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Scavenger World Server.

Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by Ronin1973, Mar 21, 2016.

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  1. Ronin1973 Master Engineer

    7:30PM PST The server is back up. I was having issues with the mod not loading correctly and the planet disappearing... thank Clang for back-ups.

    Everything seems to be running fine. I updated the respawn vehicle. It now comes with a supply of silver to create medical rooms with. Thous you'll need an assembler to make the parts. Dantus ain't easy.
  2. Deathmancer Trainee Engineer

  3. Ronin1973 Master Engineer

  4. Ronin1973 Master Engineer

    So there have been some changes to prefab ships and it may be affecting the spawning of cargo ships. I was looking through the SBC files and now that ships can be spawned to specific locations, I might have to go back and tweak some stuff.
  5. ChaosUnlimited Trainee Engineer

    is the server down?
  6. Silenthunter Trainee Engineer

    There was a game patch today. Doesn't look like the server has been updated yet.
  7. ChaosUnlimited Trainee Engineer

    ah hope it gets updated soon
  8. Ronin1973 Master Engineer

    Server Update
    • I changed a few stats on the server mod: ships will now spawn in a little more frequently. I think some ships are spawning in the center of the planet and that alters the frequency of them actually appearing. I also shorted the time from first spawning to your first ship appearing.
    • You now have enough silver ingots to produce a medical room in the original Rhino and I stuffed it with steel plates.
    • New Ships
      • Thanks to Deathmancer and Weasel for offering up a couple of ships. They will now be in the game as well.
      • Paradropped medical components. I'm trying this out to see if supply containers can be dropped in. If so, I might make a few more of these and randomize their contents.
      • Para-Sentry. Turret on a parachute. Space Pirates can be a-holes. Be careful when approaching all beacons. "It's a trap!!!"
      • I revised a couple of ships that used rotors and pistons. They offended Clang and he wouldn't let them fall to the planet.
      • ALT Rhino Respawn ship. I removed the wheels and stuck them in a cargo container under the Rhino. I also created some struts tall enough so you have enough clearance to weld up the wheels on a flat surface.
    • I'll try to have these programmed in, tested, and up this afternoon.

  9. Ronin1973 Master Engineer

    Was playing around with so scripting today. I started prototyping. Clang will be pleased.
  10. SayHi2Jesus4Me Trainee Engineer

    I'm not sure how I feel about this. Reminds me of cyberdogs a little bit?

    Though I haven't yet encountered a crash that had guns that were actively trying to kill me. Are some of the ships that crash still hostile?

    Also, I was thinking the Manipulation Tool mod would work really well here. I don't know if you can set the max weight of what you can pick up but it would really be handy.
  11. Ronin1973 Master Engineer


    Unlike cyberdogs, there's a little more control over the ships than the dogs.

    There are ships with turrets and all of those turrets are active unless destroyed or depowered. You want to approach crash sites with caution.
  12. Ronin1973 Master Engineer


    I've been tinkering around with parachutes on the cargo ships. The amount of explodium they hit the surface with is much less. I just have to find the right balance of chutes to ship. Right now I mostly have too many, which means the ships are a little too intact when they hit. Though watching a sky full of ships paradropping in was a little surreal (and laggy).

    I'm also going to go through each model and make sure all of the unnecessary bits are off: timers, sensors, welders, programmable blocks, gyros, etc. I'll also remove all the code from the programmable blocks as they are unnecessary memory hogs. I'll give the server another clean up tonight, then another tomorrow once I have the new models in place.

    I'll also give you guys a few days notice before introducing anything that will actively hunt you.
  13. Flarefire Trainee Engineer

    I've been playing here for about a week, and this server is an absolute blast. The spawn car has enough materials to move around and survive while offline, but that's about it - until you spot and scavenge your first wreck, you can forget about building anything fancy. Such as a flying vehicle. Or a medical bay, for that matter. Until you manage to pull a reactor out of a wreck and hook it up to your base, you'll be struggling on power as well. As a result, everything you manage to accomplish feels like an achievement. If you're a survival mode veteran looking for a refreshing challenge, you should definitely check it out :)

    Since the server is (imho) a bit light on small large grid wrecks, I've modified a pair of survival builds for use as wrecks. Hope you like them ;)

    Abandoned Lighter-Upper: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=657061250
    Abandoned Flutterby: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=657066439
  14. Thnikkalemur Apprentice Engineer

    After a sizable hiatus I am ramping up a new PC and this is what I want to start with. Pretty stoked.
  15. SayHi2Jesus4Me Trainee Engineer

    I think you might need to remove the atmo thrusters from the flutterby. Put ions on it so we can't build lots of atmo thrusters for free.
  16. Flarefire Trainee Engineer

    I guess it's quite a lot of nickel. The huge hitbox does give them a good chance to break when the ship crashes though.

