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[SE 01.060.022 64-bit] [anywhere in the world] [welding or grinding crash will freeze the game]

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by bigbangnet, Dec 13, 2014.

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  1. bigbangnet Apprentice Engineer

    I know its been posted but more intel is better than nothing. So feel free to grab and analyse. There are log files, txt files and a video for all your crashing sexual pleasure. Also to note, there isn't any event in the event viewer that tells me the game crashed ?!? Very odd. Lastly I don't know if its related or a coincidence, almost all the crashing happened while an NPC ship was in my view as you can see in the video except for the 2nd part.

    the crash happens on a dedicated server and for some reason I can't find the log file. Perhaps it wasnt created or it in a different volume or place that I don't have access, I'll ask my admin by punching and screaming at him

    No mods on this server, its vanilla fresh out of the oven

    Pastebin that includes the space engineer log and the dxdiag log :http://pastebin.com/MQUL8k7N

    Youtube video of the problem showing what is going on : http://youtu.be/1GLYtWXaxoA
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  2. bsavat Trainee Engineer

    It happens on a host game as well. Not just dedicated servers.
  3. Soulthule Apprentice Engineer

    No matter what user logs into my server now it cause the server to shut down without warning or error message including but not limited to event viewer. I went back as far as starting a vanilla map with only 1 mod. Doesn't matter, runs until a user gets in but I can't isolate if any of their actions causes the shut down.....
  4. Deathmancer Trainee Engineer

    There were no A.I. ships when this happened to me.

    I want to play but i know the game will freeze when i need to grind something. it's that consistent now.
  5. bigbangnet Apprentice Engineer

    ohh, forgot to tell, theres no mods on our dedicated server...its vanilla for now
  6. demolish50 Senior Engineer

    A little frustrating.
  7. xphoenixxx Junior Engineer

    Also to add to the pot - Seems to only crash the client side - DS's keep on running.
    I only get the crash when using a hand grinder.
    It appears the grinding sound loop gets stuck in a loop in the game, and fails to return control to the rest of the game.

    This suspicion is more likely given when welding i get something similar happen, but because i am out of resources or not in contact with a block it seems to recover after some stutter.

    I also found that if i kill or close the "task" not the "process" the game vanishes from task bar, but the grind sound keeps playing. Checking the "process" list there is a hidden spaceengineers process still going, which on killing stops the sound.

    This says to me unrecoverable media play loop in the game code.

    To add even more meat to the pot - there is a UI loop glitch my 6 year old daughter found.. which could be related -
    If while using a welder or grinder, (hand tool or ship) you press "I" or "K" then while in your inventory release the mouse button, and exit out, the welder or grinder is now "auto welding" or "auto grinding" permitting you to grind or weld in a "hands free" manner so to speak. If you tap the mouse button it will stop again.

    So my suspicion of some sort of unlimited loop seems all the more likely again in my mind.
  8. RelicSage Trainee Engineer

    I noticed this error while working my mod and testing it...thought nothing of until now.

    DEFINITION_ERROR: , in file: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\SpaceEngineers\Content\Data\Audio.sbc
    3D sound 'ArcWepSmallMissileExplShip', 'ARC\EXPL\ArcWepSmallMissileExplShip3d05.xwm' must be in mono, got 2 channels
    DEFINITION_ERROR: , in file: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\SpaceEngineers\Content\Data\Audio.sbc
    3D sound 'ArcWepSmallMissileExplShip', 'ARC\EXPL\ArcWepSmallMissileExplShip3d05.xwm' must be in mono, got 2 channels
  9. Frog Trainee Engineer

    I have the same issues, in SP. It also happens when using the hand drill for me. Actually, most of the crashes are when using the hand drill, about only 25% of the time when welding.

    However it does not freeze, it's a CTD, with the "Do you want to send logs" (which I do) pop up.

    It's pretty frequent, most of the times the autosave does not even have time time to kick in once.
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  10. kittle Senior Engineer

    I find if you grind enough blocks in a row, then it WILL freeze up on you.

