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Setting a Static IP.

Discussion in 'Groups & Dedicated Servers' started by Kryjeck, Oct 3, 2017.

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  1. Kryjeck Apprentice Engineer

    I've been searching all over for how to do this (And even the official Wiki lists it as possible), but no where does it say where to actually do this.

    Could anyone please point me in the right direction? I would possibly like to have people join my world, but not sure if it actually shows up.
  2. Forcedminer Senior Engineer

  3. FoolishOwl Junior Engineer

    I was writing out an answer, and then tried looking up the port used by Space Engineers, and found the page you must have been referring to: DEDICATED SERVERS

    It's easy enough to assign a static IP address to Windows, but the trick is getting routable static IP address allocated. ISPs usually don't allocate static IPs for residential users, and when they do, they charge a lot extra for it.

    But, for purposes of running a game server, you can usually get around that, with a DNS service that can handle dynamic IP addresses. Basically, you choose a domain name, and when your system contacts the DNS service, it updates the address for your domain name with your current, dynamic IP address.

    Between port forwarding on your router, and a dynamic IP DNS service, you shouldn't need a static IP address.

    Security is a broad topic, but assuming you've got a firewall properly configured and running on your system, you should probably be okay.
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    Oops, this was asking about Medieval Engineers, and the relevant page is: Official Content/Dedicated Servers

    It looks like it's pretty much the same situation as with Space Engineers, though.
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  4. CptTwinkie Master Engineer

    The static IP address we mention is the external IP address. This isn't a huge deal because people can usually find your server by name and ISP's don't change your address too often in most cases. There are workarounds but DNS redirects are not usually very cooperative with our game since our clients expect an IP address. IP redirection can work quite well but it can also be picked up by Steam in some cases and lead to a VAC ban. The best solution that we know of is a VPN but there you get what you pay for. We can't recommend the price of a good VPN just to solve dynamic IP issues. Most people who want to host at home simply live with an IP address change occasionally.

    For the internal IP address, many routers will allow you to set up port forwarding on a mac address instead of an IP address. Doing that is often easier than configuring a static IP address for your pc that doesn't conflict with your DHCP settings.
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  5. Kryjeck Apprentice Engineer

    Thank youy guys. Was thinking of running a dedicated at home with a comp I'm not using, and this helped out.
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.