    If the thing needs to be less of a jackpot, I'm thinking it's better to grind most motors off thrusters before adding it to the cargo ship list. That way the ship still makes sense, it's designed as an atmospheric ship after all. The large reactor is a bit of an excess as well; could grind off most of the reactor components. The ship doesn't even need it to power everything. When I built the ship, I just put it there for looks because another exploration find had the parts for it :p
  17. Satuno Trainee Engineer

    server down?
  18. Silenthunter Trainee Engineer

    It's in maintenance. Shouldn't be down too long
  19. vvictor Trainee Engineer

    Suggest to have Auto restart during the day
    and motd to explain more about the server, some new comer doesn't know about the production block rules.
  20. B0mm3l6 Trainee Engineer

    ANd as far i know. there are no admin helper commands installed on the Server. would make it easier to maintain the Server.
  21. Ronin1973 Master Engineer


    I guess going back and reading the OP is too difficult for some people.
  22. Ronin1973 Master Engineer

    Okay... for some reason between 9:30PM PST last night and... NOW... the server will not autosave... and yes, I double checked the cfg settings, even with Notepad.

    I'm working on it... but it's just freaking weird.


    I'm looking over the log file and getting some weird stuff on saves:

    2016-04-03 11:52:02.775 - Thread:  6 ->    Before snapshot.: GC Memory: 1,056,965,008 B
    2016-04-03 11:52:02.805 - Thread:  6 ->    Exception occured: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
      at Sandbox.Game.Entities.Character.MyCharacter.GetObjectBuilder(Boolean copy)
      at Sandbox.Game.Entities.MyCockpit.GetObjectBuilderCubeBlock(Boolean copy)
      at Sandbox.Game.Entities.Blocks.MyCryoChamber.GetObjectBuilderCubeBlock(Boolean copy)
      at Sandbox.Game.Entities.Cube.MySlimBlock.GetObjectBuilderInternal(Boolean copy)
      at Sandbox.Game.Entities.MyCubeGrid.GetObjectBuilderInternal(MyObjectBuilder_CubeGrid ob, Boolean copy)
      at Sandbox.Game.Entities.MyCubeGrid.GetObjectBuilder(Boolean copy)
      at Sandbox.Game.Entities.MyEntities.Save()
      at Sandbox.Game.World.MySession.GetSector(Boolean includeEntities)
      at Sandbox.Game.World.MySession.Save(MySessionSnapshot& snapshot, String customSaveName)
    I am going to delete everyone's character from the game save and I think that should solve the problem.
    Last edited: Apr 3, 2016
  23. Ronin1973 Master Engineer


    Deleting the characters solved the problem. You will have to respawn in your medbays... and if you don't have one... well... sorry... game error, not mine.

    Edit: Dalek just told me in game that he had a problem with cryopod.

    Damn it Dale!!!

    We're all good. But curb stomp Dalek if you see him in game.
    Last edited: Apr 3, 2016
  24. Daleks2377 Trainee Engineer

    Its a bit fuzzy, I think I relogged and managed to get out, Might've been some one else
  25. StuffYouFear Apprentice Engineer

    This server is truely hard mode. With the parachutes now keeping wreaks together Im now surrounded by no less than 6 wreaks within 15 k of my base. May need adjusting down :D

    Ironicly spawning in space in a suit and doing a orbital drop over my base seems far safer than driving anything 100k on the ground.

    Ive restarted trying to make a base 4 times now and finaly got it down, so heres some tips to keep you from pulling your hair out.

    If you break your rhino down without destroying the battery you will be left with enough to make a decent starting base. Take the wheels off frist to keep it from rolling and crushing you.
    Base = battery, two solars, cryopod, assembler, and a small cargo container. Youll need the assembler to make small tubes, and stealing the glass from the cockpit to make computer's.
    After that if you didnt destroy your battery place the cockpit infront of it and youll have enough mats for a gyro and two small atmo thrusters. Pro flying will get you to your frist wreak, but it takes a minimal of 3 thrusters to lift a medium cargo container, so what ever you find make more down thrusters.
    I still dont have a med bay yet so this isnt a perfect guide or anything, but looks like you need to scrap one or more wreaks before you get one.
    Also ammo = nickel
    And wreaks seem to spawn around you, so activly flying around without staying in a area is anti-productive.
  26. SayHi2Jesus4Me Trainee Engineer

    Ugh! Guess I'll have to spawn in tonight and wait another day to hopefully get a wreck to drop nearby.

