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SE Block Tools for Blender

Discussion in 'Modding Guides and Tools' started by Harag, Feb 6, 2015.

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  1. Harag Junior Engineer

    The addon still supports two sets of textures. Two files for the old Dx9 renderer and three or four files for the Dx11/PBR renderer. Since both sets describe similar things in different ways there needs to be a way to toggle between them when rendering in Blender. That's what the Shader Toggle node you refer to is for.


    As for your black render: Do the textures show in material viewport shading-mode? If yes, are your lights on a layer that's included in the render?

    Btw, I'm tentatively planning to make the Dx9 textures go away.
  2. Vicizlat Apprentice Engineer

    I know it supports the two different renderers, but it wasn't doing it a few months ago when I was last making a model. Is it possible I have accidentally changed something somewhere and now I don't know how to reverse it? Or is it a change you made to the addon?

    They don't show in material viewport, only in texture. I am only trying to render one layer at a time and I have two suns at the same layer. If I add the texture in Diffuse for DX9 it shows in material viewport and it can be rendered.
    I even tried making a new clean file and appending the object to reset any changes I might have made by accident. Still the same problem - the materials I didn't specify Diffuse texture are showing black in material viewport and in renders.

    I would vote "Remove them completely in next version of the addon" if I could. These options are, I think, very rarely used and they would still be accessible in the current version if anyone ever wanted to use them.
    On the other hand, currently they provide a workaround for cases like mine (if there are others), that would be gone if you remove them. I don't know what action would simplify the coding and make it less likely to result in some defect either by addon's error or user error.
    --- Automerge ---
    One more thing I've just discovered:
    As long as you have a file readable by Blender in the Diffuse slot for DX9 textures it will render properly. It doesn't matter what file format are any of the textures in any of the slots for DX11. Or even if there are any files set up there. The only difference is they might show up weirdly or not at all in the Texture viewport.
  3. Inferi Apprentice Engineer

    Hi. I was just about to get back into the modding and got the following error :

    codecat_zebraThrusterv2_Large.hkt (Havok Converter): Command '['D:\\Program\\Havok\\HavokContentTools\\hctStandAloneFilterManager.exe', '-t', '-s', 'C:\\Users\\Joakim\\AppData\\Local\\Temp\\space_engineers_h14r7zlf.hko', '-p', 'D:\\Moddar\\Space Engineers Mods\\[codecat]Capital Thruster v2\\Models\\Cubes\\Large\\codecat_zebraThrusterv2\\codecat_zebraThrusterv2_Large.hkt', 'D:\\Moddar\\Space Engineers Mods\\[codecat]Capital Thruster v2\\Models\\Cubes\\Large\\codecat_zebraThrusterv2\\codecat_zebraThrusterv2_Large.hkt']' returned non-zero exit status 4294967295
    codecat_zebraThrusterv2_Small.hkt (Havok Converter): Command '['D:\\Program\\Havok\\HavokContentTools\\hctStandAloneFilterManager.exe', '-t', '-s', 'C:\\Users\\Joakim\\AppData\\Local\\Temp\\space_engineers_rmylin3j.hko', '-p', 'D:\\Moddar\\Space Engineers Mods\\[codecat]Capital Thruster v2\\Models\\Cubes\\Large\\codecat_zebraThrusterv2\\codecat_zebraThrusterv2_Small.hkt', 'D:\\Moddar\\Space Engineers Mods\\[codecat]Capital Thruster v2\\Models\\Cubes\\Large\\codecat_zebraThrusterv2\\codecat_zebraThrusterv2_Small.hkt']' returned non-zero exit status 4294967295
    codecat_zebraThrusterv2_Small_LOD1.mwm (MwmBuilder): no collision data included
    codecat_zebraThrusterv2_Small_LOD1.mwm (MwmBuilder): export completed with problems
    in the hkt.filter.log file it say:

    Command: D:\Program\Havok\HavokContentTools\hctStandAloneFilterManager.exe -t -s C:\Users\Joakim\AppData\Local\Temp\space_engineers_h14r7zlf.hko -p D:\Moddar\Space Engineers Mods\[codecat]Capital Thruster v2\Models\Cubes\Large\codecat_zebraThrusterv2\codecat_zebraThrusterv2_Large.hkt D:\Moddar\Space Engineers Mods\[codecat]Capital Thruster v2\Models\Cubes\Large\codecat_zebraThrusterv2\codecat_zebraThrusterv2_Large.hkt
    Error: Load failed
    Could not find hctFilterManager.dll.
    I have collision for the mod and have applied location, rotation and scale to the collision model "cube".

    The htcFilterManager.dll exists in the same directory as hctStandAloneFilterManager.exe.

