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Sabiroid Wasps... in Space.

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feedback' started by Leadfootslim, Aug 8, 2016.

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  1. Leadfootslim Senior Engineer

    Cargo ship mods and other hazards aside, I can't shake the feeling that the vast, desolate reaches of space are missing something in terms of challenge. To that end, I'd like to propose the following. Winged Space Sabiroids, nesting in hollow asteroids.

    • Nests are large, organic-looking structures which spawn attached to asteroids - say, a 1 in 50 chance, or something adjustable. Perhaps clusters of asteroids might have more Nests, creating a "danger zone" to map out and avoid.
    • Nests will spawn Sabiroid Wasps when a player comes near, much like Pirate Drones.
    • Sabiroid Wasps will seek out their targets and spit a projectile attack at them - again, much like Pirate Drones. Add randomness and inaccuracy to their behavior as necessary.
    • Wasps come in groups, alternating between lone harassers and dedicated attack waves of up to 10 or more before scaling back down.
    • Destroying the nest is the only way to ensure your safety, but beware - damaging the Nest will spawn a larger wave of attackers.
    Such an addition, while certainly expanding the "fictional" element of the game, would be a lovely option for the battle-hungry among us who just can't seem to reliably stumble upon cargo vessels. Plus, nothing justifies a good dogfight like a target-rich environment.
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  2. Malware Master Engineer


    In space.

    No. Complex organic life in space is silly enough on its own. At least make them slightly believable.
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  3. Thermonuklear Junior Engineer

    I like the 1920s weird tales twist with the wings-in-ether. Fungi from Yuggoth, anyone?
    But...yeah. I feel it wouldn't be plausible to have complex life in vacuum. And how would the wings work, game lore-wise? Ionisation through intense wing-rubbing?
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  4. SenorZorros Master Engineer

  5. Krougal Senior Engineer

    Only if they have friggin lazers attached to their friggin heads...

    or better yet...just...
  6. Bleuhazenfurfle Apprentice Engineer

    If they're not planning on going very fast, and their wings are really rather large, they could user them much like solar sails. Wouldn't look much like insects, and would have to be the size of a decent asteroid.

    Though seriously, not sure of your Fungi from Yuggoth, but that sort of thing would work. Launching spores at passers by, which slowly eat into your ship.
  7. Stormigedon Trainee Engineer

  8. SilentShadow Apprentice Engineer

    The flapping of wings causes small pores to compress and releases minute quantities of high speed gases. They are then proceeded by the equal and opposite reaction by the 3rd law.

    Projectiles - umm... They reversed the polarity of the tacheon field? </Treknobabble>
  9. Sarekh Senior Engineer

    Okay, no wings... what about sabiroids that web giant nets on the planet that have enough flexibility and durability to hurl the sabiroids into space onto asteroids, where they will again build nets that catapult them away and so on and so on? I find that to be legit.
  10. Levits Senior Engineer

    Wings: No. On planets sure, but in space, they are nothing more than an ornamental piece.

    However, compressed gases (or mixed chemicals) that can expand and be jettisoned would work. The question is: What are these things made of.

    If their composition is truly "Alien" then all's fare. But if they are anything consistent with "Earth-based" organisms, then there is nothing that would allow them to survive the vacuum, extreme heat/cold, and radiation that would ultimately eradicate them.

    The closest things we have right now that would/could possibly work as a basis for such a thing would be a bombardier beetle, or (to a lesser degree) a squid. Heck, even a skunk can hold two forms of chemicals and can spray it out... butt, you wont be seeing any mammals living it up in space.

    Another option is to simply let them Leap at ships. Spiders do it, and I'm pretty sure anyone else can. If they miss your ship, they just keep sailing by and get deleted after a few seconds. If they hit, they burrow in and latch on. For a small-ship, getting hit would be pretty devastating (much like getting hit by a rocket). If you are still alive by then, the thing unfurls its legs and starts crawling around on top of you. On a large ship, this would be about the same... though you may have it end up inside of your ship.