    Also, I noticed last night the astronaut run speed was crazy fast. Was that you?
  27. Ronin1973 Master Engineer


    Yeah, I have to tone down the run speed a little. I'm trying to compensate for the total nerfing of movement when the sim speed hits .4 or less. I think the jetpack is "fixed" for low sim speed. I'll cut the run speed in half. Not being able to just walk was getting on my nerves.
  28. Ronin1973 Master Engineer


    There is enough silver ingots in the rhino to produce enough medical components to build a med room. The trick is that you have to find a wreck for the other parts.

    The Rhino contains enough parts in the cargo bay to build
    1 Large Armor Block
    1 Cryo Chamber
    1 Large Air Vent
    1 Large Battery
    2 Large Solar Panels
    15 Medical Supplies (components)

    The first priority after setting up camp is to build an assembler.

    Depending on what you do with the Rhino, you have a few more parts. You don't need the text panels, the programmable blocks, the timers, the turret, the small merge block (mod), the two parachute containers, the remote block, all of the internal small cargo bays and conveyors feeding the turret. So there is a healthy amount of parts in the Rhino not needed for functionality that can go immediately into setting up your base.

    Moving around doesn't make the ships spawn any faster. Perhaps you might find a wreck that someone missed. But that is doubtful. All the beacons are set on max, so that means there's nothing to find for 50km in any direction... unless you get extremely lucky and find a wreck with a smashed or missing beacon.

    Using the Rhino:
    If you're not hauling a lot of things, set the suspension much lower. It will help your center of mass and reducing tipping over. I have included controls for that in the toolbar. By defalt, the max speed is set very low. I wouldn't advise traveling over 160kmph. I'm not sure if wheels get nerfed by sim speed (as thrusters do). But the big mistake that people make when driving is going way too fast. You'll hit your max speed when traveling over flat land or up an incline. When you're going downhill, you will go even faster. This is where most people die. If you start going to fast, tap the space bar and pump the brakes, don't hold it down.

    When turning at high speed, just tap the A or D key a little to nudge yourself just a bit. Don't hold it down, you'll flip. Even better: slow down if you want to turn. You can also use the mouse and slightly adjust your course using the power of the gyroscope.

    You can also use the gyroscope to reposition the Rhino if you get airborne. Landing sideways is not advisable. Use the gyro to level out mid air and rotate in the direction of travel.

    Friction: I set the friction lower, this means the Rhino will drift a little bit. You can tweak the settings here as well. The higher the friction, the more grip the wheels will get. However, too much grip when skidding means you'll flip.

    Repairs: keep parts on-board to build one piston. If you lose a wheel, mount the piston so it jacks the axel up. This should give you enough clearance to put on a new wheel. You'll also have to keep parts for that as well.

    I bottomed out with a load of parts after sailing over a hill too fast. I lost both front wheels. I replaced both of them using this method.

    The bottom-line when driving: getting their faster is great. Flipping/bottoming out and destroying your ride means not getting there at all.

    As soon as you can, get away from driving and start flying. Even a small ship with one medium cargo bay is better than a Rhino with 3. Crashing in the Rhino is merely a question of WHEN.
  29. SayHi2Jesus4Me Trainee Engineer

    I used my Rhino as a power supply for my base to fill its batteries to make sure my cryo chamber remained powered when not playing. To do that I put a connector on the back and hooked it to the base.

    If you do this, build a landing gear on the base that locks to the rhino. If you don't do this, the rhino will continue to shake up and down even if the connector is locked, and it will eventually cause a really large explosion. This happened to me, destroyed over half my base (including the cryo chamber), flung my solar panels over 500m, and left a 25m crater in the ground. Luckily for me, Ronin took pity on me and gave me a new rhino.
  30. Ronin1973 Master Engineer

    To continue with the advice. To deal with locking to a connector when docking an atmospheric ship (flying vehicle).

    Set your connector locking power really low.
    Park your ship in front of the station connector... preferably on the station grid (build some blocks to land on).
    Once you've parked in range, turn off your thrusters.
    Turn on your connector and wait for it to turn yellow.
    Lock the connector.
    Lock your landing gear to the station.

    Your ship should be good at that point and not blow up on desync.

    To take off, reverse the process.
    Unlock the connector and turn it off.
    Unlock your landing gear.
    Power up your atmos thrusters.
    Carefully move away from the connector.
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.