, and for a moment, it looked like DL's plan would work. Red lights began flashing, but the steam wasn't letting up. Lt. Varra instinctively put up an arm to try to protect her face from it, though she was far enough to be in no immediate danger. There were other concerns.

    "It's a lockdown! This way! Quick!" She started running down a tunnel to the right as doors began to slowly descend. The steam wasn't turning off. The room was being sealed to contain the leak. "Damnit, what did I tell you about shooting? Now we have to detour!"

    Maintenance Tunnels, Further Ahead

    Anastasia Veselova calmly led the way through the tunnels. She had the route memorized, but the entire map was on her pad, just in case. Good thing, too, as they rounded a corner just in time to see a blast door seal the next hallway. "Unfortunate," she muttered. "They discovered our heading. Come, we can reroute." She pulled out her map, and started down another corridor. There were plenty of ways to their destination, and though this route would be less direct, she happened to know of certain doors that would, entirely coincidentally, be disabled and unable to seal.

    The only danger was from security forces intercepting them, and as long as the cameras stayed down, Control would have no way to precisely locate them. Besides, there wasn't enough manpower left in this district to stop them. None that would obey orders, at least.

    • Takeda replies to the Dragons and C-1, finally gets a call from one of the Control centers
    • C&C rerouted to the East Hall. Malaryk in command, trying to track down the CSAR squad. Leta makes some progress
    • DL, Ford, Ashe, and Varra hit a snag, and must detour to avoid being sealed in a room with super-hot steam.
    • Anastasia and the CSAR squad are blocked by Leta's lockdown, but Anastasia has a backup route
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