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[RP] The Empire of Raas

Discussion in 'Groups & Dedicated Servers' started by TheAshenShadow, May 1, 2015.

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  1. TheAshenShadow Apprentice Engineer

    The Empire of Raas
    "Keep the Eternal Flame burning, and the Sainted Empress shall guide your path."

    The glorious history of our empire begins 200 years ago, with the unification of the area surrounding Raas under Rassai rule. The newly unified city-states in the area expanded their influence outwards, under the direction of the Sainted Empress, Tanith I.

    Ranks/Social Organization:
    The Sainted Empress, Tanith IX ((me(theahenshadow)))
    Her advisors, the Tribunal:
    the Master of Weapons, commander of the Legions
    the Master of Coin, in charge of taxes, construction, census and the like
    the Master of Words, spymaster and foreign minister.
    Her protectors, the Imperial Guard:
    Captain of the Guard
    Her delegatees, the Court:
    Her forces of war, the Steel Legions:
    Her (theoretically) loyal servants, the common people:
    By mandate of the Sainted Empress Tanith IV, slavery, indentured servitude, and the like is abolished. No man shall own another man.

    There are two divine beings, one infinitely greater than the other:
    Our Lord and Saviour Sir Isaac Newton, the Greater of the two,
    and Our Divine Mistress the Sainted Empress Tanith XVII.

    Foreign Relations:

    The Sacred Order of the Pink Flamingo
    Trading Partners:
    Kingdom of Sìlen
    Trade Sanctions:

    The Raasai proudly support the Physics Inquisition, and pay due reverence to Our Lord and Saviour Newton.
    The proper noun and adjective is Raasai. But, the "Raasai Empire" sounds bad, so it is the Empire of Raas. Or the Empire, if you prefer.
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  2. Silen Apprentice Engineer

    // I'm sending this same message to a lot of RP factions, sorry if it's always the same or a lot similiar!

    A messenger arrives at your keep, shouting "Open the gate!". He is wearing a heraldic vest, on which you can see the emblem of the Kingdom of Sìlen.
    The guards open the gate, then he claims that he has to deliver a message to the Empress.
    The letter brings the blue seal of King Alfredo Sìleni I, of the Kingdom of Sìlen.
    It's your decision if you want to open the letter or not, though this is its content:


    To your most grace Lady Empress Tanith IX,
    as newly founded realms in these lands I find appropriate and
    most of all of mutual benefit to send you this message. I peacefully offer
    you a trading agreement. I'm sure that you will send me soon a letter with
    your acceptance.

    For the blue and white!
    King Alfredo Sìleni I
  3. Ingenio Ingens Apprentice Engineer

    As a member of the physics inquisition and a founder of the SOPF, I would like to offer you an alliance, fellow follower of Newton.
  4. TheAshenShadow Apprentice Engineer

    Ingens: The Empire graciously and gladly accepts.
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.