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Small easy changes suggestions: BLUEPRINT, WOLVES and other creatures, GUNS

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feedback' started by ChrisHiss, Mar 3, 2017.

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  1. ChrisHiss Trainee Engineer

    Hello guys, hopefully the devs consider the suggestions as they should and hopefully this post will not be ignored!
    This is my personal opinion about what should be changed for a better gameplay but as I said down below, if you agree, please post what you think

    in the comments!

    About Blueprints: I would find more practicle to be able to select what blocks are displayed on holograms!

    I think welding a ship is hard and long for some people on the actual system, especially for bigger ships: you are lost in all the hologram, you weld but you forget some blocks, some are not welded or completed, etc...
    That's why I would find easier to only display the armor block hull for example, then the conveyors and stuff, reactors, etc...
    Obviously, having to choose each component in a menu for displaying them would be complicated.
    So I suggest to make groups like "armor blocks", "interior blocks", "reactors", "conveyors" and stuff!

    For me it would help to organize our shipyards!

    About wolves: The wolves and spiders are damn cancer but it would be reasonably dangerous if you reduce their capacities!

    First of all, I find necessary to reduce drastically their spawning rate! They are too many in a short time. To make it more realistic, you should make them spawning maybe every days or more (ingame planet day) in groups of 5 or less I don't know...
    Also in addition of being everywere they destroy all your base, any blocks and in a short time, like they have the physical power of Hulk (super unrealistic), so please reduce the damage they do to armor blocks.
    Concerning the AI, they aim armor block and kind of eat all your metal base, but they should be very hungry to do it! What they should search is you because you are fresh meat, eat metal is bad for wolves or spider stomach...

    Most of the time, we disable them because of their cancerness so please make some changes on them, it's too bad we do not use this feathure because of it!

    About guns: To make the large ships vs fighters battle more epic, I think you should reduce the dangerosity of guns for high speed small ships

    Have you ever tried to do epic ship battles with large ships or big bases, full of missiles and gattlings?

    Impossible to attack with small fighter without being brutally disintegretated by these weapons! You are focused and the firerate and precision is so hight that you are hit by around 95% of the bullets!
    To fix this I think you should make their firemode as a burst mode for like series of 5 seconds shooting, 2 seconds reloading ore something like that...
    Another solution would we to reduce the precision of the guns for small grids going very fast but I'm not sure...

    Anyways, most of the time the fights are large ships vs large ships and it's not really very clever to use fighters vs capital ships due to the power and precision of guns, in my mind...

    Obviously, I don't think that all of players agree with all of that, but if you do or you don't, please post what you think in the comment box below!

    Thanks for reading, au revoir!
    Last edited: Mar 10, 2017
  2. SilentShadow Apprentice Engineer

    Small ship guns use the same ammo as large ship. Perhaps a slight 1-3 second pause after a certain amount of continuous firing?
  3. Phoera Senior Engineer

    maaan. you know that forum have several themes? your black text looks awful on dark theme
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  4. sioxernic Senior Engineer

    You can basically do this, by preparing your blueprint. It is even easier to do if you do some save file editing.
    I have done "layer by layer" blueprints before.
    To be honest, that should be part of the "Engineering".
    Everything in this game shouldn't be easy and have amazing QoL, because if everything is nice simple and works you end up with a game that feels hollow and literally only going through the motions.
    The game itself is about finding and building solutions to your issues and if all your issues are being solved and delivered on a silver platter you essentially remove the creativity and half the builds on the workshop. The very complicated builds on the workshop is doing different workarounds to deal with limitations of the game and expanding what is possible by figuring out how to abuse or otherwise use these limitations to your advantage.

    I am not against QoL updates necessarily, all depending on what and how.
    If the updates are improved UI and adding functionality that was not previously possible, I think it is a good idea.
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  5. ChrisHiss Trainee Engineer

    The post has been written before the forum changed of color, I guess! :D
    Last edited: Mar 10, 2017
  6. Forcedminer Senior Engineer

    wolfs.........firstly....first their hitbox...they using an engineer shaped shitbox.
    secondly....wish their bite could get some work since it always hits no matter what....and the range is far to great....like you can't hand drill them or hand grind them but they can bite you...

    maybe its because i fight them with melee instead of depending on auto turrets all the time.
    but those things wreck my head and are completely valid.

    like when i get bitten by one i want to go....yeah...i was completely exposed there and got bitten my fault...
    not...right i have to pretty much tank these next wolf bites because their bite range is 3 times greater than their body length and my own personal arm reach.
    i also have to remember to aim as if im trying to saw a human player because their hitbox is off.

    you know whats funny?
    when they were cyberhounds and explosive with component drops that made sense they had a wolf shaped hitbox.....
    now they're organic wolfs with incorrect hitboxes and drop machine parts.... ?
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  7. ChrisHiss Trainee Engineer

    The point is that when you weld, your ship have some blocks not welded, which is boring!
    Personnally I'm not totally convinced in the layer by layer blueprinting because it would make too much QoL, like you said. But I'm totally convinced in the second solution, for sure!

    Saying the second solution would make a better QoL is not true, if you build a hull with the block selecting feathure thing, you can't go with your welding drone in it to make the smaller components in a space of 1*1 for example... Then you have to go in the hull and build them manually! That's why I do not think building a ship with this feature would make it easier and, most of all, faster!
    And lots of people build their small and big blueprint ship with giant printers anyway I guess (it's much easier)

    Secondly, as Potato Golem said if I understood, "If the process is part of the problem any good engineer would have fixed that first"! Some features have been been added in space engineers like it is integrated in the system and makes it better. For example, you can see that now the ships can be piloted at the same time as a turret, the feature is like already a part of the turret, as the projector would have what I suggested in the post!
    Last edited: Mar 10, 2017
  8. Bumber Senior Engineer

    Now it's invisible on light. Remove your color tags around the main text.
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  9. PotatoGolem Apprentice Engineer

    I have never disagreed more with a post.

    No game should rely on work arounds to provide game play. Period.

    Engineering is not about working around flaws in your process, It is about developing a solution.
    If the process is part of the problem any good engineer would have fixed that first, resulting in a smooth, well behaved system with which to solve your actual problem. Accepting a sub par system and saying your work around is "the point of the game" means you do not understand engineering.
    Last edited: Mar 11, 2017
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  10. sioxernic Senior Engineer

    Tell that to Redstone and Minecraft
  11. ChrisHiss Trainee Engineer

    We are not in Minecraft dude! You can't compare a minecraft redstone system and a space engineers nuclear reactor! You can add all the features you want on a single element like a turret or anything!
  12. sioxernic Senior Engineer

    The point being that the most popular sandbox game in the world relies on slightly broken features and half measures to get you around.
    I wasn't talking about the thematics.
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.