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Server has different version than client..

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Tamagotchii, Jun 20, 2018.

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  1. Tamagotchii Trainee Engineer

    My friends and I are getting this error every day at random when trying to enter. sometimes it works and sometimes it does not. this bug is very re-creatable and happens 6 out of 10 login attempts.

    "" Server has a different version of the game, Your version is 01_186_500; Server version is 00_000_000; you can change the branch, before launching the game, in game properties.""

    We are all using steam and all our versions are the current 1.186... Whats up with this ???

    it did this with previous versions as well..
    please advise..
  2. WraithLeader1 Apprentice Engineer

    @Tamagotchii Are you or one of your friends Hosing the server? Or are you farming it out?
  3. Tamagotchii Trainee Engineer

    I am hosting the server it is not dedicated. they are joining through steam via join game. not sure what you mean when you say farming it out?

    also today they cant join at all. before we could restart pcs and would sometimes work but even that method is not working today.
  4. WraithLeader1 Apprentice Engineer

    Farming it out, You can buy space for a DS for someone else to serve for you. Some are great, some not so....
    I prefer using a DS myself, that way you can leave Ore processing and it will be finished when you get back. The only time I hate DS is for the TROLLS and sometimes if you have meteors on you can loose everything. But if you're playing it safe I find the DS is a better option.
    You can even shut it down when no one is on.

    So that the Dev's can help you please post your system stats and which version of windows you're using.... It helps them trace down the problem....

    For example:
    Space Engineers Safe Branch, latest build

    Motherboard: MSI X99A SLI Plus
    CPU: I7 5820K -- 6 core 12 logical 3.3Ghz
    Ram: 16GB DDR4
    Video Card: GEForce GTX1060
    OS: Windows 10

    Every little bit of info you can give helps them trace down the bug. I know it's frustrating as hell, but we are basically BETA testers.
  5. Tamagotchii Trainee Engineer

    System specs:
    Space engineers latest build 1.186.5
    Windows 10 64bit
    Manufacturer ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC.
    Model H110-PLUS (LGA1151)
    I-7 7700 4 cores 8 threads 3.6ghz
    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080
    16GB ram
  6. Tamagotchii Trainee Engineer

    Dev's please advise. we really need help on this one.
  7. Tamagotchii Trainee Engineer

    restarting server is not working people are leaving because they cant join. help would be nicely appreciated.
  8. Zhiila Tester Staff


    I know about the issue, the problem is I have never experienced this bug. I was also asking about it around the office but no success. :( Are you using any Mods or external programs? Maybe SpaceEngineers.log from the machine with server could help.

    When you say server which is not dedicated, it means public lobby in custom games?

  9. Tamagotchii Trainee Engineer

    Yes am using 7 mods:
    HCDS / Small Ship Refinery and Assembler
    HCDS / Small Ship Medical Panel
    (DX11) Hatch
    HCDS / Small Ship Cryo Pod
    RB Compact Battery
    Small Ship Vanilla Mod Pack
    Small block static grid
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.