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Safe Zones need a rework for multiplayer servers

Discussion in 'Groups & Dedicated Servers' started by ThunderGod97, Apr 2, 2020.

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  1. ThunderGod97 Trainee Engineer

    I try to run servers for this game.
    I've paid for my own server, set it up as a whitelisted server and set rules which barred pvp actions outside of pre-organized battles.
    I've run a server for a Twitch streamer who likes pvp but not all the time. Again, rules based pve (pvp with rules) with a whitelist for who can connect to the server.
    Now trying to run a mixed PVE/PVP server to meet the needs of two groups who want a server host I admin for to run a server for SE.

    The problem is...safe zones do not present a proper pve safe zone.
    Allow Damage - Allow this and all damage from npc's and players can happen. Disable this and NPC's can't damage your base.
    Allow Shooting - Allow this and all shooting from npc's and players can happen. Disable this and no player can fire a gun and npc's can't either.
    Allow Drilling - combined with damage and people can damage your stuff.
    Allow Welding
    Allow Grinding - Allow this and all grinding can happen...from you, other player, and npc's. Disable to make building impossible.
    Allow Building - Allow placing blocks. Disable to not allow it.
    Allow Voxel Hands
    Allow Landing Gear Lock
    Allow Conversion to station

    Where's the
    Allow PVE when actions are disabled

    PVE means player actions and NPC actions without the influence from other players.

    I've asked for this....and been ignored (oh except for one developer comment on my steam review which I did not recommend the game BECAUSE OF THIS)

    I just want to be able to properly support a mixed PVE/PVP server. I should be able to setup safe zones that allow all PVE, but disallow everything PVP. NPC's should be able to attack and damage player's bases in these safe zones. Players should not. There should be controls to keep people out of your stuff if pvp is disabled. Turrets should not target players if they are in a pvp disabled zone (to prevent draining ammo). Shooting into a pvp disabled zone should follow the rules of that zone. Ramming in a pvp disabled zone should result in no damage.

    The game does not currently support this as far as I can tell. I should be able to setup a PVE or mixed PVE/PVP server and set controls to control the player actions...not simply rely on rules and a whitelist to keep people in line. I want to be able to run a proper public mixed pve/pvp server.

    There are some great pve mods out there to make the pve gameplay fun.....but they are attached to a game that doesn't properly support pve. This is a great building game...but it is stuck with developers that don't seem to care about what pve or even mixed pve/pvp players want.

    Or maybe I'm wrong and there are actually controls in the game to support a proper mixed pve/pvp server that prevents griefing in the PVE zones (all actions in a pve zone by a player other than the owner or someone in the faction are griefing). Please tell me how I'm wrong in a constructive way. Suggest ways I can setup a server how I describe. I'd really like to start a good discussion on this and actually get the game changed if necessary, or find out how I've been doing it all wrong (suggest mods too, if they are out there to fix this). PVP and PVE can coexist if given the proper game controls. The existence of PVE and mixed PVE/PVP servers is not a threat to your PVP life. You can have your kind of fun while I have my kind of fun.
    Last edited: Apr 2, 2020
  2. mojomann71 Senior Engineer

    here goes another 10 page thread, @Spaceman Spiff get the popcorn ready :)
  3. ThunderGod97 Trainee Engineer

    Thanks for your great contribution to the thread and the topic...really helped a lot there.
    Obviously those other threads did a lot to solve the issues.
  4. mojomann71 Senior Engineer

    If you want to be snarky, obviously you didn't search the forums and see there are already topics on this, so.....
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.