    Now, if you want to go for "Sci-fi" alien stuff, just use magnetic field or gravitational field control that allows them to fly around like crazy.
  11. Stormigedon Trainee Engineer

    They could be an extreme evolution of tardigrades(or something similar) which IIRC not only can survive in space the actual reproduce in the void just fine. And the move by compressed gas generated from whatever there eat the wings are just vestigial reminents from an earlier stage of its evolution
  12. ViroMan Senior Engineer

    Wings... sure... if they had 2 sets of wings... one of them nearly overlapping the other. Then through ionization and the fact that space is NOT empty they can slowly propel themselves. Not very scary fast unless they have had a very long time to get up to speed. Unless we are talking actual wasp sized space bugs. They could probably get up to speed much faster. How would they be a problem to your ship? Well I duno... swarm a section of the ship with the most power usage and slowly eat their way in.
  13. Robotnik V Apprentice Engineer

    Why not scale back, or remove the pirates, because they are more of a kill everything faction rather then actual pirates, and then add in a few different tiers of pirates. Ranging from random spam raiders, whose ships are really just a floating bunch of ships welded together, to full god mode pirates, whose ships can take down capital dreadnoughts. With the tier you have to fight based on your loot/your defense. So if you have a lot of good stuff and low defense, everyone will attack you, but if you have very little and a lot of defense, no one will bother attacking you.

    If you really want saberiods in space, just have them spawn in with exploration ships every so often.
  14. SaturaxCZ Senior Engineer

    I like see more types of sabroids, but on the ground first. Im not against Space sabroids or organic enemy in space... i just think: sabroids on ground need more of our love first ;).

    I would prefer somethink like Sabroid Evolution, have type 1-3 in one sabroid category + new types ( specialy for bugs its not strange place on them more armour, longer claws, extra wings, atc.. )

    + Winged sabroid + meybe range atack ;)
    + Armored sabroid charging our walls/vehicles ( atacking like rhino )
    + Clasic sabroid soldier/worker ( folow workers may lead you to queen )
    +- ( Queen sabroid if they give hives in game )

    And some side story, like: They consume energy so they search for it in ore or elswere ( uranium, reactors, batteries ) it will explain why they atack players + give player reason atack hives, because hives will have large uranium deposit under it ;)

    +They will start evolve when player is near and they find ore ( new hive ), or start first fight with player.
  15. FlakMagnet Senior Engineer

    Coming soon to a theatre new you


    classic B movie title.

    For me ...I would just like to see a bit more cargo ship activity, with more variety. Maybe have ships spawn with fighter escort...so you don;t just get a single vessel.

    As far as creatures go....having a 'spawner block' would be good. And some variety to species. If we had a spawn block, it could be placed on derelicts and activate when a player is within a certain distance. Would also be handy for scenario builders, so you could control how and where they happen...with controls on the spawner for frequency and type. Lock them out and make them just return srap when ground, so they cannot be produced in survival. If the 'block' was shaped like an egg cluster, and there was a voxel material for 'sabiroid' then making nests would be easy. Anywhere.

    In my 'mind' sabiroids would spread through drifting hulks or egg clusters hidden in the tunnels of a floating rock, their tough eggs surviving crashes or meteor impacts and hatching to spread and eat. I would also like to see visible traces on planets where sabiroids live. Spires or nest vents...like termite mounds. Visual clues to areas where more of the creatures spawn.
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  16. ViroMan Senior Engineer

    THIS... I hate the fact that they can spawn.. in sight 5 feet off the ground. Give them a nest that I can track them back to... BLOW THE SH*T out of it... and be pest free for a short while.
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  17. Me 10 Jin Apprentice Engineer

    I would love to see the warning label on that trampoline....
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  18. xphoenixxx Junior Engineer

    Wings are for landing on the planets? Or dispense with the wings and add some sort of biological engine volatile or ion style like the web spigots on spiders - real spiders use thread like parachutes to propogate over a larger area.. same trick may work landing on a planet.. would make more sense if the nests are on planets, ideally near sources of heat like uranium deposits.. the ones encountered in space are adult and hunting.. the ones on earth are simply hungry.. and babies..

