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Show off your creations!

Discussion in 'Community Creations' started by David184, Oct 17, 2013.

  1. Elfi Wolfe Apprentice Engineer

    Got asked to make neutral emergency air station in a MP server. Cheap platform version for a mobile sun.

    O.I.S. PERe201
    Platform, Emergency Shelter, Radio Retrains
    This is a radio retransmission platform with emergency shelter.

    Mass: 253,747kg (253 metric tons)
    Size: 60m x 57.5m x 37.5m
    4 cyro chambers, 1 battery and 2 airtanks.
    Solar power and air farms to recharge the battery and airtanks.



    Oh the cost.
    Iron Ingot: 234,595.5
    Nickel Ingot: 18,100
    Silicon Wafer: 33,193
    Cobalt Ingot: 1,782
    Silver Ingot: 30
    Gold Ingot: 60

    Can make cheaper by dropping the battery, cargo, 1 air tank, 3 cryo.
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  2. iN5URG3NT Senior Engineer

    Thanks for DX11 skybox support Keen! I'd been waiting to take this shot for a while!

    Hyperion Systems Large Ship Fleet:

    And my WIP UESC entry:

    Click the Hyperion Systems link in my signature if you want to see more!
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  3. TremorX Trainee Engineer

    Here's my current WIP, the Armstrong Class exploration vessel. Uses a grav-drive, can reach 105m/s. Working on scripting now.


    Attached Files:

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  4. High Ground Apprentice Engineer

    Steam Workshop Link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=517947893

    Know to some of you as a "Banana Boat" or as the "Yellow Bus" the Rescue 1 is the most versatile and underrated craft in the game. HG Industries is proud to present the latest update of this humble craft. And she comes fully upgraded.
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  5. Raquaz Trainee Engineer

    My first non-retrofit large ship, and the largest ship or station i have ever built The Veles class home Ship


    the Veles was started after i made a particularly bad base in a survival world, with no weapons to speak of but littered with hot-spots for a turret, connector or extension.

    im honestly not sure what to say about it, she uses a number of mods in her design, but the only one which is critical for her function is the sage industrial thrusters. the conveyor air vents is used as well but is fairly easy to replace with conveyors and normal vents if so desired.

    the ship is fully conveyored from one end to the other, fully survival ready and has buttons timers and programs set up on it.
    the BP if anybody want to try it has everything turned off at the start, all of which can be turned on at the bridge accessed from the rear hangar]

    any critique or suggestions are more than welcome
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  6. plaYer2k Master Engineer

    Alright an update to my 3D holodisplay with tactical mode. It still is fully vanilla (no mod at all).

  7. Sinbad Senior Engineer

    @plaYer2k that is... I don't have words. awesome doesn't cover it.
    I do have three questions though:
    how are you detecting objects that far out with a vanilla build?
    can I have one?
    can the script be made to output to an 3d array (now that we can use them)?

    ok one more question:
    can you show us a video of it terrain mapping an asteroid cluster or planet surface?
  8. Dante McFox Junior Engineer

    A thing for inbetween with a couple questions to the community...

    FDI proudly presents:
    The FX-7 "Exilant"

    Key Data:
    Measures: 122,5m x 47,5m x 12,5m (LxWxH)
    Weight(empty): 1,25kt
    Acceleration: tbc (2 LT + 5 ST forward, 1-2 ST other directions, 4 LT + 2 ST downwards)
    Armament: none
    - Supported Crew: 1-3 (1 Medbay, 3 Cryopods)
    - Interior O2-rdy (2 O2-Generators, 13 O2-Tanks, 6 O2-Farms)
    - 339 MW Powersupport (27 Batteries, 1 Small Reactor)
    - Superlight Frame
    - able to enter Planets atmosphere (hopefully, not tested yet)
    - Remote Controllable (2 Antennas, 2 LasAntennas, RemoteControl)
    - 4 Jump-Drives
    - ~2,5kk L Cargo Space (6 Large Containers)
    - 2 Landing Pads for Small Craft
    - good Production Capabilitys (3 Assambler, 4 Reffineries, fully upgraded)
    - Buttonfree Doors

    Click me hard!

    So, to those mentioned questions:
    - Any1 who played around with planets can estimate if it has enought power to lift?
    - What features would you add? (Beside weapons, she's meant to be escorted!)
    - Keep it chocotastic or the default white/black striped one?

    EDIT: Removed 2 O2-Tanks for 6 O2-Farms and 2 Solar Panels; repositioned Lasantennas for smaller profile (H= -2.5m); Reworked Airlock (thx to HighGround for helping here)
    Last edited: Sep 20, 2015
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  9. plaYer2k Master Engineer

    aww thanks

    Well it gets called "merge block bug", though i dont like that name. It simply is the fact that the ingame programming works with C# references for persistent objects.