    I donwloaded a older working mwmbuilder but same problem.

    Anyone know whats wrong?
  4. Harag Junior Engineer

    This looks like a problem with the Havok Tools. Try re-installing them.
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  5. Inferi Apprentice Engineer

    Ok, will try today
    --- Automerge ---
    It seems to have fixed whatever the problem was. No errors at export.
  6. Durakken Trainee Engineer

    I'm having an issue where Colission meshes are not working. In game when I load the block and look for physic boxes I am not getting anything for my block and I can walk straight through it.
    I did uninstall and reinstall Havok tools (and the FBX importer). I didn't reDL though.

    Everything else seems to be working. Blender is a pretty much fresh install with only preferences and such edits following Shaostoul's tutorial.

    Since I'm just trying to get it to work with a simple cube I make the base model scale 2.5, add the materials, switch to cycles renderer, and smart UV unwrap. Select all, copy, move to layer 2, add Rigid body and then move on to the rest of the model. I have tried to remove the materials on the colission mesh, but I don't touch it until I've exported and seen that it doesn't work, then re-export with the material removed. I have also tried doing alt+a in edit mode > location > checking scale and rotation, but i have no idea what that does. I was just told to do that.
  7. Vicizlat Apprentice Engineer

    What block are you trying to export? I've had similar problems when I have something messed up in the .sbc file. What would happen in such situation is you will see the Icon, you'll be able to place the block but you wouldn't be able to interact with it or use it in any way. You aslo wouldn't be able to remove it.

    As for the scale, rotation and so on - you need to be in Object mode. Then you need to go to Object>Apply>Location/Scale/Rotation. Each of these will be set to 0 (except for scale, which will be set to 1). These have to be applied to all models including the collision mesh and the mountpoints. Otherwise everything will be messed up. If you have a different scale for the collision model when you export it will be set to it's original scale and if it was bigger it will shrink to scale 1. If it was rotated you may end up with a horizontal collision box for a vertical block.
  8. Durakken Trainee Engineer

    Just a box... Trying to get this working. There is no reason to procede further if I can't even get the block to work.
    In game I only can't collide, but to remove blocks or place blocks on top of these the aim is off, I'm assuming because the target is searching for a mesh that isn't there.
  9. Vicizlat Apprentice Engineer

    So you can's collide with the block but you can remove it and you can place other blocks on top of it but they are offset? Can you collide with the space where the new blocks are offset to?
    Also if you press F11 do get any loading errors?
  10. Durakken Trainee Engineer

    The block isn't offset. It's just the way the targeting works so that if the raycast hits another block then the block can be placed on the meshless one... which is really weird.
    I do not get any loading erros

    Another thing I just discovered is if I stack several of these blocks on top of each other and then delete the lowest block it deletes the blocks on top of it rather than converting to its own grid.
  11. Vicizlat Apprentice Engineer

    I've sent you a friend invite in steam so we can discuss this there as it is most likely not a problem with the Blender tool and I don't want to fill up this thread.
  12. Durakken Trainee Engineer

    Yay. thanks for the help. I went and tried to make a regular block instead of an interiorLight block and it worked...
  13. Vicizlat Apprentice Engineer

    You're welcome! I am glad I could help and I am sorry I couldn't figure out the problem with your original block.
  14. Souper07 Apprentice Engineer

    What happened to all the _me textures? Trying to get back into modding for the first time in about 10 months, mainly to fix some of my mods. Some of them just show up purple or are invisible. Most of them just used recycled textures from Keen and I'm having a hard time finding the textures I was using before. If I remember right, the only way to see what the texture actually looked like was to import the _me and uv map to that. Now they all seem to be gone. What is the current correct method to use Keens textures?
  15. Inferi Apprentice Engineer

    It now uses PBR textures

    filename_cm.dds = color "or albedo" in RGB channels and metalness in alpha channel
    filename_ng.dds = normal in RGB channels and gloss in alpha channel
    filename_add.dds = AO in red channel, emissive in green and colorable in alpha channel. blue channel is black

    You can read more about it here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=787920125
  16. E altar Trainee Engineer

    what about the new glass
    since windows are now made with 2 poly one exterior and one interior how do i texture that in blender ??
    for that matter how is transparent material made these days ...

    do we have to wait for a new harag update ?
  17. Harag Junior Engineer

    You can model two polygons back-to-back in Blender without any addons. But I have no idea how transparent materials are configured now because information on that is scarce.
  18. Souper07 Apprentice Engineer

    So this is what i was trying to get at earlier. I used to be able to import textures like this one and uv map to them in blender render and see how the block would look in real time. Now the only textures are add/cm/ng and when I open them there is nothing to see.
  19. Inferi Apprentice Engineer


