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Save States for the Settings in the Control panel, possible?

Discussion in 'Programming Questions and Suggestions' started by Morilibus, Mar 21, 2015.

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  1. Morilibus Apprentice Engineer

    I was thinking of posting this in the suggestion forum for a built in way of easily doing it, maybe via the info screen of the ship. But figured I'd check in here to see if this is already possible via scripting.

    Essentially the idea is to be able to save all the ships settings of the control panel, like timer blocks, sensor fields, etc. Essentially all the ships settings of every block on the ship that you see in the control panel, and load them onto another ship(or the same ship).

    Some uses that I can think of;

    • To test new settings in a survival world. Making a save state before changing things, so that you can easily revert to the previous settings if you don't like the changes you made.
    • To update already built ships. Say you having a blueprint of a ship you designed in creative, and you used that BP to build it in a survival world. Or perhaps its a ship that you want multiple copies of, like mining/fighter drone/ship. Either to have multiple going at once, or a backup on hand in case one breaks. After its built you make some changed to the settings of some of the blocks. If you made these changes in a Creative world to test the settings you have no way, that I know of, of updating the control panel of the existing ship in the survival world. Or in the case of multiple ships, this would give you a way to easily update the others.
    • Switching between different settings for use with different functions or modes.
    • Other?
    I'm guessing there would need to be way to store information somewhere or in the program itself and be "Installed" onto the new ship and update the names and settings of the blocks that exist on the new ship when run. Is that presently possible? My programming is weak, very very weak, non existent you could say.

    Perhaps possible already using a combination of a blueprint and a script?

    Could you have all the block settings of a ship stored in a block? So the process might be something like:
    1. Use a script to fetch and store all the settings of the ship onto a block. Maybe an LCD?
    2. Create a new blueprint of the ship.
    3. Load that BP onto a projector to add that block somewhere onto the ship. If the block existed, grind it away first so it is updated with the one from the BP.
    4. Then run a script to do the opposite and update the settings?
    If that works, you would essentially just have to grind away that block anytime you wanted to update things. Then add the updated one back via the projector and run the program. You could have different save states stored in different blocks and pick which one to load too I'm guessing. Someones probably already done this haven't they? :)

    A way to Save all the settings of all the blocks of a ship and be able to load different states.
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Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.