    If that isn't the opening of a good horror story i dont know what is.. flying giant spiders in space with spiderweb rocket engines chasing you.. hell while we are at it, add corrosive webs that can snare small ships too.. and have an adult one spawn on planet if you kill too many of the babies..

    You could use cryo style graphics if a player gets captured by one.. except you cant get out.. and your health slowly drops.. and maybe they carry you back to the planet to their nest.. once you land you have 20% health and are surrounded by hungry babies..

    Adult sabiroids drop oxygen, hydrogen, ice, magnesium and/or uranium? Means they spawn in space only near planets. They also probably need a missile turret to take them down... win win

    How do they launch off planets? They drop explosive thread which rocket jumps them into space.. that would explain why the baby ones seem to jump on some worlds..

    I can see my nightmares already..
    Last edited: Aug 12, 2016
  19. Levits Senior Engineer

    Another potential for the space variety would be "Harpoon" tethers. <Think spider silk threads.

    Leaping from a nearby asteroid in an ambush style manner, a few of these things latch onto your ship and start dragging it back to the asteroid where the others are waiting. It would be the ultimate surprise attack and friggin scary too if you have no means to escape. You'd either have to shoot the sabiriod that has latched onto your ship or the tethers starting point/nest. It would drag you down closer to the hive and once there, you get swarmed. It could also be an interesting concept for pirates.

    Now, for a bit of fun brainstorming.

    Sabiriods on the ground would have 3 forms.

    1: Default Worker: What we have now. Obviously easy to kill and not all that dangerous.
    2: Warrior/soldier: A combat-specific variety that possesses an acidic ranged attack as well as heavier physical damage. This one would be the size of a small ship. (about 3 or 4m's in length).
    3: Drone: The flier of the terrestrial Sabiriods. Would have flight capacity and both physical and ranged attacks. Though slightly more inferior to that of the Warrior/soldier. It's greatest feat would be agility.

    Space variants would include versions of the first two, but instead of the winged drone, it would be a drone with either... a long abdomen that expels "propellant", or has specialized "wings" that provide a form of "ionization" or kinetic reaction force <by throwing some form of mass out. Either way, it would not be as fast as a supped up agile fighter, but it would allow it to attack large ships with ease.

    Another option in space could also have the "harpoon" tether ability added for the workers. Constructing nests out of this resistance material.

    Warrior gains a special feature that makes it highly resistant to weapons fire and turns them into their own projectiles. They would jump from an asteroid towards a target, tucked up into themselves, and then latch onto ships when they hit.

    I suppose we could also see a dedicated projectile-based Sabiriod for both space and on planets.

    Extremely rare to find, but the "Queen" Sabiriod would possess the ability to fire off hard-as-diamond eggs. These eggs, could be setup to just tear into a ship with devastating force and if not removed after a while, would spawn a small (and weaker) version of any of the other three variants. If you don't clean up the eggs in time after a fight with a Queen, you will have a infestation to deal with. <Imagine a weak rail-gun, in terms of projectile speed and damage.
  20. Mobiyus Apprentice Engineer

    After some thoughts, I would not be against. Yes, it makes very little sense, but then again we have spiders, cyber-doge and jump drives. It's not like we've never seen creatures in a vaccum in Sci-Fi before (ZERG RUSH). If that's the direction Keen want to take I say it's fine. Make it a Cyber-Sabiroid or something. Give the creature mechanical parts with ''thrusters'' of some sort to make it at least a little believable, not wings...

    ofc make it toggle-able, as always.
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