    I havent quite finished it yet as it only displays things within the tactical mode yet. Also some inputs are not done. All i got so far is:
    reset - resets parts of the internal data structure and thus maps the projectors to display the informations again
    scaleSet=X - set the display grids scale to X meters
    scaleMulti=X - multiply the current display grids scale by X
    mode=X - if there is a mode called X then set the current mode to X

    There is also a high performance impact on the whole system. The FPS goes down a lot due to the high amount of projectors and possible independent projections within the grid of 21x21x9=3969 "voxel".
    Most noticeable though is the insanely high strain in multiplayer. Once hosted, all changes need to be updated with everyone and while doing that "naively" yesterday i had constant 50 kB/s upstream with 1 UPS (0.02 simspeed) where the offline play had almost 60 UPS (1.0 simspeed).
    Until that issue got solved i dont feel well handing it out, sorry.

    It uses two 3D byte arrays so far. As i got 21x21x9 projectors, it builds two byte[21][21][9] arrays. One represents the last state of the display while the new represents the current state with the targeted state.
    So it technically reads any 3D byte array for the display state so far, because more makes little sense and consumes much more memory.
    I however didnt make a parser for a textural read because that seems to be very inefficient imo as it had to read very long strings and parse them frequently.

    That is ot implemented yet because we dont have proper ingame tools for actual surface mapping. All we have is using a sensor field to build a 3D map of unknown/no/maybe voluminas when mapping an asteroid or planet youself.
    Though that is a new conceptural application and relies on very intense 3D mapping. Nothing that is very simple, but sure an application i had in mind many times.

    What i mean by manually scanning the surface with "unknown/no/mybe" shall be demonstrated by this small animation in 3D

    But as everyone can see, such an approach has issues with concave structures. You can not detect a hole that is C meters in diameter with an CxAxB m³ sensor as it would always detect something even if it is just a wall.

    As for the approach one could do:
    You could essentially say that you build your own volume representation for each detected voxel structure (asteroids/plants) as an 3D array of at least 3 states or as our technology handles 2^n well 4 states minimum. Thus putting either one state into a byte or even "compressing" two states into a byte seems a good approach.
    You agree on a resolution (1m, 2m, 2.5m, 5m, 10m) which should be a value that is the natural voxel grids natural resolution multiplied by an integer (1,2,3,...).
    For each sensor read you fill all grid values (depending on the reslotion above) into the 3D representation array (on top).
    My suggestion would be 0 for the initial state (unknown), bitOr the representation with 2 for in case of a negative sensor read (no asteroid) and bitOr with 1 for a positive sensor read (maybe). In that case you only read for all representation values == 1 to build your asteroid map.

    However like i previously said, that is no implemented feature and especially very memory, time and ingame-work intensive one as you have to rebuild the whole structure for all asteroids youself. So instead of using a large 3D array as actual storage one should use a more dynamic representation like a dictionary with Vector3I for the grid with the sensor read representation.

    So yeah, the display is just a display and the only build-in function so far are tracking all sensor references aswell as displaying them on the tactical map aswell as the random display from the first videos.
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  10. HighOnSugar Trainee Engineer

    I have now looked at the 101 pages and find it amazing how many beautiful creations can be found here.
    But almost all use dark colors and armed ships, so I would like to show my creations here. :)

    First my construction vessel after many many improvements:

    and my many many times optimized small block Miner:
    Caution cute colors ;-)
  11. Sinbad Senior Engineer

    @plaYer2k darn, I was hoping there was some kind of vanilla radar that I missed. I was mostly interested in 3d mapping a surface in low resolution as a 'no windows no cameras' option for warship tactical awareness. at admittedly low resolution. the array outppt was so that a PB could share that awareness for obstacle avoidance and long range target aquisition.
  12. Spectre250 Trainee Engineer

    So, I'm late to the party here, but like everyone else my small ships got messed up by the 1.096 update reworking the power requirements for thrusters and reactor outputs. I also noticed not that many high-performance, all-vanilla fighters are being published, so I figured I would release this guy ahead of the rest of the package I am putting out. So I present an upgrade of a previous release, my F-99H-25 Talon.

    F-99H-25 Talon Light Fighter
    Steam Link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=519046545

    The F-99H is the latest production variant of the Spectre Aerospace F-99 Talon series light fighter, designed as a compensation for modern thruster and reactor power profiles. While armament and secondary equipment are almost identical to the previous "D" model, the F-99H-25 features a heavily revised hybrid nuclear/battery powerplant and massively improved primary thruster array in addition to a redesigned structure. The culmination of the aforementioned modifications is a fighter which is a full tonne lighter than the previous production model, while achieving a 25% increase in forward acceleration. While the fighter is limited by a small ammunition magazine and no built-in O2 storage, its purpose as a short-range carrier-based interceptor and space superiority platform means the drawbacks have negligible impact on the craft's performance and mission-completion rate.