    First: You should use Cycles render for the DX11 textures, I think...
    Second: I also get grey textures in blender.
    I have even changed it to cycles render but still grey.
    I would also want to know if there is something to do so I can see the real textures in there :)
    Is the only option to put on textures as usual with nodes and then after they are done, using Harags plugin as usual with relative paths?
  20. Takeshi Apprentice Engineer

    hello again,
    is there a way to create Armor parts with this addon?
    Export of "normal" models works for me, but now i will create a new armor block.
    I am using a copy from existing armor blocks in Cubeblocksxx.sbc.
    But if i use the mwm file created with blender addon, i got a CTD while choosing the block in the G-Menue.
    I placed blocks with existing mwm file in world, after changing the mwm file these blocks show the new texture.

    On other place in this forum, somebody talked about missing bone setup in the mwm file and he fixed it by using the mwm builder manually. But this isnt working for me, old and current mwmbuilder.
    Any Idea?
    (that is the mat i am trying to get on the block: Textures\Models\Cubes\PaintedMetal_Clean_cm.DDS)

    THX for the addon, this is mostly the only thing that will work (need a little bit to get it up and running).
  21. Inferi Apprentice Engineer

    So we cannot use the addon for glass at this moment?
  22. Vicizlat Apprentice Engineer

    I am having some issues lately with newly created models. I am getting the error below in the SpaceEngineers.log file but I don't know what to make of it. Is it a problem with my models, a problem with SE or a problem with the Tool?

    2017-01-22 09:08:12.397 - Thread:  26 ->  Exception occured: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
      at VRage.Render11.GeometryStage2.Model.MySection.Init(MyLod parent, MyMeshSectionInfo info, List`1 parts, List`1 partInfos, String contentPath)
      at VRage.Render11.GeometryStage2.Model.MyLod.CreateHighlight(MyMwmData mwmData, Int32 lodNum, HashSet`1& setMaterialNames)
      at VRage.Render11.GeometryStage2.Model.MyModel.MyCreateHighlightLodStrategy.CreateLod(MyLod lod, MyMwmData lodMwmData, Int32 lodNum, HashSet`1& setMaterialNames)
      at VRage.Render11.GeometryStage2.Model.MyModel.LoadFromMwmData(MyMwmData firstLodMwmData, ICreateLodStrategy strategy)
      at VRage.Render11.GeometryStage2.Model.MyModels.LoadFromMwmData(MyMwmData firstLodMwmData)
      at VRage.Render11.GeometryStage2.Model.MyModelFactory.GetOrCreateModels(String filepath, MyModels& models)
      at VRageRender.MyRender11.ProcessMessageInternal(MyRenderMessageBase message)
      at VRageRender.MyRender11.ProcessPreFrame(MyUpdateFrame frame, MessageFilterDelegate filter)
      at VRageRender.MyRender11.ProcessMessageQueue()
      at VRageRender.MyRender11.Draw(Boolean draw)
      at VRageRender.ExternalApp.MyRenderThread.Draw()
      at VRageRender.ExternalApp.MyRenderThread.RenderCallback()
      at SharpDX.Windows.RenderLoop.Run(Control form, RenderCallback renderCallback, Boolean useApplicationDoEvents)
      at VRageRender.ExternalApp.MyRenderThread.RenderThreadStart(Object param)
      at System.Threading.ExecutionContext.RunInternal(ExecutionContext executionContext, ContextCallback callback, Object state, Boolean preserveSyncCtx)
      at System.Threading.ExecutionContext.Run(ExecutionContext executionContext, ContextCallback callback, Object state, Boolean preserveSyncCtx)
      at System.Threading.ExecutionContext.Run(ExecutionContext executionContext, ContextCallback callback, Object state)
      at System.Threading.ThreadHelper.ThreadStart(Object obj)
    I am not doing anything out of the ordinary - just a simple model like I've done so many times before. I even tried starting from a clean file but I get the same exception. The funny thing is yesterday it was working but SE wasn't loading the textures properly. I thought I'd fix them later but now it won't even let me put the block on my toolbar. Sometimes doesn't even load the world - just crashes to desktop.

