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Show off your creations!

Discussion in 'Community Creations' started by David184, Oct 17, 2013.

  1. Lightwolf Trainee Engineer

    This is my first released, Space Engineers script on the steam workshop.
    it Shows Battery Status (Level) of attached Battery's. Heres a Picture (Not Ingame view)

    it shows up to 50 Battery's on 1x1 LCD,...

    and up to 100 on 1x2 LCD

    Heres an Ingame Screenshot

    heres the link to the my YT-Video showing up the script

    and here the link for the Tutorial, how to install and how to edit Settings

    Forgot to say, its Vanilla, no mods needed, but also work with,... not tested, but i think there is no reason why not.
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  2. Ronin1973 Master Engineer

    I would like to see a shoot-out between @Wellstat and @Whiplash141 and their anti-aircraft missiles. The platforms are very similar and I think that might be some fun. Maybe compete in the following arenas:

    1. Static base air defense.
    2. Mobile truck launch.
    3. Air-to-air launch.
    4. Air-to-ground (moving wheeled drone target).

    If the system can fire on player made weapons headed for the launcher that would be great. Anti-fighter/anti-missile defenses are pretty lacking in the game.
    --- Automerge ---

    Could you repurpose the script to show inventory levels on blocks with cargo? This would be great for cargo blocks as well as inventory levels in blocks like turrets.
  3. Lightwolf Trainee Engineer

    so i make some scripts more, some are already done (1-2), just not released jet, and i planing to make more, but cargo will be later on my list, that depends to understand first, how the commands for Cargo are and how it work, i'm not that Programming Pro, i started 3 Month ago to understand how the Programmable Block works.
    Also i played since i started SE, only in creative mode, just building extreme complex builds :woot:,.... so i need also to know how the real mode works....
    But there are so wonderful creations building in my head, that wants out.... so many things and so short time
    I promise nothing but maybe your lucky and i work on that later
  4. Echillion Senior Engineer

  5. Carrion Senior Engineer


    The Forge, Deep Space Engineering's primary Mars Orbital Yard and Capital Ship production facility.

    Features at present,
    1 X capital slipway capable of producing Ships 170 meters long, 72.5 meters across the Beam and 32 meters high. of course with carefull design and engineering this can also be the size of the Sub components for larger vessels.
    1 X fitting out bay capable of holding 2 ships from above to add subgrids in a well lit area.
    1 X Graving slip to recycle crippled and obsolete ships

    it will soon (tm) include

    a dedicated series of small production slipways for strike craft,
    a group of overpowered tugs to haul ships and parts around.
    a huge Component production facility designed to be able to feed the system even when it is running at maximum rate
    a similar scale refining system
    a bunch of Solar arrays
    a living and control area with small craft docking. AND escape pods/lifeboats.
  6. Mighty-87 Trainee Engineer

  7. Lightwolf Trainee Engineer

    This is Ingame Script, includes two scripts at once. An Hydrogen Status Script, and an Oxygen Status Script,
    its similar to my Battery Status script, but you also can choose the display Mode.
    - Only Hydrogen Status
    - Only Oxygen Status
    - Switsch between Hydrogen & Oxygen mode
    - Show each mode on seperate LCD Panels





    Here's the Link to my Video:
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  8. WhiteWeasel Senior Engineer

  9. Whiplash141 Junior Engineer

    Perfect parking job :woot:
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  10. shark2199 Trainee Engineer

    Just a "little" project I've been working out. Currently nicknamed Project Zeus, after the massive cannon mounted in front.

    I say little because it has just hit 50k blocks after being about 90% done.

    Also included is a picture of it's beautiful little snout poking through 32 layers of heavy armor
  11. BlackScythe Apprentice Engineer

    this is my latest Ship, the Atropos-Class Heavy Cruiser.
    All my creations were small and handy for survival, but then a wild rdav came and made large Ships with nice hangars valuable ;) it is fitted with 48 Docking bays for small drones and a massive amount of CIWS and 40mm flaks

    I still need to paint it, atm its just plain black :/
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  12. Wellstat Apprentice Engineer

    Impenetrable Diamond Dome Missile Defense System

    i'm completely satisfied on this missile defense system.
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  13. halipatsui Senior Engineer


    Is it possible to attach the perimeter turret on a patrolling drone?
  14. Wellstat Apprentice Engineer

    That is the intention. It all uses inter-grid comms, therefore it can be attached to anything that flies. This way you can have a very large detection zone using tons of cheap partolling drones.

