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Scenario Released: Building the Dauntless

Discussion in 'Released and WIP Mods' started by Geneticus, Jul 21, 2014.

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  1. Geneticus Senior Engineer

    Current Version is 0.3

    [​IMG] You were jettisoned in an escape pod along with some of the crew from your ship when it was being taken over by pirates. You intended to send out a distress beacon once the pirates had gone, but due to cost cutting measures your ship left port without any long range communications installed in the escape pods.
    You are running on battery alone with enough resources to build a station block, a connector/merge block, and a solar panel to recharge your pod(s).

    The area that you are in is an abandoned sector that was going to be a launching point for ORMCO Mining LLC. but was destroyed years ago in a solar radiation storm and forgotten once the company ran out of financing options and went bankrupt.

    [​IMG] ORMCO Engineers were building a first-of-its-kind mobile mining and manufacturing platform, "The Dauntless", using materials brought in via cargo ship when the solar storm hit and killed all of the workers. (This was a decade before anti-rad spacesuits became standard issue).

    What you will find in this scenario:
    The Central Goal will be to locate The Dauntless and either salvage her for resources, or complete her and start your own mining company. The Dauntless was to be a variant Hauler class vessel that was custom fitted for long range missions. Her frame was constructed on site but never reached more than .05% completion.
    There was a cargo shuttle with components parked at a transfer point nearby. It may have drifted off course or have been stowed inside an asteroid for protection. The historical records of this sector in your escape pod's computers are fuzzy on this point. Wherever it is, you will need to explore and find that cargo if you want to survive.
    A Small Medical Storage Depot is rumored to be in the sector, however, all references to its location have been redacted by the military. If you can locate it, there might be some useful items stockpiled there.

    This scenario should be viable for Single or Multiplayer Co-Op games.
    The scenario difficulty is Moderate to Hard (see below).
    It is recommended to commit suicide as soon as you spawn (If you spawn w/o a ship) to get starter resources.
    The base scenario will have 3 asteroids. The more you add at launch, the better the scenario will play as you will need plenty of Ore.
    This scenario will be shorter and also more entertaining if you play with friends.
    Snagging a cargo ship or two will cut the build time down considerably once you have established power and manufacturing capabilities.

    The scenario can be downloaded from here.

    INSTALLATION for Win 7/8
    1. Click Start, enter %APPDATA% in the search box and hit Enter.
    2. Open SpaceEngineers\Mods
    3. You should be in "\AppData\Roaming\SpaceEngineers\Mods
    4. Unzip the file into your mods folder (mods\Building-The-Dauntless-0.3)
    5. Start a New World.
    6. Select The new scenario from the list.
    7. Adjust your preferences and add asteroids if your computer can handle it. Recommended settings are default with 10X Inventory and 5X Welding.

    Spoilers Below :(
    Select and highlight the blank space to read, Cheaters. :nono:

    If you are having issues getting going, there is a small asteroid (moon sized) if you launch from the Welding arm at the sun about 2000m out. The cargo shuttle is here and it is trapped by a bad thruster design like a Ford Pinto.... It is also too large to pilot out of the asteroid. You will need to either drill out space for it or carry out the resources by hand. After you re-design the engine placement. It contains many of the parts needed for a refinery/assembler. You can also make 3 small ship drills out of the parts in the containers, but be careful. If you lose a drill before you can salvage it, you might have to look elsewhere for refinery parts.

    The med storage is in the opposite direction in a small asteroid hidden in the shadow of a large one. Don't overlook the Med supplies, they are a good source of material if you break them down. The Missiles break down to Uranium and the cargo containers have parts for assemblers, gravity gens, etc...

    General tips: If you build up the small reactor on the top left of the ship, it will carry power to the station but it will also power the refineries and assemblers on the ship as well.

    Everyone that joins in multiplayer should build 2 solar panels on top of the station with the resources in the escape pods, you can alternate between charging and discharging the batteries in back until you get a reactor up and running.