    I also tried exporting from a different computer to try and eliminate an issue with my Blender installation. Still the same problem with no change in the error.
    Last edited: Jan 22, 2017
  23. Harag Junior Engineer

    The two topmost stacktrace elements imply that the game is trying to initialize a highlight submodel on a LOD mesh but something is missing. If you aren't trying to put a highlight submodel on one of your LODs my guess is that that piece of code makes some assumptions about what's always there that aren't true.
  24. Vicizlat Apprentice Engineer

    Thanks for the translation. ;)
    I don't usually have problems highlighting submodels. I don't know why is it trying to do that on a LOD mesh, but I found out that it has something to do with imported fbx files from the original Keen models. For now I am just avoiding importing anything and it all works fine.
  25. TugHall Trainee Engineer

    I need more detailed Guide for transparency using your add on. I got everything else to work but cant figure out GLASS please give more details of how to do this.
  26. Silverwing Trainee Engineer

    For materials properties is there a way to select Decal as the technique or will alphamask do the same function - I am not sure is this is a new technique or maybe I am just missing something.
  27. Harag Junior Engineer

    That's a Technique I wasn't aware of. Looking through the ModSDK there is also <MaterialRef> (which is often used to reference a Decals atlased texture). Anybody willing to explain how those are currently used?
  28. Silverwing Trainee Engineer

    Digi - gave a pretty good explanation on a similar (some what duplicated) question I asked in another thread:

    Thanks Harag - love this tool. Still trying to get the collision box figured out, but kudo's man great Add-on.
    --- Automerge ---
    Ok, I am totally flummoxed by the havoc, collision. I made a simple single cube (large 1x1x1), put a cube on layer 2, box primitive (using blender 2.78) and I can't seem to get any collision. Do these warnings have anything to do with it?

    Filter Log
    ========== Started: Thu Mar 02 20:18:47 2017, Configuration: default ==========

    [ [Physics 2012] Create Rigid Bodies Filter ]
    [0xabbabfd2] Warning : 'Cube' - Calculated 'extra radius' for box shape is 0. Performance may be affected.
    Created 1 rigid bodies.
    [ Prune Types Filter ]
    [ Write to Platform Filter ]
    Wrote layout for [Tagfile] to file [E:\SE Projects\SE Models\Models\CubeTest\SWI_Test_Cube_Large.hkt].

    ========== Finished in 00:00:00, 0 Errors, 1 Warnings ==========

    Convert Log
    Command: C:\Program Files\Havok\HavokContentTools\FBXImporter.exe E:\SE Projects\SE Models\Models\CubeTest\SWI_Test_Cube_Large.hkt.fbx E:\SE Projects\SE Models\Models\CubeTest\SWI_Test_Cube_Large.hkt
    Havok - Build (20130718)
    Version 2013.1.0-r1
    Base system initialized.
    Havok License Keys:
    Physics_2012 : PcXs (expires PERPETUAL)
    Animation : PcXs (expires PERPETUAL)
    Math\hkMath.cpp(158): [0:DE404A11] Warning: Flushing denormals is required inside Havok code. Please call _MM_SET_FLUSH_ZERO_MODE(_MM_FLUSH_ZERO_ON); before stepping Havok. See the "Using the Math Library" section in the User Guide for more information.
    Modeller: FBX [Blender (stable FBX IO)]
    Bones: 0
    Animation stacks: 0
    Converting nodes for root...
    Output path: E:\SE Projects\SE Models\Models\CubeTest\
    Saved tag file: SWI_Test_Cube_Large.hkt
    Number of frames: 1
    Scene length: 0.00
    Root node name: ROOT_NODE

    I rebuilt the ship welder, and applied no collision, and got the default cube collision. But with a custom cube, I get nothing do I need to start with a default fbx model? I'm stumped.
    --- Automerge ---
    Ok, problem solved, at least I got it to work. It appears I need to be more careful which block I use as a base. I am not sure if the issue was with the CubeBlock.sbc or the model itself I will investigate further.

    I originally started with an Interior Light fbx - which I am assume has no collision - removed the light model and replaced it with a cube. No collision no matter what I did (also was using the .sbc definition for Interior Light).

    Backed the Truck up - imported a armorcube instead, removed armor model replaced it with a cube, introduce a collision layer, modified the primitive (applied transitions), exported the block - and viola' - collision. So again not sure which piece was causing it, I suspect the TypeID of Interior Light is the issue - but I am not sure. Thanks for letting me ramble.
  29. Eikester2 Trainee Engineer

    DECAL, FOLIAGE and ALPHA_MASKED are pretty much the same but DECAL doesnt cast shadows and FOLIAGE, iirc, supports additional parameters to get the wave effect as seen on Bushes and Trees.

    MaterialRef just points to a Material defined in a Materials Library, Material Library is just a xml file with Materials defined as usual. MaterialRef allows to use the same Material in different blocks without the need to write the whole Materialdefinition over and over again. The Materiallibrary file can be found in the SDK
    --- Automerge ---
    Yes Interior Lights ignore any collision file unless you set <HasPhysics> to true
  30. Silverwing Trainee Engineer

    Your timing is perfect Eikester - I had just found that in the definitions. I tried it and it works exactly as you described - I have lights with collision, Yay!! Not sure what I am going to do with it yet, but it works. Thanks guys.
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