    Any drone detecting a target will turn on antenna, send data to base, then turn off antenna. The base will follow up with a solid raycast on the target using its monster camera arrays.
  15. halipatsui Senior Engineer


    Thats amazing!
    Good luck trying to turret snipe against that system :D
  16. lgustavomp Trainee Engineer

    A carrier I'm building slowly using small grid.

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  17. 3eepoint Junior Engineer

    First try of an Target leading script for turrets:

    Legend:Blue dotted->Projectile path, brown dotted->target path, green dot->target start and calculated position, violet->projectole start and calculated position
    Current Plot is in Matlab. I have no idea if i get it into Space engineers, but the Math seems sound, description:

    The Script gets a Target start and an Target direction Position->Simply two coordinates of an moving grid some ms taken apart=direction.vec
    Then it generates the equation for the Distance traveled in meters based in the time passed and the velocety->vec.C=vec.A+d*vec.B=>Position according to speed, time and direction
    Then it targets the would be position of the target with the Turret by generating the same equation and calculates the position of the projectile according to the direction and Projectile velocety.
    When that is done it checks if the Target Position and the Projectile Position are within 1m of one another by comparing its coordinates, when the condition is true, the rondevous coordinate is a solid hit within 1m and it can be related to the turret, when false, the time constant is increased and the process starts again. It is programmed in an while loop.

    Currently takes about 7ms to calculate in Matlab with an 0.001s timestep. I think I would have to convert some of the math to C sharp befor it is simply plug and play (if one can get the direction and start coordinates of the turret and target that is) because matlab is easy as pi when it comes to array comparison.

    Whish me luck!
  18. Whiplash141 Junior Engineer

    Iterative solving won't work well in large applications (ie: multiple turrets) since you have a limited amount of instructions in scripts. I'd suggest finding an analytical solution for this. For non-accelerating targets, it is a simple quadratic, for accelerating targets, it is a quartic (or cubic in some cases) solution.
  19. Lynnux Junior Engineer

    Something simple which worked well against fighter sized targets 2 years ago:
    	TargetDiff = TargetPos - TurretPos;
    	if(TargetPosOld.HasValue) TargetSpeed = (TargetPos-TargetPosOld.Value).Length() / SecondsElapsed;
    		RelativeSpeed = VRageMath.Vector3D.Subtract(TargetDiff , TargetDiffOld.Value) / SecondsElapsed;
    		//Turret.TrackTarget(TargetPos, RelativeSpeed);
    		Turret.SetTarget(TargetPos + Vector3D.Multiply(RelativeSpeed,(TargetDiff.Length() / TurretAmmoSpeed)) );
    		TargetClosure = (TargetDiffOld.Value.Length()-TargetDiff.Length()) / SecondsElapsed;
    Beware that "TargetDiff" is the relative movement between the turret and the target, both can be moving. The effective range (accuracy) will go down the harder the target and or turret are manoeuvring (=accelerating). That's what Whip meant. But I think when I tested this back then, the accuracy was at least better than the one of the turret AI (TrackTarget).
  20. Arcturus Senior Engineer

    I imagine a gatling and forward-lidar equipped attacker missile could disable head-on antimissiles.
  21. mojomann71 Senior Engineer

    Too ashamed to show my creations.... :p
  22. Whiplash141 Junior Engineer

    Don't be ashamed homie! Share :D
  23. GamingEtc Trainee Engineer

    beautiful, i mean just woah.
  24. Sergej515 Trainee Engineer

    Hello felow engineers, i bring you some of my first and quite tiny fighter creations.

    Dart - low budget light piracy fighter. Can be built from leftower parts of the respawn bus. Inspired by cost efective fighter thread

    The next designs are born from Extevious-V's Glipse Snub Fighter, Ravric's Midnight Strike Fighter and reading the efficient fighter design thread. They can start falling forward realy realy fast so you can reliably orbit large ships (i can't see the low vertical and horisontal thrust as propper space flight :p).

    Shortbow - light piracy fighter.

    Javelin - light interceptor.

    Longbow - multypurpose fighter. Too heavy imo.

    Balista - light bomber. It's like the awkward relative to the others. Rear fed and has no gattlings.

