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Show off your creations!

Discussion in 'Community Creations' started by David184, Oct 17, 2013.

  1. Marquis Trainee Engineer

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  2. mojomann71 Senior Engineer

  3. Lynnux Junior Engineer

    Some time ago, I've created a lot of fire and smoke :D:
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  4. fritozy101 Apprentice Engineer

    Survival World/Scenario

    Steam page Here
    Intro Video

    "Welcome aboard the United Earth Survey Team. It's our mission to carve a path out of the universe for humanity to grow and prosper."

    Much like the previous cryo mystery scenario, this one is survival driven, and providing a purpose. I've listned to feedback from the last two scenarios, and have created the largest one I've ever made yet. Longer story, 15 unique locations spanning across all three planets, and it's integrated with the new blocks, factions, and random spawns. With the exception of a few locations, you can choose your own path for following the storyline. I won't go %100 in depth as to not reveal too much, so you can go out and discover on your own.

    *Some objectives only show up during the day time.
    *Story spans across all planets.
    *extra starting equipment is provided via containers. (for more than 1 person to play)
    *The only notable world settings turned off is auto healing, and unknown signals. (adjust to your liking of course, but I have it set to what I'd recommend)
    *You are not restricted to first person off spawn.
    *Join ESC (Earth Survey Crew) Faction.
    *You have about Two Minutes and Thirty Seconds to gather resources at start.
    *GPS Locations
    *Datapad Driven Locations

    Any feedback is appreciated, believe I've ironed out any issues in the hours of testing, but I have the world configured to be edited/fixed for any issues this time around.​
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