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Short overview and feedback for tutorial 01 to 09

Discussion in 'Tutorials' started by plaYer2k, Aug 14, 2015.

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  1. plaYer2k Master Engineer

    I am by far no new player so i can not take a look on the things as someone to who these game mechanics are new, yet i could try it.

    Basic Tutorials

    Tutorial 1 (Movemet & Tools)
    - At the end you can grind the glass away.

    Tutorial 2 (Inventory & Terminals)
    - The overall layout of the screens after the destroyed wall looks a bit confusing. It seems like there is little structure as to which step to do first unless you read most of the panels.
    - The control panel description panels (after placing the light armor scaffolds) is too high and badly readable
    - There are many yellow passenger chairs that seem to be from the construction phase. These could distract and confuse. The reason for them might be to recharge energy (tutorial 3 content).

    Tutorial 3 (Energy)
    - You can screw the piston mechanism up by changing one of the merge blocks to off and retracting the piston manually. Add the block ownership to someone else to prevent this or attach the other grids merge block to a rotor so the merge block itself is no station grid and thus doesnt turn the moving piston into a station aswell (though then you still could rip it apart when a retracting piston).

    Tutorial 4 (Oxygen)
    - The text panel above the oxygen generator is badly readable due to distance.
    - When extending the oxygen farms too early, you can break it all apart. Adding a sensor to detect when the rotor-driven ceiling has been fully opened to enable the piston and disable the rotor would add a safety feature.

    Tutorial 5 (Ore Refining & Components)
    - The tutorial itself starts off rather overwhelming with all the panels everywhere.
    - The text above the blast/arc furnace is almost not readable due to the height
    - The assemblers description might need to specify where to find the "components subtab" as that is just a small icon in the whole UI and thus could be easily overlooked.
    - The conveyor sorters description should change "black/white-list" to "black-/whitelist".

    Tutorial 6 (Conveyors, Connectors, Ejectors)
    - The overload of HUD signals calls for disabling the hud (TAB) though no previous tutorial mentioned that. Adding such a thing either to the start of tutorial 6 or even as a small extra to one of the early tutorials like Tutoral 1 for the basics would be helpful.

    Tutorial 7 (Jetpack)
    - When you die at the space ball test, you respawn inside the gravity field and thus immediately die again if you dont enable the jetpack fast enough (~1sec time).

    Tutorial 8 (Your First Ship)
    - This tutorial doesnt load at all as it reports "This world can not be loaded. It has been created in a newer version of the game." and thus disables people from playing it at all.
    - The tutorial itself seems to be rather straight forward for someone with experience. People who are new to the game need to comment here.

    Tutorial 9 (Ship Flight & Tools)
    - Seems all fine here :)
    Last edited: Aug 14, 2015
  2. AstroDeer Trainee Engineer

    I agree with point about tutorial 2. I think it's applicable to other scenarios. They should be more linear, blockinbg off sections with walls, and corridor turns, so the only thing that catches the attention of the player is the screen that has relevant informations for this moment. No "1, 2, 3 screen in random order in the zone and it's player's problem to find number 1 before reading anything that's on screen 2. or 3.
    Also it's tutorial 2 that talks about "yellow squares with triangles in the corners", when ith's tutorial 1 that introduces it in game.
    In tutorial 1 the text panel instructs the player how he should use "k" on "control panel" of the cargo container. I immidietly thought it's about the small blue keypad, but thats not how you access the container's inventory. I advise you to change that to "large, gray door in the middle", or some such, because the "lid", or "doors" of the container isn't "control panel".
  3. noxLP Junior Engineer

    I think i can add something:

    The colors of catwalk where you take the components after blow up the voxel wall in tutorial 2 and one of the ships of the last tutorial, playing in DX11 they are that pinky grey that the game choose by default instead the normal grey. The color itself is really ugly imo, but that's not the question, the thing is that the rest of the blocks in the tutorials are normal grey, so i thought it was a little absent.

    In tutorial 2, when you have to turn on the reactor, and in other parts of that tutorial, there are no banister/handrail/whatever that prevent you to fall off without jetpack. I have +600 hours playing and i fell off the station before i could turn on the rotors :eek:ops:, so i needed to suicide to restart the tutorial, otherwise i just fell off till infinite without jetpack. Someone new would have a higher probability to fall off.

    One minor thing is the color of the font in the LCDs. You know that when you aim at a LCD the game put a yellow square on top of the LCD, so when you are reeding it the background is a bit yellow, but the letters are yellow too... bad color choice imo, it make difficult the reading to have the letters in the same color as the background. As i said its a minor thing, but its easy to fix too, so...

    And... i'm not sure if i should posting this here or in the bugs forum but well, i have only tested it in the last tutorial so... you can see the screenshots in the SPOILER. I finished the last tutorial and thought having a little fun crashing some ships :D , and that were the results, the ship front (grinders, welders and drills) go through the indestructible glasses.
    Any glasses and, as far as i could test, only glasses: i crashed the three ships all around against blocks, voxels, blast doors, etc, only glasses.

    If it only happens with glasses and with all the three ships, i think it should be a glass block bug related to the indestructible blocks, but well, i just let it here to the devs unless someone think it would be better to post it in the bugs forum.
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.