    I made them becouse i like the Glipse design and was like: How much can i cram into it? Aperently not much, but relatively enough.

    Suggestions and constructive criticism on the respective workshop pages is appreciated, go wild with them. I couldn't self explode them, maybe you can :D.
    Last edited: Jan 10, 2018
  25. Levits Senior Engineer

    oh god! right in the framerates! :woot: Looks awesome though. How many blocks are you up to and how's your computer holding up? I've been wanting to try something a bit larger with small blocks for a while but worried i'd never get halfway through without my computer catching fire.
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  26. lgustavomp Trainee Engineer

    Glad you liked, guys.

    @Levits the block count is kind of low at this moment, 14.350. I have a GTX 780ti and the framerate is perfect at 1080p. 4K is a bit painful to play but playable. I had to disable airtightness because it was hurting quite hard the frame rate. And i'm using a LOT of 5x5x1 or even 5x5x5 blocks, there are some areas on the ship that you would tell that is large grid.

    I really recommend you start building your small ship gone large. Can be disorienting at first, but extremely rewarding at the end.

    btw, there is an update: the mess hall is taking shape
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  27. FoolishOwl Junior Engineer

    Don't be!

    Especially early on, I was intimidated by the more elaborate and sophisticated ship designs, but learned most from simple, working designs that I could comprehend more readily. It also helps to see a wide range of styles.
  28. Entersprite Apprentice Engineer

    It's ready to use. Click on the image for more details.

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  29. 3eepoint Junior Engineer

    Omg that presentation, dude, Steve Jobs would be proud! Going to test it out right now.
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  30. Weyun Trainee Engineer

    Are Vertical Ship designs still interesting?


    Interceptor I-4 “Thunder" (Vanilla)

    Classification: Interceptor
    Registration: I-4 “Thunder"
    Manufacturer: Interstellar Military Systems –Small Crafts division
    Nation of Origin: Earth stellar union
    Planet of Origin: P11a “Earth Delta”
    Year of First Model Rollout: 166 IA
    Crew Complement: 1 (Pilot)
    Drone Mode: No
    Armaments: 12 x Gatling Guns
    Special Features: Afterburner

    Interstellar Military Systems’ (IMS) I-4 “Thunder" is Interceptor design utilizing the company’s distinctive Vertical design approach which differs from the mainstream Horizontal design approach when it comes to spacecraft. As a small military craft, the I-4 is masterfully design system balancing all the needs of an interceptor. Its high output propulsion system that includes a powerful afterburner enables it to catch up to incoming fighters and bombers far from their intended targets. It has a high performance flight system which makes the craft very nimble in term of maneuverability. This means that it can extended the window of contact between the craft and its target. Its 12 deadly Gatling Guns takes full advantage of that window to make a kill before the prey can either escape or counter attack.

    With interceptors, it is standard for them to be lightly armored. They use their speed to increase survivability rather than armor. With the I-4, compared to other designs of its class, the frontal armor is heavier which increases its survivability during initial contact. After that, the I-4 can use its afterburners to escape the combat zone before turning back for another kill. The drawback of the I-4 is its demand for power. Even though its reactors are high output for a small craft, their underpowered for the need of the I-4 is high maneuvering or when using its afterburner. As a result, the I-4 depends on its stored battery power for those power heavy situations.

    Produced by one of the major military conglomerate “Interstellar Military Systems” (IMS), the I-4 “Thunder" is the premier Interceptor design of its age. The I-4 “Thunder” is not only premier in performance but also price. It is priced at least 3 times more than the FI-223 “Wedge” which is the outer systems’ low-cost interceptor. This should not be a surprise as the IMS is not known for cost effective products. However, as a result of the quality of their products and relationships built up with key governments, this has not harmed the company in terms of sales. Their products are in high demand. In fact, IMS seems to be consistently back logged with orders and not hurt as a result of those delays.

    The I-4 “Thunder” is no exception. It is a highly sought after interceptor of many governments. Even the outer systems who cannot afford IMS’ products fight over second hand I-4s whenever they come on the market. Considering even second hand I-4s are not cheap, this is a good example of the I-4s reputation. Luckily, IMS tends to release slightly updated version of the I-4 every few years and many of the richer government have contract to purchase those upgrades. Thus, the steady supply of second hand I-4s mean that one can find I-4s pretty much in any space force although in the hands of elite pilots.



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