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[RP] The Kingdom of the Waffle

Discussion in 'Groups & Dedicated Servers' started by The Q, Aug 27, 2015.

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  1. The Q Apprentice Engineer

    So im a bit late but...:

    Under Construction:

    The History:

    The Kingdom of the Waffle is an ancient realm of land in the far west close to an great ocean.
    Its history is full of slavery, bloody revolts, civil wars and an growing wish for unity.
    In the long forgottten past an noble managed to unit the realm
    but his name was forgotten and only statues remind of him.
    In the year <Placeholder> the realm has fallen apart, barbarians and bandits roaming freely trough the land,
    the future indeed looked dark.
    But in an castle to the north of the realm a new king was born.
    He brought new ideals, new goals and an new point of view of the world.
    He changed the way our machines worked, he supported the egineers of the realm
    and to thank him they build mighty castles and citys with monuments one one would have dreamed above.
    The farmers invented new ways of harvesting and farming and the people had enough to eat,
    and the forests where full of strong, big animals, ready to be hunted, while the trees were thick and strong.
    But the Golden Age didnt last forever. The nobles decided that the king didnĀ“t give them their right to rule over their peasents
    and once again, the realm was full of death and war. With the arrival of the plague the people of the realm thought they all would soon be dead.

    But once again one man rised, it was no other then the son of the old king and he besieged the castles of the revolting nobles and one by one the fell under his word and the machines of war his engineers build.

    And with that the realm once again united only the truly loyal nobles left and an vision of the future that couldnt be brighter, the king decided that it was time to look beyond his own realm...


    The Kingdom of the Waffle is an young but strong realm with disciplined armys, strong castles and many
    ingenious engineers.

    We are mainly focused on RP and building.
    But we do not fear to fight against our enemies.

    King The Amazing Waffle (TheQ)

    (maximum of 10)

    Every noble can appoint and manager of his property (on an server)
    An manager has limited rights of an nobemla nd needs to ask either the noble or the king to do certain actions
    (Example: Manager asks if he is allowed to upgrade the defenses, if yes he is allowed to do it whenever he wants)
    Staff of the State:
    (Every Master has his helpers and can assign an task to his own staff)
    Master of Siege (Siege equipment)
    Master of Castle (Castle planning/building)
    Master of Citys (builds Citys/Villages)
    Master of Transport (everything Transport related belongs to him)
    Master of Monuments (builds Monuments (Statues/etc.)

    If you want to be an master ask below: Masters are allowed to hire their own helpers and dont need to ask the king

    Engineers: The builders and the staff of the Masters

    Soldiers: Combat oriented Members, operate Siege Equipment, guard Towns/Villages/Castles

    Only Rules:
    Do Roleplay! Dont act like an idiot if you want to be one... ok. But dont do it only sometimes (if you do it, then always)
    Everything that happens in the game stays in the game! Same for Real Life/The Forums!
    You are always ONE Character even inter-Server you cant play more than one person.
    (Example:You can change from Engineer to Soldier if you want but only sometimes)

    Ps. Im sorry for grammatical and other errors in the text please tell me where they are and i will fix them (i am no native english speaker, remind that!)

    Have Fun

    ~The Amazing Waffle

    Last edited: Aug 28, 2015
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Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.