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[SHADER] Sunrise

Discussion in 'Modding' started by KaRei, Dec 30, 2017.

  1. KaRei Trainee Engineer

    After the "Real sun size" mod I went further with the atmosphere shader modification and added sunrise/sunset reddening on the sky horizon.

    Shader for download:


    1) Download the shader
    2) Open your ME installation folder:
    - In your Steam library right click on Medieval Engineers and select "Properties"
    - Switch to the "Local files" tab
    - Click "Browse local files..." button​
    4) Extract the downloaded ZIP directly to the MedievalEngineers installation folder
    (Don't forget to backup your original MedievalEngineers\Content\Shaders\Transparent\Atmosphere\AtmosphereCommon.hlsli)​
    5) Download the Workshop part of the mod:


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  2. TheBoot Apprentice Engineer

    Nice. Now if there were only a way to have the stars rotate in the sky too instead of being static.
  3. Mauricio Trainee Engineer

    Don't forget the Moon!