    I had a problem with my large welding array, and I had to hack each of the 180 welders 1by1 to change ownership. After about 5-10 welders hacked, my client would freeze up. Happened 3 times in a row before I decided to work on something else.
  11. demolish50 Senior Engineer

  12. botelhorui Trainee Engineer

    What I found funny is that only some people freeze. Why would that be...
  13. abordoli Trainee Engineer

    Been happening to me since the latest update that introduced the "sound block".
    Have been using a fairly crude work-around by using the welder and cutter hand tools in short 2 second max bursts with a lot (an obscene amount) of saving before doing anything involving the hand-tools.
    I have had friends in my world (not a dedicated server) experience the crash themselves without me experiencing it along side them. When I DO experience it, it, of course, brings down the game for everyone.

    Makes for a very interesting gaming experiencing where you have to be cautious in doing even the most mundane tasks. Feels like I'm actually a NASA astronaut where death (crashes) are around every corner.
  14. Kelzarian Trainee Engineer

    Happened to me since two days ago when I wiped/reinstalled Windows 7 because my pc needed it. Installed Space Engineers, I get the CTD when welding/grinding. Deleted local content, reinstalled SE, same problem. Noticed in the F11 screen this error was in there twice:

    DEFINITION_ERROR: , in file: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\SpaceEngineers\Content\Data\Audio.sbc
    3D sound 'ArcWepSmallMissileExplShip', 'ARC\EXPL\ArcWepSmallMissileExplShip3d05.xwm' must be in mono, got 2 channels

    So its the new sound block then maybe? Hopefully this is fixed soon, because I'd like to play.

  15. Linyor Trainee Engineer

    Same problem here. And since the last update, now is just unplayable!!!!!!
    For when a new patch for rapair this bug???

    And when the inventory's save??
  16. Acruid Trainee Engineer

    For the Curious:

    It looks like when the billboard object for "SquareFullColor" (maybe ./Content/Textures/Particles/square_fullcolor.dds ?) needs its custom ViewProjection, it tries to use the key (int)CustomViewProjection (which equals 0 at the time, did they forget to set it?), which does not exist in the dictionary BillboardsViewProjectionRead for whatever reason.

    Because this is a graphical rendering bug, I would guess it effects all clients within draw distance of the player that triggers it.

        Vector3D vec1;
        Vector3D vec2;
        if (billboard.CustomViewProjection != -1)
    [COLOR= #000000]-->     MyBillboardViewProjection billboardViewProjection = MyRenderProxy.BillboardsViewProjectionRead[billboard.CustomViewProjection];[/COLOR]
            result1 -= billboardViewProjection.CameraPosition;
            vec1 = result2 - billboardViewProjection.CameraPosition;
            vec2 = result3 - billboardViewProjection.CameraPosition;
            result4 -= billboardViewProjection.CameraPosition;
    2014-12-14 15:25:30.614 - Thread:   7 ->  Exception occured: System.Collections.Generic.KeyNotFoundException: The given key was not present in the dictionary.
       at System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary`2.get_Item(TKey key)
       at VRageRender.MyTransparentGeometry.CopyBillboardToVertices(Int32 billboarIdx, MyBillboard billboard)
       at VRageRender.MyTransparentGeometry.CopyToVertexBuffer(List`1 billboards)
       at VRageRender.MyTransparentGeometry.Draw(Texture depthForParticlesRT)
       at VRageRender.MyRender.DrawRenderModules(MyRenderStage renderStage)
       at VRageRender.MyRender.DrawScene()
       at VRageRender.MyRender.Draw3D(Boolean applyBackupStack)
       at VRageRender.MyRender.DrawMessageQueue()
       at VRageRender.MyRender.Draw(Boolean draw)
       at VRage.MyRenderThread.Draw()
       at VRage.MyRenderThread.RenderCallback()
       at SharpDX.Windows.RenderLoop.ProxyNativeWindow.Run(RenderCallback renderCallback)
       at VRage.MyRenderThread.RenderThreadStart(Object param)
       at System.Threading.ExecutionContext.RunInternal(ExecutionContext executionContext, ContextCallback callback, Object state, Boolean preserveSyncCtx)
       at System.Threading.ExecutionContext.Run(ExecutionContext executionContext, ContextCallback callback, Object state, Boolean preserveSyncCtx)
       at System.Threading.ExecutionContext.Run(ExecutionContext executionContext, ContextCallback callback, Object state)
       at System.Threading.ThreadHelper.ThreadStart(Object obj)
  17. Soulthule Apprentice Engineer


