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Smart Barbarians and Politics

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feedback' started by Ergo, Mar 17, 2015.

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  1. Ergo Trainee Engineer

    I was thinking about Barbarians and how they could evolve with the player and the state of the game. Why would they be just random dorks who go around the field smashing things? I mean it is good to have those NPCs and nobody wants for elements to interfeer too much with the creating and engineering.
    But , if all these talks about guards , famers and other NPCs is taken into consideration , I thought that maybe Barbarians could get a little more development to stay an interesting challenge with the player.
    Take Minecraft for example. After the first 5 hours of survival , mobs are just silly things that only serve as experience farm except for the ocassional creeper if you are not smart enough to light up your house.
    Barbarians could get a bigger level of depth . They could live in villages , expand their villages or even create strongholds! Of course this could be scripted to happen over time in the game so that the early and mid game are not impossible. But I think it would be great if Barbarians could evolve into factions with their own economy and relationships , both with the player and other factions. Maybe you could have a good trading relation with one barbarian village , and be at declared war with another! Or you could take a barbarian stronghold and claim it as your domain! The possibilities for player interaction and building would increase drastically (supplying acquired grounds with protection and food , managing resources and villagers , building roads and efficient transportation). Maybe when works get too big and too many , you could engineer and plan the jobs and send workers with the blueprints!
    I know this already sounds like a whole different game that would take years to properly develop , but I think that , if taken into consideration , these things would help the game and the player expand their mindset and aim higher when engineering and constructing , and keeping the sense of purpose and achievement the player has by progressing.
  2. Ubiqanon Trainee Engineer

    Whole different game. = Yes.

    Years to set up. = Yes.

    Probability of realization given current economic model = Less than zero.

    If you want an expanded mindset your best shot is either philosophy, religion (or both) or chemically enhanced sensory experiences. (Don't recommend the latter, brain damage is no fun.)

    If you want to 'aim higher', I can give you the number of several US military recruiters. (It's one of their slogans.)

    If the game paradigm revolves around maintaining a legitimate threat through bots (Barbarians and whatnot), then I do agree that they should scale up with the player-character, otherwise, as you correctly point out, they will become merely a nuisance rather than a considerable threat, but what you propose requires a significant and complex iteration of behavioral algorithms, and this game already heats up my CPU and power supply to nearly unacceptable levels...
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  3. waterlimon Senior Engineer

    Barbarians not being zombies but rather real humans who try to kill you for a reason such as not having food or you being an ass = yus

    Barbarians evolving their society over a long time is too much effort for too little gain though. They could have some unreachable imaginary villages or clans (for the immersion), but I dont think they even need an actual existing base.

    Eg if barbarians had clans, maybe you could have some politics with each clan to do things like:
    • Give them stuff to keep peace
    • Trick them and cause a war
    • Pay them to attack someone (like another barbarian clan that youre at war with, or another player)
    • Trade for cool barbarian items
    Overall they should still not be friendly. Eventually they would ask too much in exchange for peace or some extremist barbarians would split off into their own clans and try to destroy you...
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.