    Specifications (F-99H-25):

    Mass (Combat Load): 22,366 kg
    Acceleration (Primary): 21.46 m/s^2
    Acceleration (Vertical): 4.29 m/s^2
    Acceleration (Lateral): 2.68 m/s^2
    Powerplant: 2.50 MW (Nuclear) / 8.64 MW (Battery)
    Gyroscopes: 2
    Crew: 1
    Armarment: 4x 25x184mm cannon, 4x 200mm unguided rocket

    Secondary Systems: Antenna, Remote/Autopilot, Beacon, Collision Warning System, Cameras

    *The F-99H Talon is all vanilla and post-1.096 compatible
    **The F-99 is survival compatible with conveyor systems connection all relevant components
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  13. Wicorel Senior Engineer

    Fully automated small grid miner. No mods. Available in a couple of drill-head sizes from small (5 drills) to ludicrous (39 drills)

    The blueprint for the 'normal' 11-drill head version: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=433545870

    I posted my miner in this thread a while ago, but here is the current version at work:

    This is 1x (everything) Survival. Recorded on Space Engineers 1.099.
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  14. iN5URG3NT Senior Engineer

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  15. plaYer2k Master Engineer

    Here is a way to utilize the new "Space Pirates" method of getting the closest player for your own ship even though you are not allowed to read that information youself.

    Not a single sensor is used and all blocks except two are owned by me.

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  16. High Ground Apprentice Engineer

    Steam Workshop Link:http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=520816097

    A silly little project I did mostly for fun. The goal was to create a cheap, expendable, no frills, early game warship. I decided to use an existing ship as a starting point. Generally I choose the Rescue 1 "Banana Boat" but every now and then I come across an abandoned Rescue 2. And the Rescue 2 made a great starting point for a warship. With some minor modification, and a little bit of heavy armor, you can make a capable little warship. While she won't win any prizes she can do quite a bit of damage. And if you have a few of these working in a group, look out.
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  17. AlphaPie Trainee Engineer

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  18. Ravric Apprentice Engineer

    Look what I slapped together in a few mins... hours... days....

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  19. Sarekh Senior Engineer

    Rav..... you are beyond epic - everytime I see something from you I think: "now he's done it, it can't get any cooler" - always wrong! This is outstanding!
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  20. iN5URG3NT Senior Engineer

    Christ on a bike! That's incredible @Ravric!

    Next week, Rav recreates GTA V in Space Engineers... :D
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  21. estile606 Trainee Engineer

    no, recreate space engineers in space engineers...
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  22. Sentinel-Ghost Apprentice Engineer

    Just a small project i'm working on currently - A Destroyer based off of my mothballed battlecruiser project.


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  23. FakeName Trainee Engineer

    Why is this programable block used so often? It destroys every kind of vanilla engineering (like to "work around" problems rather than solving them). Additionally, they don't work when the option for them is turned off ... pretty much screwed the new pirate drones :/

    Now a question: Can someone build a "stone launcher" (pretty much some gravity gens that fire some stones or other objects) with a maximum of 2x3 (big seize) hole? The weapon itself shouldn't be larger than 4x5 blocks but can be longer than 50 blocks.

    Only if you have the time and the motivation :)
  24. Agnar Apprentice Engineer

    The pirate drones literally can not have been made without a code block. For the most part I agree, and hate how people use code for ridiculously simple things that don't need them (just ask @Whiplash141) but the pirate drones definitely needed them. That sort of thing can't be done with timers or anything else.
  25. Commander Rotal Master Engineer

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  26. FakeName Trainee Engineer

    Maybe, but in my opinion, the drones shouldn't be an official inagme feature since you can, officially, turn them of pretty easy. If ingame-scripts are turned off, drones shouldn't spawn.
    While I personally have no idea how the pirate drones work (because I have always turned this programable block thing off), here is a video of how drones would work without scripts.
    It works for the tracking and hunting part, it even can shoot if you use more sensors, I have tried it myself.

  27. Lord DC Trainee Engineer

    Decided to refine my method of creating Star Destroyer like ships.

    to practice, I made this little thing which handles like a cat and accelerates like a lazy truck

    then, I decided to take that idea and turn it into a larger ship,

    behold, the WIP Trexelon Cruiser!
    (Pic outdated)
  28. Agnar Apprentice Engineer

    Can even shoot you from >50 meters maybe, and can only track from >50 meters without cheats
  29. nogare321 Trainee Engineer

  30. Whiplash141 Junior Engineer

    Lol "ridiculously simple things"? Infinitely scaling airlock safety systems and 3,600 execution cycles per minute are achievable in other ways? Pray tell!