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Should weather systems be added into ME?

Discussion in 'General' started by crazy8s, Sep 21, 2018.

  1. crazy8s Trainee Engineer

    As I sit on my server crafting and building, I constantly watch the sunset and sun rise day in and day out in the game. Over the many times and hours spent on playing this game. What would add even more realism to this game. Weather. Spots of rain lighting thunder wind yes even snow. I would like to think this would add a more elemental realism to the game itself. Especially for those folks like me who enjoy doing the survival aspect of this game. I would like to see it get put into the game eventually instead of staring at a sunny sky all the time while waiting for items to craft... How bout a little bit of rain or snow. Bring the actual elements of having to survive into a reality in game. Cheers.
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  2. Stephen K Johnston Trainee Engineer

    I like the weather idea. it would also be good with a moon over the night sky to help tell time like the sun during the day.
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  3. crazy8s Trainee Engineer

    Well you actually can do that. I'm not sure if you play on a server or if you play in single player. But in the server side settings I can go into my server and adjust how long my nights are going to be and how long my days are going to be. For my server Seattle Public for example. I have it set at 100 real time minutes per in game day. 60 minutes of that 100 is day time and 40 minutes of that 100 is night time. I can't remember the line but I think it's called day night cycle or something it says .67777 or something like that. I set mine to .40. That's how it's done on server settings. It may very well be the same in the single player game. I think you just have to go into a different area. I just thought it would be nice to have a variety of weather roll through. More like having seasons in the game.