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=.= Ship tool radius

Discussion in 'Survival' started by jandraelune, Mar 8, 2018.

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  1. jandraelune Apprentice Engineer

    This does NOT help encourage people to use ship tools, in fact it push's them away as seeing them as a a problem to deal and too much hassle then just using a hand tool which already does the work faster.

    It has been nerfed repeatedly and is now down to needing to physically touch the block you want to work. This presents a bumping problem with unsecured grids.
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  2. Calaban Junior Engineer

    If only the voices that cried the loudest that it keeps killing them earned darwinism points each time, so that when KSH gets a complaint about it, they can simply see their darwinism score, and just roll their eyes and ignore that one, maybe add its quote to the "posterboard of shame" somewhere in the office breakroom
  3. Forcedminer Senior Engineer

    oh eh.....hey thrusters killed me when i flew into one.....nerf its range!
    i ran out of hydrogen flying on a planet didn't bring a hydrogen bottle with me..gravity too stronk on hydrogen jetpacks plz nerf
    .......auto turrets are too good they use aimbots plz nerf.
    i die to quick to bullets give me more health.

    lets see if that makes a difference....

    its annoying having to physically landing gear attach my little wielder drone so my unbuilt ships don't float off...
    I would say i hope they restore their range but really its more convenient to install a nanobot mod since its been the cry of literally every single engineer since it was added and yet not even changed.
  4. Cyborg_Leopard Trainee Engineer

    Yeah I miss being able to quickly get through the painful and boring early survival on servers:

    -build grinder ship
    -cannibalize lander
    -change grinder with welder
    -build starter base
    -print miner with welder ship
  5. OrwellianHaggis Trainee Engineer

    Large welder through rotor to small ship helps. Tried it for the first time today, very happy.
  6. BlackScythe Apprentice Engineer

    Had the same problem of dying through welders/grinders but instead of crying i slapped a sensor on top of my craft which turned off the tools if it detects a player. wasn't that hard...
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.