    I have seen this in my log when I was running a number of mods after the patch and I was experiencing crashing. I removed mods and gone vanilla, seems to help a bit (perceived), until they fix this insane stability issue(s). Trying anything to keep the server running longer.
  18. stuckinbermuda Trainee Engineer

    An official announcement acknowledging the problem and a timeline for a fix would probably be appreciated by the community. The game is basically unplayable as it is with this bug, my friend and I have tried a work around in survival by letting each other know when they are frozen and then if they are killed before they shut down the process the other can loot the body to keep the components. we have each been frozen grinding and destroyed our refineries and lost countless inventories while building, this is very frustrating and I hope something is said soon about a emergency patch.
  19. Mjollnir Trainee Engineer

    Can confirm this one, also on the steam forum are lots and lots of players posting that are having the same issue, be it welding, grinding or mining.
  20. bigbangnet Apprentice Engineer

    Even with this really frustating situation I find it funny. My buddy was grinding a block before the projector so at that moment he froze, because he didn't do a full stop before using it, he would go slowly in a circle, continue to use his grinder and grind everything in his path...so he grinded the block, projector and a welder... lol
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  21. Arrnor Trainee Engineer


    I know bugs take time to find and fix. But given that a lot of us are completely unable to play, some sort of feedback would go a long way.
  22. demolish50 Senior Engineer

    still broke.
  23. LordNex Trainee Engineer

    Well I can confirm for my server that 1.060.023 still has the grind freezing bug. Had my hope up with that Monday morning quarterback. :confused::(
  24. PaladinX333 Apprentice Engineer

    My thought is that the now infamous "billboard" error and the hard freeze are not the same issue. The billboard issue always seems to be trapped properly. I have no idea what is up with the freeze, but it seems limited to dedicated servers. Without logs it might be difficult to find.

    Is anyone experiencing a freeze when playing single player offline?
  25. kalanosh Trainee Engineer

    Yes I have, it happened while in public and offline. While grinding it has to only be armor blocks, if I fill my inventory with anything else i need to drop some wait and go back to grinding and as soon as the armor block breaks it crashes.
  26. xphoenixxx Junior Engineer

    I am wondering if the weld and grind bugs are different issues.

    If i grind a modded block such as letters mod - i get a client lockup every 2 or 3 with the sound playing over and over

    If I weld a vanilla block - i get a crash and send to keen error every 20 or so blocks

    Interestingly the issue seems more frequent on mod blocks than vanilla but probably coincidence.
  27. Soulthule Apprentice Engineer

    Still getting the grind bug, however as long as I remain running the server with no mods the server runs. If I introduce say for example the LSF Cargo Mod, the first time a ship attempts to spawn the server crashes. This doesn't appear to be the same memory issue before the .023 mod. This is what I see:

    GC Memory: 225,329,816 B
    2014-12-15 23:08:14.161 - Thread: 1 -> MyGlobalEvents.StartGlobalEvent
    2014-12-15 23:08:14.161 - Thread: 1 -> globalEvent.Name = Cargo ship
    2014-12-15 23:08:14.226 - Thread: 1 -> Exception occured: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
    at AAC05F537A6F0F6775339593FBDFC564.B1B405D06E570C0174AA774BF49981A0.B2185D204084A7515313A4159B8D253F(List`1 B2ED8470953C2FFA583ACE377A2D2F24, String E96EAA02F4DE5184E4308E0C092314D9, Vector3D B5E4038B250C8BAC9C79E8EB98E50DED, Vector3 658160618DA12713267E3BCCAFB1FE80, Vector3 7A71263A1D83E77D53DDB7DE770A57DD, Vector3 D3DAEE3094D078F6B7DA204D22E08063, Vector3 FC2EA41D08609870B821DE2BE1C2AD85, String 2962735111A48CF29DFEF00858306618, 834D510F2BCB95EE2E8EB59865EA239C D4A4802668F2D5C687FB0289CA1E878F, Boolean 846F3B3903AB0B6A3BA4177532A714DF)
    at AAC05F537A6F0F6775339593FBDFC564.F9CE794E1568507B14CA98E86F57F341.142EF1B2C50BE92B3692DAACDCEAEDD3(Object ABD01156490C16F30140AFEE2EF86422)
    at AAC05F537A6F0F6775339593FBDFC564.811328A5C358A77B575F7ACCA74C134F.UpdateBeforeSimulation()
    at AAC05F537A6F0F6775339593FBDFC564.D580AE7552E79DAB03A3D64B1F7B67F9.F672BBF9E192151CE8FD7E91E62B997D()
    at AAC05F537A6F0F6775339593FBDFC564.D580AE7552E79DAB03A3D64B1F7B67F9.EC90B1C44E3C361983D093F355FF0CC8(MyTimeSpan 9916A9BA14FB0BB1A36908E2E8C15A74)
    at B337879D0C82A5F9C44D51D954769590.B3531963E948FB4FA1D057C4340C61B4.34C0DDE4BAD857AF45E21C5355DC5DDD()
    at 168638249D29224100DB50BB468E7C07.7BAD4AFD06B91BCD63EA57F7C0D4F408.2457E95BE2F0D1F1A4A009B2B1DBBDA4()
    at 168638249D29224100DB50BB468E7C07.398AD1E315E6E4D570C424BD0D168FC1.858DA51EB20785A82D9A03614304088A.0187A29A24275EC024A192E7E235CC2E.9C41E76459B99591F991CBA0833BD17E()
    at 168638249D29224100DB50BB468E7C07.6E0E814918D8AD6B2DC9CA5005102256.AC73F8F9C00B300C0C1B6FF435911DF6(9AA159E6C22F64A542015EED199D04B9 148A5BA193EB90E55F5E805EF96CAD48)
    at 168638249D29224100DB50BB468E7C07.398AD1E315E6E4D570C424BD0D168FC1.AC73F8F9C00B300C0C1B6FF435911DF6(9AA159E6C22F64A542015EED199D04B9 148A5BA193EB90E55F5E805EF96CAD48)
    at B337879D0C82A5F9C44D51D954769590.B3531963E948FB4FA1D057C4340C61B4.246E732EE67F7F6F88C4FF63B3901107(Boolean FF8E4184144DE7049FF5EC07D594DAB6, Action 8CF1B812E214DD1C51DD894D4C05D44A)
    at 83BCBFA49B3A2A6EC1BC99583DA2D399.49BCFF86BA276A9C7C0D269C2924DE2D.523C8831DA5DAB3A19F6D33A2C6437B5()
    at 83BCBFA49B3A2A6EC1BC99583DA2D399.49BCFF86BA276A9C7C0D269C2924DE2D.26A7ABEA729FAE1F24679E21470F8E98(String 8BF03A34188889479CB413E58490FC37, String 48C45E39212AAA2B19C972DA9195F48A, Boolean 7AC487C1B445CD9F481CF5FE695A7CEA, Boolean 4292A7A4DACAF323E558B7E11DD3CF00)
    at 83BCBFA49B3A2A6EC1BC99583DA2D399.49BCFF86BA276A9C7C0D269C2924DE2D.0D8AAA624C2EEA412F85ABB3AEFAF743(String[] 954514EA42AFFE4302240CE14E5D6683)
    2014-12-15 23:08:14.227 - Thread: 1 -> Hiding window
    2014-12-15 23:08:14.439 - Thread: 1 -> Network readers disposed
    2014-12-15 23:08:14.439 - Thread: 1 -> Logging off Steam...
    2014-12-15 23:08:14.439 - Thread: 1 -> Shutting down server...
    2014-12-15 23:08:14.517 - Thread: 1 -> Done
    2014-12-15 23:08:14.517 - Thread: 1 -> Hiding window done
    2014-12-15 23:08:14.517 - Thread: 1 -> Showing message
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  28. Phand Master Engineer


    this is not the grinding bug. It is crash with ship load manager. Completely different one.
  29. DS_Marine Apprentice Engineer

    I am also still suffering the grinding bug too often.
  30. Pseudonymn Trainee Engineer

    This problem along with a reliable workaround has been identified in the following thread:


    In short, the game freezes when grinding down small light armor blocks when your inventory is full; keep lots of room in your inventory when grinding these blocks (empty your pack when the indicator turns red) and you should have no problems.

    [Edit] Acruid's post is also a pretty good find! Nice catch!
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