    You should also finish the antenna on your pod and get a beacon built on the station (or on the ship in the spotlights) because getting lost sucks.

    If you run out of battery while piloting in the escape pod, you can push it with your character to get it back in the light and get the dampeners running again. Best bet is to park it in the sun and leave the battery on charge whenever you EVA from the pod.
  2. Mortisfire Apprentice Engineer

    Looks cool, definitely going to try this with a few groupmates!

  3. emtffkev Trainee Engineer

    I would love to try this, however it doesn't appear to be loading.

    I've followed the installation instructions, and have some mods installed already working. This however does show up in the scenarios list.

    Any suggestions?
  4. voicesdark Senior Engineer

    Mods are currently non-operational thanks to a bug that was introduced in the last official update. We were hoping for a hotfix for them today, but apparently the issue is taking longer to address than was hoped.
  5. Chris Keena Apprentice Engineer

    I would love to see what scenario you make next taking advantage of the new updates. The welding gantry might be useable now with control groups on the hotbar.
  6. Chris Keena Apprentice Engineer

    Just looking at your Scenarios.sbc, can the <Configuration> and <Environment> sections be moved inside the <Scenarios> section so as to only apply to this scenario if I copy into the vanilla .sbc? I'm trying to sidestep the currently broken mod pathing.
  7. Chris Keena Apprentice Engineer

    To get this to work under the current mod structure you need to edit Scenarios.sbc

    <StartingState xsi:type="Transform" JetpackEnabled="true" DampenersEnabled="true">

    They changed how an Astronauts initial location was handled.
  8. Geneticus Senior Engineer

    When they patch the pathing problem for mods I'll look into it. Until then fixing that issue causes a bunch of other conflicts with pathing for things that are mapped in the default game location and will cause SE to error and not load until the mod is deleted or ALL game assets are copied to the mod location. In its current broken state it is not interfering with the game launch. I saw that a hotfix is in steam today but don't have time investigate what was fixed.
  9. Geneticus Senior Engineer

    This has been regenerated, modified and released on the workshop as a world.

  10. germx Trainee Engineer

    This seems like an awesome scenario! Next time I put a server up, I want it to be something with a challenge and a goal, not just a creative sandbox. The harder the better actually, as the people I play with complain about the lack of challenge an goal. These kind of scenarios are perfect to spice things up!
    Keep up the good work!
  11. Geneticus Senior Engineer

    I think this needs some updates.

    I'm considering:

    Removing the ship and adding in a projector block instead with a few BPs of suitable ShadowFlux based ships linked from here to keep it old timey.

    Changing it to a procedural world (maybe via script AFTER a completed large ship is detected near the station owned by player(or host).

    Swapping out some of the mods: darker skybox, cargo ships, FTL Drive, GPS, inventory sorters, etc.

    Adding some additional stuff to find in exploration mode, including hostile bases.

    I'm also starting to pull my thoughts together on making a megamod with new and more realistic asteroid ores, component changes to utilize them, and a Tech Progression script similar to Red Alert/Civilization that requires you to unlock a technology before you can build certain blocks. Although that last bit might be the hardest with the way the API is at the moment.

    If I can get it to work, I'm thinking:
    • Tier 1 - most of SF's Used equipment altered to be way less efficient, some vanilla blocks
    • Tier 2 - most of the Refurbished Equipment and the stuff I didn't include in Tier 1.
    • Tier 3 - The stuff I didn't include in Tier 2, Vanilla blocks, some higher tech mods, FTL, Maybe Azimuth, Large Assembler etc.
    • Tier 4 - allows Exploration mode with a very distant Pirate Base (the one that stranded you) with its coordinates displayed on a custom block/screen mod early on.

    Obviously all of this depends on individual mod authors agreeing to allow their mods bundled into a single mod pack for this world due to the progression changes to the XML definitions I would need to do.

    I'll post a separate thread in the mods forum with the Progression Tech details/ progress.

    Any requests, suggestions, hate mail etc. in regard to this scenario specifically?
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.